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{E8} LoadTileData


Loads the tile data of a specified tile on the currently loaded map.

See also: {E9} SaveTileData{C1} LoadAddress{C4} SaveAddress

Variable : Byte (hex)

ID of the Variable which will be written to.

Warning: Only x00-x7F (words) are valid with this instruction!

Click here for the list of Variables

Byte Offset : Byte (hex)

Byte holding the data that you'd like to load.

  • x00:
  • x01: Unknown
  • x02: Height (For sloped tiles, the height of the bottom of the slope)
  • x03:
    • x20-xF0: Depth (Works on any tile; not just water. Warning: This artificially raises tile height)
      • x20: 1 Depth
      • x40: 2 Depth
      • x60: 3 Depth
      • x80: 4 Depth
      • xA0: 5 Depth
      • xC0: 6 Depth
      • xF0: 7 Depth
    • x00-x10: Slope Height (For sloped tiles, the difference between the height at the top and the height at the bottom)
  • x04: Slope Type
  • x05: Unknown
  • x06:
    • x80: Units cannot stop on tile (But may still walk on/through it)
    • x04-x0C: Shadow Level covering the unit
      • x0C: Very Dark
      • x08: Dark
      • x04: Light
      • x00: None
    • x02: Selectable Obstacle (Red cursor and units cannot walk on/off tile, but may jump over)
    • x01: Unselectable Obstacle (Cannot be selected with the cursor and units cannot walk on/off tile, but may jump over)
  • x07: Unknown

X : Byte (unsigned)

X Coordinate of the tile.

Y : Byte (unsigned)

Y Coordinate of the tile.

Elevation : Byte (hex)

  • x00 Not Elevated
  • x01 Elevated