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AND Variable bitwise operand | Variable1 = Variable1 AND Variable2

This command compares the individual bits of the value between two Variables, and produces a single binary output.

With AND, the resulting bit outputs are set to 1 (TRUE) only if both values' bit inputs are 1.

The bits available within a single byte are:

  • 0x80
  • 0x40
  • 0x20
  • 0x10
  • 0x08
  • 0x04
  • 0x02
  • 0x01

So, for example, if you want to edit a unit's Battle Stats to remove the Dead status (which is bit 0x20), but leave their other statii unchanged, you would UnitAddress their Unit ID, LoadAddress their stats at 0x0058 & 0x01BB into temporary variables (let's say 0x0070 & 0x0071), SET(x0072,x00DF), and then run ANDVar(x0070,x0072) and ANDVar(x0071,x0072), before using SaveAddress to put the corrected values back. Because the Dead status is in bit 0x20, a value of DF means that every bit except 0x20 is set to 1. As a result, the other statii in that byte will remain unchanged, but by forcing 0x20 to be set to 1 in the ImmediateValue, it will zero out the Dead bit in the final result.