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 on: Today at 04:22:58 AM 
Started by Nax - Last post by Elric

I kinda doubt it. Maybe when all existing tools and ASMs work on the PSP version locations, but even then...

Cool concept though

 on: Today at 04:14:58 AM 
Started by Leonarth - Last post by Leonarth
Hello, everyone.
I have been romhacking for quite a while now, but I just recently took intereset in hacking FFTA, about two or three weeks ago.
FFTA was a game I played a ton as a kid so I have affection for it, I was susprised to find out there isn't much for it in the way of tools, though the AIO editor is pretty cool.

I have been poking at the game with an edited version of Event Assembler that a friend from the Fire Emblem hacking community put together and the old trusty debugger that totally never crashes for no reason: making adding text easy, documenting event opcodes and making EA raws for them to make event editing a breeze, taking notes on tables and structures...

Today I finished making a script to turn Tiled .tmx files into insertable maps.
(the bush going over the characters took me a while to get right, in fact it took 4 of the 5 days...)

I don't think any of the tools are ready to be shared yet, but I figured I would share a video here:

And here you can check what the maps are like in Tiled:

I still haven't found a good solution for making height maps so for now I make them by hand, if you guys have any ideas please let me know.

 on: Today at 04:08:18 AM 
Started by Mrfuzzy - Last post by Mrfuzzy
Btw i want to learn everything about pallets and image changing and everything related to sprite changing, because i don't know jack shit, im sorry really
i appreciate the feedback though !!!!

 on: Today at 03:55:01 AM 
Started by Mrfuzzy - Last post by Mrfuzzy
thanks for replying, yeah so its been more than a year since ive tried doing it myself, although I didn't get very far

so to be quite honest with you guys, im more of a visual learner than I am taking verbal instructions
when I watched the video on youtube, there were certain words I didn't understand or did not know exactly what he was referring to
and when he was trying to demonstrate an example, he would refer to things he didn't introduce at the beginning of his video, technically assuming I understood other aspects of shishi.

i was hoping there was an updated video
, and look if you arent looking to help and just to throw a condescending comment my way please just save it. i know most of you peeps are on another level when it comes to hacktics but anyone willing to help, this chocobo would appreciate it thanks fellas and ladies

 on: Today at 01:17:27 AM 
Started by christianbw - Last post by christianbw
I just realized there were a few sections i forgot to add. The basic code for this has been added to the main post. Also trigger values have been placed in as well. This code works on a currently highlighted unit. Essentially its a point and use code. Just press the right buttons.

If you want the ability codes, just add them into the ar code before the last line (D0000000 00000000)

 on: Today at 12:26:29 AM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Windows X
Fixed some bugs I forgot and re-uploaded. Please download and apply the patch again.

 on: July 15, 2018, 10:11:41 PM 
Started by Nax - Last post by Quantumpencil
Magnificent work my dear friend! RIP PSX  :lol:

We've also done a fair bit of work reverse engineering the WotL ISO and will be documenting that, as well as creating C++ functions for overwriting specific sub-routines at run-time without needing to worry about memory constraints (well, within reason).

The age of WotL is beginning  :lol:

 on: July 15, 2018, 09:56:18 PM 
Started by Nax - Last post by Nax

Hello there,

We've been working on a War of the Lions ModLoader named Chantage for a few weeks now.
Chantage is a mod loader for FFT: WotL, as well as an API to make mods play together nicely.
Mods are loaded from the memory stick at runtime, instead of needing to be patched
Right now the API is in a very early stage and cannot be used by mods directly, but basic mod loading work!

Because chantage is language-agnostic, you can develop mods in other languages than assembly. Chantage itself is made in C, and it's also possible to make mods in C++, or any language that can interface with C. It is still possible to make pure-assembly mods or to mix languages if you need to for some reason.

Because chantage can run mods off the memory stick, and because it offers a common API to write mods against, it will eventually be possible to create mods that were thought to be impossible to make, such as:

 * Creating new items/jobs/...
 * Interfacing these items/jobs with the ENTD
 * Adding new maps
 * etc.

Right now you must patch your ISO in order to load chantage itself. However, future versions will allow for alternative ways to load the mod loader, such as cheat codes (for cwcheats or similar) or a PSP plugin. This would make it possible to run chantage mods with an actual UMD.

To install chantage:
 * Download and extract the zip file
 * Apply chantage.ppf to a clean, EBOOT-Decrypted US iso.
 * Copy the whole PSP folder from the zip file to your memory stick.

How to install mods
 * Copy the mod's .prx file into /PSP/GAME/ULUS10297/mods
 * Open /PSP/GAME/ULUS10297/mods.txt with a text editor of your choice
 * Append the name of the mod's .prx file at the end of that file

For example, to install a mod named abc.prx, copy it inside /PSP/GAME/ULUS10297/mods, then append "abc.prx" without quotes to /PSP/GAME/ULUS10297/mods.txt, on it's own line.

The chantage .zip includes slowdown_fix.prx, a chantage-compatible version of the popular slowdown fix.

Creating mods
Will be updated once the API is ready.

Thanks a lot to Quantumpencil & dzhu.

You can find chantage (pre-)releases on GitHub:

 on: July 15, 2018, 08:33:45 PM 
Started by Windows X - Last post by Windows X

Hi. Today I've finally finished updating my Valeria 1.3 version. It's like creating a new patch with everything changed. If you play this mod before, I recommend to start over and enjoy the whole new experience again.

>=== Download ===<

My patch comes in PPF format and available for both USA and EUR clean ISO. I also applied slowdown fix thanks to helpful members in FFHacktics.

I hope you'll enjoy this Valeria mod as much as I do and thanks FFTPatcher team so much for this awesome utility that can help us enjoy Final Fantasy Tactics again. :)

 on: July 15, 2018, 03:24:42 PM 
Started by Mrfuzzy - Last post by Nyzer
Palette changes are by far the easiest part of spriting. The hardest part of palette changes themselves is simply deciding upon the colors you want.

The only part I could imagine to be confusing is if you don't know you can save/load palettes, import palettes from other spritesheets, and copy/paste sections of palettes.

That, and not knowing how FFT handles palettes, which is fairly simple: the first 16 colors are one palette, and one palette is used per sprite and per portrait. The first 8 palettes are for the sprites. The last 8 palettes are for the portraits. They match up: the first sprite palette uses the first portrait palette (the ninth), the second sprite uses the second portrait (the tenth) and so on.

If you're still lost somehow, you need to explain how and why.

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