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July 06, 2020, 02:07:53 am


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RP Request Thread

Started by formerdeathcorps, July 07, 2011, 10:15:13 pm


I like iamBQB's philosophy towards describing duels in RPs; however, Dokurider is also correct about FFT.  I think we should start with 2v2 pair duels, though I'm wary about any RP duels in general because they detract from the story elements and focus heavily on combat.
The system I found the most workable when I did this verbally with my friends in high school was
1) Intro A
2) Intro B
3) A's Action 1
4) B's Action 1
5) A's Action 2
6) B's Action 2

In general, you can spend your turn taking your own initiative and/or countering the opponent's attacks, but your action should be one continuous motion/willed thought...  An action is judged reasonable from the standpoint of your character's abilities and mindset.

I wouldn't mind judging a contest like this.
The destruction of the will is the rape of the mind.
The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.


So I had this idea for a new RP, so hear me out.

We are the Monster Hunter's Guild and we are responsible for keeping the monster populations down. It's not an easy, or thankful job, but we are what stops Ivalice from being overrun.

We don't know how it happened, but over the winter, a supertribe of Goblins has sprung up on Mandalia Plains. We failed to stop Goblin traders and merchants from reaching Mandalia and giving and teaching the other goblins new technology. Now they're using Goblin technology from all around Ivalice, slings, boomerangs, atlatl. Just a supertribe of well armed Goblins would be bad enough, but it gets even worse.

There has been reports of Goblins using tech they can't possible make. Things requiring great dexterity, metal work, or magical power have been appearing. Katanas, Crossbows, enchanted armor and shields. Things that only a human could make.

Bigger, smarter, and more vicious than ever, it is critical we destroy this supertribe before summer, where Goblin raiding season kicks into high gear to ready themselves for the winter months. Supertribes also tend to attract other tribes; the bigger they get, the faster their size increases. If we let them keep growing, we could looking at fully fledged goblin army. They'll complete ravage everything in Gallione, and then, who knows? They've already being leading minor raids on Dorter and Igros, but they get bolder by the day. It'll only be a matter of time before they launch a full on assault. We have to stop them now. Grab some ice, ladies and gentlemen, it's goblin killing season.


This sounds like a fun one-shot RP.  Go for it, Doku.
The destruction of the will is the rape of the mind.
The dogmas of every era are nothing but the fantasies of those in power; their dreams are our waking nightmares.



*coughs* so guys... any one wanna start out anew? ^^
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