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Final Fantasy Tactics: Embargo

Started by The Damned, February 21, 2011, 08:06:11 pm

Who should live? (Keep in mind, if Reis lives, she WON'T be a Dragoner.)


The Damned

(I should probably change that poll to something less of a farce even if Reraised isn't guaranteed to be dead just yet.)

I hadn't wanted to update until I finished on stats, but it feels rude not having replied to Solifuge in all this time when I've been obviously been for everyday of the past couple of weeks.

As ever, thanks for being patient with me. I've actually made quite a bit of progress in the past couple of weeks and have made an especially good amount of progress in planning in just the past couple of hours I've been awake before starting to type this up.

(I perhaps would be even further had I not been forced to spend the first three hours of this morning trying to restore the damn audio to this computer after I idiotically deleted it cleaning unused programs out. Oh well. Lesson learned.)

With the usual thanks out of the way, the first announcement shall be that I think I've decided on the "final" re-arrangement of classes; I have perhaps said this before though. Regardless, I might as well announce this formally:

Chemist dies in a fire...of Mossfungus poisoning.
Thief is no-longer available to the player.
Newest, "final" classes are Scholar and...Dimensionalist?

Now, I know what you're thinking after you get past mourning Items and Steals is probably something incredulous: "But isn't Dimensionalist already a class whose name you stole from Raven, you spoony, thieving bard?"

My answer: "Kinda."

Even before taking the name from him, I was having reservations and thoughts about several issues that have now been taken to the logical conclusion. It will become obvious what I meant in my next post given that post will pretty much be all about class changes, but for now I'm just going to let anyone who cares speculate while I ride this konami of faux hype.

With that out of the way, I suppose I might as well address some other things beyond Solifuge's post since I so love to whore numerical lists:

1. Chemist is pretty much deader than dead: Chemists will still appear in cut-scenes and still be referenced in-game, but they probably won't ever appear in battle in Embargo now. I might use their sprites for in-battle generic Engineers like 1.3 and its ilk, but I'm not entirely sure about that.

2. Items will, for the present, probably die rather than become universal: They will most likely make into the Embargo's first "full" release considering Zareb has shown that's functionally possible despite the problems that still exist. What capacity of universality those items maintain is almost impossible to say at present. For right now, however, I'm going to leave them out for at least "testing purposes"; testing purposes is basically to see how I would fair without Items and how other people will as well. As such, this will probably apply to at least the first "beta", so it's just a heads up. I might just use their space for "something" else in the meantime depending....

3. Thieves, on the other hand, will still be around as enemies: They'll be showing up primarily in the Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2 and at least one battle of Chapter 4, though that will likely be optional. They'll probably show up in Chapter 3 a bit since Ninja are completely out (still).

4. Likewise, Steal will still be available to the player: You just won't be able to Steal steel still because Steal Weapon is still dying. I won't reveal the class it's going to just yet, but trust me, I'm doing my best to have everything make at least some sense. Surprisingly, having Steal go to this class was a rather easy decision after another epiphany I had yesterday/last night; in fact, it seems so damn obvious now, I feel like smacking myself.

5. Snake Eyes: Gambler didn't end up getting in because it felt rather hypocritical to make a class based around "randomness" when I at least (mentally) chewed someone out for that in the past couple of weeks--not talking about weapon procs, Raven. Also, it was because I couldn't think of enough "random" skills that were a) good and b) something the AI would use. "Roulette" and "Luck" might still come up, though, not that you know what those do (yet).

Similarly, Sage didn't make it in as a generic because it's basically uber-Red Mage, which steps on Roderick's toes. Ranger didn't make it in as a generic I'm already having difficult time trying to come up with usable skills for Marksman.

6. Stopped now stops almost all status: I actually made this change at the beginning of May, but I don't think I pointed it out even if it's already in the status list in this thread: As a warm up to Stopped likely eventually ignoring attacks right out, it's currently immune to most statuses being added to it. While this is perhaps somewhat counter-intuitive given the skill set it's a part of, it's difficult to argue against it making "sense". To make up for this (and prevent potential abuse), it currently counts as a KO, however temporary. I still have to test how wonky that will make the AI act, though, which should be genuinely fun and interesting.

(Hmmm...I actually just had an intriguing, fruitful thought as to where to go with Stopped....)

7. Frogged now longer counts as KO: Speaking of not-knockouts, Frogged now back to counting not as a KO, which is something I also changed about a month ago. Instead, I'm going to steal from ARENA and just have it be canceled by Dying now. (Note to self: Add that to the status list on Friday.)

8. Silencing the Silenced: A rather minor change and one that I've done to other statuses without announcing it, but I figure since Silenced is back, there's no point in me "hiding" this so to speak: Silenced will no longer be able to inflicted on those already Silenced. The reason for this will become quite apparent eventually, though I'll say that part of it has to do with a likely (minor) change I'm making to Orator now.

9. Confused will currently die and become formerdeathcorps' Exposed: Since I don't want to kill Reraised off just yet and since I've yet to think of any constructive changes that can save Confused and since I don't want to steal from formerdeathcorps even more just yet, Confused will die for now. I figure that, even as much as I would like to be "faithful" to Final Fantasy history and have Confused in the game, especially since it's been around in almost every iteration from the beginning, I shouldn't be slave that history. I'm not going to agree with Nietzsche beyond that, though, and so I've decided to "steal" formerdeathcorps' Expose status rather than "invent" another status; it's not like I hadn't thought of it before myself given Edgar's Debilitator from FFVI--I just thought it would interfere with the other plans I had for status, elements and monsters, but it shouldn't.

I've already decided on four or five abilities it will be part of, though admittedly only one of those will be available to (generic) humans at present. Much like my indolence with Addled going back to Silenced still, this will necessitate thinking of Confused as Exposed in advance before it's coded; it's only really on a bunch of things that also add Blind and the crappy "Confusion Song" of Paladin that's dying. Regardless, I'll have to try to force myself to put it on more things, even if at present its stuck with an infinite duration. This is still infinitely better than Confused between weaknesses being 1.5 instead of 2 and taking formerdeathcorps' cue to have it be canceled by at least Protect and Shell; there is a minor exception to this with one item among my Tomes that Exposed's existence rather...complicates, but those things might need a (large) overhaul anyway since, like a certain Stave or two, they might be surprisingly overpowered.

As for when or if Confused might return, I am unsure. I'll be honest and say, at this point, Vampiric/Vampirism (Blood Suck) has a better chance of returning than Confused does presently. Regardless of what happens, Exposed is here to stay.

10. Knight's name becomes Fencer: Something else I've been pondering for a while, even before I conceived Embargo, mostly because of the change of (generic) Squire to Soldier and that cut-scene the first time you're in Dorter. Outside of the huge amount of now necessary shuffling that's going to happen, this will mostly be a change in name only; I seriously think half of the classes are seeing some change at this point because of said shuffling. Much like Thieves, though, "proper" Knights will still be around as enemies. (Note to self: Change this on the front page when posting on Friday.)

11. Blind is no longer blocked by Sleeping: Another minor change that I've undone that I feel should be pointed out, especially since there's no evidence of this one unlike the others. Blind is already kinda screwed over by getting canceled by Dying and still currently getting canceled by Regening now; it doesn't need further impediments, especially with all the equipment that blocks it too.

12. Martial Arts is coming back: I need more already-coded Supports at present, bare-fists don't have a solid formula right now and it's not broken if it's not innate, especially if its "watered-down" to 25%, though I'm not sure I'll do that actually. This is even more apparent if Two Swords isn't innate on anyone else either with Thieves no longer being generics. At present, it will be named "Brawler" even if that's rather "meh", at least from the name-scheming I want.

13. Breaks are breaking up: Well, Weapon Break has already been on a different set from Shield Break, Head Break and Armor Break for quite a while, but there's a decent chance that Shield Break might separate from the other two now as well. Let me clarify that this is not because Weapon Break is dying; unlike Steal Weapon, it's staying alive.

*resists urge to link to Bee Gees song*

Regardless of why the split is happening, it seems rather unlikely that the player will be able to affect all pieces of an opponent's equipment--weapon(s), shield, helm, armor, accessory--through any combination of sets on one (generic) unit. At most people will probably be able to affect only 4 of the 5 at once.

As such, I feel it's only fair to ask the obvious question, especially since I realize it undermines Maintenance (though that's already getting a buff): Would people be okay with this?

(Much like the poll, please bear in mind that while I will take any direct [reasonable] responses with regards to this into consideration, they may not ultimately sway my opinion even if the majority of people aren't okay with it. It will probably at least stay so divided for the Beta.)

All that finally said, the next post will be entirely class-related and detail the shuffling that's going on with human generics and probably some generic monsters as well. I'm also going to try to finally get up stats for human generics (up to Lv. 50) and my increasingly seemingly ill-planned redone equipment up around that same time. I'll try to have this all done by Friday, but try not to get your hopes up.

Quote from: Solifuge on May 13, 2012, 02:50:19 pm
I don't get it. You keep calling yourself lazy, a bad designer, and so on, yet have been consistently churning out detailed posts with a pretty good amount of well-thought-out design material. If it's your subconscious fishing for compliments via self-deprecation, I'm not going to argue with your own self-criticism... been there, done that, and it's a bit exhausting. Still, you'd do well to stop being your own worst enemy, to hate/disparage yourself less, and not disable yourself and your potential with nonsense self-insults and criticism.

Eh, it's possible. Kinda difficult to tell what goes on in one's subconscious (if one even believes in such a Freudian thing), even with as much rumination as I do. I'm honestly just used to thinking and talking about myself that way, so I don't really consciously do it much of the time or think it's a huge deal when I do consciously do it; I also honestly can't really accept praise as well and I realize how much I self-sabotage at times, so there's that too.

That said, I was being sincere about feeling that I've been lazy about this (and a lot of other things) far too constantly and I don't want to disappoint (even more) people by getting their hopes up for something that might not even ever get completed; I rather hate the idea of "hope" since it's pretty much always a lie.

Regardless, nihilistic tone of that last line aside, I'll try to stop self-deprecating so much when I post since it does seem rather attention-whorish and my posts are long enough as it is.

So you all have my deepest apologies.

Quote from: Solifuge on May 13, 2012, 02:50:19 pmAnyway, this is a pretty good looking plan, and makes for an entertaining read... I really hope you keep at it, and it sees full development some day. Try Google Docs for backing things up, if you want things out in the cloud where you can retrieve them on any machine. Also, ModDB is here. They have a tab for PS1 modding, and it's still active.

Oh, I see. Thanks. I'll take a look at ModDB. Bookmarked it just now.

I suppose I should consider using Google Docs, even as wary as I am of giving them yet more of my information. I was made away of it sometime last year when Eternal used it for Parted Ways, just never though to use it, but maybe I will....
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The Damned

July 09, 2012, 05:28:22 pm #122 Last Edit: July 09, 2012, 09:27:44 pm by The Damned
(Let's see how quickly I can do this considering how utterly I'm screwing myself over right now. Probably not quick enough, especially since I kinda need to get Sunday back...)

So, despite disappearing for almost a month from FFH in general again and having not posted in here in about 45 days already (ugh), I have been working on this. In fact, I've probably just massively screwed myself in real life quite a bit by working on this so constantly, including how long it took to update the front page before this post. I've been really meticulous about it since I want to all the space and stats done piece by piece and accounted for so that then I only have slightly alter things rather than overhaul them again.

Regardless, I feel I need to update this before I can "stop" (read: slow down...even more) for a bit considering I promised it and I'm behind as it is.

As such, I've updated the front page's original post & class posts and, far less substantially, the status effects section. I'm delaying touching monsters until I fully decide on some ENTDs and redone equipment.

That said, before I get to condensed class updates, I'll talk about other things:

1. Feeling Blue: Considering how much Pickle Girl Fanboy has mentioned Saga Frontier in the past few months, I find it funny that at the same time I've gotten more and more sure about my final character. As such, I can finally reveal that the "mystery mage" that was initially to garner Elidibus's attention was the character Blue from Saga Frontier. His magick was supposed to be Faithless considering that he doesn't hail from Ivalice, but, instead, from "Hell", given I was going to take him from right after his "ending" in that game. Sad to say that won't happen now, though his and Cloud's replacement is a lot more relevant to the overall plot now and even more deeply involved with Elidibus.

2. The Greatest Mage: Speaking of Elidibus so much, I feel somewhat haughty mentioning this, but I actually managed to progress the story excellently during the last past month. Elidibus's motive has entirely been figured out now as has pretty much everything in the major story sans some screwing around with Adrammelech and Zalbag that I don't really have to do, per se. I've even figured out what I'm doing with a couple of maps that I hadn't even really thought about before last month.

3. Time Out: So, to further elaborate what I meant about Dimensionalist being the "newest" class, the newest class is actually Temporalist. However, that took over Time Mage's spot since Dimensionalist and Temporalist are split halves of Time Mage that focus on space and time respectively; getting rid of Blue now seems doubly ironic. Dimensionalist is thus the class that took over Calculator (since Animist took over generic Thief's slot), so technically it's "new"; this even though it also has more of the abilities that the old composite Dimensionalist had.

4. Rosenconfused & Guildereraised are Dead: As I updated in the status effect section, alongside Treasure & Chicken being gone forever no matter what happens, Confused & Reraised have died at least temporarily. They have been replaced by Imperiled (formerly Exposed) and Blessed respectively, though the former has yet to ASM'd; the latter also needs ASM'd, but that's more to prevent Blessed from Reraising people like it now shouldn't. (Let be known that I did see that Reraised slightly won out to not die in the last poll, which isn't surprising. Let it also be known that I also saw that only 11 other people voted, which also isn't surprising.)

5. Poll the Dead: Speaking of polls involving the death of things and that may very possibly be rigged, the new poll is now much simpler: "Who should live? Beowulf or Reis?" Like the old poll, I won't necessarily be bound by this, but it will be interesting to see if nothing else and I probably should have polled on it earlier. Unlike the old poll, I won't vote on this one at all to avoid showing (most of) my bias.

6. Exercise Caution: During the last month, I came to the decision that not only is Defending not dying, but it will be rather integral to something I want to do. It has presently been renamed "Cautious". That's it for now though since it's presently not on any active abilities yet, though that will doubtless change; it's planned to be on at least one of Paladin's abilities, but currently the formula I want doesn't allow for status to be added, so....

7. Shield Me From Harm: Speaking of Paladin, despite the fact that I feel I have to do equipment over again (hence why I'm still not posting it just yet), I have come to another "conclusion": all generics will now be allowed to use Shields for the meantime. It was something that Raven wanted to do for his patch and, as much as I was initially wary of it, I figured "screw it", especially given my current shields and their interchangeablity. As a consequence, though, Equip Shield is now completely freaking useless, though I have a (shield-related) idea about how to bring it back.

8. Itemizing RSMs: With Chemist having died in a fire, Auto Potion and Throw Item have gone with it as far as usability goes as well. To make up for these three losses, I have brought back the three RSMs that, without certain ASMs, I consider rather overpowered: Concentrate, Martial Arts and MP Switch. We'll see how this goes.

Also, Equip Crossbow now "Equip Ranged", which allows for Crossbows, Longbows & Guns even though Guns can't be used by generics innately otherwise. Similarly, Equip Polearms will probably allow for Staves to be equipped too and Equip Katana/Knife is now planned to be Equip Magegear, which will allow for Rods, Tomes & Instruments to be equipped; that would essentially make it the magickal equivalent of Equip Ranged.

9. Actively Selected Mechanics: Much like RSMs, I decided to actively look over and update the overall ASMs that I'm "borrowing". It's easier to make a list in this case since the front page doesn't have what I excised:

13. Oil takes 2x damage from Fire; Blind takes 2x damage from Dark. (I'm still unsure if this works.)

15. Fury hack. (Technically not new, just wasn't planned to be used in the initial patch.)

10. Damage Split returns 25% instead of 50%. (Currently a possible "placeholder", but a great one.)

11. Minimum Brave and Maximum Brave for all units. (Just increasing Minimum from 00 to 01.)

12. Minimum Faith and Maximum Faith for all units. (Just increasing Minimum from 00 to 01.)

12. Constant Faith. (Even more necessary than the Fury hack, in my eyes.)

13. MP Switch Overflows Damage to HP.

14. Remove Female-Only Equipment. (Probably not necessary since already done manually.)

1. Change brave gain by chickened units. (Changed to +5.)

2. Change brave gain by Brave Up. (Similarly changed to +5 for now.)

3. Change faith gain of Face Up. (Similarly changed to +5 for now.)

4. Blind and Confuse overrides concentrate/transparent accuracy bonus and now divides accuracy by 2 (v3).  Will affect monsters and humans equally. (Obviates Razele's old Blind hack. Have to decided whether this will transfer to Imperiled in Confuse's case.)

5. Guns take bow accuracy penalty at night.

6. Don't Act/Deep Water cancels W/S-EV.  Don't Move cancels C/A-EV.  This is only the physical half for now.

7. Abandon sets C-EV to 60% instead of 2x.  Intended to work with Xif's global C-EV hack and the above DM hack.

8. Remove item duplication (v1).  This deletes the best fit feature.

9. Defend is +25% to A-EV during Battle. (A "start", but that's more because of what I intend to do with Defend now.)

10. Chemist item skillset allowability.

1. Float becomes weak against Wind; Oil becomes weak against Fire. (I don't want Float weak against Wind, though. Will use formerdeathcorps' hack where Blind is weak against Dark if I ever find out that it works.)

1. Blank support ability over Short Charge adds 25% bonus skill and is presently called "Focus". (Honestly not sure if I'll keep since it's a flat bonus IIRC.)

1. Short Charge rounds CT down instead of up. (This might not be necessary; it might actually make Short Charge even more problematic.)

2. Slow is 25% Speed penalty. (This, on the other hand, mostly definitely is.)

3. Blindness status reduces accuracy by XX%. (It will likely be 50%. It might become less, though, at least a third, if not 40%.)

4. Abandon only increases evasion by 50%.

10. One-Hundred and One Stats: Part of me being a meticulously slow bastard was me finally working on stats. For now, growths are all uniform, though that may change back.

At present, MA kinda gets too high, PA can probably get a bit higher and I still have to "fix" the MP raw stat since even with an MP growth of 8, MP still starts and ends way too low for my liking; making MP growth less than 8 has it grow too fast for me, especially for in terms of leaving gaps between the "warrior" paths and the "mage" paths. I also need to up HP raw stat too, if only for Mimes with its current restrictions.

Presently, the game is still "supposed" to go up to "only" Level 49 or 50, but like growths, I may theoretically be open to returning to Level 99 as the ceiling.

Overall Growths:

HP: 7
MP: 8
PA: 50
MA: 50
SP: 255


HP: 146
MP: 172
PA: 100
MA: 100
SP: 140


HP: 215
MP: 80
PA: 115
MA: 80
Sp: 130


HP: 170
MP: 65
PA: 120
MA: 70
Sp: 145


HP: 145
MP: 190
PA: 70
MA: 125
Sp: 165


HP: 120
MP: 220
PA: 85
MA: 175
Sp: 135


HP: 130
MP: 225
PA: 90
MA: 160
Sp: 140


HP: 235
MP: 200
PA: 135
MA: 110
Sp: 125


HP: 190
MP: 75
PA: 145
MA: 75
Sp: 150


HP: 100
MP: 210
PA: 75
MA: 145
Sp: 160


HP: 180
MP: 215
PA: 100
MA: 140
Sp: 160


HP: 155
MP: 235
PA: 100
MA: 170
Sp: 135


HP: 110
MP: 245
PA: 90
MA: 165
Sp: 140


HP: 205
MP: 205
PA: 130
MA: 150
Sp: 140


HP: 195
MP: 130
PA: 150
MA: 90
Sp: 135


HP: 160
MP: 240
PA: 95
MA: 190
Sp: 140


HP: 165
MP: 250
PA: 95
MA: 185
Sp: 145


HP: 255
MP: 50
PA: 140
MA: 140
Sp: 140


HP: 150
MP: 255
PA: 80
MA: 180
Sp: 120


HP: 175
MP: 230
PA: 110
MA: 200
Sp: 155


HP: 200
MP: 195
PA: 160
MA: 155
Sp: 155

With that finally out of the way and me barely hanging on to consciousness despite all that I need to do, I might as well get on to the generic class changes. I'll be talking about every class, though Animist will only be about RSMs not (just) because I'm being secretive, but because I haven't decided what I want to replace in Blue Magick yet since I've yet to go over monsters meticulously:

I've generally decided on job level stuff for now, but I'll put that elsewhere.

Before I forget again, here's what I've decided with elements for now:

- FIRE tends to be the QUICKEST.
- ICE tends to cost the LEAST MP.
- LIGHTNING tends to have the MOST RANGE.
- WATER tends to have the MOST AoE.
- DARK tends to be the STRONGEST.

Wind and Dark are the likeliest to change at present.

1. No longer shares Magic Ruin with Fencer, but instead Shield Break.

2. No longer shares Take Aim and Charge (since they're dead) with Marksman, but instead shares Blinding Bomb and Oily Bomb.

3. Got to keep Equip Change for now even though that's probably going to die. Same goes for Move-Get Exp and Defend, though the latter is probably not going to die now.

1. As noted in my last update forever go, these are technically different from Knights now, which will show up as an enemy-only class.

2. Lost Blade Dance, which is now entirely dead.

3. Got back Shield Break from (old) Berserker, which it now shares with Soldier.

4. Magic Ruin now subject to Silenced.

5. Debarrier now subject to Reflective since it now is Weapon Range, but only cancels Protected & Shelled in addition to damage. Costs 10 MP at present.

6. Due to Reraised's (perhaps permanent) death, Checkmate now cancels Reflective & Misty at 100% in addition to damage. It costs 10 MP and is close-range only though.

7. Keeps Defense UP, Cover (Caution), Pushback (Counter Tackle) and Equip Sword.

1. Lost Take Aim and Charge since they're both dead now.

2. Got Head Break and Armor Break back from (old) Berserker.

3. Got the new ability Arrow Deluge: AoE 1 magickal Water attack that currently does random 5-hit attacks.

4. Sonic Boom is now an Auto AoE-1 Wind element attack rather than range 4, AoE 1. It is no longer planned to be bound to a specific set of weapons.

5. Kept Arrow Guard, Attack Up and Explore (Move-Find Item). Technically gets a "new" Equip X ability in the shape of Equip Crossbow becoming Equip Ranged instead of just Equip Bow. So generics will now be able to use guns, but only if they have Equip Ranged on presently.

1. Lost Provoke to (new) Berserker.

2. Praise and Preach got reduced from +10 to +8 "Brave" and Faith, respectively. Still can't self-target.

3. Undermine got renamed "Caution" and got reduced from -15 "Brave" to -10 "Brave".

4. Reject similarly got reduced from -15 Faith to -10 Faith.

5. Pacify got renamed "Refute" now cancels Berserk, Charmed, Faithful & Doubtful and no longer cancels Confused (since that no longer exists at present).

6. Mixed Message reduced from 30 MP to 20 MP and loses  Berserk, Hasted & Doomed. It still can cause Random Cautious, Silenced, Slowed, Faithful, Doubtful, Charmed, Sleeping, Immobilized & Disabled, so it will probably get lowered further. It is still the only Speechcraft that ignores Silenced and Steel Will.

7. Kept Steel Will (Finger Guard), Monster Talk and Train.

8. Lost Focus [Support], partly because Concentrate is coming back and partly because I felt that Focus, at least as it was worded, seemed slightly overpowered; that's dead now.

9. Gained Move +1, though they may switch places with Flee since I'm unsure how early I want this to come.

10. Kept its immunity to Charmed.

11. Kept innate Monster Talk of course.

1. Lost Miasma to Geomancer and ??? & Focus (ability) to Illusionist.

2. Got Unction back from Priest, which ignores Reflective but not M-EV.

3. Gained new abilities Curse, which ignores M-EV, but not Reflective, and Leaf, which ignores Reflective, but not M-EV.

4. Names of magick changed to more common ones, i.e. Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, etc. Similarly, decided to finally implement -ra and -ga system.

5. Kept Any Weather, Magick Attack Up and MP Restore.

1. Lost Unction to Wizard, Repose to Illusionist, Might to Geomancer and Reflect to (new) Dimensionalist.

2. "Lost" Reraise...when it became Bless. Even if Reraised status comes back, I'm admittedly hesitant to give it back to Priest.

3. Gained the new abilities of Recharge, Charm and, eventually, Blindna & Poisona. The latter pair both ignore Reflective.

4. Cure also now ignores Reflective; Cura & Curaga, though renamed, still don't.

5. Arise hesitantly got an increase from 50% HP to 66% HP.

6. Kept Share Blessings (Distribute) & Magic Defend UP.

7. Lost Regenerator to Temporalist.

8. Gained Any Ground. Meh.

1. Lost Regen to Temporalist, Mind Ruin to Acolyte, Cover (ability) [REDACTED] and Confusion Song, which just died.

2. Also technically lost Cleanse, though it's more that its "Cleanse" became Basuna and then Scholar got an ability named Cleanse.

3. Gained Nurse, Silent Voice and Saint Cross.

4. Basuna, Silent Voice, both Ruins & Raise are subject to Silenced.

5. Only Silent Voice & Raise don't ignore Reflective.

6. Kept Brave Up and Counter.

7. Lost Equip Shield as noted above.

8. Gained Unyielding.

1. Basically a new class that's a combination of now non-generic Thief and old school FFIII Viking. Before "dying", it gave all its breaks away since it was getting theft, which covers less with Steal Armor and, more recently, Steal Weapon dead; gained new "Mug", which likely doesn't work as it is should yet.

2. Got Provoke from Orator; otherwise, everything else is newly made for Berserker sans old Berserker's Envenom.

3. Kept Adrenaline (Speed Save), Equip Axe & Overwhelm from old Berserker.

1. New class that shares Wall & Dark, but otherwise has entirely new abilities.

2. Gained Maintenance, Equip Magegear (Rods, Tomes & Instruments) & Flee. May trade Flee to Orator for Move +1.

3. Became immune to Sleeping since Poisoned doesn't fit.

1. RSM-wise, only kept Share Pains when it fell from being one of the last classes to more middle of the road.

2. Gained the revived Brawler (Martial Arts) and Secret Hunt, which it currently shares with non-generic Thief.

3. Became immune to Imperiled since being immune to both Doomed and Dying would be a bit much for an early class, even if Imperiled is arguably stronger at present.

1. "Lost" its entire skill set...to Gaia Revenge, which means the now only 6--down from 12--condensed Elemental abilities can only be "used" via Reaction at present.

2. Gained an entirely new skill set of 11 skills, half of them having to be made up and the other half taken from or shared with other classes. Their new skills are more like regular magick in terms of MP costs (I hope), Silenced and Reflective.

3. Kept Gaia Revenge (Counter Flood) & Walk on Water. Gaia Revenge shouldn't be usable while Silenced, but we'll see.

4. Lost Any Ground to Priest...because it's probably going to die anyway but Priest needed something.

5. Gained the equally weak Absorb Used MP.

6. Currently still got to keep innate Any Ground, Move on Lava (which is now definitely dying, even innately) and Walk on Water.

1. Lost Aero & Aera/Aerora, which went to Geomancer above, and Mesmerizing Lights, which just died.

2. Gained Repose, ??? and Focus.

3. Admittedly still unsure what in Illusion Magick will ignore Reflective sans for Refresh and maybe Vanish, which still has a good chance of dying.

4. Kept Faith Up & Hide (Sunken State), though the latter is likely to die considering Transparent's iffiness, especially for mages.

5. Lost Absorb Used MP to Geomancer.

6. Gained the returned Abandon, which still really needs to become a support in my eyes.

1. Lost Return to Temporalist and Soul Sphere & Rain of Lances, which both just died.

2. Gained Osmose (Spell Absorb/Steal Magic), which it shares with non-generic Thief, and Mind Ruin from Paladin.

3. Kept Equip Armor & Meatbone Slash.

4. Lost Two Hands to Dragoon.

5. Gained Two Swords, which it shares with non-generic Thief.

1. Kept Equip Polearm, which is now likely to include Staves, and Jump +3, which I've finally thought of useful solution to.

2. Lost Dragon Spirit to Mime, partly because Reraised is dead, so I'm not sure what to do with it.

3. Gained Two Hands from Acolyte.

1. "Technically" new since it's no longer in Time Mage's spot.

2. Took Levitate, Immobilize, Disabled, Gravity (old Quarter), Polymorph, Comet and Doomsday from old Dimensionalist since it focuses on spatial magick.

3. Got Reflect (back) from Priest.

4. Gained Half of MP & Fly and took Self-Levitate with it when it split from Temporalist.

1. Technically the actual new class despite being in Time Mage's spot between the new name and it getting less skils in the split.

2. Lost Expire because [REDACTED].

3. Kept Hasten, Slow, Undo, Quicken, "Stop" and Doom (Countdown) from old Dimensionalist.

4. Got Regen from Paladin and Return from Acolyte.

5. Kept Critical Quicken & Short Charge after the split.

6. Lost Self-Levitate to (new) Dimensionalist.

7. Gained Regenerator from Priest.

1. Can now Mimic Blue Magick.

2. Can no longer Mimic Summon Magick.

3. Can still not Mimic Bardic Song & Battle Dance.

4. Actually has RSMs now as something of an experiment.

5. Gained Alertness, Concentrate, Dragon Spirit and Move-HP Up.

6. Lost immunity to Cursed, Frogged, Blind & Undead.

7. Kept immunity to ???, Silenced, ???, Oily, Berserk & Poisoned.

8. Lost innate Counter Magick, Defense UP and Magick Defense UP.

9. Kept innate Counter.

10. Gained innate Alertness, Gaia Revenge and Move-HP Up.

1. Now comes even later, rather appropriately, which makes it having the second most amount of Learn on Hit Only spells somewhat easier, even if Animist comes earlier.

2. No longer can be Mimicked at present.

3. It's Learn via JP Summons and Learn on Hit Only Summons have switched greatly again. Of the revealed ones, Ifrit is back to being Learn via JP and Leviathan & Carbunkle are back to be Learn on Hit Only.

3. Hades/Lich is still dead and never coming back.

4. Slyph is now entirely different since Temporalist got Drain and because Wind element life absorb was always iffy.

5. Kept Counter Magick & Move-MP Up.

6. Lost Half of MP.

7. Gained Mana Shield (MP Switch). Yes, seemingly insane to put MP Switch & Move-MP Up on the same skill set when vanilla at least separated them.

8. Gained immunity to Doubtful & Doomed since its "complex class" now.

1. Still share their RSMs due to sex segregation.

2. Neither can be Mimicked still.

2. All of Bardic Song subject to Silenced save for Vox and Shatterchord.

3. All of Battle Dance ignores Silenced save for War Flamenco and Magickal Masque; "War Flamenco" is a renamed "Polka Polka" and Magickal Masque is a renamed "Disillusion".

4. Battle Dance got three new skills: Silence Samba, Tempt Tango and Brakedance.

4. Both skill sets ignore Reflective completely.

5. Both kept HP Restore, MA Save & PA Save.

6. Both lost Move +1 and Move-HP Up.

7. Both gained the new ARENA Movements Holy March and Warpath since I need more movements, but these are probably *way* too abusable by players even with plans. So they have to come last.

I probably forgot something.

EDIT: And thing was to proofread, apparently. Also, to link to this post on the front page under "stats" and to update the status effects list with Blood Suck's planned replacement, even if I'm mostly keeping it secret. Also, given it was revealed an hour ago, I've "borrowed" formerdeathcorps' fix for Chemist.
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The Damned

July 17, 2012, 06:56:00 am #123 Last Edit: July 17, 2012, 11:28:30 pm by The Damned
(Oh, hey. One entire person has actually voted....)

Well, that of course took way too long, like always.

Regardless, this post is just a mini-update to say that the surviving statuses that you can know about have all been updated.

I went over all my status stuff on the weekend, so now I know what needs to be coded still and what needed to interact with what or change and such. Also fixed the formatting and Defending's new name, though anything else would be repeating what I just did. So go read that post if you actually care.

Regardless, I was contemplating starting equipment over "today" (read: yesterday/Monday), but I figure that I have to do monsters over again first given "procs" and crap. So I started to do that...only to get immediately stuck at Boco while going over Chocobos and then fall asleep. Sigh.

I'm probably going to take things slowly here as I said in the last post, but I "should"--not that I will--be finished with that by Sunday. It depends on how horribly this week goes, what with not being off to great start already despite last Sunday being kinda nice for unproductive reasons.

Regardless, I might release my terribad second wave of redacted equipment around the same time. Not really seeing myself releasing the updated redacted EXCEL sheet of abilities & classes any time soon again considering how huge that thing has gotten.

P.S. I've also decided I'm no longer using the ASM that makes Poisoned 25% of cur HP per turn given that I realized that obviates Demi among other things; it's back to being 1/8 of Max HP per turn. However, I won't be excising it until the next time I actually touch the original post.

EDIT: Ugh. It's way too easy to miss manual coding mistakes due to the way this forum works. The url is now fixed.
"Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try." - FFX's Yunalesca

"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"


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voted reis.. wanted to see what reis' job would be if she were not to be a dragoner...
Please do share your ideas and suggestion for my project:

Join our RP :)


The Damned

(I find it "funny" how you have to go into "Edit Poll" to see the results of something despite a "View Results" option.)

I thank all ten people who have voted for voting thus far, but I should point out that I would rather prefer if people didn't post in here just to say who they voted for. Thank you.

I would have said something earlier, but like always, I had expected to be done with what I was still doing by now and I'm not. Monsters are still vexing me and I have other, more important real life obligations still occurring and piling up as always.

However, given pretty much everyone has real life obligations and I've decided to work on weapons again, I'm still doing "work". So, I should at least have the newest weapons down by Friday. I'll probably only post an old, redacted list for them though; it wouldn't be terribly outdated though.

Preferably I'll also have re-stating of humans' MA and maybe PA done with by that time as well as all Move-Find Item spaces, relevant descriptions, and some tweaks to Chapter 1 and other ENTDs (since I already changed those a year ago). I might even be done with overhauling all equipment, again, and giving monsters (and special classes) new moves (and skill sets), again. (Ugh.)

I will not, however, be done with stats for even (generic) monsters, especially given how differing they're all going to have to be. They should be done before August ends at latest, though. Maybe even the week after this coming one.

Speaking of which, outside of posting to ask that people not post just to say whom they voted for, I'm posting to say that tentatively, the current poll will be closing by this coming Friday. It may be open for a week after that, but at present I'm possibly going to switch it with a poll about what the new weapon type should be (if I don't decide myself). The poll will change to something else, though.
"Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try." - FFX's Yunalesca

"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"

The Damned

April 13, 2013, 02:48:42 am #129 Last Edit: April 22, 2013, 05:57:47 am by The Damned
(And...obviously by "this coming Friday", I meant "this Friday coming up...in nine months".

Even more amusingly, given the poll problems that the Human Advancement thread still has, I'm not even sure if I can change if I knew what to change it to.)

Well, it's not like I haven't been working on this. So despite the thread being dead, Embargo isn't--hell, it even has a different name now, though I'll save posting that for whenever/if I ever manage to get out a working patch for people to test at least. I've mostly been hung up on monsters still when existence isn't busy being abysmal, and then getting even more into ARENA than I already was in the past three and a half months hasn't exactly helped my focus.

Still, that's no excuse. For some "sick" reason, I keep wanting to wait to fully update on a Friday just to save a small bit of face I suppose, but that's basically my usual inanity and damn pointless, which is why I'm updating at least a bit now. I am going to try to update more fully tomorrow because I have finally just redone doing monsters (to my "satisfaction") barring Cactuars and a bit of trouble with Avians (both of the Aevis and Chocobo variety).

Anyway, on top of monsters, I just had a rather significant plot revelation that I think people will find rather enjoyable, even if it relates to the end-game. I'll leave that as a surprise for way (way) later though.

For now, in preparation for tomorrow (or Sunday, whichever), I'll just a post a list of the new abbreviations and then explain the changes. I should note that this is normal monsters only:

1. Yellow Chocobo (YC)
2. Brown Chocobo (OC)
3. Green Chocobo (GC)
4. Red Cap (RP)
5. Blaknamy (BY)
6. Gobbledeguck (GK)
7. Fiery Balloon (FB)
8. Living Grenade (LG)
9. Primed Explosive (PX)
10. Ose (OS)
11. Couerl (CU)
12. Grimalkin (GR)
13. Blank Lamia (BL)
14. Lilith (LI)
15. Morrigan (MO)
16. Iced Flan (IF)
17. Flaming Pudding (FP)
18. Shock Jelly (SJ)
19. Beta Wolf (BW)*
20. White Fang (WF)*
21. Hellhound (HL)*
22. Flying Eye (FE)
23. Ahriman (AH)
24. Plague Horror (PH)
25. Axebeak (AX)
26. Steel Aevis (SA)
27. Cockatrice (CC)
28. Cactuar Rogue (CR)*
29. Snowtuar (ST)*
30. Flowering Cactuar (FC)*
31. Dryad (DD)
32. Treant (TT)
33. Feywood (FW)
34. Minotaur (MU)
35. Bull Devil (BV)
36. Sacred (SC)
37. Common Malboro (CM)
38. Ochu (OU)
39. Lord Malboro (LM)
40. Humbaba (HB)
41. Lesser Behemoth (LB)
42. Greater Behemoth (GB)
43. Common Dragon (CD)
44. Frost Dragon (OD)
45. Flame Dragon (LD)
46. Pug Tonberry (PT)
47. Tonberry Guard (TG)
48. Holy Tonberry (HT)

*Monster probably exclusive to Embargo and thus probably not shared with Human Advancement.

As for why some of these changes came about, I'll put that in a spoiler since much of it is probably boring to most people (even though its rather concise compared to most things I write):

1. Chocobo(s): Only decided about a couple of days ago that Chocobos need to be even more in line with their FFT:A(2) counterparts to degree, hence Blue Chocobos "dying" and merging with Green Chocobos, though that's more just a dye-job and rename, and Black Chocobo being replaced by non-Flying Brown Chocobos among normal monsters.

2. Goblins: Outside of a slight shift to Red Cap's abbreviation becoming RP since Red Chocobos will probably exist again and Gobbledeguck being shifted to GK for unrelated reasons, these didn't change much name-wise.

3. Bombs: These probably changed the most of any class since all of them changed names since felt that the names were still kind of "bland" and would, in-universe, be potential cause for confusion that people would likely have tried to do away with rather swiftly in the language. So, for the most part, the latter two Bombs became something like puns and the first Bombs name is just a reference to some type of Bombs often being called a "balloon"; the "fiery" is there, again, to get rid of Blandness without being a generic color description.

4. Panthers: Of these, only Grimalkin got changed it and kept having to be shifted due to something in the past couple of days. It's "settled" at GR, even if that "annoys" me since it's less specific than "GK" previously was, but whatever.

5. Lamia(s): These didn't change name-wise and even with my liking of Jot5's name choice for the Class A Lamia, "Morrigan" will probably remain the name of Class A Lamias in Embargo (and Human Advancement).

6. Flans: These also didn't change and are also unlikely to change.

7. Wolves: Beta Wolf replaced Alpha Wolf as a normal monster. That's about it.

8. Flying Eyes: Doomgaze got changed "back" to the Plague Horror name from Wars of the Lions. That's it.

9. Aevises: These didn't change at all, though Axebeak and Steel Aevis's names may yet change as may Cockatrice's abbreviation.

10. Cactuars: Flowering Cactuar's name was finally allowed to take "FC" instead of "LC" for reasons I'm still keeping secret, though it's partly related to the names shuffling around just yesterday due to Chocobo stuff.

11. Treefolk: On top of deciding to use the Magic the Gathering-esque name for the group as a whole finally, Feywood now uses "FW" instead of "FY", due entirely to the aforementioned mysterious shuffling.

12. Bull Demons: These didn't change and are really unlikely to change.

13. Malboros: Great(er) Malboro and King Behemoth somewhat switched names, so the former became the Lord Malboro with the appropriate change in abbreviation.

14. Behemoths: As per the above, Great(er) Malboro and King Behemoth somewhat switched names, so the latter became the Greater Behemoth...and then got boosted to being the Class A monster of the group because Dark Behemoth got kicked out of normal monsters. In its place comes the Humbaba, which is the "Least Behemoth" I suppose since Lesser Behemoth is now Class B. They can all kick your ass even harder now though.

15. Dragons: These didn't change at all.

16. Tonberry(s)/Tonberries: These didn't change at all.

I'll do a much bigger update this weekend--as in April 13th or 14th, 2013--that goes over moves and everything. Every single monster got some type of change.

Tree EDIT: Dryad's and Treant's abbreviations were changed from DY and TR to DD and TT respectively.
"Sorrow cannot be abolished. It is meaningless to try." - FFX's Yunalesca

"Good and evil are relative, but being a dick cannot be allowed." - Oglaf's Thaumaturge in "The Abyss"

"Well, see, the real magic isn't believing in yourself. The real magic is manipulating people by telling them to believe in themselves. The more you believe, the less you check facts."  - Oglaf's Vanka in "Conviction"

The Damned

April 22, 2013, 07:08:14 am #130 Last Edit: April 27, 2013, 05:18:02 am by The Damned
(...And I have obviously learned nothing about not promising specific dates that I inevitably fail to meet. Hurray!)

Speaking of failure, the "real" update took so damn long because even just redoing things by noting the update caused me to the notice the absurd amount of embarrassing typos and omissions in it. Good times.

With the majority of those fixed now (though I'll have to go back and do that for the actual post eventually), I can present the (current/latest) overhaul. For the most part, these changes are "definite", baring coding issues and changes and other fixes. The parts most likely to change, like RSMs, aren't getting post for that reason (and...other reasons).

I was partly held up by Aevises, who admittedly still under reconstruction due to issues with Blue Mage and things like Petrify, but I'm not going to wait on them anymore. Most of their stuff is decided on anyway. It's just half of their skills that are being a pain.

Without further ado:


1. Brown Chocobos replace Black Chocobos as normal monsters, though Black Chocobos still exist. Green Chocobos replace Blue Chocobos entirely, though it's barely a change really outside of name and slight color; they'll probably even be a sort of bluish green or greenish blue since it's mostly cosmetic and those colors are pretty close anyway, especially in Japan(ese).

2. I'm not including Boco here still since this is normal monsters. "Ironically", he's a Black Chocobo now though, which used to be a normal monster.

3. The Classes of these are fixed now, with Green Chocobos definitely being the Class A ones while Brown Chocobos are "only" Class B despite being more offensive than Green Chocobos and Yellow Chocobos being the most common ones still despite having revival.

4. Choco Guard no longer exists on normal monsters and not just because Defending "died"/is planned to get a massive change. In its place, Choco Flame exists on Brown Chocobos, which Black Chocobos were going to get anyway.

5. Still a minor aside, but due to historical convention, Chocobos are (still) now the only monsters who be entirely going off the rather boring [Insert Color Here] [Monster Name] naming scheme. They shall (continue to) remain as such.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Chocobos: Weak: Dark.
2. Yellow Chocobos: Resist: Ice.
3. Brown Chocobos: Resist: Fire.
4. Green Chocobos: Resist: Water.

Shared Shared Affinities: Immune: Blind, Oily & Disabled (NEW!...and tentative).

Shared Abilities:
1. Choco Cure: Much the same in its instant healing. However, I've now decided that it will definitely be stronger than vanilla AND have a chance to add Regen(ing).

2. Choco Ball: No longer Black Chocobo's exclusive move and not just because they "left", this is physical distance move of Range 3 that may or may not be Direct and may or may not self-damage. It will definitely have a chance to add Oil(y) and Blind though as well as possibly another status.

3. Choco Barrier: This will now definitely add Protect(ed) & Shell(ed) at 100%, but in a Linear Self-Auto AoE of 1 rather than a non-Linear Auto-Self AoE 1 that saw me being ambivalent about its success.

Yellow Chocobos (YC): Still the "sharing" ones, they have innate Distribute and are the first monster you're likely to get that can resurrect with their Choco Revive Down, a close-range, instant, but not all that restorative skill. (Immune:  ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement.)

Brown Chocobos (OC): The replacement "surly" ones, these are the "desert" type chocobos...despite their being only two real desert areas in Ivalice. As such, they may take over Reds' canon aspect of being the "mountainous" ones, but that's of little import at present. Regardless, they are quite use to heat and flame and can us their own Choco Flame to barbeque or at least Slow down attackers with Fire elemental damage; Choco Flame will can a secondary status besides Slow(ed), though that's dependent on whether its Embargo or Human Advancement. (Immune:  ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement.)

Green Chocobos (GC): The "skittish" ones (still), they are (still) the only mountable monster at present that can walk on water despite my making it so that very few monsters are(heavily) disadvantaged by water. They have now exclusively have Choco Esuna, which is back to being AoE 1, but will actually differ from Esuna now, especially since what Esuna cancels will remain "nerfed" across both versions. (Immune: Poisoned.)


1. No longer quite monster Monks, they're more like monster (Embargo) Soldiers than pugilists since they are now modeled a lot more on their Baknamy "ancestors" from FFXII like they should have been from the beginning.

2. As such, "Blaknamy" might simply change to "Baknamy" eventually.

3. With "Steal Weapon" for sure dying in Embargo and being iffy in Human Advancement, where Thief is actually still available to the player, Gobbledeguck ends up not having Steal abilities like either of its brethren.

4. Regardless, "Ogre Run" is dead.

Elemental Affinities:
1. Red Caps: Resist: Fire; Weak: Ice.
2. Blaknamy: Resist: Lightning; Weak: Ice.
3. Gobbledeguck: Absorb: Ice; Weak: Fire.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Poisoned, Charmed, Doubtful & Blind (NEW!).

Shared Abilities:
1. Dash: The same skill as the hume Dash/Body Slam.

2. Goblin Punch: Currently a range 3, instant physical ability that deals semi-random damage and is Wind element.

3. Eye Gouge: Now adds Blind & Disabled instead of Blind & Confused, partly because Confused is dead in Embargo at present.

Red Caps (RP): The red-topped, most common of Goblins is capable of using the hume spell Fire, capable of forcefully putting others to sleep (especially from behind) with its Sleeper Hold and adept at Steal Shield like hume Thieves. (Immune: Sleeping.)

Blaknamy (BY): The black-topped Goblins tend to thieve wholesale from humes, being quite good at using their Cure and Bolt spells and their ability to Steal Helms. (Immune: Disabled.)

Gobbledeguck (GK): A goblin who tried to overcome its aversion to Ice and end up becoming absorbent of Ice at the cost of constantly shivering and chattering all the time it, its skin is hardened by ice crystals and it is quite good at using Ice to heal itself and hurt others. Additionally, it attempts to steal both health and magick through the obscure hume spells of Drain and Osmose respectively. (Immune: ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement.)


1. Yeah, I decided to go with Balloon over Red Bomb even since even as silly as Balloon sounds--sorry, Karnov--and may be something of anachronism, it at least has quite a bit of historical precedence and I was sick of having "Red" [whatever]. I then stuck "Fiery" onto as a part of an "obvious" description loophole--bet you can't wait for "Wet Mindflayers" (Gone Wild). Other than, the other names are based on "puns" since, as aforementioned, in-universe it would both help to cut down on possible confusion between non-monster explosives and Explosives; that and it would just be something humanity would do.

2. Drench is now quite unlikely to die, seeing how it's been done to not be either useless as broken as it once was in its doubtless absurd AoE 3 form. It being exclusive to Fiery Balloons is still up in the air, but I'm already having space issues, so....

3. It needs repeating (again) that Bombs aren't going to show up early on even as much as I want to try to balance monsters to be useful through the game. Them showing up at Sweegy Woods in that story battle would mean that you wouldn't get past that point. Ever. They probably won't show up until Chapter 2 at this point.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Bombs: Absorb: Fire; Resist: Lightning; Weak: Water; Immune: Earth (by virtue of Floating).
2. Fiery Balloons: Resist: Dark; Weak: Ice
3. Living Grenades: Resist: Wind; Weak: Holy
4. Primed Explosives: Resist: Dark; Weak: Holy

Shared Shared Affinities: Immune: ???, Undead, Petrified, Poisoned, Regening, Oily, Immobilized, Reflective. (Reraised might still be here if it wasn't dead...in Embargo at least; in Human Advancement, it's still up in the air whether Bombs will be immune to Reraise there.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Fiery Emission: Currently a quite long range, magickal Fire-element attack meant more to cause a "spark" with its ability to perhaps add Oil on top of damage than to BBQ anything to death.

2. Fire Breath: Back on Bombs as a whole and shared with Flame Dragons as the usual Linear Range 2 Fire-elemental attack since it just makes too much damn sense for them not to have it otherwise it should still exist.

3. Blow-Up: Currently still the only "Shock"-based attack in Embargo, though that may change with Dimensionalists maybe getting Balance, it is also still has Auto-AoE of 2; it is still, however, now Critical Only currently. Due to the recent release of Journey of the 5 revealing its possible, its damage will probably "only" (HP Lost/2) rather than equal to HP Lost; I'm still not sure if it should be Fire element though.

Fiery Balloons (FB): Bright red orbs of death, it doesn't take 99 of these to kill you. Now the sole Bomb with the ability to Drench its foes and cover them in Slowing Oil, it's more of a support unit than the other Bombs, but no less dangerous. (Immune: Slowed.)

Living Grenades (LG): Heavily armored Bombs, they are sometimes said to still be often employed by inquisitors for their supposed strength against unbelievers, earning them the nickname Hell's Furnace despite no clear confirmations of their use. Said also to be wielders of the mysterious Chaos Fragment. (Immune: Blind.)

Primed Explosive (PX): Bombs made from darkest and most sinister flames, they harness fiery power that cannot be held at bay with Fire-proof means: the dreaded Flare spell. In addition to that dread magick, they hold the equally dreaded ability to Prime their enemy and turn them into a bomb of sorts. (Immune: Berserk.)


1. Vampire Cats are now special monsters. So, like Boco, they're not getting mention here beyond this sentence.

2. Catnip and Cat Kick are now dead. It would have liked to test the former, but...meh. Just to clarify, Blood Suck does still exist, though it too has a changed a bit in that it no longer causes Undead (since that's self-defeating).

3. In talking with Panda_Tar in that same short back and forth that brought up the Workers, I somewhat agree with him that panther sprites would have larger whiskers at least. For my own purposes, a more squid-like head as with FFXII would also be beneficial, especially due to the Wolves I'm using and obvious similarities between them. Hardly a pressing matter, though.

4. Speaking of which, I admit that I'm (still) not really sure what color Grimalkin and possibly even Ose should be. Couerl is staying the same golden (brown) color though. Ose probably stays a reddish brown and Grimalkin is probably a purplish brown. Brown colors for everyone!

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Panthers: Absorb: Lightning.
2. Oses: Weak: Earth.
3. Couerls: Resist: Ice & Water; Weak: Fire & Earth. (Aside: It's always bugged the hell out of me how, in FFXII, an entire species that supposedly survived an Ice Age is weak to Ice. What.)
4. Grimalkins: Resist: Water; Weak: Fire.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Cursed, Slowed, Disabled & Doomed.

Shared Abilities:
1. Poison Claw: A single-target, pouncing ability much like 1.3, except that it does damage and slightly drains health while Poisoning.

2. Hastebreak: A stronger, close-range only physical ability that has a chance to inflict Slow.

3. Blaster: Previously the signature of Couerls, it is now a familial ability. It has also changed in that while it is still Lightning element and single target, it now inflicts damage and 100% Silenced, Slowed, Disabled or Doomed.

Oses (OS): Long thought to be servants of Hell who stalked in shadow, these large cats can actually be quite flashy with their Lightning-based Discharge ability, which electrifies everyone unfortunate enough to be in close-proximity to them and not absorb Lightning. (Immune: Faithful & Doubtful.)

Couerls (CU): Still thought to be some bizarre experimentation of those hellish, elusive beings known as Illithids, they share the Mindflayer's ability to Mind Blast targets, sending them into doomed confusion and damning rage. (Immune: Berserk.)

Grimalkins (GR): Thought increasingly to be familiars of witches who would hide from the Church's eyes, these cats can blasphemously walk on water and even more queerly generate water from nowhere, shooting it in a crashing line for their Big Wave attacks. (Immune: Oily.)


1. Lamias (still) now "replace" Illithids (as normal monsters) instead of outright replacing Uribos, which is now Cactuars' "job".

2. Lamias are intentionally weaker against monsters than they are humans because monsters really, really don't care about mammary glans.

3. Innocence and Fire Kiss are still dead.

4. I am extremely wary of Poison Frog, but since Lamias tend to historically have it, I decided to let Blank Lamia have it, if only at close-range and with dubious accuracy. Unlikely to be any of this distance or at least multi-target Frogging BS.

5. Not really sure about the colors of these gals, though Blank Lamia is probably an icy blue, Lilith the more "normal" red and Morrigan is probably greenish.

6. Lamias now share the first two spells in the Dark series.

7. Morrigan has traded "White Wind" to the Behemoth Humbaba for the formerly Dark Behemoth only Night, which is now definitively called "Stardusted Night"

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Lamias: Weak: Earth.
2. Blank Lamias: Absorb: Holy; Resist: Ice.
3. Liliths & Morrigans: Absorb: Fire; Resist: Holy.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Confused (in Human Advancement at least), Oily, Doubtful & Charmed.

Shared Abilities:
1. Captivate: Shared with Vampires and the Assassins, the snake-women of Ivalice entice man and woman alike with their alluring hypnotism, Charming them from up to three panels away. Other monsters of Ivalice are immune to this type of allure.

2. Snake Dance:  Disarming dance that currently potentially affects those in Auto-AoE of 2, regardless of allegiance, with Slowed, Immobilized, Disabled or ??? (Confused in HuA) if they don't look away.

3. Dark: Being monsters oddly concerned with the hearts of things, Lamias share an odd connection with Ivalice's Skeletons in their ability to tap into the heart of darkness, even though it's for the exact opposite reasons.

4. Darkra: Much like Skeletons, stronger Lamias can use the stronger abilities of the Dark as well.

Blank Lamias (BL): Lamias with cold, dead eyes, they are theorized to have burnt out any capacity to feel emotion long ago. It is said that some have been seen with a smirk as they listen to the pained croaks of those they have turned into Poison Frogs, but this has never been confirmed. (Immune: ??? in Embargo, Poison(ed), Frog(ged).)

Liliths (LI): Lamias especially attracted to displays of emotions, they easily shed false tears, using their infamous Chronos Tears to stop all but the most steel-willed or... literally monstrous in their tracks as they overcome by waves of guilt and remorse.  (Immune: ??? in Embargo, ???, Faithful.)

Morrigans (MO): Conjectured to be something like Lamia royalty, these green-framed serpentine mistresses are masters of the Stardusted Night[/b], able to call upon shadow to lull all present into  deep sleep. It is said that they even have spoken to some, offering the gift of eternally peaceful repose for the mere price of eternal bondage.... (Immune: ??? in Embargo, ???, Sleep(ing).)


1. These overachieving desserts are still pretty damn lazy. The only reason that I got away with giving monsters back 6 skills is because these guys (and Goblins) steal from everyone else. Goblins at least have their own unique skills; Flans stole theirs from the Dragons.

2. Similarly, Flans are the only monster who have only one shared ability...which is Common Malboro's "unique" ability "Goo". Or it was, rather. It's now Acid, which is basically just a rename but also a technique that Common Malboro no longer has.

3. Previously held Aqualung before thieving from Dragons instead of Illithids.

4. Oh, right. These are Skeletons' "replacements" as normal monster.

5. Iced Flan is lighter blue in color. Flaming Pudding is a light red, maybe even orange. Shock Jelly is a bright yellow.

Elemental Affinities:
1. Iced Flan: Absorb: Ice; Resist: Water; Weak: Fire.
2. Flaming Pudding: Absorb: Fire; Resist: Water; Weak: Ice.
3. Shock Jelly: Absorb: Lightning; Resist: Wind; Weak: Earth.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: ???, Berserk, Frogged, Reflective, Disabled. (They used to have way more than this, but this is more than fine and should be actually fair; they might become immune to Petrified again, though. They're no longer immune to Undead for...story reasons. Hehehe.)

Shared Ability: Acid - Ranged ability that causes damage and can Poisoned, Immobilized or Disabled randomly.

Iced Flans (IF): These even harder than normal monstrous desserts are masters of Ice magick, capable of casting Blizzard, Blizzara, and Blizzaga in addition to what is arguably the pinnacle of Ice magick with their Freeze spell, which will encase an entire area in its icy ire. Despite the many cracks in their shell should one be unfortunate enough to come upon one or more of them, they undergo a quite constant state of regeneration that almost demands Fire be used to soften them. (Immune: ??? in Embargo/Stop(ped) in Human Advancement.)

Flaming Puddings (FP): These more runny, red globs reduce all to ash and slag should they remain for long enough, fueled by powerful flames of madness. More akin to Bombs in this sense than their fellow Flans, they are still more solid than they look and rather likely to make things combust even before they begin slinging around Fire magick like Fire, Fira or Firaga or its arguable pinnacle of Ardor, a Fire-elemental magick with wide, explosive range. (Immune: ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement.)

3. Shock Jellies (SJ): Rubbery yellow slime encases hard yellow eyes full of loathing, ready to electrocute or at least electrify any that fall in range of its powerful Lightning magick. Whether emitting Thunder, Thundara or Thundaga or its single-target, but quick and powerful Burst, it is best to keep one's distance from it or else one is in for a nasty, potentially fatal shock. (Immune: Cursed.)

Flying Eyes:

1. Still not entirely sure why Floating Eye wouldn't Float while it had Fly the last time I tested things, though I finally realized that apparently it had Initial Floating status rather than Innate Floating status or Self-Levitate (Float movement) like it should have had. Initial status tends to override things anyway though....

2. Doomgaze's name has been changed "back" to Plague Horror (as from War of the Lions).

3. Part of me feels like Flying Eyes should be weak to Water still as they initially were given that they're one of the few monsters that still can't enter water at all now. However, enough things--probably way too many--are already weak to Water that I'm wary of doing that simply to be "coherent". As long as I'm coherent with most things, I figure a few exceptions won't matter all that much.

4. At present, all Gazes are still Direct despite their massive overhauls. Whether or not they'll still be able to be affected by Steel Will is up the air now though.

5. Piercing Gaze is now dead and the Flying Eyes no longer have Reflect either.

6. Finally "decided" on how to pluralize Ahriman, though that may yet change: Ahrimen. (Still tempted to go with "Ahrimani" though admittedly.)

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Flying Eyes: Weak: Wind.
2. Floating Eyes: Absorb: Dark; Resist: Holy; Weak: Lightning; Immune: Earth (by virtue of Floating).
3. Ahrimen: Absorb: Dark; Resist: Earth & Holy.
4. Plague Horrors: Absorb: Holy; Resist: Earth & Dark.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Blind, Frogged & Immobilized. (Actually might not get anymore since they're the one of only two families to all have two individually different immunities as well.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Stare: Distance AoE 1 magickal attack that damages all in its gaze, whether friend or foe, and has a chance to cause ??? in Embargo or Confused in Human Advancement.

2. Holy Circle: Imported from Human Advancement's Paladin to Embargo, meaning Paladins & Flying Eyes in both versions have it now.

3. Stun Gaze: Now shared by all Flying Eyes, it has a random chance of Disabling, Immobilizing or even Slowing all the limbs of the target.

Floating Eyes (FE): Prying eyes of prurient indolence, they bob up and down, moving quickly only to flee when damaged. Of course, damaging them is difficult in the first place given the liberal use of their Charm Gaze, a hypnotic gaze that causes the afflicted to slip into a state of Charmed servitude or deep Sleeping. (Immune: Disabled & ???; Always: Floating.)

Ahrimen (AH): Eyes of evil malice, their stare is compared to that of the Devil, capable of bringing Blinding, Poisoned & Cursed misfortune upon any who fall under its Devil's Gaze. (Immune: Cursed & Poisoned.)

Plague Horrors (PH): Said to be the eyes of death itself and hence why images of the reaper have only hollow sockets, these monsters' unblinking gaze whimsically dooms those it falls upon. The skin crawling before it begins to tear and bleed is the only warning that one gets that they have been affected by varying but all terrible fates of Doom's Gaze. (Immune: Undead & Doomed.)


1. Steel Aevis was initially weak to Lightning before trading that to Snowtuar for weakness to Dark instead.

2. Of the monsters currently without absorptions, Steel Aevis ties for first with...Blue Chocobo--well, Green Chocobo now--as the monster next in line to get one possibly.

3. With the changes I plan to make to Petrified, these will be the monsters most affected by that. (Still need to test those changes...and learn coding. Sigh....)

4. (04/27/2013) Okay, so Aevises are no longer "under construction". In fact, they become the first monster to vary between both Embargo & Human Advancement though more are likely to follow: Steel Aevises in Embargo get Twister while in Human Advancement they get the hitherto missing Aera/Aerora spell. In addition to that, Feather Bomb becomes both shared and upgraded, Beak gets and upgrade and Stone Breath dies, becoming Stone Gaze. Beak may go back to being shared though. I'm not quite sure.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Aevises: Resist: Earth.
2. Axebeaks and Cockatrices: Weak: Wind.
3. Steel Aevises: Weak: Dark.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Blind, Petrified, Poisoned & Oily. (No longer universally immune to ???, though they haven't been for a while. They may become Immune: Immobilized since I might do that for all Fly)

Shared Abilities:
1. Shine Lover: Being lovers of beauty, these avians take quite good care of themselves, able to meticulously clean their feathers and even the skin of others to bolster their resolve and their speed.

2. Hawk Glare: Direct glare that can be evaded like a physical attack due to the sheer weight of predation behind it, it Disables prey from a far range before the aevis swoops in.

3. Feather Bomb: To further aid its ability to hunt prey, the Aevises have the unusual ability to trap energy within feathers and then discard them, leaving to shortly blow up and fill an area with quill-sharpnel, even from a distance.

Axebeaks (AX): The most aggressive of the aevises, it is no surprise that it much enjoys divebombing down upon its prey, with such speed and ferocity as to cause heavy damage with its Beak. Given the Cockatrice does not possess a monopoly among its kin with regards to petrification, an Axebeak's already devastating beak can Petrify its prey, turning them into a shiny statue waiting to further carved and polished before being eventually eaten. (Immune: Blind & Doomed.)

Steel Aevises (SA): The heaviest of the birds is not markedly less aggressive, though due to its weight it is generally less mobile than its brethen, preferring more to snipe from a distance with its feathers as it closes in. When it does close in, though, it quickly prefers to summon Poisonous Twisters, a sudden swirling tornado centered around the aevis that draws in and destroys all with flesh less than steel. (Immune: ??? & ??? in Embargo/Confused & Addled in Human Advancement and Floating in both.)

Cockatrices (CC): The most poisonous of the known aevises, it said even its very breath can fell almost instantly. Whether this is actually true is still unknown, as most close enough have met either its rending steel-hard beak & claws or been subjected to its lethal Stone Gaze, meaning they have already been felled.


1. I decided to go with Treefolk over Woodfolk as the family name as it is far more amusing to use the former. (Damn, I'm going to have remember to name at least one of these guys Doran....)

2. Not really sure if Dryad or Treant need an "s" to be plural, but right now I'm pretending they don't. I'm more definite on Feywood not needing to be plural.

3. Sap Spirit is now dead, especially since Treefolk kinda "stole" Pearl Wight's "Mighty Guard".

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Treefolk: Absorb: Wind; Weak: Dark.
2. Dryad & Treant: Absorb: Water; Resist: Earth; Weak: Lightning.
3. Feywood: Absorb: Holy; Resist: Fire; Weak: Ice.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Undead, Petrified, Floating, Frogged & ???.

Shared Abilities:
1. Leaf Dance: An Auto-AoE 2 of magickal nature, it may be somewhat weak, but its Wind-elemental quality makes it rather difficult to dodge, especially when it blankets the area after repeated uses. (I'm still really tempted to name this "Petal Dance"...and have it add Confused, at least in Human Advancement.)

2. Mighty Guard: A single-target ability that bestows Protected, Shelled & Hasted upon a single target. (That Hasted aspect might become something else given how...obsessed the AI is with applying to Hasted.)

3. Rootgrapple: Using the power of the earth, Treefolk are capable of using roots from the ground to damage and Immobilize and/or Slow enemies in a wide yet discriminating area of AoE 2 at range 3.

Dryad (DD): Fledgling wood golems, despite what is arguably a more obvious anger at man's world compared to the other Treefolk, they still possess a Spirit of Care that Cleanses in a wide area around the Dryad's self. (Immune: Immobilized.)

Treant (TT): More mellow than what are believed to be their beginning forms, their Spirit of Calm transcends fixing mere physical ailments, focusing on temporal ones as it Returns spatial and temporal oddities to their normal order. (Immune: Disabled.)

Feywood (FW): Elderly yet perhaps eternal guardians of the woods they are a part of, through the use of their discriminating Spirit of Life to restore the fallen, they prove that any life is precious...so long as it protects nature. (Immune: Stopped.)

Bull Demons:

1. Not much to say about these guys outside of the fact that they were the first to make me aware of the Monster Talk issue, which has long since been addressed (at least temporarily), and they share perhaps too much with Orator now.

2. I said the above even before I recently (read: around mid-March 2013) decided to give them three more Orator skills across the board, partly because of Bull Demons' story importance to at least Embargo. I'm not quite sure how they'll act in Human Advancement, though even with the "death" of Orator there, they'll probably be no less talkative. Still, it feels somewhat unfair to a lot of the other monsters....

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Bull Demons: Absorb: Earth; Resist: Fire; Weak: Water.
2. Minotaurs & Bull Devils: Absorb: Dark; Weak: Holy.
3. Sacreds: Absorb: Holy, Weak: Lightning.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: ??? (in Embargo)/Confused (in Human Advancement, Sleeping, Immobilized & Doubtful. (Lost immunity to Chicken's replacement...a while ago. Got two new immunities, though one of those is patch specific since Confused no longer exists in Embargo.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Wave Around: Charging their axe with lightning, they then it swipe around their bodies, creating an unavoidable field of lightning that shocks their enemies.

2. Intimidate: Same as the Orator's.

Minotaurs (MU): Despite having an apparently brilliant mind for puzzles such as mazes, they focus primarily on violence. They are easily angered, lashing out with Rejections and Provoking insults that would make even the most surly Mediator blush when not lashing out with their axes. They will even thrash about like a petulant, overgrown child, shattering the ground in their pale mimicry of Titan with their Earth Shaker, a trait they and the Ochu curiously share. They can Converse calmly as well, but it's usually just as a distraction for another monster's deleterious blow; never listen to them. (Immune: Faithful & Blind.)

Bull Devils (BV): Channeling the anger that so steers the Minotaur to ever fouler ends, Bull Devils utilize a Curse of Rage that causes the afflicted to become Cursed by Berserk feelings, losing one's head figuratively before often literally losing it to the blade of the Bull Devil's axes. Even when not dabbling in blacker magicks, they possess an underhanded eloquence that can be used to Praise, Caution or even lull with a Drone as any silver-tongued devil, which is precisely why they too should never be listened to. (Immune: Cursed & Blind.)

Sacreds (SC): Monsters or perhaps even actual demons that would openly mock Ajora more than with  just their mere presence, they claim to know the "truth" behind Ajora. Among their ludicrous claims, they are often reported saying that they can Preach, Refute or even Befriend better than any benighted human preacher or philosopher. Their blasphemies go further still, as they are able to utilize not only Raise, but the vaunted Holy to smite actual true believers. Increasingly, some have begun to think of them as God's punishment, itself a crime quickly labeled as blasphemy. (Immune: Undead & Berserk.)


1. Yes, I am aware that Ochus aren't really related to Malboros, at least outside of FFT. As much space (sprite-wise) and time as it might potentially save me to just make it a separate family of monster, I'm going to continue to run with Ochus as Malboro "cousins". This rather than replace them with another types Malboro and separate Ochus into their own family of (same-looking) three entirely.

2. Ochus still have starting status Sleeping at present, if only because I still haven't been able to test that out, particularly to see how the (allied) AI reacts to it. (I'll have to remind myself to not put them with any Lancers/Dragoons, at least until that Jumping issue is fixed....)

3. As aforementioned under Flans, Common Malboros previously shared "Goo" with the deadly desserts. Flans then decided to be assholes and hog "Goo" all it for themselves, re-branding it as "Acid" before claiming legal rights. Common Malboros plan a class action suit.

4. Speaking of "legal issues", Greater Malboro and King Behemoth somewhat switched names, with Greater Malboro becoming "Lord Malboro". Please address it as such.

5. Cloying Breath is now exclusive to Common Malboros (for now) and Common Malboros & Lord Malboros now share Aero (for now) because air does not distinguish between class...unless you're a filthy Ochu. Oxygen's too good for those guys. [/speciesist]

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Malboros: Absorb: Water; Resist: Wind; Weak: Fire.
2. Common Malboros & Lord Malboros: Absorb: Dark; Weak: Holy.
3. Ochus: Absorb: Earth, Weak: Ice.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Blind, Poisoned, Doomed & ???. (No longer universally immune to Charm or Confused.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Constrict: Whether with tentacles that looks like green ropes or thorny vines, those within the Malboro family are able to Immobilize and Disable any prey they get close enough to catch, tenderizing them before consumption. Despite their multitude of limbs and eyes, though, they tend only to be able to focus on one victim at a time.

2. Bad Breath: Infamous for its detrimental effects, this breath is more than just "bad", even if very few other words would do it much justice in so succinct a space. Capable of causing hysterical Blindness, emetic Slowness, Poisoning, Silence through throat swelling and even immediate deep Sleeping or severe ???, it is best to never get close enough to partake of it.

3. Aero: Shared only by the Common Malboro and the Greater Malboro. Same as the hume spell.

Common Malboros (CM): These plant-animal hybrids are fond of swamps, but picky neither about environment or food. They can breathe a Cloying Breath that greatly differs from the more infamous Bad Breath of Malboros as a much more pleasant, sweet smelling breath used for alluring prey...and mates alike. Non-Malboros targets breathing in the Cloying Breath experience either Charmed delusions or even an immediate Sleeping state and the results of these effects are...less than lovely. Thankfully it takes breathing in a lot of the breathe to be affected unlike the repellent Bad Breath. (Immune: Sleeping & Petrified.)

Ochus (OC): Fond of sleeping more than 12 hours a day, they differ greatly from their Malboro cousins, being decidedly more plant-like in their physiology. It is guessed that they use photosynthesis for much of their energy despite their size given how quickly they can heal when they Rest. However, they are also decidedly carnivorous and violent if awoken, thrashing about violently with an Earth Shaker that puts the Minotaur's to shame. They are even capable of twisting the ether and mist into a likeness of the Aqua spell somehow. There's a reason "Let sleeping Ochus lie" is a proverb. (Initial: Sleeping; Immune: Immobilized & Floating.)

Lord Malboros (LM): Older in age than the Common Malboro, their production of Fruit, goo and Cloying Breath has mostly "dried up" and they even have begun to upon a petrified looked at the end of their tentacles. They are still hearty and long-lived though. As such, in dire straits, they can still exhale a wretched, Putrid Breath capable of felling even the toughest warrior. (Immune: Sleeping & Charmed.)


1. I finally decided to make Dark Behemoth a special-only monster. At present, it is not Always: Undead, however, given that I already have a bunch of those anyway between Ghosts, Skeletons and other things that got bump in the night. 

2. The new monster is named "Humbaba" and is the new "class C". It takes White Wind from the Morrigan class of Lamia. Humbaba will probably of a greenish coloration. It may end up moved to Class B. Not quite sure yet.

3. The two previously existent Behemoths get moved up a "class" as a result, with Greater Malboro and King Behemoth somewhat "switching" names, the latter becoming "Greater Behemoth".

4.  The previous entire shared moveset of pretty much dead. Like "Disaster Warning" died a year ago (sigh), "Mark of the Beast", "Luck's Nadir" and, to a degree, "Comet" died, which is part of the reason why Dimensionalist is losing it.

5. "Ironically", the long-dead "Cursed Wail" returns, though it is massively changed.

6. I'm still debating if I "should" make an RSM like a "Counter Comet/Meteor" when I start (finally) changing RSMs. Counter Magick or Counter Tackle are likeliest to end up dying if that is made though.

7. These were previously the only monster family to resist more than two elements as a whole, though now with Humbaba's inclusion, that's been "broken". Oh well.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Behemoths: Resist: Fire & Lightning; Weak: Water.
2. Humbabas: Absorb: Ice & Wind; Weak: Dark.
3. Lesser Behemoths: Absorb: Wind; Resist: Ice.
4. Greater Behemoths: Absorb: Earth; Resist: Ice.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Confused (now Human Advancement-only), Cursed, Floating, Charmed & Disabled. (Technically got one more immunity since Confused/Confusion is HuA only at present, but those immunities aren't shared.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Cometeo: All Behemoths are capable of calling down debris from the sky that can bring devastation, though the extent of its destruction on any given person or area is directly tied to random caprice of the sky and the foul magick that backs it.

2. Cursed Wail: Marking the target through sheer magickal force of will now rather than needing proximity or physical contact, any Behemoth can afflict any unfortunate within its sight from  with a heavy, constant Curse that causes great pain and eventually death.

3. Gore Abyss: Attempting to surround a Behemoth to take it out is just as ill-advised as trying to apply oil to a Bomb. Like the disasters they bring about and embody, a cornered or even just opportunistic Behemoth will thrash about wildly, goring and bludgeoning all near it with its sharp horns and tremendous weight & strength. Wounds inflicted by this tend to be horrific and are often susceptible to ???, Silence if damage the throat or lungs. a Doomed fate if more severe or at general Slowing of the afflicted.

Humbabas (HB): Long thought to not be closely related to other Behemoths despite their similar looks, these beasts manipulate their environs not to calamity but instead to restoration, being able to call a chilly yet soothing White Wind that restores the body. Still, given the supportive nature of this wind to their more destructive brethren and its innate ferocity, they are still disasters by association. (Immune: ??? in Embargo and ???.)

Lesser Behemoths (LB): Even the lesser of these disastrous beasts is capable of bringing utmost calamity to any area, capable of creating sudden Tornadoes of such wide-berth destruction that it is difficult to escape their paths unscathed  even with the length of time that they take to create. (Immune: Imperiled in Embargo, ??? and Poisoned.)

Greater Behemoths (GB): The heaviest of the cursed beasts of burdens that spread, this particular Behemoth spreads that curse through the very earth it treads upon, they can create devastating Quakes to ravage the landscape if given enough time. (Immune: ??? in [i}Embargo[/i],  Immobilized and Poisoned.)


1. I'm sure I mentioned this more than a year ago before the initial version of this, but "Green Dragons" have been "Common Dragons" for a well over a year. I might change the Common here to some else eventually since it and Malboros (still) sharing that slightly irks me, but it's far better than "Green".  I can't really use "Lesser" here either due to the same issue with Behemoth.

2. I'm still not sure as to the fate of Dragoons (in Embargo) ultimately, but all the stuff that Dragons lost to Flan will go to good use. Besides, Frost Dragon at least got Aqualung out of the deal, even if that's still shared with Illithids. (Dragoner is probably dead though, at least in Embargo.)

3. At present, these all have still initial Reraise(d) in Human Advancement due to Dragon Spirit, but since Reraise(d) still needs a change overall and since Reraise(d) might be staying dead in Embargo.

4. Dragons were pretty much the only family to not get any changes to their moves, but instead  see (only) changes to their elemental and status affinities. Lucky them.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Dragons: Resist: Earth. (I still need to check if Fly even works for them sprite, though. I still can't remember.)
2. Common Dragons: Absorb: Lightning & Wind; Resist: Fire; Weak: Ice & Water.
3. Frost Dragons: Absorb: Ice & Water; Weak: Fire & Lightning. (It's actually absorbed Water for a while; I'm not sure why it wasn't noted.)
4. Flame Dragons: Absorb: Fire & Wind; Resist: Lightning; Weak: Ice & Water.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Floating, Poisoned, Doomed, Petrified & ???; Initial: Reraise(d) (in Human Advancement at least--may get initial: Blessed in Embargo; shrug).

Shared Abilities:
1. Dragon Roar: Releasing a deafening roar in front or around it, a dragon can Slow, Immobilize or even Stop any who are unfortunate enough to hear it.

2. Tail Swing: An close-range ability of varying power, it is nigh impossible to avoid. Should one be unfortunate enough to in the tail's path, they can only hope that its blow lands more softly than usual.

Common Dragon (CD): The common dragon of Ivalice is rather attuned to the element of Lightning, breathing its terribly swift Light Breath upon foes faster than they can react. It also uses its Lightning-affinity to shred a particularly hated target to bit with a Gil Storm fashioned from the coins it loves to hoard, though this tends to take all of its concentration. (Immune:  Cursed, Berserk & Faithful.)

Frost Dragon (OD): As with many Ice-favoring monsters this dragon is more frequently encountered in the north, its Ice Breath carrying with it the cutting, fatal chill of winter. However, it also is known to make its den near large bodies of water regardless of clime, seemingly having been the source of Illithids' ability to use the explosive bubbles known as Aqualung though perhaps the opposite is true. Regardless, as such it is frequently seen near coasts as well, oddly making little distinction between freshwater and salt water. (Immune: ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement, Slowed & Charmed.)

Flame Dragon (LD): On the other hand, this dragon is rather peculiar about its habitats, tending to not venture very far from the again active Bervenia Volcano, where most of them nest. When and where it does venture forth, however, its devastating Flame Breath is sure to leave a trail of destruction as it rains down from the sky. Even the very Wind from its wings is a Choking Gust akin to the Poisoning, sulfurous gasses of that troublesome volcano. (Immune: Oily, Sleeping & ??? in Embargo/Confused in Human Advancement.)


1. These are perhaps the most difficult monster to balance after maybe Behemoths and perhaps Malboros since all three of these monster families need to be tougher than average due to historical "weight", but not so much that they obviate other monsters even despite different affinities and immunities. Ignoring the fact that Nietzsche would bitch at me for being so bound to history (and also for not being his sister), I'm leaning towards being "historically" conservative with regards to these guys being (rather) stronger than the average. As such, I'll (still) try to temper that more later on as statuses, RSMs and formulas as well while stats settle.

2. Related to that notion, Holy Tonberry is the only monster to have no elemental weaknesses. This despite the fact that it absorbs Holy (obviously) and that the other two Tonberries are weak to something. Even in light of what was said above, this might remain so; it's partly balanced by also being the only monster to resist no elements at all.

3. Similarly, at present, Tonberry Guard is the only generic monster still capable of using Teleport.

4. They got Dispel (Magic) over Debarrier a long while and still retain it, though that's still kind...meh. As such, they all got other additions partly between Dispel (Magic) not being enough and "needing" to have Holy Tonberry not be such an outlier even among its brethren.

5. Finally, yes, I'm aware that my Tonberries (still probably) suck quite hard--they're basically porn stars right now--compared to everyone else's Tonberries presently in terms of power. I'm trying to rectify that without having them being kill-everything, instant-death machines. I think the most recent, pilfered additions have done are a decent step in that balanced direction, but they might yet need more.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Tonberries: Absorb: Holy.
2. Pug Tonberries: Resist: Dark, Weak: Lightning.
3. Tonberry Guard: Resist: Lightning, Dark & Ice, Weak: Wind & Earth. (Now weak to Wind instead of Ice, which they now resist.)

Shared Statues Affinities: Immune: Cursed (in Embargo)/Addled (in Human Advancement), Floating, Frogged, Disabled, Imperiled (in Embargo)/Confused in Human Advancement) & Doomed.  (Yeah...they might still have a bit much, though like Flan [and Bombs], they were sadly [even] worse once upon a time. They lost immunity to Undead [universally], Hasted & Slowed already and they might lose Doomed, but I can't see them losing more than that to be honest, especially if they're not getting Petrified back. They might get immunity to Immobilized over Disabled, though. Cursed immunity is now patch specific currently for...reasons.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Chef's Knife: Unavoidable, knife-stabbing attack with rather varying power and the ability to cause ???, it's best to not let Tonberries near you in the first place.

2. Devil's Candle: The icy-chill of a cold flame marks the Tonberry's chosen victim of the moment, making it more difficult for that selected target to escape between the injury, induced sluggishness and even the possibility of ???.

3. Dispel: The same as hume spell.

Pug Tonberry (PT): With its ability to reportedly swim for days in pursuit of its target, it is no surprise that it will aggressively stalk its target over land as well. For what reasons it Stalk/Pursues its victims so aggressively to corner & kill them is unknown, though it does so with the utmost preparation. Its seemingly boundless stamina may come from its ability to use the spell Regen, though some have speculated the reverse is true. Regardless, it can also use the inverse spell of Bleed to further press its advantage on unlucky targets that its knife or foul candlelight cannot yet reach.  (Immune: ???.)

Tonberry Guard (TG): Despite rumors of a Tonberry King, these creatures are so named because one must be ever vigilant due to their ability to teleport. These wordless cowards are fond of teleporting behind their victims, fatally stabbing in the back. Though they speak no words, those who have encountered these creatures and survived without falling into madness or death have heard repeated whispers of "Everyone hates you!", "This is Karma!" or "Behold Everyone's Grudge!" before suffering through a bout of many maladies that arise from seemingly nowhere. Whether this is from the Tonberry itself or some ghostly, frequent companions have to be accurately determined. It has been determined that in addition to their ability to teleport, they can manipulate space to create Walls and even manipulate the mist to use Esuna. (Immune: Immobilized.)

Holy Tonberry (HT): Another mockery of Ajora's religion that befouls Ivalice, it is so-named not because it speaks of religion like its bullish counterpart the Sacred, but because it is said to be capable of smiting with a power equal to God with its Ray Bomb. Utter blasphemy and hyperbole aside, an increasing number of cults have popped up to pay homage to its silent, terrible glory. This rare monstrosity has been said to be able to Bless its followers with holy magicks such as Arise or even Reraise, though this has yet to be confirmed by captured, tortured cultists. (Immune: Undead.)

Embargo-Only Normal Monsters


1. These are Ghosts' "replacements" as normal monsters.

2. They are meant to parallel Panthers in being group and pack hunters compared to the more solitary hunters that the big cats are. As such, they are weaker individually than them and thus the new enemy most likely to show up first (probably as soon as the Sweegy Woods battle, if not sooner), but faster than the big cats.

3. Not really sure on the colors of these guys. White Fang is likely a pale blueish rather than pure white, though. Maybe. It depends significantly on if Beta Wolf is a gray or a brown color. Hellhound is probably a red, though it might be a black, however unlikely that ends up being.

4. Alpha Wolf has been made its own special monster and taken Wishing Star with it, causing the "creation" of Beta Wolf and its Interceptor Fang.

Elemental Affinities:
1. All Wolves: Resist: Dark
2. Beta Wolves: Weak: Wind.
3. White Fangs: Absorb: Ice, Weak: Fire.
4. Hellhounds: Absorb: Fire, Weak: Holy.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Blind, Disabled, Doomed & Faithful (NEW!).

Shared Abilities:
1. Screech: A Direct, sonic wave at range 3 that is generally unable to avoided.

2. Blood Fang: A close-range, physical life-draining move, it drains more than a cat's claws, but can still be evaded and thus carries a greater risk.

3. Eerie Soundwave: Producing sound akin to an Illithid, the monster wolf releases an eerie howl that destroys all of the enemies' buffs within a self-AoE of 2.

Beta Wolves (BW): De facto leaders of wolves when Alpha Wolves are not around, despite the contested nature between the cold climes of White Fang's preferred territory and the harsh reality of Hellhound's volatile nature. Their Interceptor Fang is a lunging maneuver meant more to cause distraction and rage that is suspected magickal in nature, opening the target to attack by the rest of the pack, than do significant damage. (Immune: Berserk.)

White Fang (WF): Seeming silver shadows of the snow, they quite easily can catch even the most aware of the north by surprise with how well they can blend in and how swiftly they can attack. To complement their ghostly nature, their Frost is said to be able to chill the very spirit. (Immune: ??? in Embargo/Stopped in Human Advancement.)

Hellhounds (HL): More direct than either of its counterparts, red eyes peek out from burning environs before its dread, poisonous Bushfire sprays out, marking its target in venomous, burning oil. (Immune: Curse(d), Poison(ed), Bless(ed) & ???.)


1. These are now Uribo's replacements instead of Lamias.

2. Yes, I know the names are (still) rather lackluster--pfft, "Snowtuar"--and everything, but I really don't have much to go off here even historically. So unless people want me to just name them "Cactuar" phonetically all with some spelling variation or go with Spanish--which I know almost nothing of, as amusing as "Cactuar Bandito" would be--or want to offer their own suggestions, then this is probably what they'll remain named. I suppose, thinking on it now, that I could have gone with "Cactrot, Cactuar and Cactoids", but that's not really better and Cactoids are technically different. Anyway....

3. Not yet sure how I'm going to address the issue of 1000 Needles only doing 100, but there's no way in hell it's going to do 1,000 (read: 999) damage. Also not sure how I'm going to address the "problem" of fixed damage ultimately, even if I'm definitely "nerfing" Auto Potion in both games.

4. Rather needless to say, even outside of Snowtuars obviously being in the north, these little guys aren't going to be confined only to desert areas. They'll be more spread out, though perhaps not that much more, especially if they have to cross large bodies of water.

5. As mentioned before, Snowtuars were weak to Dark until they traded that to Steel Aevises for a Lightning weakness.

6. Color-wise, whenever/if-ever the sprites for the guys are made, Cactuar Rogues would be the normal green, Snowtuars would be a snow white (or light blue) and Flowering Cactuars would be a flowery pink.

7. As of just a few hours ago, Belief Theft is dead. In its place, Power Theft.

Elemental Affinities:
1. Cactuar Rogues: Absorb: Earth, Resist: Holy, Weak: Water.
2. Snowtuars: Absorb: Ice, Resist: Wind, Weak: Lightning.
3. Flowering Cactuars: Absorb: Wind, Resist: Holy, Weak: Water.

Shared Status Affinities: Immune: Undead, Petrified, Blind, ???, Frogged & Doomed. (Lost immunity to Charmed, even if that ??? is arguably a positive status, which is partly why they gained immunity to Frogged instead.)

Shared Abilities:
1. Steal Accessory: The same as the hume Thief.

2. Power Theft: Cactuars aren't just interested in shiny trinkets, but often steal the energy of passer-bys as well, sapping them of strength as sure as the desert heat. It's unknown whether they do this for mischief, malice, sustenance or some other reason. The only thing that has been reported is that while the technique is dangerous, capable of easily fatiguing its target and even causing bouts of immediate Sleeping in some cases, there have been few deaths reported because of it. There have been many reports of missing lone desert travelers though....

3. 100(0) Needles: Taking the more direct approach, a Cactuar will frantically strip itself of all its needles in an effort to ward off any who chase after it. A few have reported supposedly counting as many 1,000 needles fired in this manner, though on average its far fewer, numbering in the 100s.

Cactuar Rogues (CR): As with human Thiefs, these green-clad desert-dweller delight in playing dirty to make their escape or just cause havoc, gleefully kicking up a sudden Sandstorms to Blind and Slow anyone who attempts to corner it or its brethren or even just catches its beedy eyes. (Immune: Immobilize.)

Snowtuars (ST): Like the Ochu to their Malboro cousins, these miniature snowmen of the north are quite different from the cousins who dwell in more temperate climes, if only in temperament in and directness. More akin to ambush predators despite no known carnivorous habits, they seemingly enjoy sending miniature but highly dangerous Snowstorms towards people who stumble over their territories or whom they actively seem to stalk. (Immune: ???.)

Flowering Cactuar (FC): More akin to the Treefolk of the forests than either of its more visible cousins, the Flowering Cactuar is ever-covered in blooms and quite passive. However, its passivity belies its utter willingness to follow and protect its fellow Cactuars or even other monsters or humans it has befriended, protecting them even from death with its resurrecting, blooming Budding. (Immune: ???.)

Now let's see if I can get some actual work done for once. (Probably not.)

Isolating EDIT: Wolves & Cactuars get "segregated" from the fourteen other monsters shared with Human Advancement. Besides that, Aevis is no longer under construction.
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