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October 27, 2020, 05:19:55 am


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Desperation - A new beginning

Started by st4rw4k3r, October 30, 2012, 02:39:32 am


Taichii walked inside the local pub along with Al... He gazed his eyes from corner to corner... He observed a little bit as he let Al go ahead and ask for information...
Taichii is aware that he is not from this world.. "It looks all the same to me... People doing business, hanging out, having fun... I dont feel like im in a different world... nothing has changed" He thought...
He walked around from table to table.... when suddenly a drunk customer accidentally dropped his bottle of liquor.. as the bottle fell into the ground, he quickly struggled to reach for it.. as the bottle breaks.. glass shards cut the skin on his hand...
Taichii's eyes widened and he quickly covered his mouth... Blood... flowing from the hand of that drunk customer...
"You know you want to.... " He heard a voice.... "I gotta get out of here..." Taichii remarked...
He rushed outside the local pub as one of the waitress attends to the broken glass..
And as soon as he reached outside... Taichii waited for Al...
His heart was thumping real hard.... He composes himself and tries to relax.... minutes later... Al comes out with a man....
"So... who's he? Do you know where we are going? Any leads on my child?"
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"I'm Koa." she replied to Ryan's introduction, meeting the mage's hand with her own thin, delicate hand. But before they can get a proper conversation going, the sickly looking and bare branches of a nearby tree rattled and scrapped against each other...

It was time for Mayumi to make her exit while the Dark Elves still scour the ground for their arrows. She hoped they weren't as good of shots as their fallen archers. But just then, the boy from the sky and his short white companions rushed under her, carving their way through the elven ranks.  "Jump! come on~ this chocobo can handle one more!" they yelled at her.

The urge to just jump to the ground was tempting, but she knew better than that now. Instead she launched herself from the branch she was perched on to the middle of the trunk, then dropped down. The instant she touched ground, she dashed towards them and hopped onto the chocobo, immediately clenching her legs around it's feathery rump, perhaps a little too hard as the chocobo warked out in pain. All too familiar with that reaction, she immediately let up a little bit. "Sorry about that! Don't know my own strength sometimes! Let's go!"


It took a few days of travel, several attacks from bandits, and another encounter with Ashwings, but Balthazar had finally reached the town he was aiming for. The first thing he did was eat, as he wasn't able to have much during the few days travel. Balthazar went into the Goldstar Inn, checked in, and recovered things he'd left there a week before.

When he got into his room, there was a note lying on the bed. Bal looked at it oddly, before reading.

"At the hour of midnight, the knight known as Lord Gregory will arrive at this town, alone. Kill him, and you will be well payed, assassin Veil."

There was nothing on the note to indicate where it had come from. Bal had been given propositions like this in his past, and had gained the reputation of hunting down those who didn't pay up. Memorizing the contents and incinerating the note, he looked at the time. It was barely afternoon, but Bal would remain awake until his target arrived.

After all, he wouldn't want to miss the knight's arrival. Sitting in front of the windows, he partially drew the curtains, pulled his violin from it's case, and played, patiently waiting.
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Staring at the tree apprehensively, Ryan acknowledges Koa's response "Nice to meet..." his sentence is cut short by an arrow, slamming into the tree trunk between them. "Get down!". Ryan crouches and climbs down a few branches, waving impatiently at Koa to do the same. "This is a big tree, if we want to avoid getting shot, we should go around to the other side!"
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