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Title: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: st4rw4k3r on October 30, 2012, 02:39:32 am
        Tearing and pulling apart, the sky ripped open as though it was made of cloth. He tumbled out of this newly crafted rift in the sky, meeting a bush on the ground, leaves exploding out from under his body, littering the grass and flowers that lay resting peacefully. The shock from the impact shot throughout his body, leaving it limp and dazed. And as quickly as it came, the rift sewed itself up, and vanished.
        Having seen the impact, but not the destruction and recreation of the sky, a lady approached the boy that now laid a daze in the bush; leaves resting on his head.
        "Child? Might you require some assistance?" Inquired the lady. Her words met no response. She brought her hand to the boy's face, brushing the leaves aside. Suddenly, he jumped upright and faced the lady. His eyes quickly changed to ones of uncertainty as he stood there looking. His eyes widened with his mouth as words began to form from his mouth.
        "Where is she!" He exclaimed.
        She was taken aback a little by the boy's question, and answered carefully. "Where is who, child? I have not seen anyone out here but us two."
        Silence fell again as the boy tried to remember who it was he was looking for. He searched for quite a while before finally pulling a mental image out of his mind of a girl.
        "She has medium length hair" he said, gesturing to his shoulders. "One eye is blueish-grey, the other is black. She's young, hyper, and..." he trails off while his mind looks for more detail to grab for. "Oh! She refers to me as mama."
        "I have not seen any girls around here lately, nor do I believe I have seen anyone with those colours of eyes, or differently coloured eyes at that. But, child, take no offense from my words. How is your head feeling?"
        "I don't know" He replied. His eyes shut and his mouth opened. "I feel like I am missing part of me..." his mouth trailed off and his body limp; he passed out.
        "Oh my!" exclaimed the woman. She bent over the boy, placing her hand on his forehead, feeling for his temperature. "Warm... Not a fever then," she deducted. "Well I best get him inside the church."
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Taichii on October 31, 2012, 12:58:48 am
From a never ending darkness, a scene dyed in sepia started to be visualized... A wolf and a scythe turned into entities with hands and feet ... in mere moments , they reveal their true form as ladies of red and white. one had fiery wings like that of the legendary creature, phoenix and one has 9 white tails like those of the long extinct kyubis.

in their middle... is Taichii which seems to be on a convulsion of some sort... for a while... the soul of his ancestor was pushed out of his body....
"What's this? I am free? hahaha!"
"Elise!" Shouted the kyubi like princess ... "We must not let him escape!"
The phoenix like entity smiled... "let's do it like back then."

The ancestor laughed maniacally... The phoenix's wings started to glow... and after some incantations, she opened her arms and released an inferno blast which continued to rise its temperature... The kyubi's tails and eyes glows pure white... and for a second, time stopped... she pointed her finger at the ancestor and from the tip of her finger, a silvery ice beam was released .. moments later, she opened her hand which turned the ice beam into a very strong hail of ice, wind and water.
"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh~!" The ancestor screams as his motions are bounded one by one...
As the two entities release their mystical powers on the ancestor... it merges and starts to seal the ancestor slowly...
"Fate, it's working!" Said the phoenix princess...
"Only a little more Elise!" Fate acknowledged...
The ancestor's screams of pain started to become a small chuckle then an evil laughter...
The two entities were dumbfounded... "Why is he laughing?" Elise , now starting to become confused.
"No Elise! don't hesitate!" Screamed fate...
"That same old puny trick can never seal me again..."  The ancestor stated and cracks started to form on his arms.... he broke his limbs one by one and regrew them back...
"No!" both the girls screamed....

The ancestor opened his hand and pointed it at them and taichii .. dark matter starts to form as it sucks all the negativity inside the passage ... "protect taichii!" Both the girls covered taichii as the ancestor was about to fire... and then... a moment of silence... Fate looked up and saw that the ancestor has stopped moving.... "Elise look!" Elise stood up and flew towards the ancestor... and found that there is a very pretty girl that encrypted markings on the back of his neck.
"Was it you who stopped him?" Elise asked...
"I need not say any word.. i only came here to pass and dont want danger..."
The girl opened an invisibility barrier which hid a body of a human and two moogles... "See you on the other side...." She said..  and then pulled the barrier and went in a separate way...
"Fate, im losing energy.... " Elise said as she started to pant...
"Yes Elise.. let's ret..." Fate had not finished her words as she reverted back into a blade... so did Elise which turned into the scythe moments after....

The vision started to blur.. and slowly... fades into black...
Taichii started to feel a gentle breeze of wind on his face....
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Dokurider on November 12, 2012, 05:17:15 pm
"Could we have gone anywhere but here? The Dark Wood of all places?" Koa pleaded to Mayumi, clinging behind her at all times. The forest now surrounding them had little light coming down on the floor, but the shadowy outlines of the trees surrounding them showed nothing but barren branches. Instead of a canopy of leaves blocking out the sunlight Mayumi and Koa had to flee, an awful miasma blanketed the top of the forest, invading their throat and lungs. Unfamiliar chattering and hollering were constantly and suddenly erupting around them, causing Koa to cling to Mayumi ever closer.

"This is only place we could have escaped to." Mayumi answered calmly, focused entirely on listening to the surrounding darkness. She towered over Koa's small frightened stature. "Do you have anything can do something about this darkness?"

"Oh! I have flares, but..."


"I only brought ten...Oh I knew I should have brought more." she bemoaned. "I mean we were going by the Dark Woods, but I couldn't carry anymore than that. Of all the things I thought we needed..." Holding her head in frustration, she was beside herself.

"That's ten more than I thought you have brought. You did well, don't worry. How long do they last?"

"About 45 minutes or so."

"That's over 7 hours of light. That's excellent. We should save them for when we approach the heart of the forest." Or in danger, Mayumi did not add, trying to ease Koa's nerves. "But why don't we light one up now? We're safe from the guard now."

Koa nodded in agreement, taking off her oversized backpack to search her backpack, then producing a stick attached to what looks like a very long cattail head. "Light it please?"

With a quick touch of her finger, a spark leapt from her and lit the flare. It hissed to life, releasing a blinding light. "That wasn't supposed to be that bright!" Koa exclaimed while turning her gaze. After recovering from the flash from the torch, they took a good look at their environment.

The ground they stood on was covered in mold, lichen and mushrooms. What little ground that appeared though the fungal blanket had a slimy texture to it. The surrounding trees may as well have stayed unlit because they were jet black. Occasional clouds of shadow would ominously drift by. Little else could be ascertained beyond their immediate area. The flare did surprisingly little to beat back the surrounding abyss they are now fully aware of. They looked up to behold a dark sky above them. It stood only mere stories away from them, coming claustrophobically close to crushing and consuming them.

All the light has done for them is confirm the horror surrounding them. Koa was now rattling, and even Mayumi wore a grim expression. "Oh, what have we gotten into?" Koa whispered to Mayumi, gripping her tightly.

Mayumi pulled Koa to her side. "I'm not going to let anything bad happen to you, Koa. We are going to make it out, even if it means killing every living thing in these woods." As comforting as Mayumi was trying to be, she was still rather rough with her, gripping her uncomfortably tight, then almost slamming her into her side. Nevertheless, Koa was used to this treatment and appreciated her sentiments, awkward they may be. Mayumi redoubled her vigilant scanning of the woods. The light aided her little, forcing her to devote her attention to listening to everything around her as they ventured deeper into the woods.
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Dokurider on November 13, 2012, 05:12:38 am
It had been just been half an hour and the flare had already burnt out. However instead of permitting another flare to be lit, Mayumi decided that the flares should be saved for the heart of the woods. As dark as it was, at least some daylight made it though the haze above them. But as Koa began to complain and beg, Mayumi felt danger starting to surround them and immediately shushed her.

Mayumi stood perfectly still. Despite training her ears for the slightest sound, nothing was giving itself away. Her instincts, honed to precision to detect the enemy since she was a little girl, rarely went off without reason. She knew that there was something out there. She could not see farther than a few yards around her; perhaps it was time for some extra light. Cautiously, she bent down to Koa's ear. "Get a flare out." she whispered. Nodding in affirmation, Koa pulled the flare she was about to have lit earlier and held it out for Mayumi to light. Hands trained to reach for her kunai and prepared this time for a powerful flash of light, she quickly flicked her hand over the flare and lit it with a tiny, yet concise spark leaping from her finger. Once again, the flare exploded with light, immediately extending the visible area around them and revealing what had been following the two.

Gangly humanoids squealed and hissed in response to their sudden exposure of light. As they fled into the darkness, Mayumi identified them as the dark elves that live in these wood. Before they had a chance to flee into the unpenetrable darkness, Mayumi draw a handful of kunai and flung them at high speeds at the withdrawing dark elves in one almost instant action. The kunai found their marks, downing two of the elves.

The rest had scattered back into the element of darkness, now chattering angrily and preparing a counterattack. Mayumi prepared herself for a difficult battle. Now freely giving away their positions, Mayumi could at least now pinpoint where they're hiding in the darkness and fish for hits with her kunai. But just as she was preparing to draw more kunai to throw...
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Taichii on November 13, 2012, 01:19:04 pm
An eerie sound echoes as the sky turns dark....  The crows scatter away from the trees as a soft wave of quake shook the dark forest grounds... As the eerie screech-like sound gets louder, a hole started to rip apart the dark sky.. Its edge glows brightly but inside the rift, lies a never ending darkness... The radiant edge glows and shines its radiance upon the black forest holes.... The evil creatures that dwell within scour away and hides from the light...  The rift widens for a moment and spits out four entities.... For a moment... the four entities hovered in the air.. and as the dimensional rift closes.... the eerie sound stopped.. The dark sky returns back to normal as the portal closes... A shadow of a girl entity was enveloped by the sunlight and slowly fades as it was absorbed by the tall entity.... It grabs the two other lesser of its kind as they start to fall... As they descend from the sky, the entity sparked and ignited in blue flame... They shoot into the forest trees, setting fire to every tree they pass... moments later... the tall entity lands five feet away from two human beings... The blue flame started to fade. the fire burned the trees and its huge branches that made the forest shrouded in darkness .. As the leaves started to burn and turn to ashes it gave an opening for the light to pass upon the dark forest... The light slowly passes through the entities... Which revealed the figure of a male human body and two small, white moogles in his arms...
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Jumza on November 14, 2012, 11:52:46 pm
In a tree, much higher than most would dare to climb, sat Ryan, softly snoring while sound asleep despite being in such an ominous place as the Dark Wood. Green Runes floated around him in the air, illuminating the otherwise dark area where few rays of daylight shone, the magic forming them however was almost gone as Ryan had been asleep for a very long while, some dimmed, some disappeared, and others began to crack and the magic spell surrounding him weakened. Ryan finally awoke to find the final rune of his protective spell dissolve before him, "Well, *Yawn* it was about time I woke up anyway." Ryan looked down, expecting to see nothing but a solid black shadow, however his eyes met something else. A flash of light erupted not too far away, catching Ryan by complete surprise, he jerked his head back around, only to be met with a tree branch into his face. And Ryan began to fall.
Ryan, in no mood to see the ground in a hurry quickly took out his staff, another green rune appeared under him slowing his descent, stopping him just soon enough for him to be sitting a very short distance from the ground. But the spell did not last very long, and Ryan soon found himself on the ground with a very sore back.
"I wonder what that was..." Ryan wondered aloud, he got up and turned, his full attention now on the people he saw in the distance with the light. Curiosity got the better of him, and he crept closer to the relative safety of a large tree trunk, and watched as the scene unfolded before his eyes...
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Dokurider on November 21, 2012, 03:12:00 am
Still dazed from the violence of sound and light just now, Mayumi wasn't entirely sure of what she is seeing. A strangely dressed man now stood in front of her with two...white creatures in each arm, standing in the epicenter of the impact. Despite his concealing face mask and otherwise otherworldly appearence, he didn't seem threatening or aggressive. Training and logic told her to leave immediately, but her curiousity had pinned her on the spot so tightly, she couldn't even utter a word to break the silence. Even Koa couldn't pull herself away from this sight. Mayumi was stuck in anticipation, hand gripping metal tightly, body coiled like a spring, gaze literally unblinking, all she could hope for was that she was ready for what was going to happen next.
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Reks on November 21, 2012, 05:46:02 am
"Crap...... Crap crap crap CRAP!"

Balthazar ran for his life from a group of stampeding chocobos, from whom he'd stolen many down feathers. They were after him because, as he was leaving, he broke an egg, and incited their wrath.

"Leave.... Me.... Alone.... You..... Stupid..... Birds....."

Beginning to tire, Balthazar did the only thing he could to get away; He lept, and using his magic to keep him aloft, bounded several hundred yards, well ahead of the angry chocobos. He kept leaping as such, until he was sure he'd left the stampede far behind. Leaning against a large stone to catch his breath and gain his bearings, he realized he'd gone further than intended. Instead of ending up in the plain where he'd camped, he was at the edge of a dark-looking forest.

Curiousity soon got the better of Balthazar, and he wandered in. Not long after he'd entered the forest, in the distance he noticed a very bright flash and explosion of sound. Balthazar lept several feet into the air at this, and making sure it wasn't anything after himself, slowly moved torwards the source of the light and noise.
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Taichii on November 23, 2012, 03:07:17 am
"Wake up..." Rai heard a woman's voice, as he felt a soft, warm hand caress his face... "Wake up, Rai..."
He slowly opens his eyes and sees a blurred figure of a girl.... As his vision starts to set, the blurry figure fades... Everything started to get dark... "W...Who? What?" Rai felt two soft things on his chest.... he looks below... "Carl... Ardin.. Are you alright?" Rai says as he raised his body and sits up... He placed the two moogles on his lap... "I am kupo alright... but i dont know kupo, about brother Carl... " Ardin said as he checks on Carl... Carl moans a little and then goes back to being unconscious...
"We need to find help quick..." Rai said as he places carl down gently on the leaves on the ground and uses his chroma sword as a cane as he tried to stand up...
"But kupo... You are hurt too... " Ardin said as he pointed out a huge gash on Rai's left leg...
"This is noth...uggh" Rai had not finished his sentence as his left leg fails to remain standing and falls on the ground shoulder first...
Carl turned around as he did not want to see Rai's face when in pain... And as he turned around... he got surprised at what he saw...
"R..Rai kupo~!" "Humans!" Ardin exclaimed as he ran back towards Carl and Rai..
Rai rolls around and heads the direction of the humans.... He saw a figure of two girls... "" as he was about to finish his sentence... he saw something jump behind the girls.... "Behind you!" Rai shouted...
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Post by: Taichii on November 23, 2012, 01:56:35 pm
Taichii's head felt heavy... he slowly opens his eyes and started to focus on his breathing... "yes that's it... inhale... exhale... inhale.. exhale...Wait.. where am i?" Taichii exclaims as his eyes widened.. he supported his head and then proceeded to sit up.
He tilts his eyes from left to right... White and pale blue colored walls... Old fashioned furnitures, Wooden chairs, A table and a vase filled with white tulips... A simple white door , paintings on the walls and curtains hanging beside him... He looked at the white cloth that lingered on his skin.... "A white robe huh..." An image of a girl with white vestments flashed in his head which sent him staring forward for seconds...

"I need to go..." said Taichii as he felt a part of his chest ache... like he misses somebody... He stood up still holding his head and opened the cabinets.... After opening 3 of the cabinets, on the rightmost one he found his clothes, his blade and scythe...
Taichii got into his clothes and along the way to the door he stopped and looked at the white tulips.... Taichii picked one out and found it odd...
"Hmm? Tulips doesn't have a smell..." He though as he closes his eyes and his nose embraces the lovely scent of the unusual white tulip on his fingers...
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Post by: st4rw4k3r on November 23, 2012, 05:34:10 pm
        She had successfully brought the boy into her room. Laying him on her bed, she then took his weapons and some clothing off him that would make laying down uncomfortable, placing the items in her cabinets, all but his bag. Interested in what type of person this boy was, she went through his bag. Almost instantly her eyes were drawn to a book in his bag, she had always enjoyed books. She pulled the book out of the bag and gazed at the cover of the book. Symbols were written across the book, symbols that she didn't understand. She opened the book and flipped through the pages. It had more of these unrecognizable symbols and pictures to add to the writing, but before she could continue pursuing the book, someone knocked on the door. She jumped up and ran to the door, opening it partly to see who it was.
        "Oh!" cried the figure, whom was quickly identified as her friend, Ellen. "I knew you would be in here. Where have you been sister? The High Priest Father has been looking for you!" her words halted when she noticed the boy on the bed. "What do we have here?"
        "A boy" she opened the door wider and walked through it, closing it behind her. "A sleeping boy."
        "You know very well as I sister Ma-"
        "Thats quite enough. I will hear none of that name, begone."
        "I.. I am sorry dear sister. I forget what that names bears for you."
        "I too am sorry. I know you meant no harm dear sister Ellen. I overreacted." She looked down at the boy after finishing her words. "You must excuse me, this boy is in need of attention. I will to heal him up, despite the wishes of Edgar."
        "You still show no respect for the Father. Calling him by his first name all the time will get you nowhere good."
        "You have no need to lecture me. I know what my actions bring, but those will not stop me. I care not what that evil man thinks, I shall lend none of my respect to him."
        "Indeed" echoed Ellen. "Once you draw the line between just and injust, you fight the injust to no end. This I have learn from being around you for so long."
        "No one deserves to be harmed or harm. I will fight for justice over injustice anyday."
        "Then you would enjoy hearing this my sister. Your little incident last night, was useless. The act will continue."
        The woman's face became completely barren of emotion upon hearing the news. "I feared this would happen." She glanced over to the boy. "I'm going to focus on him now, you should go."
        "Rebelling by healing him won't calm your raging emotions sister. When are you going to finally snap?"
        The woman turned to face Ellen. "Let us hope it will not be soon. I'll see you later Ellen, at dinner."
        "You have my blessing sister. Good luck."
        "Thank you, Ellen"
        Ellen turned around, and went down the spiral stairs of the tower. The woman stood there waiting until she knew Ellen was gone. The door to the tower closed, echoed, signaling that Ellen had left. The woman turned to the door and placed her hand on it, but did not push the door open. She listened carefully to the sounds within the room, in case the boy had awaken, sure enough, the boy had. There was movement within the room, and talking.
        "Hmm? Tulips doesn't have a smell..."
        Hearing this the woman reacted quickly. She opened the door and announced her presence to him.
        "And where do you think you are going young man? You have yet to receive my blessings."
        The flowers bent over in the young man's presence, they lost their colour and died.
Title: Re: Desperation - A new beginning
Post by: Dokurider on November 25, 2012, 04:01:11 am
Wasting no time on acting on the boy's warning, Mayumi pivoted instantly, throwing kunai with one arm as she deftly swung Koa behind her to safety with her other arm. The kunai exploded out of her hand, screeching and screaming through the air at what ever was unfortunate enough to be behind her at superhuman speeds.
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Post by: Reks on November 25, 2012, 04:48:04 am
Balthazar had evaded the knife ONLY because he had already ducked after the explosion. Dropping even lower to the ground, he layed there, unmoving as he listened for movement.

After a moment, he stood, VERY slowly, to check and see what had thrown the knife at him. He was surprised to see two girls, though in the dark he couldn't tell their ages.

Using a trick he'd learned in the slums of a city halfway built underground, he allowed his hand to catch fire. The flames did not burn him, but merely provided a usable amount of light.

"My goodness..... What might you young girls be doing in this dreary place? And, sorry if I scared you or anything, but you wouldn't happen to know what caused that.... Well, commotion not too long ago?"
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Post by: Jumza on November 25, 2012, 03:14:49 pm
Ryan was confused to say the least. Not only had 4 strangers appeared into the scene, but 2 of them appeared to be some sort of small white animal which he couldn't quite see very well, another, despite the fact that he was nearly killed seconds before had approached the two girls and was asking them something. Unsure of his next move Ryan decided to back up a bit, he doubted he would have the agility to dodge one of those knives should one be thrown his way. However as Ryan tried get up and walk away, he tripped over a small weed and fell to the ground with a loud CRASH. He got up and stood there, very still, hoping the nearby strangers had not heard him.
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Post by: Dokurider on November 26, 2012, 03:51:31 am
A man, a human man, had let out a cry and fell to the ground. It seems she had hit him. A tracker, perhaps? No, they couldn't have gotten one good enough to follow her into the forest on such short notice. As she was thinking, a light had appeared about where she threw her kunai at.

"My goodness..... What might you young girls be doing in this dreary place? And, sorry if I scared you or anything, but you wouldn't happen to know what caused that.... Well, commotion not too long ago?"

As he stepped closer, the light from Koa's flare and the other light had overlapped and allowed Mayumi to see him. Despite his hand being on fire, he didn't seem to be in any distress or pain. While not seemingly a dangerous type, it was still rather bizarre to encounter a stranger out here in these godforsaken woods.

"You don't seem like a threat..." Mayumi said cautiously, looking him over to affirm her judgment. "We were just about to ask this boy about that commotion." She stepped to the side, revealing Rai standing there with those two puffy white creatures.
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Post by: Taichii on November 26, 2012, 04:34:57 am
Rai's covered Ardin and Carl immediately as he saw the eyes of one of the girls, change expression. In split seconds, the girl turned around which sent her hair flipping around and released a projectile from her hands... The area became silent. Rai's breathing slows down as his gaze followed the kunai that was released... It was almost felt like a trance... As the kunai slowed down on his vision... after moments, he could hear his breathing... and the silent tone that was left from the flying kunai started to burst with a scream , those like wails of a banshee.... The Kunai, piercing the leaves that fell through its path and releases waves of aura in the air as it generates more velocity...
His gaze shifted from the kunai towards the entity that fell from the sky... Rai stabbed the ground with his chroma sword and tries to stand up... The entity created fire from the palm of his hands, revealing his form.. a human male...
The male walked towards the two girls and started a conversation... Rai on the otherhand, talks to Ardin... "Take care of Carl, something is not right..."
"I will, Kupo!" Ardin acknowledges...
Rai took a step forward, enduring the pain on his leg..... "Who might you all be?" Rai said as he tilts his head from left to right... gazing at the three humans in front of him... Rai gets something out of his pocket and revealed a few pieces of gold...
"If you came for money, please... We dont have much.. but please do help my friend, i will do whatever it takes.... please help him..." Rai said pointing at the white moogle who lays resting on the dark forest floors....

Suddenly, they heard a loud crash from the trees behind the two moogles...
"Ardin! Carl!" Rai shouted as he struggled to move back towards their direction.... Ardin took Carl's knife and guards him...
Eerie screeches started to be heard along the trees beside the three humans....
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Post by: Taichii on November 26, 2012, 05:28:52 am
Taichii's eyes glinted as the white tulip turns black and lost its life.... "It really is sad... That they dont live long enough for me to admire their beauty up close..." Taichii said as he moved back towards the bed and sat in a blink of an eye... He wanted to intimidate the lady... he didn't know why but he had the urge of instinct to do so.

"I am Taichii Soul-Cross.. I dont know how i got here... and I think I forgot some things... Mind if i ask where this place is?"
Taichii said irritated.. he doesn't know why he is irritated... but as he started to pant... he heard a voice...

"Give in to your instincts... You can't stop yourself... You know you have to.. You have to feed..."  Said a voice in an evil manner...
"Who are you?!" Taichii screamed out of nowhere... As the mind games stopped he found himself staring at the woman who is at the edge of the door of the room. He thought that he might have scared her...
"Oh no.. no.. i'm sorry.. im not myself.. please don't be afraid..." Taichii said as he stood up.. suddenly his hands starts to shake.. his throat
starts to feel dry... His body moved on its own... and in another split second he is in front of the lady.. Taichii caressed the lady's face...
"What a beautiful skin you have..." Taichii said unconsciously as he runs his fingers from the girls face towards the girls neck... Taichii felt her pulse... and that made him more crazy... He smiled in an evil manner and revealed his fangs as he laughs...
An image flashed back at Taichii's head... Taichii stood in his tracks and fell down to the floor... As the headache again rattles him in pain...
After a moment, the pain subsides and Taichii returns to normal... He looked at the girl and apologized.... "I'm sorry.. i really am not myself... i really dont know what is happening.. what i know is.. i think.. i need to find.. a little girl... do you know of anything about a little girl?"
Taichii doesnt know how to explain it as he knows that there are a lot of little girls in the whole world...
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Post by: st4rw4k3r on November 26, 2012, 11:53:50 pm
        Frozen with a mix of thoughts, she took a moment to fully digest what went on there. His lightning movements and his way of touch was so surprising, and his words most flattering, yet they were frightening. As he pulled away from her with the same speed as he came to her, the trance that he so heavily, so easily laid upon her left. The book fell from her hands as she stammered for words. This boy that sat in front of her, his name was Taichii, Tachii Soul-Cross.
       "My.. What an introduction there." she said jokingly.
       As to remove her mind from the thoughts, she bent down to pick up the book that laid in it's scandalous nature, opened wide for all eyes to see. It could not be helped that in picking up the book that she bore victim to it's exposed interior. A man, she had seen in the book, was bent over a young lady's neck. The picture would have been slightly sweet, seeming to tell of two lovers, if it weren't for the red drops that laid on the man's cheek, and the woman's neck. It took no scholar to tell what this picture foretold. The book was pulled up the her chest, and her hands wrapped around the book, holding tightly to it. She began to speak to the boy, in hopes of some light innuendo to spare her from this madness.
       "You spoke of not remembering? I'm not surprised since you fell from such a height. I didn't have time to heal you either, you are still, or at least should be in pain. Although..." she paused for a moment. "I do not know if my healings work on, your kind."
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Post by: Reks on November 27, 2012, 02:53:23 am
Upon hearing the girl's words, then the crash, Bal's own knives seemed to appear out of thin air into his hands. In reality, it was simply hard to see him pull both out of the dual-sheath he had inside his longcoat, but he WAS fast.

The heatless flame had not gone out, and covered the sword-breaker in his left hand, making the weapon appear to be ablaze.

For a second, if his face had been visible, the others might have been shocked to see a ferocity not often seen in humans. Then Balthazar saw what had made the sound, sighed deeply and sheathed his knives in a fluid motion, and spoke out.

"Might want to be careful, you gave us all quite the scare. Now then, come over here so we can see you properly."
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Post by: Jumza on November 27, 2012, 07:38:24 pm
"Might want to be careful, you gave us all quite the scare. Now then, come over here so we can see you properly."

Ryan was at a loss for words, and actions. There stood a group of people, it appeared as though each and every one of them could kill him in half a second if provoked. Should he run, he could trip again. 
"Guess I should do what they say..."

Ryan approached the group. He was glad one of them had addressed him rather than throwing a knife at him. He immediately noticed that the one who had talked was on fire, strangely enough, he didn't seem to be in pain, and that one of the little white things, was wielding a knife.
"Uhm, Hi... A-Are you ok?" Ryan forced out of himself, he wanted to talk, but didn't want to say anything that would get him killed, as this seemed the normal reaction for this group.
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Post by: Dokurider on November 28, 2012, 12:44:51 am
And yet more people coming out of nowhere. Isn't this forest supposed to be uninhabited? Trying not to dismiss this stranger for his diminutive statue and unsure footing and voice, he also seemed not to harbor ill intent.

It was difficult for Mayumi to believe such a bizarre string of coincidences, but the fact remains that her odds of escaping these horrible woods on her own are minuscule. She would just have to buy these series of oddities at face value for the time being and just trust these strangers. Nevertheless, this still irked her. "Okay enough of this. Who are you and what are you doing here in this woods?" Mayumi sharply interrogated the two newcomers, daring anyone else to come out of the woods.

While Mayumi was dealing with these strangers, Koa was talking to the odd white puff of a creature and the man from the sky, crouching herself down to their level. "You want me to heal him?" Koa confirmed, motioning towards their fallen ally. "I'll see what I can do, but I've never seen animals like you before." She stood up and walked over to the other puff. With the light of her torch, she inspected the little creature for wounds. "I'll look at you next, Mister."
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Taichii's eyes widened as he heard what the lady said....
"What? That happened to me?" Taichii, flustered,stood up and walked to the lady....
"Is there anyone who was with me? or is there anything like what happened to me, happened? Can you please tell me?"
Taichii looked at the window and brushed the glass.... "what happened exactly...?" Taichii closed his eyes as a mere flashback appeared on his vision...

Taichii appears in the middle of a hallway.... it looks like he is in a stand of...
As Taichii was about to strike two entities...... A black portal appeared in front of him and sucked him inside.... "Huh!? Anitaaaaaaaaaa~!" He screamed as he fell into the dark never ending abyss...
A wolf's rushed forward and followed Taichii inside the dimensional rift....
The portal immediately closes....

Taichii opened his eyes... "Anita...? So is that the name of the girl that appears in my mind? and who's that wolf?" Taichii turned around and looked back at the lady... He silently thought that if that's was what happened to him then he wasn't from this world.... And whatever that Anita is to him... then she might have been struct by the same black hole...
He looks at the lady... "I remembered her name... it was.. Anita..." Taichii's chest ached... "P-please.. any information would do..."
Taichii's eyes grew weak, and in a few moments, he falls and lay flat at the doorstep. sound asleep,.
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"We-we are Kupo! Moogles! I'm Ardin.. and this is my brother Carl...." Ardin pointed at Rai...
"And Rai over there is our very dear friend.. He doesnt look like it but he's very strong!"
Carl starts to moan and after a few moments.. he finally sounded comfortably while sleeping...

The girl moved towards Rai... "I'll look at you next, Mister."
Rai flinches little as the girl applies her medication to him....
"We were about to die.... Two of our comrades lost their lives from saving us while we were ambushed... Arrows rained on us....
Next thing i know we were falling here... Is this the afterlife?"  Rai asked as he looks at the girl treating his wounds....

"Rune saved us Rai! As soon as you kupo passed out i think she took control of your body again..kupo, but i dont know how or what she did to make us kupo appear here!" Ardin interrupted.

"Wait... who is Rune? and excuse me? took over my body? AGAIN??? is there something you're not telling me Ardin?"  Rai said as he tilted his head towards Ardin...

Carl woke up... "You obviously were not kupo conscious Rai, so you didnt know... And Ardin kupo.. Rune told us to keep her kupo identity a secret... Because she told us that you will kupo suffer more if you were to remember about her..."

"I'm sorry kupo Brother Carl.. I did not kupo inted to.. it kupo slipped..." Said Carl as he bows to his brother

As Rai was about to say another word... yellow glowing eyes appeared from the darkness around them... it keeps on multiplying as the moments go by... and the screeching before was louder than ever... as one dashed towards another tree where a nearby flame is, Rai caught a glimpse of what looked liked an elf but with a dark tainted color and carries an axe on its back .. its claws, long and sharp.. its full set of fangs shows, as it keeps on screeching...

"We'll talk about this later Ardin and Carl" Rai said as he tries to stand up...
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Balthazar had opened his mouth to speak to the girl who had spoken to him, when he noticed a glint of a weapon. He immediately doused his flame, and spun into a low fighting stance. He barely had time to deflect the axe strike, and had to jump back again as he was stuck at a second time.

Balthazar couldn't see his opponent, but listened for it's breathing...

Like lightning, he lunged forward and buried his cinquedea to the hilt in the creature's gut, then pulled it out, letting the creature fall to the ground. He re-created the flame in his left hand, only to find a large gash across his shoulder.

Bal must have been hit right before he'd killed.... Whatever it was. He bent down to check, seemingly ignoring the pain from his arm.
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Ryan waited for the other stranger to answer the girl first, instead he just put out his fire. Before he knew what was happening, the boy who had been talking was attacked. Ryan wasn't quite sure of what was attacking him, "Any number of things in a place like this...", but before he could finish his thought the monster or whatever it was fell to the ground, and the fire was lit again, almost as if nothing had happened.

As the other boy knelt down to check out what the monster was, Ryan looked up from the dead body, and saw another attacker, quite similar to the first about to bring his weapon down on the boy. Ryan quickly grabbed his staff with both hands, and brought it down on the monsters head.

The monster stopped and turned towards him, not dazed and looking very angry.
"Uh oh"
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        His words were very desperate as he tried to piece together what was going on around him. She stood there and listened to his words that erupted into this emotional blur of desperation. Once his speech brought itself to a halt, she looked at him, her emotions plain and relaxed, she spoke.
       "Child you are in great need of my immediate attention. I am not sure how greatly you have suffered from these casualties. But your need for help if quite apparent." She unfolded her hands and walked forward to him. The way she talked seemed to change, as though her words were talking to Taichii in their own way, trying to make him sleep. "Relax Taichii, relax and take a rest. Anita will require your full strength and attention later."
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"What? They came back?" Mayumi exclaimed as the Dark Elves launched their attack on the group. A group of Elves exploded out of the darkness, attacking each of the standing members. Mayumi was greeted by the Elf with the spear, it's dark shaft blending into the black surroundings, leaving only the spear tip even remotely visible.

The Elf cackled with glee as it thrust and shoved it's point at Mayumi, bouncing backwards at Mayumi's attempts at closing the distance. Seeing that getting her hands on him would be too inconvenient, she took out her knife and flung it at him. Out of either luck or skill, he managed to parry the knife away, but he didn't see that cable attached to it. A quick snap of her wrist and it wrapped around the spear shaft. Before it realized what had just happened, she sent a powerful electric current though his spear. His chest crushed his screams as his hands locked on to his spear, buzzing and burning. Mayumi yanked the Elf over to her and released her knife, pulling it back into her hand. Now at her feet, stunned, her knife punched a hole through it's skull like it was a pumpkin.

She turned around to see another Dark Elf menacing Koa and her patients. The boy in the mask tried to stand to fight, but he couldn't get his legs under him. The Elf flung some gooey mass at Koa's torch, splattering on her and snuffing out her light, leaving only the dimming daylight and the encroaching darkness. "It was all a distraction! They needed that light out!" she realized. Instantly, she burst towards that Elf as it was readying it's knife. Her massive, yet quick strides brought her to the creature's side before it even realized she was moving towards him. Her knife fell upon him and carved him into pieces.

"Are you okay?" Mayumi asked as she rushed to Koa's side.

"I'm fine but I need to get this boy on his feet." Koa answered while applying more ointment. "Cover me while I treat him."

"Give me that torch. We need to get it lit again." Koa handed her the doused torch.

Quickly, she gave the torch a strong zap, but the cold goo just bubbled in mockery. She then gave it another zap, longer and harder, but the goo would not burn off. "Damn it, Koa, this isn't lighting! You need to get another one out!"

"Just give me a minute! I'm almost done here." Koa was now quickly bandaging the boy's injuries, efficiently wrapping around him. "Just be still for a moment. When I'm done here, we'll find cover and let Mayumi take care of these demons."

Meanwhile, Mayumi was forced to scan the abyss staring, hoping to catch even the slightest hint of an attack. The Dark Elves laughed and danced just beyond her sight, feeling safe on the other side of the the wall of darkness. She wasn't pleased having to stand guard out in the open like this. She needed to be out there, using her superior speed and power to slaughter them. As she stood in defense, she heard the all too familiar sound of arrows streaking through the sky. She looked up quickly to see a volley of arrows beginning to pierce the second sky. With great speed, she moved back to Koa and the boy and covered them from the incoming storm.
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Taichii looked down... Hearing the lady's words, his eyes started to feel heavy again... He could hear the chirping of birds outside suddenly grew quiet and moments later, there was nothing...
"Mama~" The appearance of that little girl sent chills through Taichii's spine.. The hair on his arms and at the back of his head stood up.... "I'm sorry... but I must go... I have to find her..."
Taichii got his things, and headed for the door... "Thank you for your help... Would you mind telling me your name? And also the nearest pub if you don't mind?" Taichii said as he turned around and glanced back and smiled...
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Rai patted the girl's head... "Thank you for healing me... I'll be leaving my moogles friends in your care now..." Rai took baby steps on the soft soil covered with leaves... Little by little, he gained his motion actions back... He saw how the two male humans were able to fend off the dark entities but got hurt in the clash as well... He searched for the girl with fast- lightning movements... The light flickering from above the dark forest started to fade... "Is it night time kupo already, Rai? Time kupo flies by so quick~" Ardin mustered... The girl with fast - lightning movement suddenly appeared to their north, dodging trees and maneuvering along falling branches... Rai looked above and saw a volley of arrows... "No.. Not this again...." Rai felt fear... fear of someone that is near to him again will die...
"Lift your sword...And shout from the bottom of your heart...Gale" A girl's voice modulated on Rai's head...
"Gale? What? Who are you? Where are you?" Rai asked out of confusion..
"Just trust me!" The girl shouted out of desperation as the arrows near their area at an outstanding velocity...
The forest light grew darker and darker.. Rai closed his eyes...
"Damn!" Rai stomped the ground... He thought that he could attack it with his skills but it could only protect him... ardin and carl might get hit... and also the other humans that are around them...
"trust me~" Rai recalled the distant voice...
"I have no choice then.... Alright .. I'll trust you.." Rai tilted his head towards the humans...
"Everyone, get behind me" Rai steps forward and lifts up the Chroma Sword...
The vision of the forest getting darker and his vision fading all generated in sync as he closed his eyes... He concentrates.. on the people that he wants to protect... "Ignias... Lucious.. Im sorry... Carl, Ardin.. please let this not be the last..." The chroma sword glows as an orb of neon green materializes on the orb slot...  Rai opened his eyes and shouted... "GAAAAAAAAALEEEEEEE!" His face, which was painted with emotions made him look fierce...
A huge amount of wind filled the area .. and as Rai slashes forward the Chroma Sword towards the arrows, an outburst of hurricane like wind slices the volley in half ... The middle portion completely destroyed, and the side portions on the volley of arrows were redirected to the far left and far right.. missing their location and hitting the tree trunks far from them... some hit the dark elves that were trying to ambush them incase they flee from that location...
Rai , to his disbelief.. Froze for a second, his eyes completely opened wide.. his mind, on shock on what he had just done....
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Balthazar, having at first dove behind a tree to avoid the arrow storm, noticed one of the strangers standing still in the open after he'd deflected the arrows. Balthazar respected this: wind was his natural element. He ran up to the stricken young man, shook his shoulder, talking urgently but quietly.

"Look, there's no time for that now. Be in shock that you did whatever you did AFTER you're out of danger."

After assuring the young man had heard him, Bal turned and charged the nearest Dark Elf, easily beheading it with his enhanced speed and cinquedea. He lit both of his knives on fire, not as light or a distraction, but as actual flames. Bal had managed to cut down four more of them before he got locked into a duel of sorts with one armed similarly to himself.

Balthazar ended the elf's life with a feinted slash across the elf's throat, and turned to assure the others were fine when...

He thought he heard.....

"Oh for the love of...."

The chocobo stampede had followed him, and he took no short time in bolting before they reached him, and soon he had left the forest completely, fleeing from the angry chocobos. Which continued to give chase.
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The Dark Elf had barely been dazed by his attack, however Ryan and the elf noticed a whistling noise and they both looked up.
Arrows. Lots.
But the boy that had been on the ground before was up and blowing the arrows away, a stray came down and struck the elf threatening Ryan, immediately killing it.
Then more fighting ensued, and Ryan tried to help out as much as possible, whipping spells of darkness all around the elves, as the light was fading and the dark was the strongest element now.

Suddenly, a sound like a rumbling volcano, or hundreds of men sprinting at once, was heard.
"What is that?"
The boy who had brought down many elves with his dagger turned and wasted no time in getting out of the forest as soon as possible, or at least as far as Ryan could see into the forest. Now turning to face the problem at hand, Ryan found the source of the noise.
"Wait... are those..."
Ryan quickly took to climbing the nearest tree as to avoid getting trampled by the thundering footsteps of the chocobo stampede.
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        The boy fell asleep quickly, falling straight to the ground. The lady walked over to him and placed her hand on his shoulder.
        "Life's refreshing breeze, bring in energy and restore."
        From her hand came an auracious golden light that emitted gleaming and shining rays of twirling light that fed it's self into him. These golden rays and their mysterious and fascinating nature poured energy into him and his wounds quickly repaired themselves, using the energy to feed off of. After a few seconds the lady pulled her hand away from him, stopping the lights entirely. She stood up and looked at the boy. Out of no where he jumped up and began talking, about how he had to go again. Curiosity struck her heavily. What is it that his kid needed so badly, who is he exactly too?
        "Thank you for your help... Would you mind telling me your name? And also the nearest pub if you don't mind?" he said to her, smiling.
        "You are an interesting person... You do not seem to know where you are or are going. Yet you have a want to find something important to you." She smiled back at him. "You can call me Al. I'll be joining you, if you do not mind."
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Just as the storm of arrows were about to descend upon them, the boy stood up and with a wild swung of his sword, a wall of air rushed upwards, bouncing the arrows away like they hit a cobbled road, at least, the majority of them. Mayumi heard the sound of her armor making it's distinct shearing sound when cut, indicating she's been hit, somewhere on her back. "Koa, I've been hit. Can you get the arrow out for me?"

When Mayumi let her up, Koa wasted no time in circling around her and inspecting her back. A single arrow had plunged into her lower left quadrant. Thanks to the construction of the armor, the arrow hadn't penetrated too deeply and it came out agreeably. A quick application of fast acting healing salve over the wound and Mayumi was good as new. But just as Mayumi was confirming she had full movement of her back, a wild rumbling shook the forest. Mayumi put herself between the origin of the quaking and Koa, trying to ascertain it's nature. As it neared, she could hear the sounds of Chocobos warking.

"A chocobo stampede? Here?!?" she exclaimed. The Chocobos were coming right at them and fast. Mayumi didn't even have to ask Koa to grab onto her. She then grabbed the boy and the short white talking things and dashed to the nearest tree. Even when carrying two people, she didn't seem any bit slower or at a loss for finesse. Koa had an already tight grip around Mayumi's waist, so the boy had to grab Mayumi around the neck. She started up the tree with a powerful bound, then effortlessly scaled the rest of the trunk with the grace of a leopard. She seemed to hardly need her kunai to climb the tree, make a smart and brief stab or two into the bark before reaching the top of barren tree.

They watched the yellow feathered river pour underneath them. It seem to never end. As there were up there clutching to the branches for dear life, Mayumi had a thought. She figured that this stampede must have taken the Dark Elves by surprise as well or else they would have struck by now. She could use this opportunity to launch a counterattack on them. She couldn't obviously just move on the ground and just hopping on a panicking, stampeding chocobo seemed too risky, so they only way to move around was to leap from tree to tree.

"I'm going after the Dark Elves, stay here until the Chocobos leave." Mayumi commanded as she lept off the tree without leaving a chance for anyone to respond. The trees grew fairly close together, so it was child's play to make the leaps from tree to tree. Furthermore, the trees were surprising strong and supple despite their dead like appearances, so they supported her weight well. She continued to bound and zig zag between the tree tops, looking for her quarry.
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Taichii picked up his scythe and blade along with his other stuff... He buckles his weapons on his back as he got up...

"Al.. It's a pleasure to meet you..." Taichii holds out his hand...

Soon after, he walked up towards the edge of the room and opened the wooden door..
As he stepped forward he got a bit surprised at the footing of the stairs which seemed to be in a spiral shape..

"Oh... Well this is nice.. it's kinda like the footing of Mt. Zerikyle hahaha" Taichii laughed a little as he begins their descent on the spiral stairs.

Taichii lingers his fingers around the railings and the stair walls.. feeling the rough texture on the tip of his fingers...

"So where's this pub? is it near?" said Taichii as he tilted his head...

"It's nearby, not too far from the church. Might I ask why you wish to head to the pub?"

"I'm looking for a girl... anita's her name.. she has brown hair and two toned eyes... If what you said of what had happened to me is true.. then the same thing must have happen to her.."

Al looked puzzled for a moment. "She fell out of the sky too?"

"I dont know where this is but yes.. she might have fallen out of the sky too.. we seem to be at the same area that time so that might have happened to her too.." Said Taichii as he shrugs...

"Do you think that she may have fallen around the same area as you?"

"I dont know yet.. but where i have been, the pub gets a hold of all the rumors and informations around the area"

"I see..." said Al as she glanced above...
"Quiet now, we wouldn't want to distrub the rest of the church."

"oh im sorry~" Taichii shuts his mouth as they finally reached a giant door....
"Wow.. what a large door... is this a castle?" Taichii thought...

Al opened the door at the bottom of the stairs....
The multi coloured lights in the church shone brightly from the stain glass as the two exited the building.
Little did they know, they were being watched.
As Taichii stepped outside. he felt somewhat dizzy by the sunlight....
he groans as he covered his eyes with his sleeves... After his dizziness stopped, Taichii looked around and saw gardens along the pathway....
As they stepped forward, the flowers that came near Taichii started to wilt behind them... As the process of wilting takes about 5 seconds, Al might have not noticed them..

Once outside, Al began to speak.
"Alright, we can continue talking now." She said after letting out a contented sigh..

"what about you? what do you do?" Taichii wondered...

"Well, I am a priestess of Boladaros."

"Boladaross? what is that? and where are we actually?" Taichii starts to get a little bit confused...

"Oh my. Well where to start..." Al looked towards Taichii... "Do you, by chance know what city you are in?"
Taichii listens along as we continued to move forward

"The last city i can remember i was was limberry castle"

"Pardon me, but I do not think I have heard of a limberry castle. And I am quite the geologic expert, among other things."
"Wait... do you know any locations on this?"

Taichii stopped... He looked forward along the pink gardens along the path.... He sighed and gets something from his coat... He turned around and hands out Al a map of ivalice.. As he handed out the map, he noticed that the garden behind them is now black and lifeless...
"This is sad" Was all he could ever think of...

"oh my."

"why? are we far from limberry?"

"I would think this to be a map to a child's game, but the work put into the details..."

"what do you mean?"

"And this Ivalice, is quite unknown to me I fear."

Taichii starts to feel somewhat uneasy upon hearing those words...
"then .. you mean....we're not in ivalice at all?"

"We are in Nidaris... In the City of Alic."

"Nidaris? Alic? i dont know where that is..." Taichii looked above and sighed...

"My, how hard did you bonk your head. Are you sure you are okay?"

Taichii turned around and proceeded to walk forward....
"Yes im quite fine.. it seems, im not from this world... and also is the little girl I've been looking for...
I dont know exactly what happened... i was fighting enemies that took her that time. then suddenly a black hole appeared below my feet and suck me in... Taichii said in a sad tone...

"A.. black hole?"

"Yes.. i dont know what triggered it though... wait let me ask one of my companions..."

Taichii drew and held out his blade.. He pointed it forwards and chanted incantations... The area suddenly became cold...
"Come out crimson!" Taichii screamed as his eyes glowed red.... The blade swirls with an outburst of ice hails... It circled him and then settles in front of them.... The ice hails join together and formed a huge giant white wolf...

"Hey crimson.. do you know what happened when we were at limberry?"

Crimson's voice modulated at both taichii and Al's mind...
"It seems that we were caught upon some sort of dimensional shift hole that time... both me and your phoenix experienced it before but we prevented from coming to different worlds.. we should've prevented your dimensional shift but we fought of something evil inside you...and thus. we also got sucked in and we appear to be in a different world..."

Al's eyes widen and she stepped back in surprise. "What manner of magic is this?"

Taichii walked along forward with Crimson.... "Did this thing happen to anita too?"

"yes.. it can sense her aura but it's too faint...i can only feel her... but i dont know where she is... "

"Oh Al... dont worry.. this blade and scythe was handed to me by my father in that world... and i learned upon a book that my dad gave me on how to summon them.. i learned my capabilities and skills that i can use on that book as well.. wait let me show you..."
Taichii opened his sack only to find its base torn apart...

"oh.. wait? where is it? it's not here.... " Said Taichii as he looked at Al and Crimson through the hole at the base of the sack...

Crimson starts to growl...

"oh, you mean this book?" Al lifted her hand, showing the book in her hand.
"I was reading, well trying to read it."

"Oh~~... you have it.. it must've fallen a while ago... Thank you for taking it with you.. we can't afford to lose time and go back at that castle like place..."

Taichii thought that they cannot go back because of what had happened to the flower garden.. He does not want to walk along the path of sorrow...

"Can you do me a favor and please hold on to it for me? it seems my sack is torn.. it might fall over... since your helping us.. i'd like you to know more about me.. that way you can trust me completely.. right?"

Crimson's voice modulated again.... "this may not be a good idea..."

"Dont worry... I dont sense something evil from her..." Taichii reassured Crimson...

"Alright... Well, i have to replenish my health.... i have not yet fully recovered.... Excuse me...."
An evil laugh modulated on Al and taichii's mind...

"That laugh seems familiar... but i dont know who it is.. oh well never mind it then... is the pub near hear?"

Al Looked up at the signs.
"Why yes, it is right this way."
"Anyway, What was that creature?"

"Oh? if you look at page 57.. She's a legendary wolf which seemed to be sealed of into a form of the blade...the reasons why she is are not stated though and she cant talk about it... the other one is the phoenix... which materializes into the form of a scythe.... i have not named her yet... because every time i summon her... it breaks out havoc upon the surrounding area.. it does everything to save me..."

Taichii increased his pace as he saw some sort of house not to far from where they are...

"and we havent talked that long yet.... she's not as open as much as crimson ...

The two fell in silence as they cover the short distance towards the pub.... "By the way.. where's the nearest restroom inside?" Taichii said as he laughed a little....
Al opened the door to the pub, barely listening to the boy. "Here we are."
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The ground shook as a raging sound, which seemed like stomping boulders appears...
epicenter like phenomenon which proceeded to go towards Rai's direction approached, and as it get nearer.. and nearer....
"Chocobos!" Rai exclaimed
"stampede- Kupo~!" Ardin shouted as he ran towards Rai's back...

Rai, still shocked.. wasnt unable to move quickly...
"Rai~ rai kupo! wake up kupo let's go~!
Ardin said as he kept pounding on Rai's back ...

Suddenly..They feel a light thump...then their vision of chocobos turned into tree tops...
"Kupo.. what happened?" Ardin asked..
Rai, now in his senses... "Where are we ardin?" asked rai as he held Carl...

"I'm going after the Dark Elves, stay here until the Chocobos leave." The girl from before said... it seems that she saved us... and that certain thump is her movement...
"Damn she's quick.." Rai muttered in his head...

As stand still on the top of the tree top... They watch silently as that girl...jumped from tree to tree...

"Cool kupo..." - Carl said as his eyes twinkled in awe

"Yes, Ardin.. she's quite nice.. and she's strong.. i like her already.. hahaha" Rai chuckled..

"Now's not the time to be laughing Kupo... She's a kupo girl.. we have to kupo help her..."

"Are you sure ?" Rai asked..

Ardin sat up.. "I'm feeling better Rai kupo...I can hear your kupo conversations while i was resting... that kupo girl can heal much more powerful than us kupo..."

"Well we have to return the favor.. don't we now?" Rai said as he adjusts his mask....
"Alright,.. hang on!"

The three waited for the stampede to fully pass... and at the last moment.. they jumped into one of the chocobos....
"Got yah!"
Rai said as he landed on one of the big yellow chocobo's back and grabbed its neck...
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Bal had no idea how long he'd run for, but he'd left the forest behind some time before. He'd managed to outrun all but one chocobo: one that had been the bane of his existance for several years past. He called her Ashwings, since her feathers were an ash gray color.

Balthazar didn't hate chocobos- They seemed to hate him. All it took was his mere presence to send nearby ones into a fit, so he avoided corrals and took side routes when he saw any caravans and traffic on the highroads that had chocobos. Some still went out of their way to chase him.

In any case, Bal was coming to the ends of his endurance. His sides hurt, breathing hurt, his feet and legs hurt, and he just wanted to stop running. But Ashwings would not relent in her chase, so he was forced to keep running. He finally found something he was looking for: A large ravine that the chocobo could not bound across. Gathering the last of his energies, he lept, and barely cleared the ravine. He rolled several times, unable to stop himself, and crashed into a tree. The impact dazed him, but he could tell that Ashwings was unable to follow him for now, warking in what he could only assume was rage. Chuckling at this, he allowed himself a bit of rest before Ashwings found a way around. She always managed to find him sooner or later, and he wanted it to be MUCH later. Standing, Balthazar took in his surroundings, and whistled, impressed. He'd run about 15 miles away from the forest, to a place he was familiar with. A town wasn't far, a few days travel at most, but since he'd left most of his stuff in the meadows beyond the forest, it'd take longer to reach it.

Bal sighed, and with a groan, began looking for the road.
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The number of Chocobo's flooding throughout the forest floor began to fall, until eventually they had all passed.
Ryan let go a sigh of relief, being trampled to death wasn't exactly how he wanted his life to end.

A short time before the stampede ended the one girl, fast as lightning, jumped from tree to tree, in what he could only assume was a search for danger.
As the last few chocobo's made their way out of sight, the other boy and his small furry friends leaped from the safety of the trees and landed right on top of a chocobo, and they were quickly run into the forest.

Ryan noticed one tree over was another girl, the one who had been in the clearing with the fast girl when the Dark Elves attacked. She looked rather unfazed by the whole situation, if not a little bit worried for her friend who had left. He decided to go talk to her, as she seemed the least dangerous of all the people he had met that day.

Waiting a moment to catch the rest of his breath, Ryan took a running jump off of a branch and managed to grab hold of the next tree.
He slowly began inching his way towards the cent of the tree, so the branch he was on wouldn't snap. Unfortunately it did. *CRACK*

Ryan just barely managed to grab another branch with one hand. Noticing the girl was quite close and staring at him, Ryan said "A little help? Please?" and reached up his other hand to her.
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Koa was somewhat worried about being left by herself in this horrible forest, so she decided to stay put in the tree until Mayumi came back. Without the stampeding chocobos underneath her, she could feel the unwelcoming and oppressive atmosphere of the Dark Woods again. As she focused on staying quiet, she heard the rustling of the trees to her side. It was that mage, trying to jump to her tree. Contrary to her expectations, he not only cleared the gap between them, but even managed to grab a branch. These trees possessed surprising resiliency; it was the mage's misfortune to grab the one branch that couldn't support his weight for long as he hesitantly made his way to her, snapping underneath him.

He managed to grab hold of a nearby branch, hanging on for dear life. "A little help? Please?" he called out to her. Thankfully, he had managed to get close enough to her so that she could comfortably help him up. Possessing a surprising confidence in maneuvering in high places, she stood up, quickly took off her backpack and hung it up, planted her feet firmly, and grasped his outreached hand. Her small body frame visibly strained as she hoisted him to the bough of the tree.

"If you're going to go tree hopping," she grunted as she pulled him up to her, "you have to be quick about moving across branches. You never know how long a branch is going to hold you."

Mayumi had finally found her target. Up in the trees, the Dark Elves seemed oblivious to her presence, even as she passed directly in front of them. "This was going to be even easier than I thought." she said to herself. She leaped to the first tree with a Dark Elf in it. Only when she crashed onto his tree did he finally notice her. He barely had a moment to even screech in surprise as Mayumi ripped his throat out and tossed him into the stampede below. She quickly glanced to see if the rest of his troop reacted. Nothing. She had the complete advantage. If she acts quickly, she can take out quite a few Elves before the stampede ends.

She noticed quite a few of them were archers, and judging by the last arrow storm they came under, they were quite good shots, even despite being blind. She needed to use this opportunity to kill as many of them as possible because they were way too dangerous. The Dark Elves, in contrast to Mayumi, didn't seem all that comfortable in the trees. The few non-archer Dark Elves she attacked couldn't leverage themselves well enough to defend themselves as Mayumi mercilessly went through them. One unfortunate Dark Elf fell out of the tree and into the stampede without Mayumi even touching him. The Archers fared somewhat better. They had better reflexes and hearing, but the awkward ground the tree provided made it difficult to shoot Mayumi. She still had some close calls with the bowmen.

The screams and moans of their fellow Elves continued to go unheard. Only when they began to smell the blood of their comrades mixing with the dust in the air did they finally realize they were under attack. But only when the stampede started to die down, did their hearing return and they could start to do something about it. The archers started shooting in her general direction. She managed to keep them guessing by throwing a kunai off to the side, momentarily drawing their attention as streams of arrows flew everywhere. Previously, she could run up to them and cut them open, but their increasing hearing meant she had to attack much sooner. She started throwing her cabled kunai at them before she even landed into the tree, sticking into them and giving them a lethal jolt, all before they can react. As the archer numbers thinned, all the non archers stood by helplessly in their trees, angrily screaming and chattering at their vicious attacker. At least, until the stampede was over.

As they began to climb down, Mayumi lost her advantage over them. However, she had managed to kill most of their Archers, and she quickly moved to finish off the rest the archers. Without their bowmen, they could not reach her or anyone else. But then, the melee Dark Elves began to pick up the bows of their fallen allies. "Damn them!" Mayumi cursed their resourcefulness under her breath. As they groped around on the ground for arrows to shoot, a chocobo rode up from the distance...
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"If you're going to go tree hopping," she grunted as she pulled him up to her, "you have to be quick about moving across branches. You never know how long a branch is going to hold you."
"Thanks for the advice", the girl managed to pull Ryan up from the branch, she was quite a bit stronger than he had thought she would be.

After dusting himself off and catching his breath again, Ryan offered his hand to the girl. "My name's Ryan, what's yours?"
While this interaction is going on, Ryan hears a loud rustling from a nearby tree...
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As Rai, Ardin and Carl tries to tame the wild bird, the chocobo struggles repeatedly to get them off its back...
"Kupo , Rai... do sououhhmething~" Ardin muttered as he kept shaking along with the other two..
"Rai use this, kupo!" Carl shouted as he almost fell off the chocobo's backside... He held out his small arms and Rai quickly took what's in it..
Its a red fruit... berries of some kind... "Amachal Berry! Brother! kupo how did you get one of those?" Ardin asked in his amazement... 
"No kupo time to explain!" Ardin bit the chocobo at the back of the neck where it is vulnerable....
"WAAAAARK!" The chocobo let out a loud scream which slowed him down... Ardin looked at Rai and pointed at the bird's open beak. "Now Rai, Kupo!"
"I gotcha Carl..." Rai leaned forward while still clinging unto the chocobo's neck... he the threw the berries at the mouth of the chocobo...
Moments later... The chocobo seems to be choking... It stopped near a small pond in the forest....
The chocobo calmed down.. Ardin led the chocobo towards the ponds.. "Kupo.. here.. drink some kupo water .."
The Chocobo drinks from the pond which cleared its throat.. it sat for a while.. as the berry gets digested on the chocobo's stomach.. It gets much more obedient...
"The Amachal,kupo berry makes its consumer, kupo want to be with the first living being that it sees.. I got it kupo from an old wizard who passed through back in our kupo forest... He might have kupo thought i was kupo hungry.. I got kupo surprised as well when mother thought me what kupo that berry was.. i'm glad i did not kupo eat it.." Ardin explains.
"So .. in that case.. the chocobo is now...." Rai and Carl looks at Ardin...
The chocobo rubs its beak unto the little white moogle as it keeps laughing...
"So..kupo.. Shall we go?" Ardin looked back at them and smiled...
"Let's get the one who helped us first.. ardin... we need information..." Rai stood up..
"Let's just follow the noise kupo.. the chocobo's will be there...and after wards kupo, those dark entities.." Carl walked towards the chocobo and mounted....

As the three mounted the chocobo... They headed easy and followed the sound of the ground.... To their surprise.. what they followed was no chocobo track.. but the dark elves.... The chocobo kept charging forward as Rai , Ardin and Carl slash, hack and use firemagic to repel the dark elves that were infront of them... "W-WAAAArk" in the distance... they saw the girl above the tree....
Rai looked at the girl as they neared her... "Jump! come on~ this chocobo can handle one more!"
Rai , Ardin and Carl cover the chocobo and the girl as they wait for her descent.
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Taichii walked inside the local pub along with Al... He gazed his eyes from corner to corner... He observed a little bit as he let Al go ahead and ask for information...
Taichii is aware that he is not from this world.. "It looks all the same to me... People doing business, hanging out, having fun... I dont feel like im in a different world... nothing has changed" He thought...
He walked around from table to table.... when suddenly a drunk customer accidentally dropped his bottle of liquor.. as the bottle fell into the ground, he quickly struggled to reach for it.. as the bottle breaks.. glass shards cut the skin on his hand...
Taichii's eyes widened and he quickly covered his mouth... Blood... flowing from the hand of that drunk customer...
"You know you want to.... " He heard a voice.... "I gotta get out of here..." Taichii remarked...
He rushed outside the local pub as one of the waitress attends to the broken glass..
And as soon as he reached outside... Taichii waited for Al...
His heart was thumping real hard.... He composes himself and tries to relax.... minutes later... Al comes out with a man....
"So... who's he? Do you know where we are going? Any leads on my child?"
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"I'm Koa." she replied to Ryan's introduction, meeting the mage's hand with her own thin, delicate hand. But before they can get a proper conversation going, the sickly looking and bare branches of a nearby tree rattled and scrapped against each other...

It was time for Mayumi to make her exit while the Dark Elves still scour the ground for their arrows. She hoped they weren't as good of shots as their fallen archers. But just then, the boy from the sky and his short white companions rushed under her, carving their way through the elven ranks.  "Jump! come on~ this chocobo can handle one more!" they yelled at her.

The urge to just jump to the ground was tempting, but she knew better than that now. Instead she launched herself from the branch she was perched on to the middle of the trunk, then dropped down. The instant she touched ground, she dashed towards them and hopped onto the chocobo, immediately clenching her legs around it's feathery rump, perhaps a little too hard as the chocobo warked out in pain. All too familiar with that reaction, she immediately let up a little bit. "Sorry about that! Don't know my own strength sometimes! Let's go!"
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It took a few days of travel, several attacks from bandits, and another encounter with Ashwings, but Balthazar had finally reached the town he was aiming for. The first thing he did was eat, as he wasn't able to have much during the few days travel. Balthazar went into the Goldstar Inn, checked in, and recovered things he'd left there a week before.

When he got into his room, there was a note lying on the bed. Bal looked at it oddly, before reading.

"At the hour of midnight, the knight known as Lord Gregory will arrive at this town, alone. Kill him, and you will be well payed, assassin Veil."

There was nothing on the note to indicate where it had come from. Bal had been given propositions like this in his past, and had gained the reputation of hunting down those who didn't pay up. Memorizing the contents and incinerating the note, he looked at the time. It was barely afternoon, but Bal would remain awake until his target arrived.

After all, he wouldn't want to miss the knight's arrival. Sitting in front of the windows, he partially drew the curtains, pulled his violin from it's case, and played, patiently waiting.
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Staring at the tree apprehensively, Ryan acknowledges Koa's response "Nice to meet..." his sentence is cut short by an arrow, slamming into the tree trunk between them. "Get down!". Ryan crouches and climbs down a few branches, waving impatiently at Koa to do the same. "This is a big tree, if we want to avoid getting shot, we should go around to the other side!"