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Please use .png instead of .bmp when uploading unfinished sprites to the forum!

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 on: Today at 10:37:23 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by Bonesy
please post a screenshot of your Pete's OpenGL2 settings, that might help us narrow it down

 on: Today at 08:48:50 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by Alaswing
you give us the screenshot without telling us what emulator you're using etc?

u wot m8

Im sorry, im new in this, im using:
epsxe 2.0
Video Plugin Pete's OpenGL2 Driver 2.9

im on windows 10 x64

please can you tell me what other info do i need to tell you?, and sorry about my bad english is not my natal.

 on: Today at 07:37:48 AM 
Started by Heisho - Last post by RavenOfRazgriz
Learn on Hit abilities are only learned Chance to Learn % of the time.  So if your move has a Chance to Learn % of under 100%, you (obviously) won't learn it 100% of the time.  So, if your Reaction's Chance to Learn isn't 100%, that's step one.  You must also be in the specified Job whose skillset contains that Reaction command.  ie, if this is Vanilla and you're trying to learn Counter Tackle on hit, you must be in the Squire job.  That's step two.  If you're following those two main steps, you "should" be able to learn your desired skill on-hit.

However, I'm not entirely sure you can learn Reaction commands via Learn on Hit.  A number of Reaction commands (Counter, Counter Tackle, Hamedo, Meatbone Slash, Counter Flood, Auto-Potion) are actually countering you by casting the specified skill (and Counter Magic mirrors back whatever skill was used), so it wouldn't surprise me if even for the purposes of Learn on Hit you're treated as having cast the skill being used and not the Reaction itself.  The only Reaction I can think of that "attacks" another unit and isn't actually casting a separate ability on them is Damage Split.

That's the best advice I can give you though, as to my knowledge no one has bothered trying to make Reactions be Learn on Hit before now.

 on: Today at 07:15:52 AM 
Started by Heisho - Last post by Heisho
In short is it possible to learn IE Counter Tackle if being hit by it?

I know you must toogle the flag on the ability but it wasn't learned when the "master" countered the "learner". Do I must set anything else or it just can't happen?

Thanks in advance.

 on: Today at 04:32:51 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by Bonesy
you give us the screenshot without telling us what emulator you're using etc?

u wot m8

 on: Today at 12:30:43 AM 
Started by Celdia - Last post by Alaswing
Ehm, Hello :), im trying to use this patch but i dont know if im doing anything wrong, cause when i try to play it it looks like this

Can someone help me to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

 on: May 26, 2017, 06:00:18 PM 
Started by CONMAN - Last post by CONMAN
Progress log!

Progress totally came to a halt for a little bit as I worked on a Cthulhu sprite- I almost used a palette swapped squid, but it would have been an unacceptable use of that name.  It's pretty close btw.  Spriting is definitely slowing this down.

Need to touch up and complete the first battle series of the 4th chapter, but it's largely set.  It has some "custom music" to boot! I've set up the skeleton for the map path leading to the next series.  That series should be the last story line portion before I release another update patch.

I'm working on a hand full of side quests, a couple single and couple multi-battle series.  Also, the Deep Dungeon Cave of Illusions will open after the first battle series.  Other than the final floor, these battles won't use the protagonists at all... Each battle will be theme battles ie Beoulve team vs, Marvel team vs, Super Boss vs, etc.  I'm going to use the lightened-up maps for the deep dungeon.  I'm removing the find-the-panel to open the next floor mechanic and replacing it with a simple a defeat Elidibs avatar/unit id "x".  I always hated finding those damn panels!

 on: May 26, 2017, 08:00:47 AM 
Started by Mime - Last post by Mime
Well actually I have been condensing my existing items into alternate palettes of the same icons again and again... I guess I have to do it one more time and freed up some space  :( I admit I have twisted fetish over new items...

Thanks for letting me know that it is replaced by other essential stuff. In case you manage to remember what it is exactly, please let me know. Maybe one day I might want to take the risk to mess with it.  :lol:

 on: May 26, 2017, 07:56:15 AM 
Started by raics - Last post by raics
I see, good to know. I've wanted to tackle TO PSP myself at some point, so I'm very excited to see others working on it as well. If you don't mind sharing, what hex editor did you use, and did you have any documents/spreadsheets that show where all the data is located?
It was Hex editor Neo, it isn't free but it has some nifty features you don't find in free ones or other paid editors so it's worth it. You can find the starting address for most tables located in 03E8.bin in a post in this subforum and shop data is located in 0000.bin, haven't gotten around to editing encounters yet so I can't say where that is but it shouldn't be too hard to find.

Some of the cheat guides list what the entries in those tables do but I had to find out the rest myself, I'd be happy to share it when I get around to making it presentable.

 on: May 26, 2017, 06:43:05 AM 
Started by Mime - Last post by Xifanie
A3 and A4 should be fine, but I can't remember about B2.

If you check, there are a lot of icon duplicates just using a different palette. If you are that hurt for icon space, I suggest condensing your existing items into alternate palettes of the same icons. It's really not hard to save quite a few icon slots that way.

And the graphic isn't used, it is just replaced by other stuff in game. Like the "Orbonne Monastery" graphic is replaced by something that is completely different in battle but essential. I just can't remember what lol.

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