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{43} CallFunction


Can call various different functions to alter many different things in the game.

Function : Byte (hex)

  • x01: Inventory is reset (New Game inventory). Units join silently (Join After Event + Save Formation = Join as Guest / Join After Event = Join silently as a playable character) without the need of {76} DarkScreen.
  • x02: A year passes
  • x03: Increases Blue team units' Brave by +10 (used in Mandalia Destroy corps event)
  • x04: BlueRemoveUnit all enemy units
  • x05:
  • x06: Displays a save screen (
  • x09:
  • x0A:
  • x0B: Destroys Murond Death City's entrance (requires Arrangement 0x0001 and using a map destructive effect)
  • x0C: Changes the currently playing song to song 13 Ultema, the Perfect Body
  • x0D: Used in Altima -> Altima 2 transformation event (Might move ENTD Unit 8 to the coordinates of ENTD Unit 9 ?)
  • x0E:
  • x0F: Moves ENTD Unit 4 to the coordinates of ENTD Unit 2*
  • x10: Moves ENTD Unit 5 to the coordinates of ENTD Unit 3*
  • x11: Used in Dycedarg -> Adramelk transformation event
  • x12: Used in Zalera Death event

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