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There's something else I noticed, as well; it's very easy to strengthen your team once you unlock the Auction Houses; you can set it up so it happens in Ashleaf, then spam Coppersun, Goldsun, and Silversun repeatable quests (specifically Wanted: Barmaid and Great Land Festival once you've trained your Moogle Thief into Gadgeteer enough to reach Juggler and MAYBE Reagent Run and Sun-Ripened Mayhem by Dispatch if your team is high enough) to build up CP.  While using the speed up function of Desmume, I managed to get 9999 CP in like 6 hours

Then you can get constant sources of Gil by selling the items you don't need from the Auctions (after becoming Region Master of Camoa, Gratzton and Moorabella).  Even in the main game, the Auctions half-ruined the game, but it's kinda put habitual into my brain to do them.

Rinse and repeat by going to Lezaford's house to sleep, and you've got a system to make the game easy.  Hell, I've gotten 2 White Robes, an Excalibur, a Mjolnir, a Ribbon, a Sage's Robe, and a few other amazing things solely from Auctions. 

Personally, I think auctions should rarely (5 - 10%) give good items like that, and ONLY as Grand Prizes, so if you're able to edit the prizes and chances of them appearing, I feel you should do so; otherwise, the Regional Master variant of the Auction Houses could be a veritable troublemaker for any FFTA2 romhack...
Just started playing this morning, and while it's different, it's also fairly enjoyable now that I'm not dealing with The Yellow Wings; that fight took forever!  Only feedback is that I feel that early on, the MP costs are too restrictive, leaving you to be forcibly hit by Counters or proc Critical: Quickens, only for them to fully heal themselves using Quicken Potions. 

Yeah, it seems like every time an enemy uses an item, it gains Quicken.  1/4 chance of it is a bit too high; I'd understand if it was 1/10 (10%), but 1/4 (25%) is too high.  Hell, I took a chance with Cure (or whatever it was renamed as) to obtain a Magic Urn with my Nu Mou Black Mage in the one early mission with the Lamias.  It took 3 cures, and I got Quicken each time.  Honestly, if you lower the baseline cure spell to maybe 6 and remove the Quicken effect, as well as remove quicken from items, it'll be a lot fairer (for both sides).  Love the Phoenix Down changes (which I assume is based off of Raise), since you don't have to spend an item to revive an ally only for a random archer to snipe them from Quicken Boost into an attack.

Other than that, it's a really good romhack, and will probably continue to enjoy it.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: Chapter 2 Progress Log
January 18, 2017, 02:17:38 pm
Quote from: Dido on January 14, 2017, 07:31:45 am
How is the progress of JOT5 Ch.2? I'm looking forward to this second part, I'm from Brazil and a fan of the Tactics saga.

Congratulations on keeping this game alive. You guys are fucking!

Um... I think you missed a word there lol
bump for not dead status... I guess.
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 18, 2015, 12:14:04 am
Quote from: theultrawolf on December 09, 2015, 06:09:02 pm
Use the latest version of FFTacText. The version .483 bundle comes with FFTPatcher, FFTacText, FFTorgASM, and ShiShi Sprite Editor. Unfortunately, unless you edit the executable for FFTPatcher, the ability names won't change to reflect the TacText changes, but it's not really important; you just have to remember which abilities correspond to what. Usually when I'm doing edits, I'll keep TacText and Patcher open at the same time for reference. Another boon for the PSX - the QuickEdit (only use this unless you want a lot of confusion) is much more comprehensive than for the PSP version. When editing WoTL, it was irritating to have to search endlessly through the various text files to do edits.

Honestly, I was just going to change the names to the WotL version, such as Fira(ga/ja), Thundara/ga/ja, etc. and Gain JP UP to JP Boost and Move JP UP to Accrue JP, for example.

Also, Jumza, there's no way I could be happy with the spritesheet (you'd understand if you saw it...).  So yeah, I'll try to figure something out.  Already got the Monsters done (except for the custom monster... thinking a custom Ultima Demon would be great as a main character lol), and the classes I wanted (still need to do the custom monster and also may need an ASM Hack for the Paragon so it can use all magic like Jot5's Ganondorf, which I replaced Princess for Paragon, since she won't be in my story... MC will be on a different mission somewhere in the desert during that 'fun part' in Ch. 2 at the waterfall and will also never encounter Delita, as well... maybe except in Ch. 4 or something towards the end of the game... could be a boss, if people like Delita or something).  I'll have to take away the random Ramza encounters for random battles idea I had, since it seems like it'd be a bit too difficult to impliment, especially keeping his class the same version to the current chapter (my story goes alongside Ramza's, if you couldn't tell).  Also got SOME of the treasures I wanted, and may need ASM Hacks to get the rest good.  I'll update my post under ideas with this info, and once I get more done... I'll make a project post.  Basically like 5-10% donewith the project outside of the testing phase (I think), and about 50-55% done with what I can do on my own.
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 09, 2015, 11:36:28 pm
Quote from: Jumza on December 09, 2015, 06:18:27 pm
Editing the names that appear in all the programs packaged with FFTP is very easy actually. Go to one of the tabs on the top of FFTP, click 'Generate Resources.Zip', it will create a file in that directory called Resources.zip, open it up and you will see it is full of folders and XML files. Go into the PSX section and edit those XML files to reflect the changes you make! Just know that these changes are for the programs, to change in game text you need to use FFTacText!

I see... I guess I'm gonna need FFTacText and figure out how to use that, as well...   one more question for now: Will anyone useful in spriting be able to edit a spritesheet for me, or maybe someone tell me where I can ask about that?  I have a spritesheet that's mostly right, except for the head.  Wanted either a custom head with short brown hair (similar to Ramza's hair, but flatter with a red headband) or a generic Monk head attached to it.
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 09, 2015, 05:34:03 pm
I have a few more questions involving the PSX base of FFTP: How do I change the names of skills?  (Basically turn X 2 into -ra spells and X 3 into -ga spells?  Same for X 4 into -ja spells)
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 09, 2015, 05:06:49 pm
Quote from: Toshiko on December 09, 2015, 06:42:51 am
The gulf between what is possible on FFT vs WotL is as deep as the gulf between modding PSX FFVII and PC FFVII. No lie. Every time I see someone wanting to mod WotL, I scream. It's not because of personal opinions on WotL (which are poor, I won't mince words), it's because you are seriously just making us claw our faces off. You will ask questions that won't get answered. You will ask for things that are impossible to do. It is infuriating. Stop trying to mod WotL when you can accomplish more, easier, and with more help on FFT. Goddammit.

I can see where you're coming from, but as a newcomer myself, you should also understand that not everyone is as knowledgeable about hacking games as you guys are.  I didn't know that limitations are a pain in the ass there, so obviously, I wouldn't even know the difference about the two games at all, except for the fact that PSP just ran slower normally when spells are unleashed.

Still, I get it now, and knowing what I do now, I'll most likely change up my plan to make it into the PSX version. 
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 09, 2015, 01:37:02 am
Quote from: Jumza on December 08, 2015, 09:31:46 pm
Well let's see!

Sanguine Sword: It's in PSX, it's just in Gaffy's skillset. So is...

Infernal Strike: Yup. Gaffy again.

Crushing Blow: Easy-Peasy to make. Seriously.

Abyssal Blade: The cone AOE on this one could be a little more difficult to replicate, Dokurider made and ASM to replicate this effect, but I'm not sure it ever was released 100% bug free.

Unholy Sacrifice: Another one that should be easy to make.

I mean, if you open up the FFTP, you'll see that creating abilities such as these are a piece of cake! Of course, if you have any questions, just ask!

I see... thanks.  I'll be sure to ask around if I can think of anything, and maybe in the end I will switch to the PSX version.
Help! / Re: Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 08, 2015, 09:21:15 pm
I see... it's a shame, since some of the abilities my MC gets follow under the Dark Knight class...  If there was a way to rip them from WotL to the PSX version, maybe... otherwise, I'm just gonna be sad :c
Help! / Questions involving FFTP (Move if necessary)
December 08, 2015, 06:15:22 pm
I'm using FFTP to make a project idea I've been working on and off with for a while now.  I have a few questions about class setting, renaming, and removing, as well as a support ability I found.

I wanted to make a new class (Paragon, learns a few enemy spells along with spells in the main magic lines).  How can I go about setting this to replace squire, so I can make it her main class using FFTP, and can I do so by replacing a Mime or Arithmatist to make the class, or must I replace one of the other changeable classes?

Support Ability CT 0: Does that make all spells cast immediately?

I'm using WotL as a base, despite the criticism from others... I at least want to try.  If it doesn't work out, I'll use the PSX version (and figure for the life of me how to add Fellswords and the Minerva Bustier)

New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
December 08, 2015, 05:18:01 pm
Quote from: Xifanie on December 08, 2015, 04:56:27 pm
+ Ignoring an admin's reply is a TERRIBLE idea

Btw, if you don't do it yourself, it won't happen. Ever.
You have higher chances of winning the 50 million lottery.

Yeah, I missed that post... actually, I forgot about it lol.  As I said, though, I'm gonna do this; hell, even using FFTP already.  Still, I might need help, and I'll post a New Project thread when I get everything I can do alone done.  Thanks for the constructive criticism, though :)
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
December 08, 2015, 04:38:42 pm
Quote from: Toshiko on December 07, 2015, 04:48:52 pm
Nobody will ASM hack for WotL. If you want help with ASM, switch to PSX version as your base. If you insist on using WotL as a base, you're gonna need to learn to write ASM yourself, without also causing the game to fail catastrophically under its feeble emulation layer.

Trust me, if I understood Hex at ALL, I would've done it myself.  I clearly don't get it, and if it's possible to remove both Multiplayer stuff (while keeping the game itself intact, with a few Dark Swords here and there and a pair of Minerva Bustiers, I would think it may help the game run even better.  Basically, delete what I don't need, keep a few things I might (and put them somewhere else for good measure, so they're hard to come by), it may just work wonders... at least, in theory, anyway.  Also, need to include the speedup patch that someone else made for WotL (can't remember who).

I can do a lot of the classwork (MC and maybe figure out something about the Paragon class), make monsters cast what I want, and maybe put any Ramza encounters as set classes on FFTP (changing them depending on encounter).  I think eventually I can deal with 24 Roster (including guests), since all we're having in the party is 4 characters that can change classes (MC, Paragon, human-like monster, and Reis after changing to normal), and the rest monsters.  So, that's actually a lot of things down, but I would need an advisor, a spriter (I have a spritesheet for the MC that someone made for me, but it needs some alterations), a scripter, and a portrait maker.  I have an idea what the added people will look like, but I have no artistic style whatsoever.  Remember, this is my first attempt at a game, but any help would be appreciated.

Quote from: Jumza on December 07, 2015, 07:34:04 pm
And get your hands dirty with work! You say you want a team because you lack the knowledge, that means you don't really have a great idea of how this stuff works :/ Once you know a little bit about how everything works you'll be able to be more specific with what you want / need, and you'll get a better handle on what your limitations are as (I assume) a non-ASM'er (of course you can always ask the talented people for help :P).

Once you have something to show people, actual work, then they'll flock to you (sometimes)!

I'm actually going to start on what I can do now, though a few of the Unknown effects on FFTP confuse me.  Trust me, I'm getting my hands dirty on what I can do, and asking for help for what I can't.
I have a project idea that I'm going to need help with, specifically with ASM Hacks.  I need someone who can do ASM Hacks for Roster (want 40 available, preferrably with the ability to swap locations with others), and for a new class similar to the math class, but without the tediousness of picking who gets hit, but also matches the spell's natural abilites.  Basically, a Blue Mage that has the ability to learn ALL Magics by either being hit by them or learning them from other classes. 

If any spriters, scripters, ASM Hackers and others wish to help, feel free to PM me.  I need all the help I can get.

My post is on this page:  http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9202.msg212644#msg212644

It'll be done using WoTL as a base, and also removing all Multiplayer crap, if possible (except for a few Minerva Armors/Bustiers/whatever they're called here). 

(If a mod could place this in the ASM Hack section, or whichever one fits best for this post, I'd appreciate it)
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
December 07, 2015, 04:16:01 pm
NOTICE: I will be using WotL Translations for skills/classes, as it's the only version I know of.  If you don't like it, I apologize beforehand.  However, I will most likely use the PSX version for the base.  Just need a way to change the name of the abilities...

Also, deleting old post and making new post for bump... because I'm also asking for help.  May end up doing this after all :D  When I get a few people for the team, I'll plan on making a post under the New Projects thread.  I mainly have a need for ASM Hackers for Roster and a new class, someone to come up with the sprites and portraits, an advisor (someone to assist with the formulation of classes; what gets cut, what gets replaced for what... the fun stuff, basically) and finally, someone to help with scripting and map placement.  Also to remove the damn old british-type talking during conversations (does that count as scripting?)

I have an idea which, unfortunately, I'll need help working on due to lack of prior knowledge of coding, ASM hacks, or anything of the sort.  It, in a way, seems like it could be similar to a Pokemon mod, but in actuality that the MC can only have monsters as allies (except for one other human ally, which I believe would come about around the middle of Ch.3, and one customizable monster ally that can change classes like a human, who would come around Ch. 2), and could only do so once he gains the necessary Support Ability. I have the MC listed under the Job and Etc. Ideas Proposal Thread, with notes for reasoning and possible cuts that may need to be made.  His default name would be Zolias, with the option of changing it (insert shameless self-insert plug banter here).

Dreadlord  (Brave: 70  Faith: 100  Move: 4  Jump: 3  Phys Evade: 20%)

A knight of pure, concentrated darkness, this warrior wields Fell Swords with superior technique. 

Innates: (JP Boost), {Accrue JP} [Halve MP, Swiftness, Lavawalking, Treasure Hunter] 

SIDE NOTE: Accrue JP will only be in Ch.1, as it's the training chapter. Ch.2 and Ch.3 will only retain JP Boost. Ch.4 will have changed him completely, adding Swiftness, Halve MP, Treasure Hunter, and Lavawalking (for a specific Treasure to be obtained at Mt. Bervenia)

Absorb: Dark


Stats when Active Job:  HP: A+  MP: B+  Atk: A-  Mag: B  Speed: A-

Stat Growths:  HP: ***** MP: ***  Atk: ****  Mag: ***  Speed: **

Demonblade: Dreadlord job command. The ultimate in dark sword techniques that inspire fear into their victims.


(Side Note: all skills have no vertical limit, are SP: Now!, and use the weapon's element unless stated otherwise.  Also, Hell's Charge attacks in all 4 directions at once, instead of a choice of one.  Finally, all skills bypass Evasion.)

Shadowblade - Learned
Range: 5  Radius: 1  Effect: Drain HP

Dusk Blade - Learned
Range: 5  Radius: 1  Effect: Drain MP

(Ch.2 Upgrade)

Frozen Enclave - 400 JP
Range: 4  Radius: 3  Effect: Stop

Deathbringer - 350 JP
Range: 3  Radius: 2  Effect: Doom

Graveblade - 500 JP
Range: 3  Radius: 2  Effect: KO

Oppressive Force - 900 JP
Range: 5  Radius: 3  Effect: Silence

(Ch. 3 Upgrade)

Hell's Charge - 2000 JP
Range: 4-dir.  Radius: 7  Effect: Confuse

Shadowburst - 1500 JP (Self-Damage)
Range: Self  Radius: 5  Effect: Slow  Element: Dark

Armageddon - 3000 JP (Self-Damage)
Range: 4 (cone)  Radius: 4  (More damage the closer the units are)

Crush Armor - 200 JP
no change

Crush Helm - 400 JP
no change

Crush Weapon - 500 JP
No change

Crush Accessory - 800 JP
no change

Dread - 1000 JP
Range: 5  Radius: 1 (Enemy)  Effect: Brave-10

Purgatory - 2500 JP  Damage Calc: Mag x PWR x (100-Faith)/100 x (Target Faith/100) It's a combination of Netherseer and Skyseer Abilities, in that order
Range: 5  PWR: 25  Radius: 1  MP: 15  SP: 85  Element: Dark

(Ch.4 Upgrade)

Raging Howl - 1250 JP
Range: Self  Radius: 1  Effect: Brave+10, Atk+2, Mag+2, Spd+1

Oblivion - Hit to Learn  (Damage Calc: Same as Purgatory)
Range: All  PWR: 50  Radius: All  MP: 60  SP: 66  Element: Dark


Typical Squire Abilities


all other Squire abilities


Move +1 - 200 JP

Master Teleportation - 10000 JP (Available w/ Ch.4 Upgrade; if JP limit is only 9999, then it would be 9999 to learn)

Possible Cuts/Alterations

The Magic Skills - If there is no way to make the spells work with that calculation, then I'll just use the Netherseeker calculation. 
EDIT: I'll just use Netherseeker combination... easier to do and very useful.

The Sword Skills - If there's no way to make the skills have an infinite vertical range with described range and radius, then keep the names but they'll function the same as their counterparts (Orlandeau/Agrias' line)

Skill descriptions are assuming 2 Radius is the Plus-shaped AoE

Visual would look like this guy's Ramza, but with the generic Monk's head and blood red cape

Portrait would change between Chapters 

Ch.1: Brown hair, brown eyes, similar facial structure

Ch.2: Brown hair, red eyes, angry look if possible

Ch.3: Brown hair, red eyes, and a vertical scar down his left cheek (so it'd be on the right side of the portrait).

Ch.4: Brown hair, brown eyes, nose added horizontal scar added in the middle of the vertical scar

TIP: Best used with Monk abilities.  Free Healz and Spelz For Dayz with Chakra lolz

To make it seem completeable, however, there might need to be a few changes to monsters, such as some of the slower ones (with a few exceptions) should gain a slight speed boost.  Another thing should be that Chocobos should always have Choco Cure, regardless of their color, so one doesn't always have to rely on mere potions for healing (after all, the Red Chocobos doesn't need any other attack to pick from other than Choco Meteor, but still would need to peck in order to Counter, I believe...)  If possible, the more human-shaped monsters would be able to wear armor (Exception is Chocobos... Chocobos should wear armor because they're awesome).

Yellow Chocobo - Same as Vanilla

Black Chocobo - Choco Beak, Choco Pellets, Choco Cure, Choco Esuna

Red Chocobo - Choco Beak, Choco Meteor, Choco Cure, Choco Esuna

Removing the need for Beastmaster Ability, so might remove that Support Ability althgether

Monster Eggs should be kept;

Boost JP will be kept on all original classes, as a way to help JP Gains.

All I need is a sprite and portrait of a monster-like creature, and I can turn it into a class that can change. 

Custom Weapon and Armor set for MC already in the works... just poking at the kinks, hoping they'll fix themselves.

For future reference, a small list of things that may need to be done (in any way possible) before initial setup:

1) Custom Monster Ally; wields weapons, armor, and accessories, and COULD be treated as a human with changing jobs and JP Gains. (CHECK....somewhat)

2) Give Armor to Chocobos; may need to slightly adjust their HP stats accordingly. (CHECK)

3) Enable other Class Abilities (Read: Tame) to MC, and be able to list the skill as Learned under both MC's Class and Orator when it's learned under one. (CHECK)

4) Enable one normally enemy-only skill to MC and a future ally (Read: Master Teleport) to be available at Ch4, keeping Move +1 available all the time. (CHECK)

5) Enable Chocobos of any color to always retain Choco Cure. (CHECK)

6) If using WotL as a base (which is preferable), IF anyone has made significant changes to it that can be worked on further (Example: Elric's The Lion War patch for vanilla), remove animated cutscenes.

7) Plan for an event to add a SINGLE Ultima Demon to the party; no eggs available. (Not necessary, but would be fun)

8) Make monsters have all 4 abilities available without the need for Beastmaster (CHECK)

9) Planned ultimate gear (Obtained in events during Ch.4 and some Treasure Hunter locations) (CHECK)

10) ADVISE people to use the slowdown removal patch made by I forgot who... (Might just include it with the patch in a folder)

Heavensbane - Fell Sword 1H/2H A Dark Sword once used by an ancient guardian of the Underworld.

Atk: 45  Parry: 30%  Inflicts: Slow, KO  Always: Faith  Boosts: Dark

Obtained: Mt. Bervenia Treasure Hunt Spot (Lava Treasure Spot, 100% to obtain Godslayer)

Hellfire Shield - Shield  A Dark Shield once used by an ancient guardian of the Underworld.

Phys Ev.: 60%  Mag Ev. 0  Immune: Oil  Absorb: Fire, Ice

Obtained: Ch.4 Event

Demon King's Helm - Helmet  A Dark Helmet once used by an ancient guardian of the Underworld

HP: 175  MP: 50  Immune: All Negative Status Effects except Athiest and Oil

Obtained: Ch.4 Event

Demon Guard - Armor  Dark Armor once used by an ancient guardian of the Underworld

HP: 200  MP: 50  Always: Regen, Reraise

Obtained: Mount Bervenia Treasure Hunt Location (Materia Blade Spot, 100% chance to obtain Demon Guard)

Demon Gloves - Gloves  Dark Gloves once used by an ancient guardian of the Underworld

Physical Attack +2  Magic +2, Speed +2  Always: Haste, Protect, Shell  Absorbs: All Elements except Dark  Boosts: All Elements except Dark

Obtained: Ch.4 Event

Not sure how those'll work, but they'll replace the following items:

Valhalla (Fell Sword)

Onion Shield (Shield)

Onion Helm (Helmet)

Onion Armor (Armor)

Onion Gloves (Gloves)

I'll work on a plausible story, since it's the only thing I CAN do (even if it's as simple as making it similar to vanilla, but changing SOME things around, like names). For any type of early bugtesting scenerio, simply switching out Ramza for the MC MAY be possible.  Will edit if I have more information.

I've come up with a tiny bit of story and first battle for Ch.1, as well as starting roster.

Chapter 1 Roster Setup - Main Character: Zolias (Renamable) Job: Dreadlord (Look in the Job Idea thread for more information) | Ally: Red Panther  (Random Name, Roster Number 2), Goblin (Random Name, Roster Number 3)  Yellow Chocobo (Name: Koko for a FFV Reference; Boko's mate in that game, Roster Number 4)  |  Guest: Gaffgarion (Fell Knight)  {Takes place after Ramza's battles, and follows in his footsteps}

Short MC Description:  Zolias, an orphan of the 50-Year War who was raised by Gaffgarion, a friend of the family, after the conclusion.  Gruff and cynical like his adoptive father, but shows an occasional bout of kindness every now and then. Starting Age: 16 

First battle of all is basically the same as main game, but adding in MC as well.

Ch 1: The Unrelenting (if anyone can come up with a better name, feel free to rename it)  Starting Point: Dorter   1st Battle: Similar to Ramza's first battle in Gariland (4 Squires and a Chemist)

The main line is MC is under Gaffgarion's tutelage, and Gaffgarion is supposed to be tailing Ramza as per ordered by Dycedarg.

Other thing I need to learn to figure out is how to get the proper sprite in for the MC (Probably would need help from an experienced spriter).  I was thinking that the story I plan to make (most likely with other's help) takes place during Ramza's Story, where during a few battles or so, MC and Ramza will encounter each other.  Sometimes, Ramza will be a Guest; sometimes, they'll be opposing forces (as a way of helping each other get stronger, so those battles will have an important role in which enemies do not permanently die...yay for immortal enemies?). 

Over the 4 Chapters, Ramza will grow, as well.  You won't meet him in Ch.1, Ch.2 and Ch.3, he'll be in his mercenary-variant and have up to Steel; Ch.4, He'll have Shout and if you meet him past a certain point in the story, he'll also have Ultima.  Unfortunately, he won't be recruitable, since he's doing his own story (obviously) so he'll keep his Traitor Immunity (saw that in FFTP).  In fact, to keep away from being able to recruit enemy people, all jobs will have Traitor Immunity.

I can't say whether or not people would enjoy this game idea, as it's akin to a self-insert fanfiction, but I do want to make it as enjoyable and fairly close to the lore as I can (which unfortunately, I know little of), while adding my own twist.  So with this, I'm going to do a little more on FFTP.

I present Mia, the Paragon now.

Paragon (Brave: 45  Faith: 100  Move: 3  Jump: 2  Phys. Evade: 10%)

A Mage of unparalleled might that can cast any spell instantly, but must learn magicks initially.

Innates: Treasure Hunter, Halve MP, Arcane Strength, Arcane Defense

Absorb: None

Stats when Active Job   HP: C+  MP: A  Atk: D  Mag: A+  Spd: A-

Stat Growths  HP: ***  MP: *****  Atk: *  Mag: *****  Spd: ****

Blessed Magicks: Paragon job command.  The might of the purest Magicks called into reality to bless allies or bring suffering to foes.


White Magicks - Learned

Black Magicks - 1000 JP

Mystic Magicks - 1000 JP

Time Magicks - Learned

Summoning Magicks - 2000 JP


Shiradori - 700 JP


Defense Boost


Move +3 - 1000 JP

Master Teleport - 10000 JP

NOTES:  Mia will most likely need ASM Hacks for her abilities to work, but she's essentially a single target Arithmatist (which will be removed from this game, along with Onion Knight and Dark Knight; I'll keep in Mime for stat grinding lol)  Also, for those wondering why it has to be a female, it's obviously what your thinking; the ship has sailed!  lol  For a description of what she looks like, imagine using Rapha's body sprite (made with a lighter skin tone) with a female's head with long blue hair.  For a portrait, imagine the Mia from Golden Sun, but with blue hair instead of aqua, and not in a ponytail (and noseless, apparently) 

EDIT: I can just change Mime, remove the type it is possibly, as well as setting the stats and equipment accordingly to do what she does, I believe... just that she can learn all Magics through JP OR by other classes... doesn't really matter, tbh, as long as she can use ALL Magics; might even change them to no channel time and remove swiftness.

Short Mia description: A priestess who left the Holy Church after seeing one of her own become a Lucavi.  A kind girl, she can never leave anyone who's suffering  Starting Age: Same as MC's Current. 

Also, useless bonus points for who gets where I got the name of her class first lol


Safeguard removed from class innate list; disabling the AI use of Steal/Rend: Armor/Weapon/Accessory/Shield.   They can still steal everything else, but not equipment.  This does NOT mean that Safeguard is useless; there may be some boss units with Crush-type attacks, so be prepared.

Starting it over on FFTP, so I can remember what I do.  Also will make a notepad file telling me what I've done, what I've still got to do, and what I cannot do alone.  PM me if you wish to be of help.  I'll be making a post in the ASM Hacks section of the site for assistance on the ASM Hacks I need.

Also, planning on adding Reis to the team, without whatever-his-name-is also teamed with Ramza's group (Ramza's group are all guests, and she feels that we need the help more than they do, so she would join us instead... she also does revert back to normal (Holy Dragon -> Dragonkin), and whatever-his-name-is joins as an immortal guest.

That's all I have atm; will edit when I have more ideas.
Quote from: Jumza on April 04, 2015, 02:37:33 pm
That's true :P With more jobs and abilities unlocked the difficulty really went down. If you nerf random battles, I wouldn't make them too much easier.

Makes sense.  Maybe the first area (I believe it's Barius Hill) should be a bit more of a training area, with some randomized units, and maybe at least a higher chance on human enemies appearing (they make great ability farms, for example, if you toy around with the last one as the others crystalize)
New Project Ideas / Re: Patch Ideas Proposal Thread
April 04, 2015, 10:48:36 am
Quote from: Jumza on April 01, 2015, 05:05:28 pm
I would say that most, if not all of the sites mods are just fanfiction (especially JoT5 :P).

You could probably ask an ASMer to help you out with that formula, whether they do it themsleves or if they help you figure it out. Formulas aren't too hard to handle as far as I know.

My suggestion would be to replace Ramza and his sprites / jobs with your main characters, and paste Ramza's old stuff anywhere else. If he isn't in your party for the entire game like the Main Character is, he doesn't need the special code in his job that allows him to grow throughout the chapters (also I think that's what you have to do anyway). Ramza could easily be made into a special character that changes throughout the times you encounter him.

To be honestl, Jot5 gave me the inspiration to go out on a limb and even attempt to try to make my idea work.  Also, I'd need a spriter to build the sprites for my main character before I'd be able to replace them with Ramza's.

I also am trying to figure out how to place human allies to be able to get them later (such as Mid Ch.2, for example), or if that's another program besides FFTP that came along with the download.  After all, there's going to be only 3 others, though 2 of the 3 are already in the game's code: Reis and Beowulf; will leave Beowulf mostly unchanged, though maybe with some slight alterations to his abilities.  After all, Beowulf seems like he'd join anyone who would take the Gollund Mines job, after all.  Obviously, Reis' Dragonkin job will have some alterations because she's one of your few units to be able to change jobs, and it seems kind of weak in vanilla.  If I could also find a way to give starting equipment to her (the 1st and only Minerva Bustier, some kind of perfume, and a Barette), she could be very useful. 
Personally, I've only experienced one myself, but I HAVE seen a lot of posts about 2 specific Random Battles that have given people a lot of grief; the one I experienced is on the return trip towards Lionel Castle, at Barius Cliff, I believe it's called.  The 5 Lamia battle.  I saw it, said to myself 'Well, I'm screwed' and turned it off to get myself to relax after a little bit (I sometimes get engrossed in games, and that battle came after I dumbly forgot to save for a bit (feel free to point and laugh... looking at you, RoR!)

The second one, which I had the pleasure of somehow avoiding, is the multiple turtle group at the waterfall area (I forgot the name already; been a while since I last played.)  I kinda get the gist of it; multiple turtles, using earth attacks with massive AoE to damage your units, while healing any other turtle caught in the range.

Counter: Deathblow.  We all know how it works, I believe; high risk, high reward deal.  Fairly low chance of hitting, but good damage, except against undead units (due to it's Dark elemental nature).  This Help! Topic has a serious question about it, which made me think of my own questions.

I have 2 questions:

1) Does Bandit's Eye help increase the accuracy of this interesting counterattack?

2) Is there any way (outside of Bandit's Eye, if it DOES increase its accuracy) to help increase the accuracy for it?
I'm not exactly sure if this is the right place to ask this, but it does involve at least something I've noticed while using the FFTP, and I'd rather ask than make a blunder.  Feel free to move it into the correct area if I AM asking in the wrong place.

Under the job tab, I've noticed Ramza's Squire sets have an automatic immunity to the Traitor status.  Obviously, being the main character, he should be immune to becoming an enemy, for obvious reasons.  My question is whether or not that, since his sprite doesn't change when he changes his jobs, if his immunities transfer to whatever job he has, or if it's just hard-coded into the game that he just cannot be an enemy at all?  I'm asking because he's the only unit in the game to be able to have his faith increased beyond 93 (I believe) without deserting. 

I'm wondering because I'm in the very, VERY early stages of an attempt to create my own hacked version, and I want to know if it's possible to be able to have the few 'special' (in my game's case, human) units be unable to desert, regardless of an enemy's attempt to inflict Traitor or their Faith totals like the main character, regardless of when you get them in the storyline.

Any answers, or possible ideas in this regard, would be highly appreciated.