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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Chronosplit's small patches.
December 12, 2017, 04:26:26 pm
A few years back I put out a patch for FFTA on RHDN that basically contained a whole lot of the All in One editor's capabilities.  It was me just learning the ropes in hacking and it showed pretty badly.  However, there were bits and pieces of that which could still find some use so I decided to upload a pack of them.  These patches should be useable in most FFTA hacks for those of you who would like a little tweaking to your start, the only exception being those that radically alter starting jobs around (and Hume jobs at all in Marche's case; it would only alter that specific patch however).

Alternate Party: remixes the beginning party in a way that shakes things up a little, but keeps the original's versatility.  I believe it goes like this:
Montblanc>Animist (also edits the tutorial battle with the Bangaas, just to change Montblanc's class and starting gear.)
Nu Mou>Black Mage
Viera>White Mage

Equipment is the best equal I could manage to the original party.  Balance-wise this doesn't really effect much outside of the jobs you can get a tiny bit earlier (for example a Nu Mou has more availability from the Black Mage line than any other race), Dueling Sub requiring you to change jobs for a few days, and Montblanc being more physically oriented than before.

Marche Jobs: sets Marche's Job to what name it states on the patch from the start (any Hume job), but with equipment to match the low level of Marche's original kit.  So the weakest weapon with a class ability is given, Cuirass is switched to Leather Garb/head equipment to replace the shield when it can't be equipped, etc..  Other than that, he basically behaves like any recruited character in that he knows no abilities of any other jobs and you get to basically choose what you want for your starting stats.  A couple of things to note:
-The beginning battle was used to make this change like with Montblanc (you can use both this and Alternate Party at the same time), however the text in this event is unchanged.  This is the only time your job is really ever mentioned, but it only means they mention Swords and Soldiers when they aren't there for the sake of tutorial.  While I would look into changing this, I'd rather compatibility with other patches be a factor in the future.
-Blue Mage also gives you Goblin Punch, because you have no abilities and you'd be getting it in the first scenario anyway.
-Illusionist unfortunately has the Firewheel Rod, due to it being the earliest weapon with an ability attached.  At least Paladin doesn't have a Knightsword...
-For some unknown reason Marche's innate Combo ability is hard to fandangle.  He starts in the tutorial battle with Combat Combo, and keeps it on the map.  However I have also given Marche his class's combo ability, and once you go to his ability menu and choose that Combat Combo goes to the grave (unless you teach it to him as a Soldier later, of course).
Non-FFT Modding / FFIX Thunder Slash Fix
November 02, 2016, 07:37:01 pm
Most of you probably know how Steiner's glitch goes: Thunder Slash is broke, and it isn't intended to be because Beatrix's works due to being a separate version of the same ability.  I got down to business and finally found a fix for this.  Turns out it was never Power or Accuracy and it seems the rumors about Iai Strike having anything to do with it are moose hockey, it was simply assigned to the Gravity Magic damage formula by mistake.  Thunder Slash by itself shares all the stats as Steiner's other damage abilities: no inherent accuracy (which is why it was missing constantly under Gravity), similar power levels, in general nothing majorly deviates the norm for weapon attacks in his more powerful A-Abilities.

Here's a small patch that changes it to Magic Weapon like Climhazzard.  TS is slightly in the middle of Steiner's direct damage abilities, doing damage to a single enemy that's more than Stock Break but slightly less than Climhazzard and much less than Shock.  These are your standard PPF patches, use them on a v1.1 US PS1 edition (I don't think the PC release fixed this one, but I'm not 100% sure).

RHDN link in case the attached files don't work for whatever reason (also has Bin info).
I might as well post up my other little projects here since some GBA projects are around.  This one really is finished.  :D

This is a three-pronged effort to achieve what "Emu Edition" hacks have done: give you all the Pokemon in the game without trading, and without impacting the game itself too much.  Hoenn Dex involves only obtaining the whole Regional Dex and original gameplay, National Dex Light enables all 386 Pokemon without trainer changes, and plain National Dex Edition has trainers changed across the board to fully integrate all the Pokemon to the region (these are mostly simple swaps for the sake of variety and expansion, however I paid special attention to things like Teams which were extremely dull).  Both National Dex versions give you the Pokedex's upgrade seamlessly when you obtain it, without even a separate prompt.  There are also some quality of life improvements:
-Full decapitalization (and I mean everything, except a few scant exceptions in the FAQ)
-New and improved Pokemon Sprites (animations and all, plus optional Pokemon Menu Icons that match the changes.)
-Restored Ferry events, including the Mew one the US never got.  Tickets replace a few inconsequential Item Balls (they also set the required flags), they're rather easy to obtain.
-Bugfixes like Hackmew's RNG fix and Pomeg Berry fix.  Also, fix to that one May battle with Torkoal that exists in bad dumps.
-Running indoors
-Some stuff changed from green to their original colors, an optional patch restores the trainer sprites.
-Changes to obtaining Feebas (the original method is still there unharmed.)
-The last Rival Battle uses the fully evolved Starter.
-Edits to the Battle Frontier stores that allow you to reobtain all the TMs, Stones, and Berries.
-Battle Frontier's trade was altered to give you Jirachi, Meowth was put into one of the extra Safari Zone areas in Hoenn Dex.
-No sound corruption (this shouldn't be here really but... you know what I mean if you've played earlier Emerald things before.)

Oh, and here's the legend of evolution changes:
Machoke, Graveler, and Kadabra evolve by happiness.
Scyther evolves at level 26.
Haunter evolves by happiness in the nighttime.
Feebas evolves by happiness in the daytime.
Onix evolves at level 45.
Poliwhirl evolves to Politoed at level 35.
Porygon evolves at level 24.
Slowpoke (to Slowking) and Seadra evolve with Water Stone.
Clamperl evolves via Happiness; Huntail at night and Gorebyss at day.

There are also a whole bunch of optional patches to both, as I sought to make this hack as modular as possible in order to appease all tastes.  Everything from a simple Day/Night mode to recognize what time it is, to uncensoring, to restoring moves that are not present in Emerald but are present in other Gen 3 games.

MEGA link, in case these are unreachable: https://mega.nz/#F!OI91hCTb!07Tsx9_auVpG1ksRFUDgsA
I believe I can confidently post this up there.  This project is functionally done, but updates may still happen.

This little patch fixes and updates Ability, Equipment, Job/Monster, Treasure, and Unexplored Land names in PS1 FFT.  The goal for this is that the original translation's vibe and original intents are preserved, while making something more recognizable with common FF naming conventions and fixing translation errors.  This means a lot of abilities aren't using the War of the Lions terminology, though some were updated as such.  Some terms have not been changed or have been lifted from other FF games where applicable, mostly the GBA and PS1 eras of FF (for a minor example of what I mean, instead of Hasteja it's Hastega), and I've even delved into literal translations of ability names.

As of now there are three patches, Altered exists mostly for the sake of Swordskill (Stasis Sword etc.) names.  There may be more differences to come as we move along.  No Suffixes uses spell names with the original 2/3/4 instead of -ra/-ga/-ja.  .ffttext files are also provided with all patches for those who might find them useful.

RHDN Link, has the preferred ISO information, quick Readme, etc.
Yet another alternate MEGA mirror.

Latest version does a huge amount this time. Big thanks to Raijinili and Timbo.

Job Ability Names:
Spin Fist>Spinning Fist
Repeating Fist>Pummeling Fist (Also fixed the quote not matching.)
Earth Slash>Earth Render
Secret Fist>Death Touch (Secret Hole Fist may refer to punching the Death point in qigong internal healing also known as dim mak, or Death Touch as it's referred to in the west.)
Stigma Magic>Purify
Sinkhole>Pitfall (According to FFVI this can also be Snare, but I don't think they're the same thing.  In fact, some FFVI text patches refer to that as Pitfall.)
Quicksand>Bottomless Bog
Wind Blast>Gust (FFV)
Magma Surge>Lava Ball
Split Strike>Splitting Strike
Crush Strike>Polaris Strike
Lightning Stab>Lightning Thrust
Shellbust Stab>Shellbust Thrust
Polaris Strike>Starbomb Strike
Hellcry Strike>Hellscream Strike
Heaven Thunder>Heavenly Thunder
Diamond Blade>Adamantine Sword
Hydragon Pit>Hydra Maelstrom (A melding of both the original and WOTL)
Space Storage>Celestial Void
Hell Thunder>Infernal Thunder
Hell Ashura>Hellish Ashura
Nether Blade>Hellish Sword
Helldragon Pit>Hyudra Maelstrom (Like the monster catalog.)
Nether Space>Corporeal Void
Nether Demon>Infernal Demon
Aegis>Magic Barrier

Monster Ability Names:
-Fixed Toadga appearance in No Suffixes
-For some reason, Eschaton was Alpha in No Suffixes.  Whoops.
Spin Punch>Whirlwind
Scratch Up>Talon Scratch
Shine Lover>Shiny!
Swing Down>Pickaxe
Wave Around>Pickaxe Spin
Blow Fire>Breathe Fire

Skillset Names:
Phantom>Esper (Phantom Beast)

Equipment Names:
-Because of the extensive changes to Ninja Swords, Altered will no longer have the original names.
Platina Dagger>Platinum Dagger
Hidden Knife>Hidden Edge
Spell Edge>Spellbinder
Sasuke Knife>Sasuke Edge
Iga Knife>Iga Edge
Koga Knife>Koga Edge
Platina Shield>Platinum Shield
Platina Helmet>Platinum Helmet
Platina Armor>Platinum Armor
Adaman Vest>Adamant Vest

Terrain Descriptions:
New Geomancy name compliance.

-Updated Change List.
-Updated FAQ.

-Fixed Un-Truth Brimstone Sword in textfix
-Updated Swordskill quotes in Altered.
Polaris Strike>Polaris Crush
Hellish Ashura>Infernal Ashura
Hellish Sword>Brimstone Sword

Provided no bugs happen, this is it except for updates to the .ffttext files with new tool releases.  I can't think of much else I can do that doesn't require a full retranslation.  Maybe Bags or updating Truth/Un-Truth if something better comes along.
I'm assuming this patch is as complete as it's going to be, looking at the times present on the subforum's latest posts.

So my main question is here, what bugs still persist from the discussions outside of the books not being translated?  Anything really awful that would hinder my gameplay completely or crash the game?