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{63} CameraSpeedCurve


Affects the speed curve of Camera and Focus instructions.

We likely do not fully understand the full scope of the effects of its parameters yet.

See also: {19} Camera{1F} Focus

Parameters : Byte (hex)

  • x00-xF0: Effect intensity
    • x00: None (100%)
    • [...]
    • x80: (150%)
    • [...]
    • xF0: Max (193.75%)
  • x00-x0F:
    • x00 / x01 / x02 / x03 / x04 / x08 / x0C: Steady 100% speed the all the way from the beginning to end.
    • x05 / x09 / x0D: Starts at up to 193.75% speed, steadily decelerating down to 6.25% speed at the end.
    • x06 / x07 / x0A / x0B / x0E / x0F: Starts down to 6.25% speed, steadily increasing up to 193.75% speed in the middle, the steadily decelerating down to 6.25% speed at the end.

Previous notes by Nyzer

Xifanie: I'm keeping those because for some reason the IDs in Nyzer's data differs from data I literally ripped from calculated camera values frame-by-frame

Sets the acceleration strength and type of the next Camera instruction. The first digit affects the strength; a value of 0 is unnoticeable, a value of F is the most noticeable. The second digit determines the type of acceleration: None, Immediate, or Delayed.

See for an example of this.

Acceleration types:

  • None X0, X4, X5, X6, X7, X8, XC
  • Immediate X1, X9, XD
  • Delayed X2, X3, XA, XB, XE, XF

There doesn't seem to be a noticeable difference aside from the three types, so either there is/was a secondary purpose to all the redundant values, or they're purely redundant, random values.