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July 12, 2020, 10:46:19 pm


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RP Forum Contest- Humble Beginnings

Started by Eternal248, April 30, 2012, 04:32:48 am


So here's the deal. I want unique names for four starting units you get at Gariland for PW PSP. To make things interesting, I'm giving you guys the chance to give these units some backstory!

The contest is simple:

Make a backstory for one of the generic units you start with in FFT. Their name must be less than sixteen characters and their name must be something serious. Please provide a birthdate for them.

The story you write has no limit, but it should cover how your unit either got to the Gariland Academy, or a tale about their time there before the battle at Gariland. Remember that these are Squires and Chemists, so write them accordingly!

There will be four winners. Preferably two males and two females. The contest is going to end May 15th.  I look forward to reading your entries!
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Interesting contest Eternal, I'll give it a try...

The generic is a male, his name is Arthur. Born Sept. 12 (Virgo). Squire

He is best known in the academy for his fast movement during mock battles. He doesn't talk much and only talks when talked to. He is shy around strangers.

Ramza got to know him during a pair activity in class. The purpose of the activity was to train their teamwork. 2 pairs would battle against each other. Winner gets high grades while loser gets low grades. They will only be using wooden swords so no casualties!

Ramza and Arthur put up quite a show, Arthur's unmatched swiftness overwhelmed the enemy with punishing blows, to be finished off by Ramza while Arthur goes to the next enemy. Finishing it again with Ramza's final strike. The two won and got the high grade. After that very battle, the two became friends.

One night, Ramza received a gift in his cabin. "But today's not my birthday", he said. He looked into it and wondered who it came from, it was from Arthur. Ramza opened it and inside lies a pair of Sprint Shoes. With a note sticked to it saying, "We put up quite a team. But next time, please try to keep up". Ramza receives it with a smile and thanked him for the gift the morning after.

So that's how Ramza made friends with Arthur, and ended up having that sprint shoes in the first battle. :mrgreen:

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April 30, 2012, 10:49:14 am #2 Last Edit: April 30, 2012, 02:32:29 pm by mucus
Name: Edward
Birthdate and sign: January 1 - Capricorn.
Gender: Male
Job: Squire
Age: 16 at time of graduation from Gariland Academy

The legendary tale of Edward.

Edward was born into a peasant family, they lived in the slums of Dorter for generations. . . it always rained in Dorter.
Edward was blessed however, one day a nobleman visited the slums in search of an heir.
The nobleman spent several weeks in the slums getting to know the residents and their stories.
He learned about Edward in great detail.
Edward was born on January first and was a Capricorn.
His favorite color was red.
He liked the taste of rat's tail.
For his age Edward was a rather large child, being taller and heavier than his friends.
Edward had green eyes and brown hair.
He had some freckles, and dimples.
His best friends were Vicky and Thomas.
Edward, Vicky, and Thomas would play together constantly, often until the sun went down.
The three were inseparable.
They would have make believe battles, mimicking what they had seen occur in the streets many times.
"Destruction of nature, gather in flame! Fire!" Vicky would yell, the two boys would run different directions, acting like they were dodging a magical attack.
"Burning anger rising... Burst! Wave Fist!" Edward would yell back, imitating a monk.
They would continue such practice daily. . .
Edward was the fastest and seemingly the smartest of the group, always able to find a better position to launch his "attacks" from.
The nobleman took quite a liking to Edward and adopted him (for a sizable sum of money).
Edwards family was able to move out of the slums and establish themselves as a popular local bar.
The bar was known as "7th Heaven."
Edward enjoyed the life of luxury, and was privy to all the spoils a noble was entitled to.

Edward left his family at the age of 6.

Growing up in the lap of luxury caused Edward to grow spoiled and needy.
He forget his heritage quickly, and began to look down on peasants.
This displeased his noble father, as his father had a benevolent soul - especially towards the peasants.
Wanting to get his son back on the right track, the nobleman decided to enroll Edward in an academy.
There were many academies in the area, all catered to a specific clientele.
There was "Nostradamo's Academy" which catered to spellcasters.
Many young mages from all across Ivalice would enroll at this academy.
It was led by the most powerful Time Mage known as Nostradamo.
There was "Picklo's Academy" which catered to thieves and archers.
Young adventurers who were nimble and spry would enroll at this academy.
They would train their stealing abilities and accuracy.
It was led by the legendary thief Picklo.
And finally there was "Gariland Academy" which catered to the beginners.
Realizing that Edwards strengths lied in his physical prowess, the nobleman enrolled him Gariland Academy.
Edward would learn the skills required to become a Squire, and one day a Paladin - eventually Edward could be the Monk he always imagined himself to be.

Edward was 10 years old.

Edward was enrolled in the basic job of "Squire" with a secondary skill stemming from item use.
This was the same basic set that most students of the academy learned.
It would eventually lead to better jobs though, so Edward was able to bear with it.
While studying at Gariland Academy Edward met another young noble by the name of Ramza.
The two formed a fast friendship.
The played and spoke constantly.
They practiced their skills in the yard with their other friend Delita.
The three of them pushed each other harder and harder with each passing day.
They gained much experience from these early skirmishes...
Sometimes the three would get so involved in their practices that they would inflict serious injuries on one-another.
Edward, Ramza, and Delita never garnered ill feelings for each other, and they would always forgive for the rough play.
Ultimately Ramza, Delita, and Edward graduated from Gariland Academy, and that was where Edward's story really began. . .

At the time of Graduation Edward was 16 years old.


Channel Cory
Libra 19 - October 11th

    Channel grew up on a farm most of her life. Her mother was a very religious women, and her father, religious because of his wife. She was very exposed to religion as she grew up, and grew quite an attraction to it. Her dream as kid was to be a priestess, and help by healing others. Her father did not approve of his daughter living in a church healing the ones in need, so he set her up to go learn "More Modern" healing techniques.

    At the age of 12 she was taken under wing by a herbalist, to learn the secrets of potions and medicine, but hope still remained that she would become a healer under god. She stayed learning herbalist for 4 years when he father unexpectedly died while on the job. Although deeply hurt that her dearest father was dead, she took this chance and parted from the herbalist, heading for the church to become and acolyte. There she stayed for 2 years until she decided the simple life of the church didn't suit her needs of helping people. So she left, bible in hand close to heart, to Gariland Academy in hope to be able to aid in battle.


"Paulette DuCovvoni. Yes, two V's. ...Female. I was born on April 15, so that would be...Aries, right? I'm a squire right now. A little bit about myself? Alright then. I'm the oldest daughter of Velger DuCovvoni. Our family have all been proud Lancers and my father was no exception. He was the best. I loved it when he'd tell me about how he would fly and jump all over the place. Nobody stood a chance against him. He skewered mages and archers all the time. Even Holy Knights feared him as he leaped over and dodged the auras off their swords."

"Then one day, some oracle managed to turn him to stone and before his squad could get to him, they managed to break off part of his leg. He was never the same again. Whenever I took him out for his walks, he would always tell me how much he missed soaring through the air, listening to the distant roar of the atmosphere, and clean air rushing past him, pouring off him, filling his ears as he plunged back into the fray. He used to love to just jump around the countryside in his time off. Sometimes, he would even take me along for a ride. I always wanted him to jump high enough to get to the clouds so I could touch them. It was... difficult for him to accept not being able to walk anymore without a crutch, much less no longer being able to jump."

"It was difficult for our whole family, especially when the 50 Year War ended. It fell on my mother and uncle to support and care for me and my two brothers, as well as my dad's medical expenses. All the other veterans from the war made getting a job for my mom nearly impossible. We had to move out of our house just to keep the clothes on our backs. It was really hard for my dad to have to just stand by and watch this all happen to his family. He managed to save up the last of his money from the army to pay for my enrollment here. Yeah, I'm not going to let my dad or the rest of my family down. I'm going to bring the DuCovvoni name right back to the top. And I'm going to be the best Lancer there ever was."

"Was that good? Oh, thanks. Is that all I need to do today? Alright then."

"So when will I know what squad I'm being assigned to?"

"Could be tomorrow or next week? Why does it need to take so long? Can't they get themselves in order for once in their lives?"

"Okay, okay, but I just want to get to fighting as soon as possible and get some real experience out there. I've been waiting for this moment my whole life and I don't want to wait another day."

"I guess it could give me some time to get some of my skills down. I can't be rusty when I finally get out there, right? Then I'll just be off then. See you later."


Fuck off guys, I won't be able to dismiss them from the party if you give them a name and a backstory >_>

Just kidding of course, enjoying the stories a lot!
But we still lack a female that loves Ramza...

"Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow"


Great job guys! Keep sending them in! You can submit multiple entries if you'd like!
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Joseph Strife

Quote from: Dome on May 01, 2012, 03:35:23 am
But we still lack a female that loves Ramza...

I see what you did there! XD
Gaffgarion: It's in the contract!
Ramza: Does your contract says: "When you find a former squire, that now is a Holy knight that has kidnapped a princess, in a bridge by a waterfall fighting a brigade you are supposed to kill everybody that helps him!"
Gaffgarion: ... Sure!
Ramza: ... Let me see your contract...
Gaffgarion: ... No...


Name: Læcie Rayshun
Job: Squire
Birth Date: April 3rd
Zodiac: Aries
Age: 16

   Despite her given name, Læcie typically finds lace, ribbons, jewelry and most accessories to be extravagant and she holds a particular level of contempt for them. Simple, effective, efficient and functional is what she looks for in her outfits. If something does not help her fight, it is of little use to her. This attitude may very well be due to the significant amount of time she spent with her cousin, Vivian, growing up.

   Vivian lived in the next village over, a village known for producing fine warriors. She was the adopted daughter of the town's healers, the Sextons. This was likely a good thing, considering how much fighting she did. Even by the village's standards, Vivian's fervor and lust for battle was unparalleled.

   Læcie visited as often she could so she could spar with her cousin. Many in town breathed a sigh of relief when she arrived, for she was among the few who could match Vivian's endurance. Her cool and calculating style also seemed to calm the hot tempered and relentless fighter a little, keeping Vivian from going overboard. Læcie may not have won very many fights at first, for Vivian did have several years on her, but over time, her victories became more frequent. She cherished these triumphs and strove to be an even match for her beloved cousin.

   Then Vivian left. She had enrolled and been accepted to the academy in the magic city of Gariland to train as a warrior.

   Læcie was devastated, proud, jealous and anxious all at once. She mourned the loss of her sparing partner, but was glad her cousin was taking steps to achieve her goals. She was still too young to enroll herself, but she promised herself that someday, she would follow in her cousin's footsteps.

   Several years later, Læcie had finally made it into Gariland Academy. However, Vivian had already graduated and was now working for a mercenary company run by some strange little girl. This was not important, though, for Læcie knew that if her cousin could make it through, she could as well. It was only a matter of time before she was out of the school and well on her way to becoming a warrior on par with Vivian.

   Presently, she has been gathered with several other cadets in the auditorium. The topic of discussion on her side is about Death Corps attacks while the young Beoulve noble and his friend, Delita, talk about Prince Larg visiting town on the other side. They are all awaiting assignment.

   After what seems like forever, a Hokuten Knight arrives to tell them of said assignment. Guard duty. Nothing flashy, it seems, but they are just cadets, after all. Perhaps the Death Corps will show up and there will be a decent fight to be had. If not...

   Another knight shows up and whispers something to the first. What is this? They're being told to ready their swords? Could it be that the Death Corps is here? No, just thieves. But still, an actual mission! One that involves fighting!

   Inside, Læcie is practically giddy with excitement, but on the surface, she maintains her calm composure. Reining in her excitement, she bottles it all in until even her core has returned to a tranquil state. She will use the controlled energy in the coming fight.
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May 01, 2012, 02:36:12 pm #9 Last Edit: May 01, 2012, 02:52:04 pm by Taichii
Name: Chiidori Crystal
Birthdate and sign: January 10 - Capricorn.
Gender: Female
Job: Squire
Age: 16

Chiidori is a beautiful girl that came from a long forgotten bloodline...
She lives at a castle not too far away from a temple far north, which only her bloodline knows how to enter.....
During Room Classes.. She doesn't participate very much.. completely opposite from ramza and delita.... But when it is time for battle classes... She really pursues hard to battle in the field and win...
Her goal was to be like her ancestor... She has always admired her ancestor's great spirit... She has read from the Rune Books that are stashed in their great library that her ancestor once lead a group of warriors that fend off chaos from ivalice...
She is looked down upon by her parents and fellow bloodlines because she can't wield a scythe properly which made her want to isolate herself from groups.. She don't like scythes... basically because it is a symbol of evil.. And imagining what her ancestor did with a blade or a sword in hand.. She could do it too..
So she entered the academy so that when the time comes... She will battle and show her parents that wielding a blade is definitely better than wielding a scythe...

[anyway et, if this wins XD and if you plan on using scythes as weapons, you can use the wep. sheet that i edited and attached from fft:lom.. the scythe frame works well ;)]
Please do share your ideas and suggestion for my project:

Join our RP :)



Name: Amilya Ratœr
Class: Chemist
Birth Date: August 29th
Zodiac: Virgo
Age: 16

   Since the day she was born, Amilya, typically called Amy, has desired little more than to help people. From helping her mother clean the house, to helping her father in his shop, to helping her younger siblings learn to walk, to helping friends with, well, just about anything. She constantly kept herself busy, assisting anywhere she could and eagerly learning skills where she could not, so the next time, she could. Little pleased her more than to give a cheerful 'you're welcome' to an honest 'thank you.'

   Left to her own devices, she would have been quite content, staying in her home town, seeking out new ways to aid her friends and family, but everyone else had other plans. Many knew there was a higher calling for their little helper. Her bloodline had a history of successful mystics and many sensed that Amilya held the potential as well. When she was of age, her parents enrolled her in the Gariland Academy and with generous donations from the townsfolk, were able to afford full tuition.

   Amilya was taken aback. She had not expected any form of repayment for her selfless acts over the years. Nonetheless, the possibility of learning magic and being able to help and support others in new and potentially more powerful ways was undeniably appealing. It was finally her turn to say 'thank you,' from the bottom of her heart. And with a collective 'you're welcome,' she was sent off to seek her destiny.

   She knew even then, that she had little desire to learn offensive magic, but was realistic enough to know that it may save a friend's life in certain situations. Supportive healing magicks were her focus, but first, like all mystic leaning cadets, she had to learn the basics and begin as a chemist.

   Now, several years later, she finds herself in the academy's auditorium, gathered with several others of her year. She is enjoying conversing with her fellow cadets, stealing occasional glances across the way at the youngest son of the famed Barbaneth Beoulve. The thought of being able to help a noble was at one point merely a dream, but perhaps that chance may come soon.

   After a little while, a Hokutan Knight arrives to tell them of an assignment. Guard duty, for Prince Larg no less! Sure it is merely flank support, but they are still cadets, and it is still an honor to be of service to the royal family. She can barely contain herself.

   Then, another knight arrives and whispers something to the first. What is this? They are being told to ready their swords? Already? Were they not going to head to Igros Castle first? Oh, there is a gang of thieves in the area. Thievery is bad, and hurts more people than it helps. Amilya looks forward to helping her fellow cadets fend them off and keep them from harming the good citizens of Gariland.
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Name: Austin Teyshuhs
Job: Chemist
Birth Date: August 1st
Zodiac: Leo
Age: 16

   Augustus, most often called Austin, aspires to be the greatest mage in all of Ivalicei. Black, white, time, summoning, status effects, and even the magic of song, he wants to learn it all. However, as boastful and prideful as he is, he is nonetheless smart enough to realize that what his grandfather told him is true: every elder was once young. Thus, he entered Gariland Academy as a humble chemist.

   Perhaps humble is the wrong word for Austin. He is certain, beyond all doubt, that he will be the best practitioner of magic the world has ever seen. He has no qualms about telling even complete strangers of his accomplishments thus far, or his goals for the future. Even failures are taken in stride, as he chalks them up to learning experiences that will assist him the next time around. So long as he has people's attention, he is at his happiest.

   There are many who tire of his constant boastings, while others dig deeper and find someone who simply sees the world as though the sun was always shining. To those who befriend him, he is steadfastly loyal, while those who threaten his progress are ignored. All the while, he keeps his eyes on the prize and continues, tirelessly, forward.

   Today, a glorious day, he has gathered with several other cadets in the auditorium. He is anything but quite in his discussions until he realizes that the young noble, Beoulve decides to talk with his friend, Delita instead.

   Austin is about to add his two Gil when a Hokuten Knight arrives to give them all an assignment. A chance to prove himself! Indeed, this day gets better by the moment. Then, another knight shows up and whispers something to the first.

   The assignment has now changed. They are to take on some bandits and thieves that are raising havoc in the city limits. He cannot help but smile, for soon, he will show those fools what he can really do.
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Name: Benny vonLance
Job: Squire
Birth Date: October 12th
Zodiac: Libra
Age: 16

   Chivalrous would best describe Benjamin, for his valor, generosity, bravery know no bounds. Despite still only being a squire, he has all the makings of a knight ready to defend the innocent and those unable to defend themselves.

   The vonLance family may not be among the noblest of the noble, but they did have enough sway to get Benny into the Gariland Academy to be trained for a life of a fighter for Ivalice. There, he studied with strong devotion to the art of battle and made many friends.

   His honesty and openness naturally drew people to him. He was regularly sought out to settle disputes among other students as his diplomatic demeanor was a boon in helping people settle down. There were few among the cadets who did not grow fond of the even-keeled young man.

   Today, Benny has gathered with several other cadets, including the young Beoulve and his friend, Delita. The topic of discussion today would seem to be the Death Corps. In all honesty, Benny found himself at odds with himself about how to feel about them. Sure, he sympathized with their plight, but he strongly disagreed with most of their methods.

   He did not get too much time to dwell on the thoughts, for presently, a Hokuten Knight arrives to give them an assignment. Guard duty. Alright, not the most revered job, but Benny knows there is no such thing as an insignificant duty. But then a second knight enters to tell the first something.

   Apparently, there are Death Corps thieves in the area right now. The young squire readies his blade as he is told, but inside hopes the fight can end without too much bloodshed.
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Name: Blazh
Job: Squire
Age: 22 (Birthday: January 17th, Capricorn)

Most of his childhood was fairly normal, tending to the crops and taking care of the oxen and dog. His life, you could say, was fairly boring. He, as a child, didn't really have any quirks either. As he was growing, he learned to enjoy tossing stones across lakes--to the point that he had become deadly accurate with them, and dashing against his friend. For whatever reason, he was always more athletic than his friends, but only just.

Blazh was working the fields with his father when raiders came to the town, however, all of that changes. They rode on large dark black chocobos--almost evil-like. They wore the pelts of some unfortunate bears, and even though he didn't know this, the initiation to become a man in their sect was to kill a bear alone and bearhanded. The leader wore different clothing however. On top of his oversized black pelt was golden plate mail. Such a sight.... if only it weren't covered in blood. His very body shone against the sun in spite of the blood, and his presence was ominous. The raider gazed down at his parents--his father was the mayor. He gripped his worn scythe tightly.

The raider's spear thrusts forward--a powerful mythril masterpiece--and stops just before the throat. "Now then," he speaks in a strong, loud, raspy voice, "pay up or I'll burn this whole shithole to the ground. We do not accept tardiness."
The two people gulped with wide eyes, and in a shaky voice, they protested, "w-we don't have anymore crops to give you..." The raider-king snorts, "I won't wait for payment any longer." He was sickened by this sight. This terrible sight.
How could his parents be such cowards? "I should kill them myself..." he mumbled. The man turned to him, "no! don't provoke them child..."

He spat and stepped forward.
The raider turned to him, laughing, "He wants to stand up against us! How sad!" and in a burst of rage and tears he screamed half in agony, half in anger, "God damn you cowards! DAMN YOU TO HELL!" as he swung his scythe, beheading both parents in one swoop. The swing was so strong the blade broke, and the raider's face straightened. The scene was quiet for a moment before the raider-king gave a bellowing laugh, "It looks like we have a true fighter among these scum!"
He turned to the raider and gave a wicked smile. "I want to be a fighter, a warrior for honor."
The raider shook his head, finally finding his serious side, or more accurately, his sober side, "Honor is for the weak."

Years later, he found himself at Gariland. After some difficult training, he wore his bear pelts proudly walking into the Academy. Normally, they would never take a commoner such as him, but his credentials spoke for themselves. Ivalice could use this murderer. Ivalice can use this god of war.
His eyes open from meditation and he lets out a deep sigh. "I remember it all too well..."
He stands up now and heads to the gates. As they open to reveal the coliseum of dirt and blood, he brings his sword into a fighting stance. "They would never allow a peasant to join..." his mind rages. His blood boils. The two squires draw their own swords, clearly more trained and stronger.

"I stand victor!" he yells over the two dead bodies.... "how did I win?" he thinks, but to no avail. So many miracles at once... in all fairness, he should be the bloodied body feeding the sands. Thus, the story begins where a young man is accepted into The Academy, much to the noble's disdain. Such a barbarian.

His mind races, "I can finally fight for what I believe in, I can finally bring justice to this world, I can finally fight with honor!" His mind cries, "All thanks to you, mom, dad. Your cowardice showed me the way."


Name: Erin
Job: Chemist
Age: 19 (November 9, Scorpio)

She's a rather average noble. She's always had a fascination with botany and plants, leading her to later enjoy chemistry. Secretly, she has a noble heart, a desire to heal the wounded who so bravely fight for her life to continue. Warriors who fight for what's good and righteous.. She's never expressed this to anyone but her parents, however. She's rather shy. Deathly shy. In fact, even if there was a giant demon or a vampire samurai or even a count speaking, she'd still not talk.
So, she joined the academy, and showed some strong abilities in her chemistry and even in white magic, although she still knows next to nothing about her fellow human beings. She's always found Ramza's sense of justice to be cute and inspiring, and even has a crush on him, but has never had the will to so much as talk to him, let alone tell him about her feelings.
Then they were assigned together, the happiest day of her life. Surely, in all the time they'll be working together... surely she'll work up the courage to tell him.


Name: Alphonse
Job: Squire
Age: 17 (Birthday: September 24th, Libra)

   During his childhood, Alphonse was raised by his parents, who taught him to respect all classes, poor all the way up to the king. Being taught this early in his life, he respected all people and also defended the ones who got picked on. As a child he became friends with a girl he like, so he promised her if anything happens to her, he will bethere to protect her. But soon at the age of 16 his father sent him to the Academy to fight and protect, and that day was the last he saw her. He wish she was happy and began training.
   Alphonse was the only one is his class that acted different, Everyone else was ready to fight, while Alphonse was ready to go home and visit the girl he missed, he practice mostly in defensive techniques. He also inherited his father's sword, a sharp cutlass made of iron with their family seal on the hilt when his birthday past. He trained for a year at the academy and was ready to fight an protect.
   Alphonse met a lot of people during his time training, most of the people only trained for about a 2 months and then sent on assignments. He stayed to become better in every way he can. Soon he meet a noble from the Ramza Beoulve. He was happy to train with one of the most famous soldier's son.
   Soon after weeks his last training he did, he was in the auditorium with other cadets. Soon a Hokuten Knight arrives to give them an assignment. Guard duty, which Alphonse somewhat like to do, he wanted to protect people and help them out. Soon another knight enters and tell the first one, the knight only whispered and left. Once the second knight left they were informed a group of thieves is attacking the city. Alphonse gripped his sword's hilt and was ready to help his comrades out.
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And the contest is closed! I'll be reviewing the stories today or tomorrow.
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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Name: Slappy the Smiling Squire
Job: Chemist
Birth Date: February 18th
Zodiac: Aquarius
Age: 16

   There is no Slappy the Smiling Squire. There is no background story. There will be no adventure. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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