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July 13, 2020, 12:41:47 pm


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Desperation - Information

Started by st4rw4k3r, October 30, 2012, 02:41:37 am


October 30, 2012, 02:41:37 am Last Edit: October 31, 2012, 01:33:59 am by st4rw4k3r
        This is the official information and chat topic of Desperation. I'll be writing in here and in the reserved posts info about the world at a later point.




November 15, 2012, 05:02:58 am #3 Last Edit: November 17, 2012, 04:58:19 pm by Dokurider
Name: Mayumi Tonafuu
Aka The Electric Lady or The Lightning Ogre
Age: 20
Height: 6'4"
Magic: Geomancy
Type: Electricity

Description and abilities:
A unusually tall blond haired woman, she tends to stands out greatly. Even the way she moves is immediately noticeable, jerky and semi-mechanical, almost robotic in motion. Despite her size and movement, she moves her body via electricity which allows her to bypass many of the natural limitations that the human body puts own itself, giving her almost monstrous strength and speed. Combined with her inability to feel pain and her training in Ninjitsu, she is an unstoppable force. However, electricity has to be stored before use, and if she runs out, she loses the ability to move completely.

Back Story:
Centuries ago, the Mizuhara Clan was created by an aristrocratic family deep within the power structure of the Church. They planned to raise their own secret ninja army to stage a coupe and take over the church. For generations, they trained and perfected their arts, and ingrained an unshakable hatred for all those that opposed the families' rise to power. They managed to stay such a secret, when the entire family was assassinated, they still remained undiscovered. Swearing revenge, they finally made themselves known to the church and waged war on them, and until recently, they proved to be the single biggest military threat to the Church, standing as an icon of rebellion against the oppression of the church.

However, all was not well within the clan. Their blood was thinning and they were rotting from the inside. Generation after generation, they produced less and less children, and the ones that were coming out disfigured and crippled more and more often, prompting the age old practice of immediate disposal of those unfit to live among them. But, as times got more desperate, some children that would have otherwise been disposed of managed to survive anyhow. One of those lucky children was Mayumi Tonafuu.

When she was born, it was immediate clear something was wrong with her. It was determined that Mayumi could not feel any pain whatsoever and was scheduled for disposal as was customary for defective children. However, the head of the family decided to allow the girl to live, as an experiment to see if she could possibly put her disability to their advantage.

As she grew, she became an excellent ninja, well disciplined and skillful. But her impairment prevented her from ever improving her standing in the clan, and she was set to marry the only other kind of person of low standing that could even marry her: a half-blood by the name of Clayton Mizuhara. Despite being forced together, they found a common ground with one another and grew to love each other, atypical of clan marriages.

One day, she was attacked by an assassin and stabbed in the back and was left to die knowing that the Clan will not treat the permanently injured. Refusing to accept her fate and with Clayton refusing to turn his back on her, she used a technique she heard about to move her body with pure electricity.

She had to learn to walk again, then run, then fight, all on her daily supply of electricity. But the end results had made her into something more than she ever was: she was faster, stronger, and had better reflexes than ever before. She proved herself worth of returning to the clan by fighting and defeating their greatest warriors.

Back in the clan and with better standing than ever before, everything seemed right in the world. But then, the Mizuhara Clan was attacked by the Church. Many of the Clan was killed, and the survivors were scattered across the land.

Mayumi now works in the Rebellion. She hopes to expand its operations far enough so that she can search for the remainder of her Clan and Clayton.

Kunai (several)
Armor Piercing Dagger
Retractable Stiletto (operated by electricity)
Special body mesh that makes a distinct ripping sound when torn in addition to protection.


November 15, 2012, 02:07:50 pm #4 Last Edit: November 19, 2012, 01:14:08 am by Taichii
Name: Taichii Soul-Cross
Age: 19
Height: 5'8
Magic: Arcane
Type: dark , fire , ice.

Back Story:
Silver hair , Red eyes, pale skin complexion, fangs. A monster.
a young lad who is searching for clues on his real identity after losing his known to be father...
he travels with his scythe and blade... A wanted monster classified as a "vampire" from the world of ivalice...
He has an imprinted necklace that symbolizes the soul-cross family crest in his chest with a gem inside...
He travels with a girl who seems to be very special to him...

Name: Rai
Age: 17?
Height: 6'0
Magic: The magic that he has unlocked right now (we talked about this on IRC) is only Arcane for now (but rune used healing magic on him at the end of desperation 1 and start of desperation 2)
Type: ---------
innate: Black blood - an infection created by a legendary witch which ravaged towns and kingdoms years ago... She searched for a way to be immortal and so as her research continues, she came up with different legendary artifacts and ingredients --- creating the Black Blood Virus... The black blood, fills the infected's soul with madness and imbues him/her with great power. It can solidify, heal wounds, and can be used as a weapon. It eliminates fear and fills the soul with insanity....As one keeps using the black blood, and if someone overuses it, they could be consumed by the darkness of the black blood... Rai(real form) came across this witch ages ago and fought her to keep the balance of the land... It was a very long fight, but before she died, she set one last spell and casted the black blood from her body to him.... To Rai, it is both a gift... and a curse...

Back Story:
Red hair visual kei hair, Black eyes, pale skin complexion, facemask..
a young lad who is searching for his lost memory after finding out that there is an entity within him...
He travels with two moogles... Carl and Ardin (fdc's characters) which rescued him from a forest fire and ambush at the forests... (on desperation 1) He carries the Chroma sword imbued with mysterious power for each gem that is put inside the chroma slot... As they were about to die... Rune self adapted and searched for a possible way to survive. Leading the desperation cast (some of them) to a new dimension and opening up a new beginning.... Rai opens a rift from the sky as they plunge into the vast, mysterious new world....

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Name: Ryan Faramond
Age: 15
Height: 5'1
Magic: Geomancy
Type: Whatever element is the strongest in a certain area, (I.E. In the dark wood, high up in his tree, there would have been a fair bit of darkness or air to use). However being able to wield any element causes his magic to be very weak.

Back Story:
Born in a small village, unknown to most of the world, Ryan grew up with his best friend Drina. They grew up with a fierce sense of wanderlust, and because of this Ryan and Drina taught themselves how to survive on their own, however their style of fighting was based solely on them fighting together. As soon as they were old enough they left the village to explore the world, unfortunately very early on in their journey they were split up. Ryan tried to figure out how to fight on his own, but has yet to find any success. He dreams of the day he will be reunited with his long lost friend so they can see the world. Together.
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Name: Balthazar Legros
Age: 22
Height: 6'3
Magic: Geomancy (Wind)
Type: Never uses it offensively, only to bolster his own movement and speed. He can also 'leap' great distances by using momentum and air support to carry himself.

Back Story: Balthazar was an orphan of a war, and was forced to grow up among the slums of many a city, living amongst the lower classes and various criminals. He bears no sympathy for those who take advantage of others for personal gain, and has gained a bit of a reputation as an accomplished assassin, thief, and bard. He mostly keeps to himself, preferring the company of cats and other small animals. Over the course of his life, he learned how to fight using two daggers, one larger (a cinquedea) for striking and a smaller sword-breaker blade for parrying. For money purposes he plays a number of instruments, mainly the violin (which he stole from a noble house, so it posesses a remarkable quality). Balthazar is also insane, from bad blood in his family and continued mental torture from a band of thieves that he once had stolen a good amount of food from.
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OOC: welcome to the rp jumza and reks. please do post as well in the desperation ooc thread :)
anyway just a reminder. you dont have to be bound by FFT rules and other stuff... this is not ivalice anymore n_n
other beings like vieras are allowed though as long as they dont come from ivalice ;)
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