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January 21, 2022, 07:01:02 am


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Works in Progress / Re: The Lion War v2.021 Euryst...
Last post by Valamar - Today at 02:24:57 am
I have finished the game outside of the DD and Aliste fights, the mod plays quite well now with only a few bugs but none super disruptive.

-Dark templar sprite seems unfinished, its lighting seems off and the model stretches and breaks during half its animations (critical animation and lvl up jump animation are biggest offenders)
-First aid, acid blade and flame blade from the knight job have strange scaling, either it's using MA over PA or not factoring in weapon damage, and first aid just heals like 3% of units hp.
-God's fury displays it has a vertical of 1 but will not damage units 1 height above caster.
-Dark templar's eternal ordeal is underwhelming, it does pitiful damage compared to their other abilites, maybe it's not factoring in PA/MA or weapon damage? also it says it applies confusion but it does not.
-Rafa's Diamond Sword ability just has her using basic attack, at range, 5 times, while its powerful the animation is really basic.
-Checking the description for sacred sword in the formation menu causes all text to glitch out, it's fixed upon exiting the menu but I can never look at its stats.
-Damage split does not split the damage by 50% it's splitting by 25%, if this is intended ignore this.
-Dark knight's can use all 5 of their job abilities, regardless if they are learned or not.
-Beowulf's judgement ability has "Frog"'s ability description.
-Defender does not state it gives wielder protect and defend.
-Power Sword state's it gives PA+2, but it only gives 1 PA.
-I can't confirm this 100% but something feels weird with ramza's soul breaker ability, it doesn't req a weapon, *feels* like it doesn't factor in PA (midnight sword averages 450, where as SB is almost always hovering between 140-150), and the recoil ramza takes is always 10.
-Female sword master's portrait in formation and battle is different.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: ...
Last post by misprit - Yesterday at 11:28:30 am
Such a great mod. I was at 150ish mission in ver0.94. I am thinking about starting anew on the latest version. Any chance for a recent update? Really looking forward to a real v1.0 version.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.021 - DOWNL...
Last post by yamigata - January 19, 2022, 06:39:15 pm
Wow you guys really are something. Next thing you know we'll have Coop and Vs modes on the way...
PSX FFT Hacking / A hack saving place in SCUS
Last post by Orkney - January 19, 2022, 04:44:12 pm
Hi everyone,

I rewrite the routine setting rotation matrix elements to GTE. Three_Angle_Sine_and_Cosine_Maths
The routine is 9 lines shorter and free 3646 words entries in SCUS. from 0x8002ce6c to 0x8002fee4
Works in Progress / SoD: Progress Report
Last post by CONMAN - January 19, 2022, 01:20:05 pm
I recently event edited a scene that caused a freeze in the ePSXe emulator.  I have tested it with that emulator and now the scene proceeds as it should. 

I've run through item descriptions and will take another quick look through ability descriptions. 

I've been updating/adding and replacing maps.(Hat tip to ArmoredKori)  I've done this with the slight majority of chapter one maps and have a little more testing to do.

Gariland-I added another house (moved them around), widened the stream and added another bridge
Mandalia- same, but still debating swapping in Kori's map
Sweegey Woods event battle is now Kori's map, but the random battle one is the original
Dorter Trade city battle is in Zozo, but the original dorter remains in the game and will see use
Sand Rat Cellar- main battle map is the same, but it's second state is now a hideout map used to replace 2 other scenes
Lenalia- still the same but considering a change
Windmill map- will use Kori's map. Considering adding snow
Fort Zeakden- Considering a map edit. Kori's map presents an issue with the post battle scene.

Made some big item changes.  Not using the synth shop hack- it's so big!  I'm not exactly Zigging to the Hacktics Zagging.  Sort of moving with a throw back organization of items by leaning heavily into the poaching aspects.  (Poaching starts early in this mod btw and one of the starting characters has innate poach)  Many of the new items will now have clearly been created by scrapping dead monsters.  Of course, that means poaching monsters will lead to more clear and obvious equipment instead of potions/ethers/crap.

Chocobos-Bird claw knife, Chocobo hat, Chocobow
Skeletons- Bone shield/armor/helmet
Goblins- Goblin vest, Red Cap
Cats- Cat claw knife, tiger mask, Black Panther Suit
Ghosts- Spectre Shield, Glass Mask

Going to do a little double-checking that the maps changed in the first chapter play nice and then release an updated patch.
PSX FFT Hacking / Re: Raven's Spreadsheet Shop [...
Last post by Celdia - January 18, 2022, 10:33:34 pm
"Why is Celdia necrobumping a thread that hasn't had a post in nearly 8 years?"

Because someone else using this suite of spreadsheets might run into the same issue I just did.

In the "Status, Terrain, and Multiplier Workbook Compilation" the Terrain Editor tab is broken in such a way that any attempts to add status to a unit when they move onto a certain terrain type causes the game to hang because of some buggy code that jumps to empty space in the game somewhere. I assume it is part of the functionality that was added to allow it to cancel statuses as well? Either way, used as-is (presumably all Vanilla values) will cause your game to hang in Zigolis Swamp and ONLY in Zigolis because that's the only place with poison-inflicting swamp tiles. I can only presume it will do this to any other tile type you modify to add/cancel a status effect, but I didn't test it beyond that. The other functions of the sheet that modify data tables that already existed in vanilla (like the Geomancy ID reference list) work perfectly fine, but something with the new parts added to BATTLE.BIN are all kinds of fucky and shouldn't be used. Doesn't help that when you're just playing it in something like psxfin the console window reports no errors, so if you've ever used this sheet and got a weird game freeze in Zigolis (or anywhere you modified terrain to add new statuses) that's likely why.

This has been your super-timely PSA of the decade. See you in another 8 years.
Spam / Re: Perls of the Chat.
Last post by Celdia - January 18, 2022, 01:05:58 pm
Works in Progress / Re: The Lion War v2.021 Euryst...
Last post by Eurystheus - January 18, 2022, 12:25:42 pm
Hello everyone again I've released a new version 11.2 and have made updates to the text of all the monsters so that you can see innates and weaknesses
Other changes
-Added a new ability to wizard so now they'll have one strong spell

-Many of the monsters felt weak so they have also been changed to fit with the class and item changes

-Maces have been changed to have little bit more damage

-Will investigate further but for now Knight, Inquisitor, and Chronomancer some abilities require sword it's not intended but attempts at fixes have broken the game so for now if they disappear from the skillslot in battle it's cause you don't have a sword equip

Thank you for playing the mod I really appreciate it.     
Works in Progress / Re: FFT: Honored - Celdia's la...
Last post by Celdia - January 17, 2022, 01:21:10 pm
Quick bugfix update with a little more content balancing.


*Updated ENTDs to award more sensible items with a heavy increase in Synth Shop materials.

*Lowered the number of Knight units that field without Shields. Shouldn't be quite so painful to deal with them if they aren't Doublehanding EVERYTHING from Ch1 on.
  - This got overkill. They've all got 2 shields now instead of weapons. So, uh... have fun with that until .016

*Fiddled with the element tuning support skills, they should be working properly now.

*Removed the Individual Crit Rate hack for the time being. It might return later. I need to do some specific testing with it first. As this only affects the Vorpal Sword currently, I've given that the classic Add: Dead effect instead.

*Actually put the new Devout skill 'Normalize' into their skillset. When making new stuff it should really go in the game.

*Changed Strategist's 'Creeping Death' skill to inflict Undead+Poison+Don't Move.

*Fixed issues with previously being able to equip Synth materials.

*Updated weapon icons for Nunchucks, Bells, and Hammers.

*Updated more descriptive text in various places.

Probably some other things I forgot to note. I definitely forgot what the hell I was supposed to be fixing... so much for keeping good notes. Anyways, come and get it.

Edit: DIscovered a bug with the new terrain data settings. Enemy units trying to move in Zigolis Swamp cause the game to hang because of some issue with the Add:Poison swamp tiles. Working on a fix. Fixed! Grab the .015b download for the fix. I haven't done anything else with it yet, so it's still .015, double-shield-carrying Knights and all.

Edit #2: We fix something, we break something. .015b is a special kind of broken. Here's .015c  :oops:
Spriting / Re: Official Sprite Request Se...
Last post by DERIDEX120 - January 17, 2022, 10:08:09 am
If any spriters out there wouldnt mind making some extra coin, I'll commission you.
I'm looking for:

Android 17 (DragonBall Z)
Android 18 (DragonBall Z)
Cell       (DragonBall Z)
Cell 2     (Custom boss, inquire within)
Gadoha     (Kagero deception II PSX)
Gordis     (Kagero deception II PSX)
Vogues     (Kagero deception II PSX)
Borg Drone (Star Trek)

I can provide visual references to anyone interested.
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