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Happy Ramza's 34th anniversary~

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 on: Today at 11:51:08 AM 
Started by pokeytax - Last post by Krypt
This is my first team.

Regular Teams

Feel free to use it on any exhibition match, any advice or critique would be good in order to improve my teams, thanks.

 on: Today at 05:53:47 AM 
Started by Barren - Last post by Rouroni Elmdor
Looking forward to seeing what krypt puts together, auto-boss for picking oracle. (Not to mention you ARE an oracle, so imma stalk you for a bit to sate my unhealthy obsession)

Holy shit Barren got archer, we are all doomed. SCC archer is viable in standard exhibitions. Thief too.

SCC samurai is definitely a great pick, but far from easy. You'll need to take full advantage of everything you got in order to best all thief or (oddly) wizard teams. I definitely wanted to throw samurai into my picks (another unhealthy obsession) but I felt I was needed elsewhere.

I'll try to share some thoughts without spoiling too much. I'm going for classic oracle builds while (mostly) adhering to one item/ability rules. Also trying not to decimate JP caps because I want to see more people using oracles, and it's hard to showcase builds if it relies on impossible JP totals. Though definitely designed for victories, it comes secondary to showing off lesser used skills in (more or less) ideal situations. I hope my weird-ass ideas will inspire you all to make more weird-ass units.

Happy hunting and remember:

"When the ferryman arrives at your doorstep, what do you say? Not today, Not today."

 on: Today at 05:08:26 AM 
Started by Aiolon - Last post by Aiolon
 i really like your support and the truth is that you fill me with really nice ideas. as for that seal evil.. i swear im Fking BLIND! Seal evil works different it was meant to be Silencing shot but i forgot to change the name ._. derp...

you just made me remember that she is an assassin so she is getting Bows!

i really thank you for this :D

 on: Today at 03:51:51 AM 
Started by Aiolon - Last post by nyzer
adding 1 more skill that doesn't work like all the others

You can have it work just like all the others, but just with different numbers. Alternatively, you can give her some kind of defensive or restorative ability.

The problem with trying to get a bunch of nearly-identical skills in a set is that the game really doesn't do that for any skillset at all. Even jobs like Knight or Oracle have abilities that break the mold, and so do several of your own custom jobs already. Following that idea for your Hunter job would've resulted in a skillset like Arm Shot, Leg Shot, Eye Shot (blind), Throat Shot (silence), Head Shot (confuse), Heart Shot (charm), Liver Shot (poison), or other creative places to shoot someone that might result in status effects - but I see Seal Evil on that skillset, which I'm guessing still comes with its vanilla effect?

Having a unit that is basically just dependent on whacking people with a staff all day is kind of like the problem with vanilla Cloud in that he required too much time spent for his base job to be usable compared to what you could already have. Granted, Cloud had other issues, like his low level and that silly Materia Blade requirement, but still.

If she had bows or even guns right from the start, I might think differently, because at least then she could be a ranged harassment unit, which gives her some actual use while she's still grinding up to her first spell. Or if she had a self-invisibility spell as befitting the assassin she's supposed to be, perhaps - allowing her to move in close without being taken down.

thinking about adding a 0 JP Cost non-elemental skill for Rafa.

That's kind of what I was thinking of. Though 0 JP seems a bit low, even for a weaker spell. 80-100 for a ranged or weak all-field ability would probably be a more appropriate range - she's likely to have that after one battle.

On the other hand, if her very first appearance starts her off at Job Level 2 or 3, then she'll either have one of those abilities already or she'll be so close to acquiring one that it wouldn't matter so much. In that case, none of this matters :P

 on: Today at 03:32:38 AM 
Started by Aiolon - Last post by Aiolon
so far im in love with the new Rafa but the reason she has to give a few fights before she gets a skill its because we are talking about powerful skills and i did think about giving her skills that would be getting stronger like Ice1 Ice2 Ice3 but illusion doesnt work that way  :|

its true you will need her to struggle a few fights wacking every living thing in her way (even if we are talking about allies) but once she has learned a skill if the player equips her with high MP equipment you will have her sitting in a corner spamming illusion just like a dancer spams wiznaibus or other dances but the player is not really limited in that aspect, the first fights can be tough its true but getting her to level 2 wil unlock chemist and learning potion = free and Hi-potion = 120 JP also buff items are only 150 JP
by the time she joins you you should have a Healing staff (Alma's default weapon) that can work to heal allies by wacking them instead of having to send her poke strong monsters.

things i did not mention = Gained JP up costs 0 JP    so yeah you can learn this for free then equip it to rafa and go strike stuff with your staff until you unlock a skill then make her a camper.  you might say (yeah but you should add 1 more skill that deals less damage to not make her useless)  :oops: thing is.. i like order and esthetics a lot so adding 1 more skill that doesn't work like all the others is intolerable for me, i just can't leave it like that X-X and its because of this that you will rarely see skills that doesnt follow the purpose of the original skillset. only situation i broke my own rule was with the knights because i gave them defensive buffs but left Break skills intact and i swear even now i still want to get rid of them.

Updates: Finished several of the reworked DD battles. added an edited Tittle screen image (only added the patch name) i will make a better title screen image when i get time because im an enemy of Image editors

additional update: thinking about adding a 0 JP Cost non-elemental skill for Rafa.

 on: Today at 03:29:38 AM 
Started by reversebustersword - Last post by reversebustersword
Damn. Why Square. Why couldn't you put button change option like in FFVII??  :cry:

I have the 6.60 cfw. Is there anything newer that has button configuration?

 on: Today at 03:09:43 AM 
Started by MasterGrand - Last post by TheGracefulGodot
omg :( man i'm sorry...I had no idea this was a TROLL! >.<

It really sucks!!!! for a game like this it would've been AMAZING if I could've revamped it with my version you know? Although, if there's a way to have Odessa that would be really nice >.<
Thank you so much for telling me this though, just goes to show that I'm gonna have to learn how to make such games like Suikoden, such a fantastic series...

 on: Today at 02:23:50 AM 
Started by reyhan37 - Last post by nyzer
The PSX version isn't nearly as complicated.

Oh, neat. Didn't know that.

 on: Today at 02:21:10 AM 
Started by Aiolon - Last post by nyzer
For Rafa - and I'm not sure if others would agree on this, but - the idea of needing to use her for multiple battles and essentially get her to job level 2 before she can even think about learning her first action ability seems kind of harsh for her. Maybe you can put in a cheap, low-damage, low-hit-chance attack using one of the elements she doesn't have on that skillset?

 on: Today at 01:56:12 AM 
Started by reyhan37 - Last post by Elric
Take note that you'll almost certainly need to slice open the fftpack and swap out some of the stuff if you want a custom sprite to appear properly in the Formation Screen - for some reason the Formation Screen doesn't take the sprite/portrait directly from the actual sprite.  :roll:

Untrue, he never mentioned modding the WotL version. The PSX version isn't nearly as complicated. You still have to edit the UNIT & WLDFACE.BIN, but there isn't nearly as many steps.

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