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Happy Ramza's 34th anniversary~

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 on: Today at 03:26:56 PM 
Started by Rekuna - Last post by Elric
You can't add in new equipment, only modify what is already there.

 on: Today at 12:04:51 PM 
Started by grillv20 - Last post by grillv20
A little update on what I've been up to. I've managed to get the title screen working with an actual button that closes the game. Things look pretty good as far as me actually having the ability to make things happen. I managed to find something called "Play Maker" for Unity that allows code ignorant monkeys like myself to actually build working events.

I will upload something for you all to look at shortly if you're bored.


 on: Today at 11:58:19 AM 
Started by Arkatros - Last post by Aqueous
Hi, i am new to the forum. This is in fact my first post ever. I started my own project, re-creating ALL jobs in the game and i have a few questions about what is possible or not to do. My question is more like: I want to do XYZ and i want to know if someone did it already, if it's possible, etc. So, here's my few ideas:

1- I have merged Squire and chemist into a single, basic job for all and i want to know how i can put the item command as an innate skill-set (with his primary skillset) to a job. That means that i want this unit to have his ''squire'' skillset as his primary skillset, to have the item command has an innate skillset AND so he can have a secondary, other skillset.

This is possible.

You have to be careful though, there is a limit to how many innate skillsets you can add but just one is absolutely fine. If you know ASM you can add it yourself in a nice succinct way, else you can use the ALMA spreadsheet hack (search for it on here) to add this.

 on: Today at 10:43:27 AM 
Started by pokeytax - Last post by Barren
Updated Mostly Maxed Out

 on: Today at 09:35:45 AM 
Started by Rekuna - Last post by Rekuna
Hi all,

And adding a slightly new spin on my next playthrough, i'm gonna try and get rid of the Dark Knight class and transform Ramzas Squire class into a default Dark Knight (as a kind of Gaffgarion protégé), not really changing too much from the obtainable Dark Knight class other than renaming the ability from 'Darkness' to 'Dark Sword'.

Anyway, in a kind of memory of Cecil and his Dark Knight class I was going to edit some Dark Knight equipment for Ramza and add it to the game. My only problem is kind of finding a full matching set of dark looking armor and accessory to add in. Anyone have ideas?

 on: Today at 08:44:49 AM 
Started by Xifanie - Last post by Aqueous

Never knew this existed. Goddammit now this is ANOTHER hack I -have- to add to my game. Synthesis in FF9 is one of my favourite item-based mechanics.

Absolutely awesome Xif, thank you.

 on: Today at 07:05:14 AM 
Started by Arkatros - Last post by Pride
SecondAdvent has a hack that gives each weapon (and monster classes) unique crit rate. It would be possible to give each class a crit rate and have weapons that augment that but theres a very real chance that you would have to make this yourself.

 on: Today at 05:49:19 AM 
Started by Arkatros - Last post by Xifanie
You save the .xml stuff in a .xml file, place it in the same folder as FFTOrgASM (part of the FFTPatcher Suite which you can find in the Tools section), run and patch.

As for the weapon crit, it seems like I was wrong and FFT Arena doesn't use it. If you want to do it yourself, you'd have to learn how to ASM. You can find a bunch of tutorials here:
If it helps any, there's already a hack to change crit rate globally: @ BATTLE.BIN 0x11F508 is the value for crit % +~ 1

 on: Today at 05:40:46 AM 
Started by pokeytax - Last post by reinoe

 on: Today at 05:18:19 AM 
Started by grillv20 - Last post by paradoxf
If you get this idea working on Unity, I'd be happy to have you on my game team. Finding game folks is a different beast than finding art folks, I tell you. Mhmm. 

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