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Please use .png instead of .bmp when uploading unfinished sprites to the forum!

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 on: Today at 04:33:02 PM 
Started by Reikan - Last post by Reikan
Hey Xif. Thanks for the input.

Honestly that hair isn't really hard to edit. I have plenty of free time and I like doing some pixel work. I'll be working to change the hair palette, it will also be easier to deal with the Palette #2 (Which is, currently, exactly the same as #1, and I gotta change that). As I said, it ended like that because it was a simple work of frankeinspriting, I had some ideas on how to go on but you guys are far better than me and some tips would greatly develop my learning process.

My attention was entirely on the sprite looking fluid/usable in the game, so I paid attention on every frame to check if things had consistency. I'll edit the topic when I update the sprite.

 on: Today at 02:12:38 PM 
Started by Reikan - Last post by Xifanie
I'm sorry if the post broke any rules and/or annoyed you guys. Also, any thoughts/tips are welcome and needed.
Alright, here's the deal. We've literally never had anyone apologize in advance for breaking rules (you're far from the first one), and seen them break any rules. Ever. Many people who do break the rules are aware that they commonly do so in general, and can get extremely aggressive when being called out on it. Some things are just a lack of decency as human beings toward others, and they will hate being called out on those as well. They will defend their positions to the point of resorting to personal attacks. i.e. People who are the most concerned about breaking rules never do. I mean, it's obvious that you are a very good and mindul person, but there's no need to be so apologetic, you can make people far happier by focusing on what you can do to help them, rather than how to avoid hurting them!

It might suck to hear, but your sprite right now kinda looks like a smurf. Far too much blue. It might be hard to give the hair its own palette of colour, but it would help tremendously make the sprite appealing to the eye. But hey, you've actually created something; that's more than what 99% of people do around these parts.

 on: Today at 12:07:16 PM 
Started by Magic Gladii - Last post by Neophyte Ronin
I've avoided using 'Aquilor' and 'Austeron' because they are not really a direct translation of 'Hokuten' and 'Nanten.' I've stuck with the original names here as well.

There definitely is no mention of any Knights of the Western Skies, but I don't recall any mention of the Knights of the Eastern Skies either... Or maybe there is in Rumours? I never really paid too much attention to them because some are... difficult... to read

The profile for Gafgarion claims he used to serve in the "Touten" Knights, which is Japanese.  Translating that means he served in the "Order of the Eastern Sky" before getting kicked out for rough play.  If we consider Aquilor/North Sky and Austeron/South Sky as literal compass directions since medieval maps always posited North as the left-most point and South was at the right (the climates are radically different as a result--look up the rumor about bad harvests and their causes, or carefully examine the terrain featured in either region), then Gafgarion hails from Fovoham, renowned for mercenaries and adventurers by proxy of Archduke Barrington, who hired them to represent him in the previous war.  This also explains why Ramza knows anything about the Archduke without being told and can even reason out his ambitions while conversing with Rafa--he initially fled to Fovoham, joined Gafgarion's service, and learned the ropes over the span of a year before the events of the game proper.  That also tells you why you don't get to dispatch units to jobs in Chapter 1--not only is it a flashback, but he wasn't doing anything of the sort back then.

As for Western Sky Knights, they could be termed as either the Zephyrs (west wind, yo) or as the Gryphons because Beowulf used to be in charge of a unit in Lionel before getting branded.

 on: Today at 07:46:06 AM 
Started by Reikan - Last post by Reikan
The hair on portrait was almost entirely me adding hair to the Oracle portrait. I used Graphics Gale and it was quite a tedious job.

I'll touch it later. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

 on: Today at 05:11:03 AM 
Started by Reikan - Last post by Elric
Not bad. Though the hair on the portait could use some work. You might want to try to work another blue into there to vary it a bit. Keep it up.

 on: Today at 03:23:42 AM 
Started by Daydreams5 - Last post by Daydreams5
What exactly does this ASM do? set the faith related to caster/target to a virtual "100" so that there's no pusnishment?

 on: Today at 01:47:08 AM 
Started by Reikan - Last post by Reikan
Hello. It's my first post and first topic here  ;)

I've been lurking around for around a month and learning stuff for a project I have in mind. Since I don't like bothering regulars, I decided to follow some guides and try my luck with Spriting.

My first sprite will be used to replace the Oracle generic sprite (I'm planning to turn the class into a personal Warlock). I took Elmdor's sprite, changed palette to fit Oracle 2nd palette (Blue), then removed anything that wasn't head-related. Then, I swapped the Oracle original head for the new one.

I know that posting this won't add much to the forums because it was a simple work, but I wanted to share my happiness for being able to "create" (even though it was just frankeinspriting...) a new, funcional sprite. If you are reading this and you're new to spriting: Asking around for a sprite usually doesn't give you good results, so it would be a nice idea to spend some time learning. It pays off :)

I'm sorry if the post broke any rules and/or annoyed you guys. Also, any thoughts/tips are welcome and needed.

PS: English is not my main language so i'm doing my best here not to type wrong stuff, please don't mind any typos.

PSĀ²: I don't think anyone is going to use this because it isn't really great, but feel free to use it. I'd like if you gave me credits, though.

Edit: The other palettes werent't adapted to the portrait, I fixed it.

 on: October 22, 2018, 07:46:41 PM 
Started by falconarc - Last post by Xifanie
There is no such flag, it is hardcoded to a range of Job IDs.

 on: October 22, 2018, 06:45:02 PM 
Started by falconarc - Last post by falconarc
Good evening

I was looking for some help/advice - has anybody come across the in-game 'flag' that decides if a unit is a dragon or not and if so how to apply it to other units? A patch I am working on in my spare time is nearly complete, but it bugs me that I can't get the formula for the 'Dragoner' class abilities to work on the 'Dragoner' herself. My goal is to make the game also think the Dragoner is a dragon too as far as the abilities she uses are concerned!

 on: October 22, 2018, 04:43:23 AM 
Started by Glain - Last post by Wingale
Thanks for the clarification, I will try to go through chapter 1. Blade grasp and chemist Delita should actually be enough for me to beat it.

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