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{8D} Inventory


Allows performing comparisons on item quantities, as well as adding/subtracting item quantities in various ways.

This takes into account the number of equipped items to make sure the regular inventory never exceeds 99 items even if you use Parameter x10 instead of x20.

For the Fur Shop, the assumed maximum amount is instead 255.

Parameters : Byte (hex)

  • x10-xF0:
    • x10: Available Standard Inventory
    • x20: Owned Standard Inventory (includes equipped items)
    • x30: Fur Shop Inventory ([bug:] May only work with x06 (and x07?) below)
  • x00-x0F:
    • x00: Variable_0 = (Item_Quantity == Amount)
    • x01: Variable_0 = (Item_Quantity >= Amount)
    • x02: Variable_0 = (Item_Quantity <= Amount)
    • x03: Variable_0 = (Item_Quantity > Amount)
    • x04: Variable_0 = (Item_Quantity < Amount)
    • x06: Item_Quantity += Amount
    • x07: Item_Quantity -= Amount
    • x08: Variable_X = Item_Quantity
    • x09: Item_Quantity = Variable_X's Value
    • x0A: Item_Quantity += Variable_X's Value
    • x0B: Item_Quantity -= Variable_X's Value

Item ID : Byte (hex)

ID of the item to read/write/compare the quantity of.

Variable / Amount : Byte (hex)

Will be parsed as a Variable ID or as an Amount depending on the parameters selected. They are defined as Variable_X and Amount respectively.