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{51} ChangeDialog


Changes the content of a Dialog Box or closes it.

See Also: {10} DisplayMessage{50} PortraitCol{E5} WaitForInstruction(x01,x00)

Target Dialog Box : Byte (hex)

For more information, see the Dialog Type section of {10} DisplayMessage.

  • x01 = Dialog box vertically aligned to the top of the screen
  • x02 = Dialog box vertically aligned to the bottom of the screen

New Message ID : Half-Word (hex)

ID of the Message that will be displayed. Message x0001 is officially the first message. Use 0xFFFF to close the dialog box instead of changing it.

Portrait Row : Byte (hex)

For the list and more explanation read {50} PortraitCol.

Portrait Palette : Byte (hex)

The outcome seems to always be buggy or the same. Not recommended using; leave as 0x00.