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The Lounge / Re: So... ask me things XD
April 15, 2016, 08:40:38 am
Quote from: Elric on April 15, 2016, 05:15:45 am
Are you aware that the bird is the word?

Why yes, I am very well aware that the Bird is ALWAYS the word XD
The Lounge / So... ask me things XD
April 14, 2016, 04:13:29 pm
So I would like to get to know everyone while I have a SLIGHT reprieve from work trying to kill me XD

so who wants to know about me? 

Ask me anything, go ahead XD I don't mind ^^ 
I have been Busy, what with work sending me out of my Provence and all, mostly because I'm a project lead and we need coverage in the Maritime's badly, but hey it does help me think up new Ideas for my mod to work on.

I'm working on the Monster section of the export and I'll be working on story as well so please bear with me.

If I dissaper I'm not dead nor have I abandoned the site or my mod just got busy with work ^^;
XD maybe
Hey guys

I'm still working on the spreadsheet, just slowed down due to work x_X

seriously I've spent so much time in New Brunswick the last few weeks I may as well move there...
Spreadsheet was updated so far I have the special Jobs, generics and weapon lists done working on Armor and Accessories now and each Tab will be a dedicated event and story dialogue, work has been picking up again so please bear with me X_X
Check out the first page for the excel spreadsheet with the changes so far to classes so far XD

I have been playing COP but shortly after chapter 2 starts and after the opening scene plays out, I get taken to the town scene and then nothing happens.


Edit: okay it moved I thought it froze but I guess the text didn't load or skipped...


Quote from: Toshiko on February 12, 2016, 09:07:59 am
I upgraded to Windows 10 on a whim. Synergy no longer worked, I no longer got audio on Netflix, the Netflix app couldn't be downloaded because the fucking store can't operate behind a firewall at all, and I hated the UI anyway, so I just gave it the finger and restored Windows 7.

I still have no audio in Netflix. Netflix customer support even told me it was a known issue with Windows 10. It now persists even though I am back on Windows 7. Windows 10 can go to hell.

for me, Windows 10 would LAG badly when I was streaming, or watching streams, or working on my games on RPG maker, many of my emulators would lag or crash and then there was the issue I was having where whenever an update was ready one of my drivers (most often my network driver) would go offline until I installed the update and restarted.

I also found windows 10 boring and invasive and so I reverted to 7 >.<

now everything works and I get less lag (though I need to upgrade my processor and Ram) and things are working better ^^
Quote from: Guru on February 08, 2016, 09:06:53 pm
Ah man that sucks :cry: Damn you windows 10!!!!!!! :evil:

I've had this happen a few times, especially with these crappy laptop hard drives going on me. I'm sure your kicking yourself already but backups and flash drives can save your ass on anything important.

Anyways good luck and I'm glad to see your still moving forward!

thanks, Yeah I got tired of it going south on me X_X

oh well I managed to get much of my Data back so now I'm working on a script and working with my brother to get a test patch going after I help him move and get set up in hie new place XD

Quote from: Zrox400 on February 07, 2016, 11:51:00 am
I'll start work on this as soon as I can find the time :P and refresh myself with whatever coding this uses xP I hope not java hahahahaha

Thanks XD I do appreciate it

in other news...

well I reverted back to windows 7 mostly because I got tired of Windows 10 either randomly shutting down for an update, or killing a random driver when I'm trying to work to get me to install an update or to restart for an update, personally I find Windows 10 ugly and not very user friendly and difficult to customize and maintain, so I reverted back to windows 7.

I backed up my files reinstalled windows 7 from scratch and tried to restore my files and my back up went "LAWL NO RESTORE FOR YOU!!!"


so now I gotta restart the storyline and much of my notes again from SCRATCH!!!!

oi vey....
Quote from: Guru on January 14, 2016, 11:53:14 pm
Yeah this stuff is very overwhelming! I can tell you have a great attention to detail and you have awesome ideas. I've read quite a few of the posts on here one thing I got out of em was don't get discouraged, just do what you can a little at a time. There's lots of people on here willing to help those that want to learn. I'm no where near being able to help at the moment but hopefully sometime in the future I'll be able to at least help ya on some level. But for now I wish you the best of luck and I'm def looking forward to seeing your ideas come to life!

Thanks, I greatly appreciate it ^^
I'm gonna reply to this as best as I can xD as I had to read this over and over XD

"Honestly Everything looks pretty damn good. Most of the review I wrote here was all positive stuff. I only have a few suggestions mixed in with my comments. Now keep in mind these are just my opinions and I respect peoples art. So I won't be butt hurt if you don't like em lol.

I definitely like the idea of ramza learned a few sword skills. He is a beoulve after all and he obviously has great potential to even surpass his brothers.

I would love to see Alma become a worthy beoulve too."

I do too, I wanted to tell a story where they are not the main focus of the story, but also help from the shadows.

Ramza and Alma would train while they are in Exile, as they are wanted people by the church as we know it was easy to fake your death in that time.

"Marks....F*** YES!....
training grounds.....F****** YEAH!!!"

I've been replying JOT5 and Tactics Ogre and I would love to steal.... er BORROW the marks from Elric and the training system from tactic ogre XD

"Olan - was said to be branded a heretic and killed after he wrote the durai chronicles. Doesn't mean he is actually dead and a spy would be perfect role for a dead man. Ramza and Alma are "dead" but we know how that turned out lol. Maybe even cloak him or something to conceal his identity. "

Oh I have a storyline for Olan but I'm not spoiling it ;)

"Ashe - I like the princess of ivalice reference lol. She was always one of my fav characters even though I wasn't a huge fan of ff12."

thank you XD

"Always loved the idea of claws for monks. Maybe include some stat upgrades for a few of claws? (cat's claw spd+1)

I also like the chemist not being useless I do think they would benefit even more from some buff items (like chocobo feather etc.) if you have ability room that is. (even though I didn't use em in jot5 and I will proly never use chemists honestly)

Love the upgrade to squire. Only  2 suggestions I have is ditch tailwind and tackle for a revive skill. Since tailwind is used by a special character, I think it takes away from her special class and should be unique to her. Tackle can be useful sometimes but being able to buff yourself with +pa/ma/ and revive would make this an awesome skillset to have while you learn other skills. Could even be used end game.

I noticed the comments on squires and geomancer's being useless but with you upgrade to squire I disagree. Geomancers skillset is kinda eh but they are can be useful too. Huge ranged mild damage attacks never hurt. Plus they always had good multipliers and decent growths in vanilla. Plus they can equip swords and +pa/ma equipment that would allow good damage

I do disagree on the mime....I don't think its really a staple of fft but gotta admit I never liked them. Took way too long to get the skill class and its just not a fun class for me. Copying abilities is just boring to me i guess but some people love mimes. I would love to see a more unique class replace mime.

FFT needs thiefs period. (imo) I like the poach skill and slash and dash too!

Archers love the much needed upgrade!

Blue magic...F*** yes, skills are about perfect too. No suggestions atm (which is good!) :P

LOVE the dragoon!!!!! Everything about it!

Paladin - hell yeah  :P

Green mage is pretty sweet too.

samurai - hmmm i like the idea of not using/breaking the katana. The skills seem good but its hard to tell if the skills need work or not...maybe its just hard to picture them atm?

Ninja - haha love your ninjitsu idea! I like the void and maelstrom affect (ailments and buffs). Not sure if i like them being able to heal. But I suppose ninjas are very resourceful and would have some kinda healing herb or something. (maybe change name at least to healing herb?) I doubt you would have ability room.... but a vanish skill would be cool too maybe smoke bomb or something. But ik from following jot5 that ability room is a huge problem so this definitely should not be a priority especially since there is a reaction skill that does the same thing. Oh and Monkey Grip  :mrgreen:

Sage lookin good!"

"XD I like the suggestions, I do have to change up some skills some more and tweek a few things, I'm glad you like the classes so far XD these will be fun to edit and mod XD

I definitely like meko, she looks like a very unique story character and I like her skills a lot( roar will definitely be cool to see ). Heretic strike is a cool effect too  :P. Only suggestion was the one listed above about removing tailwind from squire. Oh and I think ramza's scream graphic effect would look awesome for roar(maybe?).

Ray - Perfect... next lol (jk I will at least say I love the idea of having a magic swordsman that can add elemental strikes)

Kari- Very nice. Maybe a revive skill? (I'm not a hacker so not sure if its possible but is there a way to make pray revive a dead ally as well as restore hp to live ones?)

agrias - love it only thing I suggest is her base class growth rates in vanilla SUCKED. I like your idea of balancing too(see below)

    Personal Notes: I like the Idea of upgrading Agrias to a Rune Knight (Lune Knight in vanilla) and have decided to lower the mighty sword abilities power and reduce the chance of breaking equipment down to 30% to balance it out, giving the Mighty sword skills a range of 3 and maybe a vertical range of 1 might also further balance things out.

meliadoul - definitely like the skillset. Only thing I'm wondering is with the might sword nerf is if she should have one damaging attack skill that isn't from might sword. Of course her skillset is very useful and she doesn't really need one, plus at this point you gotta be running out of ability space. I love her story too. I'd like to see her without her temple knight hood and I think the ruin skills from vanilla could use some better attack animation.

Ok once I wrote down the last two, I'm starting to wonder if you should give both agrias and meliadoul might sword. If they both have the same skill set and you only have one slot left... well agrias has holy sword so I'm obviously gonna pick her.
So got a few ideas anyways....
   Holy sword if OP as it is so maybe just leave agrias with holy sword and meliadoul with the sword ruin and might sword skills.
   OR.... make it so sword ruin attacks do damage as well! (besides magic ruin anyways) *I like this one the best*
   or maybe replace sword ruin skills with something else? night/dark sword would be very useful (maybe she bumped into ramza and learned it from him if you want to get all technical)

Definitely love the rad/alicia/lavian!!!! Also ramza/alma will be cool as well."

Thanks, I'm glad, I still have a few more special classes to go before I start with the storyline and editing xD so look forward to them

I'm also new to modding, editing hex values and such often makes my head spin but I'm also looking for help with it so I can work on it XD but yes I do have some surprises in store for this when I get some time off XD

So I started up a topic on the new project Ideas forum http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11065.0 where I want to work on a hack and make a mod of the game.

and i will admit it, I am a complete noob when it comes to hacking and modding games,  hell the best I can do is make games with RPG maker as that's kind of idiot proof XD

my biggest problem is, I look at the tutorials and the software and the instructions and I feel overwhelmed, not only that but I also suffer from ADHD and Clinical depression so alot of times I have a hard time learning new things from reading instructions and i have to be shown how to do things in order to make it work (The irony here is I work as An IT project technician and many times I do work off manuals to make sure I'm doing something right...)

My biggest thing is too, I need help both keeping on track and helping me stay in line with what I need when it comes to this mod, keeping within the memory limits of the mod as well as helping with dialogue and spelling, To put it bluntly A dyslexic monkey has better grammar than I do X_X.

I do want to learn how to mod the game, but at the same time I need help getting off my feet and doing something, i don't mind working with a small team, I want to learn and create something enjoyable.

so anyone interested please reply here or message me.

i will try and be available as much as I can, my work sends me all over my Provence and I'm not online all the time, so If i don't get to you right away please don't get mad, I'm either at work or on the road or sleeping from a long work day.
Quote from: prodigyk on January 06, 2016, 08:01:24 am
would be great if you made ramza enble to learn different skills set from other knights once he get hit by it...just like ultima...whoever the holy/dark/thundergod cid skill sets...since you stated ramza is a wandering knight..learning skills from other knight while taking punishment isnt bad idea...and i think your samurai skillset relied too heavily on heals...samurai known from the courage and not fearing death...

hmmm.... you know that's actually a good idea, I wouldn't have him learn ALL the swordskills as that would make him all kinds of Overpowered, but have him learn staple ones like Night sword, Dark sword, Stasis sword ect, and have him with some of his old skills from Vanilla....

as for the samurai's skill set, I'm mostly working off the already established skills from vanilla, only instead of having to use your katana's and risk breaking them, have an MP cost to the skills, and having a samurai's mp growth reduced to limit how many times they can use these skills, Though it does rely too much on buffs and healing, I may try and change some of the skills up a bit.

also I'm adding a wish list to the first page to see if some things can be implemented into the hack. 
Dear LORD did my work swamp me this last while X_x

on the plus side I am working on the story part of this, now to sober up and do some work...
Okay I'm finally back from being swamped with work X_X now to buckle down and to plan out story and whatnot.
yeah But Over powered as all hell xD.

So last night I planned to do some more work on this and try my hand at the editors, but the upgrade from Windows XP to widows 7 at the site I was working at kept failing like crazy... Seriously last night October the 16th I was spending most of my time frantically getting the Computers to image and work, and to top it all off.

That night we had a Lightning storm, and it caused power surges that caused the Images we started to corrupt and Fail.
It was Patching Night, so we had to get ALL the PC's we planned kicked off before Patches were pushed to the XP Machines and REALLY jam up the network.
Fall allergies started with a big time passion, so I was hacking up a lung while also dealing with a runny nose.

and to top it all off, I had to fight with the command center people to provision Computers that were on the site when I had the information for them to add it to the list...

Oh and starting Sunday the 18th i'm in Cape Breton for 4 days to do more upgrade Projects.

I think my work is trying to kill me xD