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Download Patch Here!

FFT:ASM'd is a patch with an emphasis on party placement and seeks to include a variety of previously unimplemented hacks into its manifest.  The most obvious change is an across-the-board slash in base movement (it's 2 now!) and ranged abilities (now most of them have 3 range).  Additionally all units gain a degree of physical defense with the presence of innate weapon guard and global class evasion (50% on sides, 25% from behind).  Past that this patch also includes the Blue Mage class, gives the Archer class a unique skillset, and adds additional abilities and nuances to the already existing other skillsets like reformed AoE for summon magic and draw out, differing damage from elemental, and 0-charge time spells for all the mage classes.  

Demo for a patch that is long overdo, I'm happy to announce the preliminary chapter 1 of this project. Please download and enjoy. There is still much to be done, but I do enjoy a good tease.

NOTE: The objective of Thieves Fort, Lenalia Plateau, and the Windmill shed are to defeat all enemies.

Patching instructions:

Download the above ppf file. Using the PPF-o-matic utility, found here:

Apply this ppf onto a clean, unpatched iso and then be patient.

Known bugs in demo:Sprite bug in magic city gariland academy.
Improper "defeat XXX" objectives
Blue Mage actually able to learn 2 abilities from JP -_-
Bombs (many monsters, really) with too much MA
text edits for knives, battle boots, pierce, salve, steal sanity, jolt, blue mage, new Items
Miluda's a MAN, BABY
charge time on fire, fire2
Weigraf's statis sword has a 100% stop rate

I guess this would be the best place to put any bugs that were found, and here are some right off the bat.

-In the first battle, Ramza has shock as part of his learnable skill list, not sure if that is intentional.
-Philsov the knight has charge as secondary, and used poison volley at a range, even though he was using a sword. Not sure if this is intentional or not either.

So far, that seems to be the only things questionable during the first fight. I'll post more if I find them.

Magic city gariland:
The first squire (the one who talks) has charge and poison volley, and tried to do a spell quote, but there was no text in the box.

Text stuff:
Battle boots still say move +1
Knives all still say 1 speed

Mandalia plains:
Execute showed a 67% hit ratio when it is supposed to be un-evadable.

Fire casts faster than bolt or ice.

Bug report time.  Played/streamed from Orbonne Monastery to Sand Rat Cellar, and currently delirious from being overtired.

Stuff - Ramza has Shock! in his learnable skillset.  I'm pretty sure I know why this is and that you just messed up pushing a couple buttons / not finished your editing yet.

Cripple NEEDS TO BE REMOVED.  While inflicting Charging on the enemy works fine, it causes the AI to move sluggishly slow (probably because it's trying to figure out *what* that unit is Charging) and then it seems to always end up ignoring the Charging unit because it deems it a non-threat (as its Charging something that seems like it's taking so many turns it doesn't even appear on the CT list).  It was a fun idea, but it isn't going to work.

Fire is set to 3/4/6 CT for Fire 1/2/3 instead of the 4/5/6 that Bolt and Ice are set to.  This caused me a lot of problems at Dorter Trade City, actually.  Fix please, especially since I distinctly remember mentioning this problem to you *twice* in the original thread when playing the oooold Beta Patch.

Salve's description when you press the Select says it costs 12 MP when it only costs 8.

Several abilities that seem like they should be doing a "Weapon strike" animation (such as Blind Blow) show the punching animation.

When used, the Thief's new skill displays "Muddle" during battle, but is listed as "Steal Sanity" on the Ability List.  (If you don't get what I mean, think of Lich vs Rich.)

Delita still can't equip Shields.  He also can't equip any female only items, looking in FFTPatcher, though that's not a big deal.  =p

I haven't bought it yet, but the new instant-Bolt spell is listed as "Joly" instead of "Jolt".  Unsure if it's intentional or not.

Blue Mage's prerequisites list "Level 3 Knight, Level 3 Wizard" when you press Select on it, but these are not the actual prerequisites.  [I won't list the actual ones for the people who don't want spoilers.]  I didn't really check the others yet, though, but I recommend looking over what you listed all the different prerequisites as vs what they really are.

There were some Item description errors, such as Move +1 on Battle Boots.  

Execute displayed chance to hit values below 100, but I never actually missed with it the times I used it so I don't know if that's just a display error or not.

I *think* that's everything.  Not entirely sure, though, my head's all spinny atm.


Orbonne Monastery.  This was cool and easy enough.  The median difficulty between 1.3 and vanilla's intro fight made it easy to get used to the lowered move rates / etc. without making the fight impossible.

Gariland Magic City.  For the sprite error during the intro, it seems the two that bug out are what are originally a female Squire and male Chemist above Ramza and Delita.  I think you can easily solve this by making the Squire and Chemist you get among your initial six correspond to those places and genders in the formation, as the other four don't seem to bug out at all from what I saw.  In the battle, however, you made a goof.  I brought in my Knight, Archer, Wizard, and Priest alongside Delita and Ramza... and my Priest suddenly turned into Missingno!  Make the female Squire that appears here into a male one.  I think that should fix the problem, if I remember the enemy formation correctly.  It was a fun fight though, but I'm not sure if that's due to or in spite of the fact my Priest looked like a Missingno made out of Priest-palette frogs with a really trippy transvestite Wizard portrait.

Mandalia Plains, another fairly simple fight from what my delirious head can remember of it.  Nothing struck me as too out of the ordinary here, and the fight wasn't too hard or anything, so yeah.

Sweegy Woods.  "Attack" command on monsters, kind of!  Outside the fact the bombs were oneshotting my poor Wizard (partially my fault, she was in out of date equips), this fight wasn't that bad either.

Dorter Trade City.  Ugh.  

First, the changing of where the Formation goes was clever and a nice change, but the Archer starting right above them almost ensured all three units were Poisoned, and as mentioned before, the fast-casting Fire spells were making my life hell, since there were instantcasting in situations I'm pretty sure the other two didn't, as I knew mine were the few times I could get decent spells off due to the CT stagger.  Outside of that, this fight wasn't too bad really and the Formation change was a nice touch and really a double-edged sword in the end I think is fine once Fire is fixed.  A bit on the hard side, but once I updated my equipment and made sure all my characters could revive in a pinch I was fine.  It's funny, in vanilla and 1.3, that house is a huge advantage, but in ASM'd its almost a liability because everyone gets clumped up there then raped by Black Magic and Poison Volley, heh.

Sand Rat Cellar.  Not that bad either.  For this one, I actually recommend separating the enemies some, and possibly starting the player units further back / closer to the far corner of the map.  I trapped most of the enemies very easily at the upper entrance due to 2 Move, spammed Poison Volley and Black Magic to maul everything, and actually killed the two Knights in such a way that I had to wait for them to Crystal before anyone on my team could get inside because Algus refused to go in.  Pushing our units back a bit and spreading theirs out a bit more should make this fight fine, right now it's just really easy to turn it into a clusterfuck then spam AoE to win, even moreso than it is in Vanilla due to Move-MP UP so early.

That's when I nearly passed out, called the stream for the night, and began typing this.  Next time I play/stream it's Thieves Fort time.

Man, I try and fine-comb everything but alas.

Shock is a mislabel for Pierce, a new squire ability that's a double-panel PA * WP strike.

I still need to add spell quotes >_>.

Execute... can't be unevadeable sadly.  I hijacked the death formula and while the coeffecient is maxed its still ultimately faith based and warped by compat.

Fire is an oddity, dunno what caused those to numbers to be reduced but thanks for letting me know.

Yes, I noticed the same thing with cripple.  Back to the drawing board =\

Typo with jolT

As for the gariland sprite bug, that's just a result of the 9 sprite limit... I can reduce it by making the female knight who enters a female archer, so much that the only guy still glitching out is the male priest.

Bombs... are a whoopsy on my part.  I messed with their MA so I could mess with the flame attack coeffecient for the blue mage, and neglected to take level 4 MA into account -_-

The Damned:
The male priest didn't really glitch out when I used him in battle, but then I again, I did use the Male Squire, so I guess I was within the limits because I was consciously thinking about it.

Yeah, Bombs, from my testing them, do a hell of a lot damage with MA anything early on.

RavenofRazgriz also pointed out the "Joly = Jolt?" thing.


There are a couple things that I've noticed myself that he didn't mention:

* Dual Kiss and Turtle Shell have mixed up descriptions.
* I'm sure you know, but Poison Volley doesn't have an actual quote. It also seems to hit 100% of the time no matter what.
I'm only up to Mandalia (which I haven't actually played), so it hasn't been much.

There was something that I thought I would mention, not so much more because it's a glitch but rather because it seems to be rather noticeable even earlier on: It seems like you (accidentally?) made Item even more powerful since, due to the Throw Item, Items can literally go twice the range of most units AND hit 100%. I know this isn't a fault of your own and I'm not sure what you can do to fix it since I know if you take away Throw Item from Chemists then they won't be able to equip it. But not everyone likes to use range units like I do and the other revival methods so far--Wish and Raise--are uncertain compared to Phoenix Down.

Speaking of Wish, I do find it rather odd that it's not 100 considering it heals less than Phoenix Down AND you have to be right next to the person. I almost lost my Archer last night because the female Chemist decided to be a sandbagging bitch early.

Just something to think about.


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