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Update, fixed Black Jynx for good.
Long time no see, and no update.

This update rolls in a patch that turns Jynx black.  Yep, that Jynx.  It was made by SCD and ShadowOne333 for both projects, and it's definitely optional.  So if you like that knock yourself out.

EDIT: Seems that there's some sort of bug with Black Jynx clashing with another optional patch.  I'm still figuring out where the conflict is.
Quote from: Magic Gladii on June 06, 2018, 09:06:24 am
Unfortunately, I'm not able to translate the rest of the Japanese dialog. At the moment, I'm kind of at a loss when it comes to the rest of the story-related text (Brave Story, Rumors, etc).

Everything I have re-written thus far (besides events) is related to the game's mechanics. Some of the game's help messages and explanations are.. less than helpful, and I personally don't think an exact translation is required here.

If anyone knows of the existence of accurate translations for the rest of the game's dialog, I would very much appreciate being made aware of them.
Sorry for the late quote, but though I would not call these 100% accurate and I'm unsure just how much it could be of use, if it helps I have a patch for most of the menu terms: http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=11313.0

Feel free to use whatever you wish if any of this is of use to you.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Chronosplit's small patches.
December 12, 2017, 04:26:26 pm
A few years back I put out a patch for FFTA on RHDN that basically contained a whole lot of the All in One editor's capabilities.  It was me just learning the ropes in hacking and it showed pretty badly.  However, there were bits and pieces of that which could still find some use so I decided to upload a pack of them.  These patches should be useable in most FFTA hacks for those of you who would like a little tweaking to your start, the only exception being those that radically alter starting jobs around (and Hume jobs at all in Marche's case; it would only alter that specific patch however).

Alternate Party: remixes the beginning party in a way that shakes things up a little, but keeps the original's versatility.  I believe it goes like this:
Montblanc>Animist (also edits the tutorial battle with the Bangaas, just to change Montblanc's class and starting gear.)
Nu Mou>Black Mage
Viera>White Mage

Equipment is the best equal I could manage to the original party.  Balance-wise this doesn't really effect much outside of the jobs you can get a tiny bit earlier (for example a Nu Mou has more availability from the Black Mage line than any other race), Dueling Sub requiring you to change jobs for a few days, and Montblanc being more physically oriented than before.

Marche Jobs: sets Marche's Job to what name it states on the patch from the start (any Hume job), but with equipment to match the low level of Marche's original kit.  So the weakest weapon with a class ability is given, Cuirass is switched to Leather Garb/head equipment to replace the shield when it can't be equipped, etc..  Other than that, he basically behaves like any recruited character in that he knows no abilities of any other jobs and you get to basically choose what you want for your starting stats.  A couple of things to note:
-The beginning battle was used to make this change like with Montblanc (you can use both this and Alternate Party at the same time), however the text in this event is unchanged.  This is the only time your job is really ever mentioned, but it only means they mention Swords and Soldiers when they aren't there for the sake of tutorial.  While I would look into changing this, I'd rather compatibility with other patches be a factor in the future.
-Blue Mage also gives you Goblin Punch, because you have no abilities and you'd be getting it in the first scenario anyway.
-Illusionist unfortunately has the Firewheel Rod, due to it being the earliest weapon with an ability attached.  At least Paladin doesn't have a Knightsword...
-For some unknown reason Marche's innate Combo ability is hard to fandangle.  He starts in the tutorial battle with Combat Combo, and keeps it on the map.  However I have also given Marche his class's combo ability, and once you go to his ability menu and choose that Combat Combo goes to the grave (unless you teach it to him as a Soldier later, of course).
Non-FFT Modding / Re: Software Similar to FFTPatcher?
October 02, 2017, 05:11:47 pm
Quote from: mrjane on September 26, 2017, 07:00:58 pm
So I had a blast playing around with FFTPatcher on my last FFT playthrough. Does anyone know of other games that have an easy to use editor like this? Doesn't matter what platform. Preferably RPGs or SRPGs (or similar type games). Thanks!

-Temporal Flux has been pretty easy to work with on Chrono Trigger.  The game has limits if you want it quick and easy though, but I had an easy time working on text fixes.
-FFVI has FF3USME, and that takes care of most things, though I've had very little success in getting it to work at 100% in Wine.  There is also a treasure trove of patches for it.
-FFIX has Hades Workshop, that's easy to use compared to the other Playstation mainline FFs.
-Pokemon has tons of these of which the hacking community is completely built on.  YAPE is the painless Pokemon editor if you're just hacking the original with no additions to moves or Pokedex, but for more complicated stuff there are others like G3T and Hopeless Trainer Editor.  There are also plenty of randomizers out there.
-I know that the Megaman Battle Network series has a bunch of methods for creating crazy battles and the like.  I think most of this is done by hex editing though, I haven't gone very far with it.
News / Re: Help save RHDN and Data Crystal
September 09, 2017, 11:06:44 am
Quote from: nitwit
Can you post any chatlogs of the bolded portion?

Sorry about the late reply.  Here's what I got from some anons, since you asked.  It's around other places now I think so I don't really think it's going to exasperate anything (I don't want to explode it any farther either), I can't really say what else is out there:

(Given this is imgur, the first link might be taken down.  Let me know if this is the case and I'll attach the file or something.  The second one has quotes from staff but not screenshots.)
And yet again, another Trainer Sprite De-Green update.  This one updates the Town Map player indicator head.  This should be the last roundup for that one, it took a while due to them being uncompressed.
News / Re: Help save RHDN and Data Crystal
August 28, 2017, 06:02:58 pm
Let's see...

-No talk about exact money numbers of what site costs go per month/year, or how much a site design job would cost.  Just clean 500 dollar increments, with the thousand one not really offering anything new.  Looks shady already.
-No comments or questions about the Patreon are allowed.  The linked thread is locked saying that none are necessary, and the thread with conversation about the new site layout was locked.  There have supposedly been reports that if you mention the Patreon you should expect your thread getting silently nuked.  Hmm...
-Most of the perks are content we had full use of before (in fact these were barred for days beforehand with no explanation given).  One part of existing forum content just happens to be where you usually report bugs, meaning preferential treatment to those who have paid.
-Staff didn't even know about this until it was sprung on them, multiple sources confirm this.
-No one asked the community to lend a helping hand to the site, which as mentioned before is full of NEETs who would be glad to help out the last big central group for their hobby.  There were opportunities many times to bring it up, we were just talking about site features and site members even have answered Help Wanted Ad posts related to site updating.

My crap radar's all over the place.  This is by far and away the worst handled Patreon I've ever laid eyes on, and to be frank if it isn't a scam it has a really bad way of showing it isn't.  I wish it wasn't this bad because I use the archives, but I can't on good conscience support this.  In fact I backed up my junk to MEGA in response to it.
-Trainer Sprite De-Green has been updated again; fixed the water reflection sprites (turns out they use a whole other set for some reason).
-Added MEGA link as a backup.  The zip files you want are the same name.  All but one file is my junk, if you'd like an explanation for any of them I'm able to do so.
ShadowOne333 updated Trainer De-Green to version 1.1, intros and credit images are now accounted for.
Quote from: MyOwnHarem on June 02, 2017, 08:35:49 pm
Does Mirage Island work the same way, and if so, is the Pokemon Emerald RNG fixed in this patch?

Mirage Island works as in vanilla, and the RNG fix was the first thing I put in. :P

In other news, the last patch is up.  For real.  No more updates for this one.  Found and tackled down the last straggling goofs.  As for National Dex mentioning other Pokemon... sorry, never got around to it.  Just remember that the first grunt held a Poochyena.  Just assume they have a box account and they're hanging around in there.
Sorry that I've been not around, I've been doing the finishing touches and update spam on another project.

Quote from: Raijinili on May 27, 2017, 08:50:07 pm
Hey, wanna properly transcribe the Apocalypse Now quotes?

I found out through this video that the Deep Dungeons are based on Apocalypse Now, and through Wikia that they have descriptions which look like quotes from the movie.

The descriptions are found under Menu/Options Help, in "WLDHELP.LZW/3. Menu/Options Help", items 144-153.

HORROR's in-game description:Movie quote from WikiQuote:

That certainly came out of nowhere, that's pretty cool.  It shouldn't be very hard to identify the quotes if this is true.  If it all works out properly I don't see why I couldn't do that.
Quick, somewhat embarrassing fix: for some reason Castform was still Castfrom. Apparently it's used so little that no one really brought this up and I had never noticed. Don't expect a whole bunch of updates to come up or anything, it was kind of a scramble to get this done. Enjoy!
Hmm... I'm thinking Mara's the closest we're ever going to get.  Spirit ties in with the quote.

The only thing I can think of that's even close to Hydragon is stuff about waterfall meditation.
Quote from: Raijinili on April 07, 2017, 02:13:44 pm
Brimstone Sword. Though that's late Christian mythology rather than Buddhist. "Hellish" is kinda weird to me in general.

I prefer "Polaris Crush" for gameplay recognizability.

Will do, kinda want to look at bags and monster skills little more beforehand though (I don't think there's much more to change in monsters though).

Hellish on Ashura can be replaced by Infernal.  It's the only one case after Brimstone.

EDIT: Oh, then I realized I left Sword as Blade in untruth on one patch... guess that hotfix is coming out soon!
EDIT 2: That's up.
OK so, Un-Truth.  This will be the placemark, if something better gets completed only Altered will be using this.  It's basically a melding of mine and Timbo's, furthermore a melding of the original and WOTL.  They actually look really good on the menus, so that's a plus right off the bat.

Heavenly Thunder>Infernal Thunder
Ashura>Hellish Ashura
Adamantine Sword>Hellish Sword (About my earlier mention of Adamantitite, I was wrong, it refers to Adamantine which means unbreakable.  Adamantite is harder than Diamond in FF but still breakable.  That would mean perhaps the Un-Truth version could be made of  metal, but it's best to stay on track here.)
Hydra Maelstrom>Hyudra Maelstrom (Use of the monster catalog here to meld together the original and WOTL, can also just go Maelstrom/Hellish Maelstrom.)
Celestial Void>Corporeal Void
Sky Demon>Infernal Demon (Nope, no Divinity.)

Hellish can be Infernal or Nether, but I feel like Nether loses it's place a little when the job name isn't Netherseer. *shrug*

And (so far), the Swordskills:
Split Strike>Splitting Strike
Crush Strike>Polaris Strike
Lightning Stab>Lightning Thrust
Shellbust Stab>Shellbust Thrust
Polaris Strike>Starbomb Strike
Hellcry Strike>Hellscream Strike

Next version is almost done, I want to see if something can be done with bags (not much can tbh), and then it goes out.
EDIT: Not really (like, anything I can think of goes over and is completely fabricated), I'm just going to go ahead and patch, something else comes up I'll update.  A good few unused (for now) ideas are going in the FAQ though.
EDIT 2: And it's up.
Quote"Hadouken" is often translated as "Wave Motion Fist/Punch", while Wave Fist is "Hadougeki", so it can be translated as "Wave Motion Strike" (波動撃). Other Fist abilities (Spin, Repeating, Secret) use "ken" (拳).

I think I'm going to lean on "close enough" here.  The original captures it alright IMO.

QuoteSecret Fist is Hikou Ken (秘孔拳), which the Fist of the North Star wikia translates as "Hidden Points".

I'm perfectly good with Death Touch, considering it causes (eventual) death this fits well.  Fist of the North Star is a pretty awesome reference that plenty would appreciate though, and if you wanted buddies with Hamedo (I want to keep that as long as I can get away with it because it turns out to be a pretty neat trick, though if I'm honest with myself with Blade Grasp I should probably be using First Strike) there are a couple of options there.

QuoteIMO, a conservative name fix should skew close to the original names, so that they're recognizable for gameplay purposes.

This is true, but when it comes to the Woolseyisms occasionally sacrifices need to be made.  With Life-Severing perhaps a synonym for both Split and Sever, or Splitting would probably work.

Stasis Sword is perfectly fine, especially since Dark Sword and Night Sword will still be around.

QuoteWhat's wrong with Blastar anyway? It's Punny.

It's punderful, but also not the best of puns.  When I was younger I got Hydragon but not Blastar.  A really conservative way to the translation is Blackstar but that demolishes the point.  So we're talking stars in mostly Divine Knight skills, and Starry Heaven is shared both by that and Olan's skillset.  An astrology reference can connect the three, and Polaris is a pretty evil star while also known as the lord of the heavens.

While the analogy fits it's not the best idea though, yeah I should probably change it.  However, considering we're talking about the only swordskill that causes Death it is a possibility for replacing Northstar.  I have Northstar already used in Altered anyway.

QuoteStarburst Strike

"Taste the rainbow... Starburst Strike!"  Sorry, had to.

QuoteI know that the ' is too wide (4 pixels instead of 2). This was fixed in WotL.

That explains it.  So basically if I'm to use one of those buggers I need to use it instead of a space and hope for the best.  That wouldn't work for hyphens either way, oh well.  Ignnus Fatuus is staying then.
Quote from: Timbo on April 05, 2017, 03:07:08 pm
Here are my choices for the other controversial skill names. I'm sure they aren't all winners, but this is what I came up with:

Note: Again, I don't speak japanese and I'm not qualified to translate but I am qualified to localize a translation. Localization is important because language isn't simple and cultures can't always translate. When trying to choose between sword and blade or punch and strike  I go with whatever sounds best. I shoot for assonance and consonance whenever possible.


QuoteSpinning Fist
Pummeling Fist
Wave Fist
Earth Slash
Death Touch (Secret Hole Fist probably refers to punching the Death point in qigong internal healing also known as dim mak or Death Touch as it's referred to by westerners.
Purify (Stigma probably better translates to stoma which means opening so pore surgury is probably accurate, which is probably their phrase qigong healing but seriously it's not worth it. Purify or Purification if you want to be WotL is probably all you need)

I like this, but I'd probably put Earth Slash into Earth Render; that's about how they run with it in other Tactics games (No, Wave Fist =/= Air Render, it would be Far Fist actually but Wave fits better in this case due to Far Fist not having the same effects.).  Interesting, I didn't know that about Secret Fist.  I almost actually used Holy Sign from FFTA for Stigma Magic because it's about the same deal but not quite.  Purify fits better because it runs about the same point as Cleanse.

Hell's Ivy
Wind Slash
Will-o'-the-Wisp (I believe the whole damn thing fits because of the whole demon thing and it referring to the same phenominon)
Bottomless Bog or Peat Bog
Gusty Wind
Lava Ball

The font doesn't like me using ' for one reason or another in names, it results in the whole "o' Wisp" part looking weird in my eyes.  Ignus Fatuus ends up meaning the same thing and moves around the whole text thing plus worry over terrain description line length (will need to check with Bottomless Bog), but I'll have to look at that way of spelling it and see how it looks.  Hell's Ivy would also be Tanglevine as it's been recent FF for a while now and I'll have to crosscheck for other Geomancer things (which aren't many).  I agree with these in general though.  The Bog especially needed an update.

QuoteUnwavering Blade (Stasis Sword is very iconic though and it works just fine)
Life-Severing Strike
North Star Strike
Lightning Thust (stab is more iconic but its goofy sounding)
Holy Explosion (Holy Explosive Break sounds cool but I don't think it fits)

Yeah Stasis Sword is staying, even if I didn't keep Steady Sword.  I'm usually on the fence about wholly replacing Swordskills as it's part of the feel of the original translation in a way (you could call it charm), but I mostly like what I'm reading here.  Life-Severing Strike is too long though (Life-Split perhaps?), and since I did North Star as one word in Altered I'll probably do the same here.

QuoteShellbust Thrust (Armorbreak Thrust might fit but bust and thrust has assonance)
Starburst Strike
Hellscream Strike (scream and strike have consonance)
Biting Icewolf Break (or unchanged if you kept Stasis Sword)

Hmm... Shellbust Stab is almost iconic enough to keep by itself (then again, that could be just me playing ToME addon classes), but the small edit has it nicely done and I like the flow.  Polaris is a way more liberal take than Starburst, but I feel like Divine Knights need something Astrology related.  It's about even.  Icewolf Bite is staying.  Hellscream is brilliant.

QuoteDark Holy (because Unholy, Unholy Darkness, Darkness, Profane, etc. all sound less cool and fail to capture the fact that this is a bizzaro version of the Holy spell, which if you ask me is the intention of the spell)
Magic Barrier or Barrier (Aegis as a spell is not very Final Fantasy)

Dark Holy was unchanged, I agree.  Whoo!

Aegis I stole from WOTL.  You're correct, I'll probably change that to Magic Barrier (or Membrane?  Nah, Magic Barrier is better.  Why did they use MBarrier again?)

Stuff I'm considering so far, I took a look over of enemy abilities while I was around and realized some stuff the second go:
Spin Fist>Spinning Fist
Repeating Fist>Pummeling Fist
Earth Slash>Earth Render
Secret Fist>Death Touch
Stigma Magic>Purify
Sinkhole>Pitfall (According to FFVI this can also be Snare but I don't think they're the same thing, heck in some translation patches it's Pitfall.)
Quicksand>Bottomless Bog (testing)
Wind Blast>Gust (FFV)
Magma Surge>Lava Ball

Phantom>Esper (Because Phantom is supposed to be Phantom Beast which is Esper.)

Spin Punch>Whirlwind (The other FF spinning punching thing.  Makes it more different from Spinning Fist.)
Swing Down>Pickaxe
Wave Around>Pickaxe Spin
Shine Lover>Shiny! (Unless you think this is dumb.)
Scratch Up>Talon Scratch

Platina>Platinum in general (Why did they do this again?)
Adaman Vest>Adamant Vest
Hidden Knife>Hidden Edge (The idea here is to differentiate these slightly from actual Knives, same reason as Poles.)
Spell Edge>Spellbinder
Sasuke Knife>Sasuke Edge
Iga Knife>Iga Edge
Koga Knife>Koga Edge
-Due to this large amount of change to them, Altered will no longer have original Ninja stuff names.

Swordskills and others are still in the oven, expect changes (But not for anything else in Altered).
Quote from: Raijinili on April 04, 2017, 04:24:31 pm
Vritra looks to be exclusively Hindu (but see this), while Vajra also appears in Buddhism, not always in connection to Indra. It's possible that the names are Hindu-themed rather than Buddhist-themed.
I'm thinking Buddhism would be the most likely choice between the two.

Hey, for Sky Demon.  What about Mara?

Quote from: Timbo on April 05, 2017, 01:24:08 am
The thing is that these abilities feel like they desperately need embellishment and localization, so phrases like "space storage" and "hydragon pit" sound like wonky nonsense. I went over this a dozen times before I finally just said fuck it and decided the best thing is a compromise between the literal, vanilla, and WotL translations.
After a while, I'm thinking that ultimately you're correct in that more and more of the terms are like Blastar Punch.  There's just no other way around it but either an (almost) complete redo or a compromise.

I've got an idea starting to form, but I want to see if we can complete the Buddhism angle first.
1. Definitely possible, that's mostly it for Truth.  Un-Truth is the hard point though, it'd probably end up #2 by the time it's done as the "Back" parts used shortened names for a reason.
2. Still keeping this open.  This is likely it.
3. The results are actually pretty good, but I fear readability issues.
4. I've been liking this more and more because it gives no trouble text-wise, but it'd be more like WOTL with less Hell/Nether (though it would be kept in Heaven Thunder and Ashura at least).
5. Now that is really cool and I love it.  However given the patch's point I don't think this is the right direction to go.  Putting it in the FAQ for in case anyone wants to edit the .ffttext files might be nice however.  I may end up using Vajra Sword either way though, because of it's sandskrit meaning fitting in better than diamond (if not it'll be Adamantite).

Space Storage I think is supposed to be referencing The Void, which is something that somewhat exists throughout all the worlds.  Often it's different from space.  One could almost reference FFV in this case (it is often done when The Void is mentioned in the same game as a fake Excalibur, one wonders if Gilgamesh was planned but scrapped...) but text limits kinda prevent that.  So basically, Void is more in the right direction.  Void Cache or even Pocket (can be a double meaning; a pocket of void and as in pocket dimension or pocket universe) sounds most appropriate to me.

(Here's something interesting to deal with water dragons though: Vritra.  The dragon blocking rivers, slain by Indra using Vajra.  Maybe?)