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December 01, 2021, 07:24:14 am


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The Lounge / Re: Has any one tried making a...
Last post by Bonesy - Today at 01:50:40 am
poster has not been active since 2018, what makes you think it's ok to necropost
The Lounge / Re: Has any one tried making a...
Last post by Snowmeow - Today at 12:12:09 am
It's a pity that harsh comments made you quit your game project.
Would you have some copy of the wip game to I taste it?
Works in Progress / Re: FFT:TLW - Second Read
Last post by ParryPupPup - Yesterday at 07:18:06 pm
Version 1.401 is ready for play and features two big gameplay quality of life changes.
Along with fixing some text hiccups whilst playtesting Hardcover, I've decided to do some hunting
and thanks to the guys in the Hacktics Discord pointing me in the right direction, I was able to
find exactly what I wanted.

Smart Encounters
No longer do you have to run around trying to complete propositions and worry about
running into a random battle. You can now select them at will. If you want a fight, click
on a green dot on the map and you'll be set in a battle there. If you select a town and
you're - say, in Limberry and you wanna go all the way to Lionel, you'll get there without
a random battle holding you up.

4x JP Gains
A little controversial for a JRPG, I know, but it's such a quality of life thing that
I can't help but enable it. Now you don't have to spend hours upon hours upon precious
hours on a game you've likely played before grinding out JP smashing each other's face
in with rocks or licking each other as frogs. Instead, you can play the battles and you'll{br}
more organically grow the character's jobs. There may be a glitch where it shows you got like
4 JP, but I assure you, it's a glitch that can't really be fixed but you did get the increased gains.
Completed Mods / Re: FFT: WOTL - Valeria 2.4 "I...
Last post by conscientexistence - Yesterday at 03:35:46 am
This seems right up my alley and I am using it for my first playthrough of the game.
Does this mod mess with any missables in the game and how they are acquired? I am not sure I noticed that, hopefully I didn't miss it. Otherwise I guess I can just keep an eye on the missables list on like GameFAQS and stick to it.

Other questions:
- Any tips on playing this? Especially for beginners? Do we want to run the tutorial again perhaps or is that unedited and inaccurate in terms of how the mods works? (I remember it being an entire mission from previous attempts at getting into the game, but I may misremember)
- Anything to be aware of if playing this on PPSSPP?
- Any existing CWCheats that this mod breaks? Any that still work?
- Not really a question lol, but anyone else not a fan of the battle prompts thing? I just turned them off, dunno if its actually helpful for playing the game.

If there's a more appropriate forum  where I can ask this shiz, do lmk. I got confused AF and ultimately just decided to ask it all here.
Help! / Re: Modifying .ffttext files o...
Last post by soltaker21 - November 29, 2021, 01:49:55 pm
Ah, that explains my method not working perfectly! Just edited the file via notepad++ in the 6 locations of lancer for the job names listing and the job name change was reflected in FFTactext.
I'll just have to keep an eye out for duplicate entries when I'm writing the script to make sure it gets changed in each spot.

Thanks so much for the help!
Help! / Re: Modifying .ffttext files o...
Last post by Glain - November 29, 2021, 11:29:49 am
Oh.  Some text sections are in multiple places on the disc, and are listed in multiple sections within the .ffttext.  Job names should actually be in there in 6 different spots.  If you want to change them, they need to be changed in each section.
Help! / Re: Modifying .ffttext files o...
Last post by soltaker21 - November 29, 2021, 07:27:23 am
After opening up FFTactext v.494 I am hitting file > Open .ffttext text. I have also tried patching over an ISO just to be sure it wasn't some kind of odd visual bug but it patched exactly what FFTactext showed not the attempted edits that are made outside of FFTactext. (in example screenshot it would replace Samurai to "TestSamurai" but Lancer would remain "Lancer")

I attached a screenshot to show an example of what I'm talking about. The same file is open in both notepad++ (shown left) and FFTactext (shown right). The TestSamurai Line was modified in FFTactext saved and then the FFTactext was closed. You can see that changed entry is consistent.
But changing the Lancer Job Name to TestLancer in Notepad++ then saving the file and next opening FFTactext up and opening the .ffttext file the Lancer entry is still listed as "Lancer" istead of the changed to "TestLancer"
If the file is opened in HxD it will show "TestLancer" for that entry on the file as well.

I also tried opening this in FFTactext v0.492 since I had it and the behavior is the same.
Help! / Re: How do I start with modhac...
Last post by darkskyx - November 29, 2021, 04:07:41 am
Quote from: EnderC on January 11, 2021, 02:53:57 pmTake a look at this thread too:

Xifanie (the legend she is), made an Excel worksheet that makes it much easier to edit text than doing it in FFTactext.

Thanks, but in that post says that WotL is not properly supported... And I'm using the PSP version to make my changes.
Works in Progress / Re: FFT: Emergence Revision/Re...
Last post by darkskyx - November 29, 2021, 02:58:36 am
Quote from: phurgawtin on November 16, 2021, 09:15:49 amEven with Geomancer 7, Wizard 7, Squire 5, 20+ kills, wasn't able to unlock the Magus class. (Even tried save editing to give myself master Monk and master Wizard just in case there was something in the programming of Emergence that didn't get overwritten. Didn't unlock the class for me.)

I'd been looking for a fix for this problem today and reading some comments from the Emergence post & info from the DK on the Wikia I think I found the problem, and yes... It was my fault by my own changes.

The Dark Knight (Magus) job has an internal code so you will only get that unit when you have mastered Knight (soldier) and Black Mage (Wizard).

My changes were that you could get Magus with 7-7 requirement levels on Black Mage (Wizard) & Geomancer (just to get it faster, my intention was to give this unit even more requirements). But even trying to give this unit 8-8 levels, it wouldn't matter because the game has that internal code. The way the author of Emergence fixed it to change the Mastered units, was to replace Soldiers by Monks. So to fix this, I need include a requeriment to master Monk, so the final job tree would be a Mastered tier for Monk & Wizard and then a lvl 7 of Geomancer.

I will release a fix for this problem on patch 0.97. Thanks for your message.
Help! / Re: Modifying .ffttext files o...
Last post by Xifanie - November 29, 2021, 02:25:05 am
I have never heard of this issue. Are you sure you aren't accidentally loading the text from the ISO?
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