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{9F} ButtonPress


Stores 0x00000001 in Variable 0 if all specified buttons are being pressed at the same time when executing this instruction.

Else stores 0x00000000.

Buttons : Byte (hex)

While the game will register L3/R3 and even the analog stick coordinates in some emulators, the original console is unable to, and thus those buttons should be avoided.

  • x8000 Left
  • x4000 Down
  • x2000 Right
  • x1000 Up
  • x0800 Start
  • x0400 R3 (do not use)
  • x0200 L3 (do not use)
  • x0100 Select
  • x0080 Square
  • x0040 Cross (X)
  • x0020 Circle
  • x0010 Triangle
  • x0008 R1
  • x0004 L1
  • x0002 R2
  • x0001 L2