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June 05, 2020, 03:32:11 pm


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CCP - Discussion Topic

Started by Celdia, June 24, 2011, 02:41:55 pm


Quote from: Ciato on May 29, 2012, 11:49:12 amUSB2 is a good example there; half of my party died before I moved and then I killed the enemies with Fireball in like two turns. The Loremaster is definitely the MVP; I love the conceit of the class. I'm using a Ghaele, a Loremaster, a Gunspinner, a Brawler (because who doesn't love Sabin?), and a Mystic Knight. The high unlock prereqs were definitely worth getting for these classes. Brawler feels like the worst and it's the easy one to unlock which is fair. Also of note are the two people with Champion/Valiance secondary; it's a nice revival secondary. My level is 26-30.

Definetly agree that Loremaster is very very strong. Fireball/Ice Storm/Meteor just destroys everything. Torero is also pretty strong, especially w/Terminar. Personally, I'm using Ramza as a Vanquisher/Blitz, Loremaster/Divine Magic secondary, Torero/Pillage secondary, Alchemist/Strategy secondary, and Agrias as a Holy Knight/Mysticism secondary. I haven't had to change the Loremaster since Chapter 1, (and the Torero ever since learning Terminar), but everyone else I'm changing at times.

Just got Rafa and Malak myself. Rafa - just wow, she might just replace the healing duties of my Loremaster. Wild Healing is really fun to use. Haven't done any battles with Malak yet, though.


Glad you're enjoying the patch, Otabo. Terminar is easily the most OP move in the game for generic units...maybe for anything, really. There's a reason it got abused in my AI battles. :D
QuoteRafa - just wow, she might just replace the healing duties of my Loremaster. Wild Healing is really fun to use.
o_o Holy shit, mission fucking accomplished. Someone is using one of the Wonder Twins. \o/

@Ciato: Zalera was designed to require Slow to beat him in a normal run. Fun fact: If you collected a piece of Move-Findable equipment at Golgorand, you can actually SOLO that fight with Ramza using that and other gear you're awarded or can buy before then.


Well, I've always been a big Rafa and Malak user (and Reis, too). Mainly for DD runs, but I use them for some storyline fights, too.


I'm a pretty minimalist player, don't use MFI or poach or anything like that. I was just glad that my gunner happened to have Cripple.

Wondertwins seemed interesting, but I didn't use them due to disliking their plot stuff and thus having an auto-bias against them.

Adra down! He was pretty easy in comparison to Zalera. Giant bug thing FTW?


Since you have gone away from chat, I will post it for you here. If you don't like it, tell me right away, and I will try to come up with different color schemes. Also, notice that the port got changed, so you will have to use two separate slots for both version.(unless there is a way to go around it which I don't know about)
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when she is on her critical state she looks somewhat like ajora1 lol
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So I am extremely new to this forum and forums in general and this may have already been answered but I love your patch and would like it on my psp. Is there a PSP compatible version?


Sadly, no. To my knowledge, every attempt to make a functional PSP eboot of it have failed in some form or another and most of the hacks I used for it work on the WotL version of the game.


Dang. Well I have almost played through the entire game on PC and its amazing! Props! :D


My masochistic side is itching to get out, so I'm now attempting War of the Gods with the patch. Wish me luck. I don't see me getting past Bariaus Hill, though. Those Lapidaries.


Oh, that should be intetresting. Keep us updated in the Battle Logs thread! ^_^

Lady Ladile

After taking a break for other games (ME3, Skyrim, D3) and RL (got married, moved), I'm back to playing around with CCP.  I'd previously made it to Chapter 4, but enough stuff has been changed with the last few patches that I decided to start over.  I'm only a few story battles into Chapter 1, but I gotta say that the new (to me) Siren and Adamantoise enemies definitely threw me for a loop at first.  Must recruit some of them soon >.>


Welcome back, Ladile!

Siren family is OP as hell, I'm told. >_> They're getting toned down a bit in the next version.

Lady Ladile

Yeeeeah, the Silence + Charm thing is annoying but can be worked around.  However, the Poison Frog thing makes my blood pressure go up.  At least it can hit the enemies as well as my guys...

Oh, and the changes to the Bomb class! "What the-oh. Well."

I have to admit that I -do- like that you're giving more monsters ranged attacks, which actually makes them a little more challenging to fight.

Otabo's post about doing War of the Gods got me to thinking about how challenges would work in CCP.  I'll probably play it normally once to get a better feel for the classes, but I'm tempted to try a Squad Challenge or some type of Magic User Challenge in the future.


There's always the Homemaker SCC :P  I could post a more current version of that if you wanted. Or if anyone else wants something silly to do with CCP while waiting for the next version.

As for Otabo's WotG run, I've been following that and I find it highly entertaining. I'm not used to seeing those kinds of mods on FFT, let alone on my own work and everytime he comes up against something new that I expect to give him major trouble he deals with it like it was nothing. I'm always left a little :o after watching. Which reminds me...I'm gonna go post some links to his videos for that in the Battle Logs thread.

Lady Ladile

Hehe thanks, but I tend to avoid SCCs because I would get bored without having at least a little class variety to play with.  A squad challenge would be easy to formulate but it can be a pain getting all your guys to their classes.  The magic user challenge, uh...I guess pick from the classes that are MA-based?  Oh!  Limited skills might also be entertaining!  Such possibilities  :mrgreen:


If you've got a squad in mind for a challenge I could just magic up a memory card file you could use. Do the generic sort of thing and start you at Dorter 1 with the classes you want unlocked. Wouldn't be too much work.

Lady Ladile

I might just take you up on that in the near future; I'll need to figure out what sort of setups I'd want for my squads first though.  I'd probably do 3 groups of 4 + Ramza, so that'd be 12 generics. Thanks!  :)


The tactician is the most fun class I have ever played with in a tactical style game.

Celdia, you have utterly /ruined/ normal tactics for me due to how fun a tactician is to play with. ^_^ It's to the point where in D&D and other games, I call out "Wheel Formation!" when doing anything that makes people go faster.  Many of my rougher last-ditch battles have resulted in an in-critical and poisoned tactician who just quicked everyone, and now I have to either win the battle ore get him cured of poisoned or he'll be dead and a zombie which will give me a hard 3 counter to complete the stage.

Just /so much fun/, wow.  I haven't played any of the newer versions - I'm still on the one where Malak's faith is abysmal, and thus he's been getting some serious face-up nannying so he can do more than just his wild magic, but good lord am I enjoying this mod.  I'm standing outside of the final plunge into Murond Death City - I'll do the vicious deep dungeon later.  Or more likely, once I beat the game, I'll get the newest version and start from scratch, as I want to do more tacticianing from early on!

I sense one of my difficulty problems is that I'm too high level - I was doing some inviting of monsters without realizing the effect this would have on story battles, heh.  Too used to normal FFT.  Still, this is super fun - I really /LOVE/ that class, wow.


That reminds me, I still need to beat Altima in my WotG run. Just need to find a good setup for her.