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Jobs and Etc. Ideas Proposal Thread

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, September 17, 2012, 06:05:03 pm


Was actually working on something like this, however; I wanted to add something fresh so I added a Berserker class and it has similar abilities to monk. I changed a couple giving them heavy axe oriented abilities. I stopped working on it because I made new .BIN abilities and downloaded some from the forums, but couldn't figure out how to put them on the .iso/.bin.


I had an idea for a class based on items like the Chemist but each "item" would have it's on pros and cons.  I'll list some examples below.

Healing Hypnotics - A sleep aid used by doctors to treat patients.  Add: Regen and Sleep.

Psychotic Burst - A lethal concoction that gives the recipient an adrenaline rush however it also causes the recipient to go berserk.  Add: Haste, Berserk, Death Sentence.

Booster - A fetid tonic that is sure to liven anyone who smells it.  Side effects are lethargy, loss of appetite, and increased anger to the person who made you smell it.  Effect: Quick  Add: Slow

Oily Ointment - This slimy ointment made from monster extract helps protect against most kinds of magic.  Add: Shell and Oil

These are just a few ideas I had but as for what class to give them to I have no idea.
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The problem with a job like that is... well, it's never going to be used. You can have both pros and cons to a skillset, but the pros need to actually be worth it, especially compared to what other jobs offer. Why would anyone choose a single target Regen/Sleep when they can just cast Regen, hit multiple targets, and not cripple their own forces to do it? Never mind that Regen is NOT a good tradeoff for Sleep - full HP restoration might be, but not Regen.
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May 06, 2018, 11:34:39 pm #63 Last Edit: May 07, 2018, 12:39:07 am by Tskidless
I'll keep that in mind if I decide to make a class like that.  I did make two new jobs that I call Elementalist and Commander which replace Bard and Dancer respectively.

Elementalist - Men who are in tune with the elements.  Uses "Elemental" magic to damage and debilitate foes.


HP: 10 Growth, 85 Multiplier
MP: 9 Growth, 10 Multiplier
Speed: 100 for both Growth and Multiplier
PA: 50 Growth, 100 Multiplier
MA: 45 Growth, 115 Multiplier
Move: 4
Jump: 3
C-Ev%: 10

Weapons are Poles and Flails.  They can wear clothing, robes and hats.

The "Elemental" abilities all have the same range (5), effect area (1), vertical (3), cost 7 mp with no charge, and cost 150 JP to learn.  Damage formula is (MA+21)/2*MA.

Hazy Flames - Deals fire damage and has a chance to inflict Confuse.
Shock Storm - Deals lightning damage and has a chance to inflict Don't Act.
Snow Fall - Deals ice damage and has a chance to inflict Slow.
Storm Gust - Deals wind damage and has a chance to inflict Silence.
Earth's Fury - Deals earth damage and has a chance to inflict Petrify.
Toad Time - Deals water damage and has a chance to inflict Frog.
Dark Embrace - Deals dark damage and has a chance to inflict Darkness.
Night Light - Deals light damage and has a chance to inflict Sleep.

All of the Reaction, Support, and Movement are the same as Bard's minus Fly.

Commander - Warrior women who have risen through the ranks.  Uses "Authority" in battle support allies and defeat foes.


HP: 10 Growth 80 Multiplier
MP: 15 Growth 75 Multiplier
Speed: 90 Growth 110 Multiplier
PA: 40 Growth 110 Multiplier
MA: 50 Growth 100 Multiplier
Move: 4
Jump: 3
C-Ev%: 15

Weapons are Knives, Swords, Axes, Crossbows, Bows, and Guns.  They can only wear clothing and hats.

"Authority" abilities are the following.

Ethion - Heals HP and MP.  Range 3, Vertical 2.  Formula is PA*4 for HP and PA*4/2 for MP.  200 JP to learn.
Quick Hit - Deals damage based on Speed and weapon power (Speed*WP).  Uses weapon range.  250 JP to learn.
Killing Blow - Deals damage based on the difference between target's current HP and max HP.  Uses weapon range.  400 JP to learn.
Overwhelm - Deals damage based on PA*(WP+3).  Only hits a single target next to you.  300 JP to learn.
Rebuke - Lowers enemy stats by one with a 60%+PA chance to hit.  Uses weapon range.  300 JP to learn.
Encourage - Raises Brave by 12.  Range 4, Vertical 1.  Doesn't miss.  350 JP to learn.
Rally Cry - Plus one to all stats.  Range 4, Vertical 2.  Doesn't miss.  500 JP to learn.

Reaction, Support, and Movement abilities are the same as Dancer's except Fly which has been removed.

Sorry for the long post.
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Isnt that Elementalist just an 'at will' Geomancer though?
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May 07, 2018, 01:06:44 am #65 Last Edit: May 07, 2018, 02:55:45 am by Tskidless
More or less right now.  If I could change Geomancer I would but I'm pretty sure it's hard coded.  That being said I'll probably nerf the attacks to only hit a single target and lower the damage but add buffs to the class.  I also buffed Geomancer's abilities already.

Edit:  I'm changing the class once again to but this time to Scholar and giving him the tier 2 and 3 spells from Priest and Wizard along with a few non elemental spells.
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Well, while I do love the Red Mage (and the Scholar is kind of partway there) the Bard's location in the job tree is so deep that it really doesn't seem like it'd be worth it.

You might be better off merging both concepts, changing the Elementalist from Geomancer 2.0 into something a bit more broad.
A single-panel, stronger Holy heal that only works if the target is debuffed (but also cures those debuffs); a linear, weaker but AoE Water heal; a Dark drain; a weak Frost attack that has a chance to inflict multiple effects (slow, immobilize, doom); an instant Lightning attack; a quick, very weak Wind attack that cancels casting; a strong Fire attack; a very-wide-range Earth attack centered on the caster that will also hit allies in range (i.e. kind of hard to use without damaging your own units too). Maybe take one or two of those and turn them into weapon/PA type skills if you want the job to reach a little further into RM territory.

It'd be a kind of gimmicky job that maybe emulates the Monk a bit too much, but it'd still be an interesting new niche to run with. Geomancer 2.0 and a very late game Scholar... aren't interesting, I'm afraid.

Your Commander concept does a better job at being its own thing, though I'd think that maybe using the Chakra formula is a bit too much (change it to just an MP restoration skill?) and that its stat buffs shouldn't be able to be used on the caster (to support the idea of unity on the field rather than just one super strong tanky destroyer).
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Emir Tarver

Wiccan - A moraled Wizard
Esper - A spirit realizer
Pinsearcher - A precise Hunter
Trees Man - One who stands still
Arms Man - A weapons master/warrior
Eye Master - One with Good Vision
Spirit Kin - A Battle ready Spirit for all races of the World
Spell Liner - A master of Words
Holy Hunter - A Person of Good Nature using War arts
Dark Mind - A seeker of Power Through the use of Ill Intentions
Judge - Justice Bringer
idK maybe if i give it enough time i can come up with something better !
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Those are incredibly vague descriptions, not coherent Job concepts.
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Quote from: Nyzer on May 12, 2018, 06:06:01 pm
Those are incredibly vague descriptions, not coherent Job concepts.

Pretty much this ^ names and vague descriptions don't really tell anything about the class or what kind of skills they would have. Let alone actually planning out the class itself, as well as growth and such.

Emir Tarver

typed thought = idea suggestion

and if someone is a Treeist = Treesman
there has to be a connection of their skill and class
Such as a Treeist abilities
ex. Wears Robes Uses Staves Cast Elemental Magic Relating to BioGeography
Essence = recovery move
Camouflage = Turns the User unseable for 3 Turns but can still take damage
Wood Bend = Traps opponents to an area until the tree is cut down
Natures grace = Heals all Surrounding Party Members
Wood Needles = giant wooden nails burts through the ground impaling the enemy
Stand Still = Stat Boost
If you have any disparages i can understand !
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Sorry for the long post ahead of time.  I've been working on a few jobs and buffs to various jobs as well.  It's really late as well so I'll probably post stats tomorrow.

Priest now has two new spells that replace Protect and Shell 2.  They are called Banish and Purge, both of them use the standard Black Magic formula of Dmg_F(MA*Y) ME with Banish costing 150 JP to learn and having a Y of 16, a CT of 5, MP cost of 9, and it isn't an AoE.  Purge costs 250 JP to learn and it is AoE with a Y of 20, a CT of 6, and an MP cost of 16.  Both are holy element as well.  It also got Preach as well.

Knight has been changed to Paladin and gets Stasis Sword, Split Punch, Lightning Stab, Shock, Faith, Cure 2, Raise, Wall, Despair, and Don't Act.  Damage Split has replaced Weapon Guard since everyone has it in my mod.  All "Sword" abilities now cost mp now as well.  They have had their speed multiplier lowered to make up for increased stats in just about everywhere else.  Requirements are level 4 Squire and 3 Priest.  Any class that needed Knight now needs at least one extra level of Squire which was also buffed.

Archer has been renamed to Ranger and can now use Guns.  All Charges after 3 have been removed and the ones that were kept have been buffed.  Change 1 now has a CT and power of 3, 2 has a power and CT of 5, and 3 has a CT and power of 7.  They also have Aim Arm, Aim Leg, and Equip Gun.  Requirements are level 3 Squire.

Thief lost Steal Heart but gained Insult and the ability to Blind foes along with gaining Ninja's old speed and Crossbows which also have been buffed.  I'm debating on whether or not I should give them Bows or not due to their new found speed.

Mediator got fused with Bard losing a lot of it's original abilities but gaining a lot in return.  All songs no longer perform and are stronger / more accurate, and out side of Last Song are AoE with an effect area of one, but now cost MP to confiscate for the buffs they got expect Angel Song.  Speaking of Angel Song it is a real pain to balance, it heals MP = to MA*Y which means that it is either too strong or too weak.  Right now the Y is at 6 and I'm going to play around with it some more.  Life Song is Holy now and can hit enemies as well and uses the same formula as Angel Song just for HP instead of MP, and the Y is 10 and it doesn't use Faith.  All the stat buffs have a 70% chance to hit, and Nameless no longer gives Regen.  Last Song has a 50% chance to hit and as stated before is not an AoE.  The class has kept Invite, Praise, Mimic Daravon, and gained Steal Heart, all of these also have increased accuracy as well, and gained a magical attack called Shout which does damage equal to MA*15 in a line ahead of the Bard. The Classes stats have been buffed to be much more magical inclined as well.  Weapons are Knives, and Instruments now.  Requirements are the same for Mediator.  Also does anyone know how to get Praise to hit more than one person at a time?

Geomancer has been changed to a new class I call Adventurer.  It's stats are largely the same as before but it's abilities are a lot different.  Weapons are Knives, Swords, Axes, and Bows.  Abilities are Home made Potion which heals 20% of the targets HP and grants Regen, along with Home made Ether which heals MP equip to the Adventurer's MA * 2, a better name is also pending. Quick Hit (Deals damage based on Speed and weapon power (Speed*WP).  Uses weapon range.) and Killing Blow (Deals damage based on the difference between target's current HP and max HP.  Uses weapon range.) from my Commander class have been moved here and function the same as before, and they gained an ability called Molotov which does Fire damage at long range and uses ((PA+4)/2*MA) as it's damage formula along with Ultima Strike ((PA*Brave/100)*MA) and Hide which simply grants invisibility.  Requirements are level 3 Square and Chemist.

Ninja has lost all Throws but Shuriken, but gained elemental Ninjutsu which do the same thing has my old Elementalist abilities but now they do (MA+10)/2*MA, they're also not AoE now.  Ninja has had it's stats changed to better use these abilities as well.  They also can't use Flails now.  Ninja no longer needs Knight or Geomancer to be unlocked but it does need level 3 Squire along with 3 Archer, 3 Monk, and 4 Thief.

Calculator has been changed to Red Mage and it's stats are balanced in the Jack of all trades way.  They can use Swords, Knives, Rods, Staffs, Poles, Shields, Clothing, Robes, and Hats.  Spells are Cure 1 and 2, Raise, Fire, Ice, Bolt 1 and 2, Slow, Blind, Spell Absorb, and Silence Song.  Requirements are the same as Calculator except you need one less level for each of them.

Bard has been changed to Dark Knight which is a glass cannon class with high power (PA Growth is 35 and it's Multiplier is 120, MA Growth is 45 and it's Multiplier is 105) but low health (13 Growth and 65 Multiplier) even with armor equipped.  Abilities are Dark Sword, Night Sword, Dark Holy, Bio (Darkness), Bio 3 (Death), and Souleater.  Souleater does damage equal to PA*23 but you take half of that in return.  Weapons are Swords, and Knight Swords, and the class can wear Armor and Helms.

Commander replaces Dancer and she has lost Quick Hit, Killing Blow, and Ethion but gained Marching Order with is Quick with a 50%+MA chance of hitting an ally.  Shield Oath which grants Regen, Protect, and Shell.  Defiant Strike (Uses weapon range with a damage formula of ((PA+2)/2*PA) that can cause the following status effects randomly, Confusion, Silence, Berserk, Chicken, Stop, Charm, Don't Move, Don't Act, and Death Sentence.  Along with the other abilities I've already posted.  She cannot target herself however with any of her abilities.
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I have an idea of putting dart from the legend of dragoon in as ramza and it is going great but the problem that im having rn is that i named the normal Squire class dragoon when it is only for ramza should be. but every thing else is goign great but do you guys have any idea about squall (ff8) because i want to add him.
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You need to edit the name of the squire class that is specific to ramza. The one containing guts (not delitas) and not the one that uses basic skill.

There isnt a fully complete squall sprite iirc
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I have finally figured it out and how to save it without an error (thank god for help forms) well here is the squall sprite sheet i just need some ideas. 
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Hi im looking on making a necromancer class. Im using tietra sprite from fft remix. It is beautiful and it fits because she died.

Move idea:

Dark holy
Despair ( reworked as a heal for undead like cure 2)
Darkness ( reworked for a 70% chance to invite undead)
Death cold ( like magic barrier but for undead. Gives Haste, Float, Regen, Transparent, Defend)
Seal Evil ( reworked to a touch move 70% petrify undead)
Drain Touch
Deathspell 2

Thoughts? I would like feedback , thanks (:


I think a niche can be carved out for a dark magic user in FFT (I really don't find the WotL Dark Knight to be all that inspired, though the same is true of many other of FFT's jobs), but a necromancer specifically? Not without a major overhaul to the game, IMO. There just aren't enough undead enemies to be worth an entire job. And one of the best potential uses for necromancy - raising charmed/invited minions using battlefield corpses - doesn't work because IIRC there's no formula out there that allows you to inflict undead any status on a KO'd target.

The undead status is a bit of an interesting one, and I could see a niche open up for having it used defensively - turning it into a permanent, slow Reraise, and then having some healing/cleansing/buffing skills using the formulas that only make them worthwhile on undead units - but with the game as is you'd basically be spending way too much time turning your special characters undead or sacrificing too many human slots for undead monsters. Or you'd have to field a full team of necromancers. Compared to what FFT's stronger jobs (never mind the OP ones) are capable of without spending all that time preparing, this... just doesn't seem worth the player's time.

Not only that, but it also makes the necromancer incompatible with most standard healing.

It can work great as an enemy, set up with a fixed (undead) team, but as a playable Job that just totally clashes with so many others...? No.

Moving on...

Well, your changed skills just have really bizarre names for what they've become. How does "Death Cold" at all work as a name for something comparable to Magic Barrier? How does "Despair" work as the name for a heal??

Much of the rest of your skillset doesn't really have any discernable niche; there's no clear goal you're going for with it.

Much of your skillset is just frankensteined from other generic job skillsets, and this is something you should almost always avoid for a playable job. There's a case to be made that a Red Mage could take skills from White and Black Mages, but something like that would be the only exception.

The skillset is too large for the character. Skillsets with more skills look good, but fleshing out a single job too much kind of undermines the entire job system. It's not ideal to have a job that basically doesn't need a secondary skillset. Or, if you give a job a ton of skills with very little versatility, you end up with a ton of redundant shit that the player never really goes back to once they can use the best skills. Rafa/Malak, or the Black Mage/Oracle jobs are pretty good examples of this.

I know I was planning out a concept for a dark-based job not that long ago, and trying to establish a clear niche for it while still keeping its skills varied enough that none of them were redundant wasn't an easy task. I'm still not 100% on some of the skills. It can definitely be difficult.

For a bit of positive feedback on the concept, I did note that you tried to make use of a good number of enemy-only, monster-only, or niche special unit skills. That works: building a niche by recycling a bunch of otherwise-scattered, rare skills. I don't know if all the skills themselves work, but the logic behind that is fairly sound.
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You can make really interesting skills using some monsters skills/spells animations. As an example i made a whole new skillset for the ninja class, called jutsus, mid-range single target magic skills, using animations from spells like dark wisper, fire bracelet, triple thunder and others. Another example, for those who like D&D, you can make the spell magic missiles using the animation from Dispose(worker 8 skill), looks great ;D.
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So mostly the point of the class was simple to inflict the undead status & then invite them to the team. Thats it. raise and dark holy because its a priest that deals with the dark. Im having fun with w balanced chance of inflicting undead and then inflicting invite and having zombies fight for me like necromancers do. Its the closest thing i can do without ASM hacks. (:

Stone of Light

How broken would a "Zone of Control" type ability be that caused units to stop their movement if they enter a square adjacent to the unit with the ability? One of the things that has always bothered me about the game is that there is hardly any way to actually "hold the line", so to speak. I want to protect my squishy Priest but the enemy melee units just saunter on past my Knights as pretty as they please and strike her down. I figured I'd make it a innate ability for the Squire class (probably as a replacement for that cursed Gain JP Up).
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