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 on: Today at 02:59:36 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
1. Weird, I don't think I messed with Hand-Cannons now it is back where it should be learnt
2. True, now they are stronger versions of the main effect. Aphonia also do MP Damage, still 12 MP. Ague besides Slow, it delays turn. 24 MP.
3. Tbh, Astra is very good if well used. I don't want to make it area. I'm going back to Moogle Shield only on Self to differentiate it. It is a magic I don't like at all because within my mod gets maybe op if I make skills to cause negative status effects as payment. I'm still flexible about it if I find there is no problem to use it or I might add another effect to Astra like Resilience Up? and Moogle Shield close range with no MP.
4. They cost 32 now.

I'll have to release 0.9.4 sooner than I expected because of Prime =-= I don't want someone downloading and finding he can't use Flintlock at all lol

Green Dominion now is real! They got Protect, Shell, Defense Up and Resistance Up second turn lol No, really, they beat me up xD Luso level 1 =-=u I like them~

 on: Today at 12:38:04 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
Yeah, that actually looks alright. I think I like it.

I just experiment with Al Cid. During his battle (Dashing Duel), I changed his job class into Hunter/Black Mage. Guess what, the battle proceed just fine! He can actually attack (with gun) and cast Firaga without any error.

And then, I tried replacing his recruitment data into regular soldier. When the time he was supposed to be recruited, regular Hume Soldier took his place. I can kick him out of the clan after the cutscene.

So, yeah... Basically it's totally possible to sacrifice Al Cid for Gria new class. There's no problem.


1. I couldn't find Prime (Flintlock) in any Hand cannon. There is Prime for Cannoneer but not for Flintlock. Where is it?

2. Aphonia may need some revamp. Regular silence is 6 mp, 4 range. But, Aphonia is only 1 range and 12 mp. Maybe, gives Aphonia extra effect like self quicken on successful silence? You might want to do similar thing with Ague.

3. How about increasing Astra Mp cost in exchanged for small area effect? We have Moogle Shield which grants Astra on one unit without mp. Making Astra into small area will "differentiate" this skill with Moogle Shield. Not to mention, Astra was small area in the original game too.

4. I think Stop and Ring Toss need 20+ something mp cost. It's really a powerful debuff that deserve more mp.

 on: Today at 11:32:03 AM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
Check now, just 4 boots with Move and no one with 2 Move. I marked with * those manipulated.

Edit: Grenades freeze Raptor XD Okay then... <w< A magick unit using... Axes, they have little love in. Blood Mage? It might be a Job with low HP and high MP, the magic burns HP and you have to relay on MP shield? Idk

 on: Today at 10:17:54 AM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
In original game, there were only 2 boots that increase move, which I think it's too little. In your plan, you gave 6 boots move bonus, which I think is too many. So why not take the middle ground? Maybe only 3 or 4 boots with move bonus?

 on: Today at 08:53:18 AM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
Good idea, to be honest I never got Al-Cid XD I stopped playing the game before, okay I'm not a good gamer but I loved the game anyway. I could easily test Grenades on one Gria to see if it works and yes I'm working on Enemy Formations but just after I change accesories, why? :3 Because I like them to customize enemies and they were useless before. However, I don't know if I overdid with Jump and Move, I just wanted to balance them but maybe I could remove Move and replace for Speed or Evasion. What do you think?

 on: Today at 06:02:44 AM 
Started by Elric - Last post by Elric
Still here. Just waiting on Choto to finish up the DK hack.

 on: September 19, 2018, 09:25:48 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Kairetsu
Instead of using Keeper slot to bring new class for Gria, how about "sacrificing" Agent slot instead? And then, just replace Al Cid with generic Hume (during his recruitment) so we can kick him from the clan. Sorry, I hate Al Cid, lol.

Either way, keep in mind that Keeper is used at Brightmon Tor battle. Agent is also used one time on Al Cid battle. Your decision "might" create bug in one of those battle. Hopefully something minor instead of game freezing.

Oh, I have suspicion that Gria + Grenade = game freeze. Not completely sure though.


Since you're working on formation now.

1. White King has 2 "unusable" skills in his Yellow Mage sub-ability. I think because those 2 skills required specific equipment (Shield? Mace?). Also, please give him Curaga, Ribbon, and Empyreal Armband (immune Stop).

2. Black King "might" need Bloodprice or Halve Mp. Also Ribbon plus Empyreal Armband.

3. Sun Rippen Mayhem. Either remove Unscarred from enemy units, or give the tomato Vigilance.

4. Frimelda during her recruitment battle (Memories Forged) died in 2 hits. Vigilance or Defense Up would be nice.

5. Time to Act (index C3)
Black Mage needs Halve Mp, Critical Quicken, Kupo Nut.
Tinker needs Gold Battery, Silver Disc.
Thief gets Geomancy (he has elemental attack).
The Leader, Zupp, gets some healing option, perhaps X-Potion. Or just Moogle Aid and Ring Toss.

6. The Cat's Meow (index BB)
Reflex + Angel Ring on the Sorcerer.

7. Bonga Bungle Plumfrost (index 44, 45, 46)
Give Bonga Bungle Owner Reflex + Angel Ring.

8. You "might" want to consider giving Rebirth skill 20 mp cost so Illua cannot use it every turn. This should give Mp damaging abilities some usefulness to prevent her healing.

 on: September 19, 2018, 06:17:20 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
1. Black Ingot cannot decrease Resilience. It can only place 1 trap in the middle. Any unit standing inside the AOE is not affected by anything.

2. Dust Cloud is still making the Bangaa sprite invicible during animation. (This is minor stuff that can be easily ignored though...)

3. Dragon Breath doesn't trigger counter.

4. Everything else is fixed. All the new passive are learn-able and working in battle. Tested.

Are you planning to edit the formation one by one? Or, are you going to leave it as it is? In my old mod, my favorite part is actually editing the formation xD. I think I edited like 250+ quest. There was no Formation Editor back then, so I had to it (painfully) with hex editor. I had so much fun making crazy and trolling combo in the tournament cups.

- Team absorbing single element.
- Safeguard + multiple Azure Tears = insane evasion and speed
- "No Grouping" Law + Reflex + Elusion = Player must break the law. (I used this on Green King battle.)
- Mirror Mail on Ughor (insane trolling)
- Critical: Quicken on White King + 2 Reverie Shields (40 evasion) + Ribbon = almost immortal.
- Turbo MP + Ultima = 999 damage. (Final Quest)
- Illua with Elusion + Blink Counter
- Making Duelhorn bosses "competitive" with overpowered abilities, etc.

Since there is formation editor now, you can say I'm getting itchy to edit the formation again in this mod. I think I will wait until everything is completed first.

Yeah, you were a high level troll o.o I would prefer a slow curve of difficulty toward fucking people rears, and I guess for bosses you would have plenty of ideas to get that xD  I'll make mild changes one by one =-=u and I guess you are doing good waiting until I finish to throw ideas.

To Madeen: I would prefer more opinions before to make that job and it will come after Enemy Formation changes which seems more important now, because I noticed all the editing I'd have to do and I don't want now. Like giving crafting formules, names, effects, stats to grenades, and just before to begin to create the job xD

 on: September 19, 2018, 05:00:31 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Madeen
Thanks that'd be sweet :D  Also I'm the one who suggested the former mod owner to add magic to poles for geomancers lol.

 on: September 19, 2018, 04:51:47 PM 
Started by Shokat - Last post by Shokat
I'll download that mod and see what he did xD I'll edit here if I find clues about making a new job for Grias, magic dedicated.

Edit: Okay I know what he did, we might use Keeper job to bring a new job to Grias. What do you think Kairetsu? To be honest I would prefer a new job for Grias or Seeqs than the other races. The class might be:

Raider (Grias): A fast magical unit throwing grenades. Cool? <.<

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