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Bloody hell My work got busy lately... I've just worked 116 hours in the last two weeks X_X
Quote from: Sam on August 30, 2016, 01:37:30 am
Looked over your story/outline/characters and I think it's very well fleshed out. Hope you find some time to get it off the ground in the future. Best of luck!

Thanks XD I have a more updated spreadsheet on my PC so I'll have to move that over soon and work on it more.
Oi vey you know My work LOVES to troll me with my schedule X_X I have been dispatched from between Halifax Nova Scotia and was dispatched to QUEBEC to help our Quebec techs on a few things, and then all over New Brunswick and all over Nova Scotia.

on the plus side I've been migrating all my files and organizing things on my Laptop and transferring all my files and notes in what little spare time I had, so hopefully I can get some organization going.

so NO I'm not dead, just lacking sleep xD
Well I thought up a few more Ideas while replaying FFT and War of the lions so I'm not dead X_X

so sometimes i feel like I am...

Blast From the past 2

Story: Strange Warriors Have shown up a few days ago In Egros, and Have been harassing many of the merchant's and Delivery boy's a few Kids have been hurt by these rouges and they claim themselves to be "The Warrior's Of Light" But all we see are people who have lost their Minds. Please chase these Morons out of here.   

Medeum: These Guys are nos scaled up to the Players level and are now starting to Smart Equip their Items and Skills.

Egros either within the town (Any town Battle map should do) or along the castle walls.

Fighter (Squire)
Black Belt (Monk)
Thief (Rogue)
Black Mage (Wizard)
White Mage (Priest)
Red Mage (Redguard)


-Personal Thoughts-
A sequal to the first Blast to the past fight, and with the Enemies now stronger should put up a better Fight, Ramza and Co might have some words to say to the Leader Squire of the group trying to tell them that They are not helping but causing a large problem in town, I Like to see this evolve into something and while these people maybe bumbling around in Ivalice they are mostly trying to help.

Blast From the past 3

Story: Help we are under siege by Rogues and we need help, we have hired some Warriors but we are afraid they might not be enough to stop these Bandits, Please assist them in helping to defend our town.

Hard - Med as these guys are just starting off...


Dragoon (Boss with ??? Stats)
Knights X2
Rogues X2
Priest X2

Fighter (Squire)
Black Belt (Monk)
Thief (Rogue)
Black Mage (Wizard)
White Mage (Priest)
Red Mage (Redguard)

Synthesis Items

-Personal Thoughts-
A large battle for sure, and a Difficult one, the "Warrior's Of Light" taking their last battle to heart decided to make themselves useful to atone for the damage they done, few Towns would give them the chance as their reputation spread acrossed Ivalice, But when a Rogue Dragoon and his band of bounty Hunters decided they wanted to Raze Gariland to the ground and take it over the Warriors Volunteered to help the town Guard Keep the Bandits at bay, Even though they are out matched.

What makes this battle difficult is the enemies are +3 levels above your Highest member and the Guests are on par with your Party's level although both allied and enemy AI would be smart equipped with Items and Abilities.

Quote from: Elric on July 02, 2016, 01:20:20 am

LOL thanks man XD that really helps.

on the plus side I am getting some Ref pics done of playable characters and generic job classes in the meantime.
So after ANOTHER night of work in Bathurst I try to get stuff done then I almost get sent off to Cambleton New Brunswick to do more work and after that almost got sent a crossed the Bridge to Quebec to help a tech on another project, because sleep is for the weak apparently XD

Luckily though or rather Unfortunately the two sites cancelled, On the one hand I'm kinda glad because getting back to Nova Scotia from Quebec to be on site for another call would have been hell, on the other hand BOOO I missed out on extra shifts.

But hey I survived, although I was rudely woken up by my grandfather at 8:00 am after getting off work at like 1:30am and unable to seep until 3am... but hey that's life.

Speaking of life my Laptop took a heart attack and so I had to go get a new one, which means YUP MOVING FILES AND REINSTALLING SHIT!!!!

although this new lappy is a BEAST

it has an AMD Phenom II P960 Quad-Core Processor running at 1.80 GHz
6.00 GB of Ram
and a 700 GB hard drive.

I bought it from Brilliance here in Halifax, the shop owner had just finished imaging it and was about to sell it and i bought it yesterday (June 30th) because I need a reliable laptop for work and modding xD

so yeah thats my latest update X_X
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
June 26, 2016, 11:25:08 pm
I've been catching up on alot of videos between work and well work XD
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
June 26, 2016, 04:05:44 pm
Quote from: Elric on June 22, 2016, 09:15:55 pm
No, he's not.

hes not because there are still many retro games he could talk about, before moving towards the newer generation of games, but at the same time he is because after 140+ episodes its gotta be hard to talk about bad games from a time back before we had the internet or social media and still be entertaining while not repeating himself or making it simmilar to an older episode.
Quote from: Angel on June 22, 2016, 10:50:16 am
Oh, I hated XIII-2. I only managed to sit through it with Xifanie playing it for me. That made me change my opinion from, "hated it" to, "makes about as much sense as X-2 did, yeah." XIII, I just had Stockholm syndrome. I didn't want it, I wasn't going to buy it, but I was given it as a gift, so I was determined to get some fun out of it no matter how frustrated I got. I bought it two more times as a result. I'm not very smart.

While we're here, since I haven't done any ruined moments...
Final Fantasy XIII-2
We've gotten to the ending, as happy as anyone can expect... And Serah drops dead out of nowhere because plot device and the end of the world begins. K. I'm not even sure 'anticlimactic' fits, the way they wrote that out.

Final Fantasy XIII
Some of the Eidolon awakenings, but especially Fang's. Sazh's was good, Lightning's fit at the time, Snow was Snow, Hope was Hope, Vanille's would have been good if they hadn't squandered the backstory's telling, and Fang... just holds the idiot ball. It's like the developers realized she still needed to get Bahamut, but Fang is too aloof and sarcastic badass to really pluck away at insecurities, so let's just have her go full retard for a minute so she can have an Eidolon like everyone else. Absolutely ruined scene. She should have just joined with Bahamut already available - it would have made a lot more sense that way, considering she already became Ragnarok.

I can agree alot with both, I mean 13 had a good start but i found the train de-rails really fast and I found it got boring after the first 2 hours of gameplay....

13-2 I liked better but the ending ruined it for me and I wanted the next game to come out either VS or now 15 not another ff13 sequal.
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
June 22, 2016, 10:38:59 am
Quote from: Elric on June 21, 2016, 11:58:02 pm
Anything Cinemassacre. And thats pretty much it.

I like the james and mike monday's in between the avgn episodes, and I can see hes running low on material for full avgn episodes O.o

but still really good.
Quote from: Angel on June 21, 2016, 10:38:24 pm
Lightning Returns was my favorite in the trilogy. :I
Sadly nothing really emotional about it, and the events were really simple (which didn't help with emotion getting across), but some of the side stories were nice, the main story was cool, and the game itself fun to play. You can actually drive monsters to extinction and no longer get random battles! FUCKAWESOME.

Oh I know people that enjoyed Lightning returns, I personally didn't... and that's fine.

I was burned badly playing 13 and 13-2 I was not looking forward to lightning returns ^^; so that really skewed my opion of it
Well here are my emotional moments

Final Fantasy 6
After the world of ruin starts and Celes awakens on the solitary island with Cid, if you kill Cid she attempts to take her own life

Gremo Dying in a trap room filled with Man eating roses

Suikoden 2
Nanami "Dying" when your army takes over the Rockaxe kingdom

Final Fantasy 4
Tellah's death scene after he casts Meteor on Golbez for the first time

Final Fantasy 5
Galuf's Death near the end of the 2nd world

Dot Hack Outbreak / Quarintine
Mia's death and rebirth along with Elk's anger towards you.

Megaman X Command Mission
Spider's death shortly after Zero joins you for good, along with the final act of the game.

My most ruined moments

Final Fantasy 7
Aeris' death... mostly because when I first played the game and made her my dedicated healer/mage and built up her limit breaks got a date with her then BAM Sephiroth kills her... I was Furious at that, mostly because I now had to find a replacement mage...

Final Fantasy XIII-2
Having to pay for the true ending... and it was NOT worth the money I paid...

Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns
Just the fact this exists makes me upset....

Final Fantasy 4
The Many "Deaths" of Cid, although some can be funny it got annoying after the first fake out...

Final Fantasy 4: The after years
The original episodic releases and how it was changed from the japanise version to English merging several stories together and the prices for each story was way too much, although now you can get the full version on the PSP/PS3/Android/Steam for one price now 

Pokemon Series
Zubat... Mother FUCKING Zubat....
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
June 21, 2016, 09:50:59 pm
hmm here's a question for you all.

who is your fave online personality?

I mostly prefer the AVGN, The Jimquisition and Yahtzee (Zero Punctuation) mostly as well as Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and Caddicarus. 
Hey guys.

I know I've been away for a bit X_X

I've had a really bad bout of depression that halted A LOT of the work I planned to do, work has been slow but when I try and make any changes I stare at the programs and feel like nothing is worth it...

I have been seeking help for this and things have been getting better lately.

I am quite active on skype lately though and trying to get things in order.
Okay now i have some days off to work on this again after spending the last month and a bit between New Brunswick and PEI as well as taking my mother and my Sister out on a road trip as an early mothers day and birthday gift for our mom, and now finally having work within Nova Scotia to put more work on this project.

I'll update the first page more either later tonight or tomorrow ^^
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 16, 2016, 10:48:06 pm
Yeah my folks were not very tech savvy... I was able to reprogram the tv when I was like... 5 or 6 and even helped them "steal" Cable where we used to live with a makeshift antenna made from copper wire, a clothes hanger and tin foil...

Then I got into computers and I was learning how to use them and do many things with them and I got my training to be a Computer Service Tech (The job I have now) I've modded a few systems here and there with mixed results and my Job always sends me to calls and projects where data eradication is needed... because I'm quote "Really good at destroying things and making them not work again..." which isn't fair... I do REALLY well at fixing and making computers work even when they shouldn't...
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 16, 2016, 02:35:42 pm
Quote from: Elric on April 16, 2016, 01:59:23 pm
Pretty sure my first was Combat on Atari, but it really could have been any of 3 or 4 games we had at that time.

I was born in 85 and my folks didn't have atari or video games... hell I only got to play the NES games i did in the early to mid 90's when my brother and sister got one xD
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 16, 2016, 10:12:09 am
Quote from: Angel on April 16, 2016, 12:31:30 am
I prefer playing Monopoly against a computer, because a computer won't tableflip and explode (I am ruthless).

I've never played Risk myself, but I remember it from Thanksgiving with the family when I was a little girl, more interested in NES Ducktales than what the older kids were playing. Scrooge was fucking bouncing over danger on his cane, dude! TOTALLY more awesome than any board game.

First video game you ever played, go.

Oh this will be fun ^^

Super Mario Bros on the NES was my first game I plaid

then there was Final Fantasy on the NES

and my gaming library became a mix of platformers and RPG's XD 
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 15, 2016, 08:17:25 pm
Quote from: Jumza on April 15, 2016, 05:14:19 pm
I'm not much of word game man myself. Favourite board game?

I was a fan of risk, monopoly and battleship when I was a kid XD

still play risk and monopoly now but I don't have the board versions
The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 15, 2016, 03:22:38 pm
Quote from: Kaijyuu on April 15, 2016, 03:04:17 pm
You must be bad at crosswords then.

I prefer scrabble XD