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May 18, 2024, 10:47:45 pm


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Has anyone confirmed multiplayer works on the new iOS PPSSPP version?
Completed Mods / Re: FFT The Lion War ReMixed [...
Last post by Nyzer - Today at 03:26:30 pm
Quote from: Aelyat on May 16, 2024, 06:14:12 amHey!
Is there a possibility for a The Lion War of the Lions Remix, per chance?
Would love to see TLWL mod version with those QoL changes done here.

Quote from: Nyzer on April 06, 2024, 12:30:16 pmIt's my preferred script as well, but I chose not to use it at first because TLWotL has a few more ASM hacks, and others that were moved, and last I checked, that caused them to have compatibility issues with some of the Quality of Life hacks.

It wasn't until I was done the bulk of the work on ReMixed that I finally got my foot in the door with ASM hacking - before then, I'd tried on several occasions to follow along with what the hacks were doing to attempt to sort of understand them, but couldn't - just because of different kinds of formatting and documentation, I think. Not knowing how to convert hex code to ASM, or named registers to standard ones, or how some offsets were relative to their sector while others were specific to RAM, meant that most of the hacks I tried to read or compare the code for were total gibberish to me, and without anything to anchor myself to while I tried to figure out the format, it went nowhere. But after being told about how some hacks' offsets do use RAM offsets that need no conversion, and after looking into a hack that was in the same format used by the wiki, things finally started to click.

Things snowballed from there, and now I'm quite comfortable making and editing ASM hacks. But making it with the WotL script would have required more work at the end, and I didn't want it to have to wait until the new year to release. I've also always wanted to have a toggle that the player can choose at the start, that picks between the two different scripts for events and changes units' name IDs and custom nicknames. Stuff like ability and location names would still be locked to only one option, but a separate Tactext patch if someone really wanted the original PSX stuff wouldn't be too much to have around.

So it's on the list, but because of the work that would be involved in it, and the work that was already involved in ReMixed, and a lot of other work that ended up wasted, I haven't had enough motivation to get started on it yet. I expect I will eventually, but I can't bring myself to start a task that'll take a few weeks to do when I've mostly just been knocking off a smaller one-night task once every week or two and haven't even been able to feel inspired enough to do slightly bigger things that would take about a day and a half or something.
War of the Lions Hacking / appearance randomizer mod requ...
Last post by Himbo - Today at 02:38:59 am
Would it be possible to have an appearance randomizer or customizer, meaning that generic units would have randomized hair/eye color and skin tones? The all-blonde party is fine, but I think it would be even cooler to have characters that looked visually unique that carried over through job changes. So for example, a generic unit that could have brown skin, gray eyes, and red hair consistently whether they're a knight, white mage, etc. But a different generic character could have tan skin, blue hair, and brown eyes etc. That way, you could have multiple units of the same class that still look visually distinct. I feel like it would be really fun in terms of immersion and personal attachment to units if every generic unit had their own individual look.

Would there be a practical way to randomize unit appearance that way if we decided on a pool of colors for the randomizer to draw from? and if not, would it be possible to have an in-game hex code customization option for hair eyes and skin?

If both of those would be too difficult, I suppose just spicing up the standard job sprites and portraits with new static combinations of hair/eye/skin colors would still be nice, even if it doesn't carry over w job changes. (for example all archers would be pale with green hair, all white mages are dark skinned with white hair, etc.) As long as it's within reason and suits the in-game palette; I wouldn't want something too unrealistic like neon purple skin or oversaturated hair that would clash w the rest of the game. but human skintones and fun hair/eye colors like a plum, muted pink, a chartreuse or turquoise would be cool, as long as it fits in with the slightly sepia tone ~parchment~ art style.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.031 - DOWNL...
Last post by Inzoum - Yesterday at 08:16:55 am
The last time I played FFT was with Cheetah's FFT: Complete mod, because I honestly prefer the new translation from War of the Lions PSP port. Ironically, I played this on a CFW PSP, and it was the best thing ever. No slowdown, good quality audio, cool spellcasting speech. I honestly felt this was the best way to play the game (more so than the PSP version, at least!).

Now that Retroarch is available on iPad, I'm picking this up again and trying out this ridiculously-named mod, which I believe has the highest potential of being my absolute definitive favourite way to play the game. Amazing work! I just can't believe how much of WoTL you were able to retrofit into the PSX version, it's just bonkers.

I added the Innate "Gained JP Up" ASM hack as well as the one that lets you send out unique characters on errands to free up support abilities and alleviate roster crowdedness. They're great ASM hacks to completement this mod.

Congrats on making such a polished patch!
News / Re: T.O.F.U is ready! A Massiv...
Last post by Skriata - May 16, 2024, 11:16:51 pm
How do i use this?

do i really need to buy excel?
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.031 - Bug R...
Last post by Jaylo - May 16, 2024, 06:42:06 am
Thank you for the fix Nyzer.

I'm actually running TLW + QoL + my own changes on a PS2 using Breaker Pro to launch the burnt disc.
My own changes include palette swaps and edits, all 3 tiers of regular monsters have 4 skills from their respective groups, all 1-4 map random encounters have a fixed 10 enemies per battle and some of the map 5 battles have increased enemy's as they seemed a bit lacking for rare battles.

As i don't like the Stone Gun and will never use it i didn't want the weapon spot to go to waste so inspired by one of my favourite PC rpg's, Wizardry 8, i renamed it the Omnigun and gave it the ability to cause one of several different random status effects 100%. I made a new entry for this under the Inflict Statuses tab in empty entry 4D.
As the normal gun formula doesn't allow status effects i used "46 Dmg_(PA*(WP+Y)/2) 100% status".
I don't really understand formulas much but even with a weapon power of 20 the Omnigun damage is kept to reasonable and is blockable with this formula but with the 100% status it's quite a balanced and exciting weapon to use with Balthier's Barrage ability.

One change i'm not entirely happy about was with Boco.
I wanted him to have a unique palette but found out that monster palettes are set in their job and not in ENTD which mean't he would need a unique monster job.
As i don't really know how to create a full unique job from scratch or if there are even any free slots, with time constraints i replaced all yellow chocobos in the ENTD with red and black ones and used the standard chocobo job as a unique one for Boco.
I gave this job the best stats taken from each of the three chocobo jobs with innate regen and protect as well because of my fixed 10 enemy encounters.
For his palette i made it white at first but while this was a nice change from the regular it was a bit plain so i changed it to a light sky blue.
I actually had the idea to call his job Mystic Chocobo and make his palette multi rainbow coloured but that's far beyond my basic palette skills lol, if anyone wants to have a go at that though ;)
Completed Mods / Re: FFT The Lion War ReMixed [...
Last post by Aelyat - May 16, 2024, 06:14:12 am
Is there a possibility for a The Lion War of the Lions Remix, per chance?
Would love to see TLWL mod version with those QoL changes done here.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.031 - DOWNL...
Last post by SilvioNightwind - May 15, 2024, 01:37:04 am
Finally getting around to being able to play this and I had a question: since Dark Knight is in this now, are the Fell Swords also in here or are they part of some of the WotL stuff that isn't being added in?

Regardless I'm gonna play the shit out of this, it's FFT and I love FFT. I just like making my Ramza a Dark Knight cause it's my favorite class, and I just wanted to know if the Fell Swords were here too.
The Lion War / Re: The Lion War 2.031 - Bug R...
Last post by Nyzer - May 14, 2024, 11:29:47 pm
Quote from: Jaylo on May 14, 2024, 07:19:45 amThanks for the quick reply.
So the first poach message is an illegal poach done with full damage which needs another strike to give you the legal poach message.
If the illegal poach happens on the 4th strike there is no 5th to correct it so the game just stops.
This is a shame as the Barrage skill is the best for poaching with it's four strikes.

Okay, this should do it.

So the way the Barrage formula works normally is by calling the routine for switching from a Break attack to a normal weapon attack and then calculating the damage reduction from there. Unfortunately, the routine for switching to a normal weapon attack runs the Poach/Train routine before returning to the Barrage formula.

I just added some more lines to the Barrage code before it runs the switch to weapon attack routine, flipping a switch in some empty data, then made the Poach/Train routine check if that switch was flipped. If so, it skips running the Poach/Train checks. After running the switch to weapon attack routine and returning to Barrage to calculate the true final damage result, I flip that switch off, then jump directly to the Poach/Train routine using the new (and correct) damage numbers.

I was hoping it would be that simple in the end, but I didn't have time to test last night. I'm glad I was right, though!

For bonus points, this is even the version of Barrage I've already upgraded so that it will show the spell effect when using a Magic Gun.

Make sure to double-check the Conflict Checker in TLW/otL's OrgASM against the existing hacks that there are no conflicts, though. As the code was expanded, if there was something else immediately after it, it will now bleed into other hacks' code and cause issues.
Completed Mods / Re: War of the Lions Tweak v2....
Last post by ic1025 - May 14, 2024, 08:56:02 pm
I would advise against reducing the amount of units that the player can bring into battle. General rule of fun increase of difficulty is to not take away things from the player (unless it just happens to be something absolutely broken, like TG Cid in the original release)
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