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September 29, 2020, 01:03:59 pm


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Jobs and Etc. Ideas Proposal Thread

Started by RavenOfRazgriz, September 17, 2012, 06:05:03 pm


@yagood, final fantasy tactics social already did that.


Are you serious? That dude posted that 3 freakin years ago.
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someone else might want to do it, you never know who's lurking. anyway, i'd like to see a real ff5 myatic knight. all the spells already exists, so it's just a matter of implementation. i suppose one could use status (or formula 2) to apply the spells after normal attacks, or make them more like swordskills with the effects. it's probably less practical to try and implement the skills exactly like 5, with the increasingly powerful bonus damage(and instant death) for hitting weakness. i'll admit to being slightly confused on how to implement the two drain moves. come to think of it, spell fencer ala bravely default would also be excellent, perhaps even moreso. i also wouldn't mind either version having a few normal spells. spell fencer has some awesome passives.


But... replying to someone three years late, who hasn't logged in in three years, from the first page of an ongoing topic?
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<@Elric> I agree to that as well

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Alright, I have some ideas for a few skill ideas. They were thought of for rounding out the squire job, but could potentially work for any job.

Delay/Postpone Death:  This skill would be a cheap (perhaps free) and instant way to reset the death counter. Essentially, I believe this could be accomplished by raising unit with 1hp, then inflicting 1hp in damage.  I oppose giving too many jobs Raise abilities and I think this strikes a balance.  Range 3.

Impasse/Entangle/Wrestle:  This skill inflicts Don't Move on both the target and the unit. Range 1.

Squire:  This skill could actually do what squires were meant for!  This skill would re-equip another unit.  Range 1.

Crit Quick:  This would be an instant, high percentage quick at a moderate MP cost that could only target critical-state allies. 

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Quote from: Zorconomy on April 28, 2015, 12:24:25 pm
A job class that I see could replace or be compared to Geomancer would be:

Name: Elementalist (Or something along those lines)

Attack Base: Using Elemental Strikes to enhance attack power and change element to the attack used.

Say relating this to Geomancer you use a close range version or 'strike' version of Torrent/Water Ball having all the effects of the attack but then leaving that effect on the user's weapon or just their 'Attack'-skill.

Here's a small example:

You are referring to either the FFV Sorceror or the FFXI Red Mage enchant spells.  I am interested in this as well.  Has anyone had success with these?  If so, can you point me to a forum post?
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First time here, but have read a lot of the forums here to try and find what I need and haven't had much success.

I was working on a job mod project to change the existing jobs other than squire and chemist to the jobs from FFXIV. I am making good progress but there are a lot of damage + status skills, sometimes the status is applied to the caster. Are there any formula mods that exist that could damage a unit (either PA or MA based) and apply 100% status to the caster?

I am also trying to implement the conjurer's fluid aura spell and the 100% knock back patch works well but I need it to apply 100% status (don't move) and be MA based instead. Ideally this would be a new formula and not a replacement for throw stone (but adding a status to both would be great). 

I plan on using formula 2 with the 100% proc hack to build combos like fast blade -> savage blade -> rage of halone (you pick rage of halone and it attacks with formula two which procs two dummy abilities, the second of which replaces power break and deals damage). I think I have a handle on that, though.

Any quick help for those formulas would be great though.  Thanks.


April 26, 2016, 02:13:25 pm #47 Last Edit: April 26, 2016, 02:22:52 pm by Xifanie
I'm sorry, but this is just not going to work...
The ASM hack required for this kind of idea would be huge (since XIV has just about 100 statuses with durations). And yeah, let's not get started on combos, which would be doable if you completed the first part and used my ARH2 (Ability Requirement Hack v2, works solely by ASM hacking), but still a lot of trouble. Not only that but you'll be limited to 16 action abilities per job (and that is really stretching it, you'd run out of ability space way too fast with this many per job)

Unless your dedication and skills are that of every other member of FFH combined (if not more), I'd suggest scrapping your project or toning it down (at lot) to make your expectations more realistic.

Edit: If you want to make it work without ASM hacks, you can... but it won't be anything close to XIV.
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My goal isn't to make an exact copy of FFXIV. Nor do I want to reproduce every combo and status effect in the game.  I have narrowed down all the magic related jobs to 15 abilities and only 9 for the rest, and only a very small number don't fit into FFT without ASM hacking.

The biggest part is changing for example, all the conjurer's/white mage cure abilities to be single target or aoe as in FFXIV and have smart targeting, and to do likewise for black magic. I am not interested in building umbral ice and astral fire effects or anything crazy like that.  Medica right now is always centered on the caster and ignores enemies. Medica 2 applies regen using the raise formula with +25% heal which is good enough for me.

For white mage, fluid aura is the only issue and only because I want MA based damage and a status.

The physical jobs have a lot of "do damage and buff self" which since self buff abilities exist already, I figured would be doable. I'm not sure if I want to implement combos as multi proc effects using formula 2 or to ignore steps one and two and just leave say rage of halone or butcher's block or something that has a charge time.  No enforcing of ability sequences or that type of thing.

If there is a knock back formula that uses MA and possibly adds status and if there is a PA/WP formula with status to caster, that's really all I need to accomplish my goals.


This is a skill concept that I'd like to propose for use, if anyone sees it fit somehow. It is designed for jobs related to the relation between body and nature, so you can think of it useful for Monks, Geomancers etc. It is supposed to give the idea of flowing energy and synergy between man and nature, also being considered flow between elements.

When standing on natural terrain (which means terrains like grass, water, dirt, snow, rock), character has boosted PA or MA or speed (depending on the job).

I don't know if these stats such as PA, MA and Speed can be modified by terrain checking, so it's just an idea if it feels useful somehow. Also, if it already exists, I apologize for repeating. I was designing this for my Monk class, back when I was pondering about making a patch myself.


The other skill, also a MOVE SKILL, was designed for a Priest-like job: in the case of my old project, Zealot was its name. I also don't know if the mechanic of it is possible to be designed the way I was intending.

Constantly cleansing one's soul from sins and maladies, after moving it'll dispel a random ailment inflicted upon the character.

I don't know if its possible procuring and checking for ailments active on the target so it'll randomize one to be cleansed. But that's the conception, of walking in repentance of sins and then getting better as one is cleansed from status ailments.
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Quote from: Panda_Tar on November 09, 2016, 12:15:45 pm

When standing on natural terrain (which means terrains like grass, water, dirt, snow, rock), character has boosted PA or MA or speed (depending on the job).


The other skill, also a MOVE SKILL, was designed for a Priest-like job: in the case of my old project, Zealot was its name. I also don't know if the mechanic of it is possible to be designed the way I was intending.

Constantly cleansing one's soul from sins and maladies, after moving it'll dispel a random ailment inflicted upon the character.

I'm definitely more of a consumer than producer of patches, so I'm not sure as to their viability, but I think these are both really cool conceptually!
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Been working on making the Knight job more interesting. I love FF9 and decided to make the Knight more like Steiner's Knight Class. Already have the abilities Darkside, Minus Strike, Lai Strike, Thunder Slash, Shock, Stock Break, and Climhazzard (different from Cloud's Limit Break) set up to function well along the lines of FF9. The job is balanced and very powerful in end-game. I also formulated all the jobs to have more HP and MP growth so at level 60+ you can have 600-800 hp, depending on the gear you wear...
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I'm thinking of doing my own simple patch focused mainly on job/skills changes. Nothing too big but too make the game more fun to play. Same story, similar difficulty but rebalancing so you can use less popular skills and jobs very early in the game.

1. Changing jobs progression tree. Making the less popular classes available much earlier and Knight as a final melee job.
I would like to make Dragoon, mime, ninja, calculator, geomancer completely different classes. Oracle and Mediatior would be combined into one. Mediator sprite would be used for a new job.

2. Ramza would have unique skills of a leader/paladin with some of area effect. Like PA+1/MA+1/SPD+1/Innocent etc with area effect like draw-out with heavy mp cost. Ultima would be a very powerful spell worth the trouble.

3. Mime would be a completely different class and available early. It could learn some of the monsters and boss skills. Best ones could be learnt only on hit.

4. I like the idea to make the Knight more fun to play with completely different skills. Something like elemental attacks and less popular Sword skills.

5. Thief would be Steal focused. All steals would be 100% but with mp cost and charge time. Can carry two daggers. Total damage very similar to Squares but way more fragile. Available very early.

6. All Status would be 100% but balanced with high  mp cost, charge time and duration time. Charm for example would be 100% but last 1 turn only and heavy mp cost.

7. Dancer and bard would be available early. Their skills would be 100% accurate but would be balanced with mp cost and damage.

8. Lancer would be available earlier with a skill to throw spear - stronger than jump.

9. Almost any skill would be learnable on hit to reduce jp grinding in the game.

All specials would be rebalanced to be more useful.

Mustadio would be more like a sniper. 100% Death sentence (Critical wound) skill would added for non boss kills. Very high jump base. Range improved even further.

Agrias would gain some defensive skill to make her more defense oriented.

Orlandu would have skillset a bit limited to remove less popular skills.

Miledau - would be boss oriented job. Skills would do PA-1/MA-1/SPD-1 and one standard damage and one HP% damage skill. Very good on bosses but not so great on standard fights.

Agrias would more defense and magic oriented. Not like weaker Orlandu clone.

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Well I'm also going to add my two cents.

It's a re imagining of the Knight class, it will keep its name but will be more support oriented, high HP, above average evasion, Parry innate. Some or most abilities will use MP to avoid abuse. No description for abilities yet, but the in-battle quotes are ready. The Break/Rend abilities will pass on to Rad/Ladd who will have a special class that will learn its attacks from a class named Lieutenant who will use attack Meliadoul-like without range and only usable with swords.

I already made then work on an older project patch that went sour on PSP but I'm moving it to PSX, they have their own animations which are the animation from other weapons but with swords to simulate different movevements at the moment of ability execution.

A strong and honorable warrior that protects
the allies with a sacred Chivalry code.

Knight job command. Inspires and guides the
allies straight to victory over the wicked.

Encourage - +5 Brave (Area 2, Auto, Ally)

Do not fear the enemy! Fear what
will be the outcome if they win!

Defense Formation - Defend, Protect (Area 1, Auto, Ally)

Everyone! Raise your shields
and brace yourselves!

Attack Formation - +1 ATT (Area 1, Auto, Ally)

It is time for the foe to meet
its maker!

Rescue - Effect Wish (Unit, Ally)

No soldier should be left behind!

Blitzkrieg - CT 100 (Area 1, Ally)

All men, with me! Charge!--

---------DRIFTER KNIGHT---------
(Drifter Knight)
A mercenary that wanders Ivalice learning skills
from different places to perfect his Vagrant Blade.

(Vagrant Blade)
Drifter Knight job command. Collect skills and
techniques from all four corners of the realm.
Unit Quote
~ "Instead of a book, I prefer to learn from practice.
Or by being hit for all that matters" ~

Upward explosion that will rend thy head
in half! Geyser Slash! (Helmet break)

Strip the body from innapropiate
vestments! Heathen Ablution! (Armor break)

Coward! It is futile to hide behind
shields! Dragon Claw! (Shield break)

Do not impair the innocent any longer!
Falcon Cleave! (Weapon break)

Brush the vanity of useless trinkets!
(No name yet) (Accesory Break)

The world is safer without your foulest
incantations! Mana Break!** (-MP)

Feel your feet getting heavier by the
minute! Iron Punishment! (-SPD)

My sword will rip apart your meaningless
spirit! Soul Tear! (-MAG)

Rendering your muscles until no strength
is left in them! Griffin Grip! (-ATT)
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Dear all,

I'm looking for ideas and maybe somebody can help me.
I keep working on my personal patch and one of the thing I hate in games in general is rng (at least in most cases).
I want to reduce hit rate/luck to minimum or even eliminate it if possible.

My question is how would you balance the most powerful skills in the game if there would be 100% hit rate?
Is it even possible to balance Frog, Death or Invite with 100% hit rate?
If you had to how would you do it for these 3 specific skills?

My idea for invite is to make CT=50 or so (with "follow target") and 1 range.
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I can't adequately describe how bad of an idea that all is. Maybe basic attacks would be fine this way, but one-hit-KOs?

If anything the base accuracy is a bit too high. Jot5 increases evasion all around the board, and it sets up a great niche for abilities specifically designed to be unevadable - if you want to reduce RNG, put in some of those, but don't make 100% the baseline for everything.
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This patch is for myself only at this point. I don't want to copy Jof5 - it's an amazing patch that I can play already. Probably the best balanced mod I've experienced. Now I want a different experience and if it's fail to be fun for me then it's fine.

I already increased global evade and made shields way more efficient to be a strong alternative to two sword skill. I'm OK with this rng and avoidable skills. I'm not OK with 20% hit rate for skills that win the battle.
I hate 1 HKO but that is already available in most mods. Ninja with martial arts and no swords is often a 1HKO killing machine in most mods.

The problem with Invite, Frog, charm and death is that it can too easily win the fight if you lucky. If not then you can reset the game and keep trying until you start the fight with such powerful hit.

1.3 has reduced hit rate for those skills but I still managed to cheaply win some difficult battles by keep trying to use most powerful skills early on. And resetting the battle is just a longer version of using save states. So I either cheat the game by keep trying to get invite early or the game cheat on me and I get miss 30x in a row and get the fight 1h long for no reason.

In my personal mod invite cast is 3 turns long - This makes it almost useless at the begging of the fight as it would put you at a huge disadvantage. I made similar change to Charm so my cheap tactic to start with 3 charms at the beginning isn't cheap any more.
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Just throwing my 2 cent in...Necromancer..like from Diablo II

you can summon an AI skeleton, Golem, etc to fight for the team...like "guest" unit does.   

They would also have dark magic skills.  Easily copy the sprite for fire and make it Black and Blue?...

I'll leave the creative side to the talented people.
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Its not nearly that simple. You have to take the sprite limit into account
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In in FFT the special knight jobs are all pretty cool, so I was thinking about a patch that would make all the classes different types of knights. Give the jobs a more regimented military feel. So the starting job could be like clouds soldier job. You could replace priest with paladin/holy knight, wizard with blackguard/dark knight, and oracle with templar/temple knight. Just thought it would be interesting. The real problem would be balancing and keeping them interesting and unique.
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