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 on: Today at 12:02:33 AM 
Started by Zozma - Last post by soxbaseball0328
Tryin to jump back into this, but its been a while. Here are some character concepts from my DnD campaign I'd love to see come to life. Currently working on the first one. Is it ok to post it here or is it cool to make a thread about these characters?

Bright Shieldhart, Human Paladin
Kerill, Elf Rogue
Savra, Elven Druid
Jack, Pirate
Lady Endien, Elven cleric, named after my gf Autumn

 on: July 17, 2019, 11:34:01 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by soxbaseball0328
thank you all so much for the feedback. its been so long i've gotten rusty. I just love doing this though

 on: July 17, 2019, 09:09:19 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by Twinees
So technically a sprite and portrait can use the same colour values, but they definitely can't share from each other's 16 colour palette. That's definitely one of the reasons why the portrait isn't looking correct. It's honestly safer to simply not use the same colours (for portrait and sprite) since if it's not set up correctly, wacky things like this can happen.
But there's actually two issues with this sheet. The second issue is that the first sprite palette reuses 3 of the same colours. So the palette needed to be squished for the portrait to show correctly as well.

 on: July 17, 2019, 08:45:39 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by Elric
Just checked it. You have #9 #10 and #11 reds from the first line doubled on the portrait line. So I just made some adjustments on the solo portrait bmp then made those same adjustments to the portrait line on the sprite sheet copied, pasted then flipped and bam!

I did the same, but some weirdness from the original still happens when you load the sprite into palette editor or shishi, best way to tell is open in palette editor, look at the collar, and then click on one of the colors in the palette to full load it to how shishi would display it, lets you see any quick changes

 on: July 17, 2019, 08:31:01 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by Valkirst
Just checked it. You have #9 #10 and #11 reds from the first line doubled on the portrait line. So I just made some adjustments on the solo portrait bmp then made those same adjustments to the portrait line on the sprite sheet copied, pasted then flipped and bam!

 on: July 17, 2019, 08:12:05 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by Elric
No, you shouldnt be using the same colors in the port as the sprite, and not just cuz they look awful and saturated that way, but because they need to be unique colors. Download Palette Editor on this site and open your sprite in that. Maybe compare the way its setup to a vanilla one. No repeating colors between the sprite and port. All 16 colors in each need to be unique.

Are you adding the Portrait Palette in GG with the Match Colors to Pixels (or whatever its called) box checked, as you should be? Sprite, no box check. Portrait, box check.

Also the first color of the port needs to be the ports background color.

 on: July 17, 2019, 07:08:05 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by soxbaseball0328
you mean loading the portrait palette to the spritesheet? i keep doing that and it looks fine in GG, but looks like the colors are mixed up in shishi? Am i not supposed to use the same colors from the sprite palette in the portrait? is using the same color twice once in the sprite and once in the portrait causing this?

 on: July 17, 2019, 04:53:54 PM 
Started by Kuro - Last post by Reytai
Sure it would be cool to talk through discord. I've been travelling this month and will be more available at the end of the month, so thats why I haven't progress that much in the game. We can discuss more in August when Im free and have more progress.

 on: July 17, 2019, 01:48:18 PM 
Started by soxbaseball0328 - Last post by Nyzer
At times like this, you have to stop and compare against existing images.

Portraits use palettes 9-16. They do not use the sprite's colors. You need to set up palette 9 for the portrait.

 on: July 17, 2019, 01:33:05 PM 
Started by Kuro - Last post by Kuro
First, I'll start saying that the rebalance was more oriented to late game in my mind because even the vanilla game wasn't so bad in the early game it was later when your party outmatched enemies, so I don't expect the early work the way I thought but I hope later on does. Even so I might be wrong.

MP costs for some intial abilites are so high they can't be used, leaving some jobs with nothing to do.
For example, the beastmaster, having bestiary and chocobo song require so much MP, that at lvl 9 with its mp growth, it still can't use any of them.
Or divine aid, the paladin ability, my luso is lvl 10 with 86 MP and still can't use one of the first abilities available as a paladin.
The archer's black arrow also costs a lot of MP, and it being like the second ability available to the job (after focus), makes the archers have nothing to do but autoattack (or change jobs).
I imagine that further down the game, these costs will become not as important since probably all the units will have enough MP for the abilities, but it makes the early game feel a bit limited in jobs and actions.

Some abilities turned out to be better than I thought and they should not be available so soon. I'll replace them for one with a lower cost, but is not easy because in order to make Full MP. I can't expect all abilities being fully usable at the beginning but it should not be so limited. I'll work on that.

Concerning point 2:

Did you consider the stat base? I mean, the mod is designed so the initial election matters. If the base job of your unit is Black Mage, they are going to start with MP enough to throw one thunder. 100 MP - 99 MP = 1 MP then they recover 50 for 51 MP  and can't use magic that turn and they need to wait, but that's theory of level 1. Also they'll have a good Mgk stat base. This encourages you to recruit new units to make them fit in a different role that you might me lacking in your party.

Also I can assure you that a proper mage is going to deal more damage than any other unit since they got AoE, their Mgk growth is as high as those on Atk, elemental factor, they can get a lot of bonuses with passives and items, etc...

Regarding identity crisis I need to consider your observations. The Mgk growth on them was so they can be a springboard to either a physical class or magick class. Since if they have issues in either of them if you want a Fencer - Green Mage, you might encounter yourself with leveling really bad on Atk because of your choice. Yellow Mage gets strong Physical and Magick abilities. You will discover them eventually :D Since I can't make an attack scale with both Mgk/Atk, I try to give both to a class so they can take advantage of foes resistances, that makes them weaker but more flexible. However, I might give extra stats to those classes that lack in potential, not much since it could be exploited for extra gain.

Point 3: Items expensive is good news to me. Definitely, you don't need to get everything you unlock.

Point 4: Animist only one ability sucks, I need to check that.

Point 5: Kunais, are supposed to be now items in weapon section, because they are used to throw and do dmg.

To be honest, this kind of feedback makes me want to talk with you actively if you are okay with adding me to discord, feel free to add me or we can go to IRC here. If not it is alright as well.

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