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{27} ReloadMapState


Reloads the map with new, currently stored settings such as map arrangement (Variable x0030), weather and daytime. Map arrangements and daytime can be viewed using map2gl.

Notable uses of map arrangements:

  • Removing/adding chairs/benches/tables
  • Making tiles under gates walkable
  • Adding the globe in Besrodio's house
  • Removing walls in Sand Rats
  • Removing the entrance in Entrance to Death City
  • Making the tiles of the masts walkable in Graveyard of Airships
  • Raising the water level at Bethla Garrison
  • Opening the door at Beoulve Residence
  • Lighting up the Deep Dungeon levels

See Also: {BE} ZERO(x0030) ― {B0} ADD(x0030,x????)