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IA Hero Jobs Meeting (Over) [locked]

Started by R999, July 22, 2010, 04:45:26 am


Meeting Finished. Thanks for showing up. I think things would have been better if it wasn't so late at night... will keep that in mind next time.

As most of you probably know by now that that's what me and Raven has been doing for the past 2 weeks; Hero job designs.  

Hero Jobs Discussion Meeting

All of you --especially those of you who are responsible for Game Mechanics-- Raven, Philsov, TheDamned--  are invited and expect to be online. We will look at each and everyone of the Hero jobs from a global view, keeping in mind which RSMs are available, which Statues cancels/blocks/can't stack with what, their durations,  and a glimpse at the generic jobs' roles (roles only because generics will be going under a major revision after Heroes are finalized). After that point we will try to look at each of the Heroes in-depth.  We have at least 15 teams to go through not counting Alicia and Lavian, and then we'll likely talk briefly about the boss heroes if we have the time.

-- I would expect everyone to have at least read through the current Hero jobs thread at least once (starting from today, Thursday) before this meeting.

All Heroes At Once

It is Very important that we discuss all the heroes in one session. Doing so will let us see if there are overlapping roles between Heroes and Hero types (we do Not want overlapping roles in general, we have divided them up into their respective Categories for this very reason, since the beginning). A Strength Hero should, for example, excel in physical combat, instant physical damage, and so on. Heroes make up a part of the game; the other half is the generics.  What this means is we should try to restrict ourselves from making weak Hero skills, doing so will make generics impossibly hard to design without stripping them down to oblivion. The good news is that we have now upped the Hero unique skills limit to 5-6 per team, up from 2-3.

Ability Names

This is under low priority this time but it is something of which I feel Lasting_Dawn and Eternal would be able to remedy. If you don't like an ability name, by all means give your suggestion but do not spend too much time on it.  

Special Effects

We should also try to restrain ourselves from thinking about what special effects to use at this time (I'll be honest, this can be very time consuming and we likely won't have the time for that kind of stuff). But if you have something to suggest, it will be noted down of course. That and also how we are now finally able to make custom edited special effects thanks to Zodiac's hard work -- and do expect at least a dozen or two of these to be made into IA.


This meeting should not take much more than 1-2 hours.  

Sword Skills Problem

Let's face it, some heroes will need instant cast attacks. And some of these will have to be non-melee ranged. Probably most of them will have to do some sort of damage. An ability that is instant cast with a range of 2-3-4-5 isn't necessarily a Sword Skill. One that does damage, damage + proc, damage+status, damage+100% status, percentile based damage, percentile based damage + status, SelfHPLoss damage, TargetHPLoss Damage, HP Absorb Weapon Damage, Percentile Absorb, status, random status, separate status, MP damage, HP healing, MP healing, isn't necessarily a sword skill. If we were exclude all of these kinds of skills, we might as well call everything a SwordSkill. Whether the actual Special Effect used looks like a Sword or not, that is not what we will discuss (and sometimes, it is but an issue of subjectivity or of personal preference).  The problem has more to do with actually coming up with unique "Sword Skills", not saying stuff like  "LOL NIGHTSWORD IS A RIP OFF OF STASIS SWORD" -- of which I am sure we all agree is nonsense. Keeping in mind all the while that our generics would have to be weaker than our Heroes, so when you think about stuff like damage, proc rate, CT, range, they should be the maximum threshold rather than the minimum (generics should have longer CT, higher MP costs, lower proc rate, lower range, etc).

In terms of Special Effects, I look at it like this,  1) No All-Ultima, No Meteor, No XXXX Effects because they are reserved for Lucavi spells.    2) We try to not use an effect twice, especially for unrelated skills. That is all that I will say about "Sword Skills". For further discussion with this topic, if you are so interested, please talk to me personally -- we will not waste time talking about Special Effects for this meeting.

@TheDamned:  Try to get in touch with me be before then, possibly by Thursday night or Friday.

Anyone who is not serious about the project please do not interrupt the discussion with other topics during this session.

Please post here and let us know what your availabilities are so we can schedule the time. Post a reply here or send me a message via our channel.


I should be able to get online enough during Saturday / Sunday for this.  I'm on by typical schedule still.

If it's between vaguely 5-8pm EST or basically any time after 10pm EST I'll be able to come on, with possible exception to later Sunday night... but that would likely not be till like, 2am EST, so yeah.

Granted, I may or may not have something on the table simultaneously, but since this is pretty important I can show up no problem if it's between those times.


I have a problem.  

My modem's dying, and right now it's barely clinging to life.  I'll still be available at 5-8 Saturday but the rest is currently up in the air, depending on when we can get it replaced.  It should be sometime Sunday, so later that day SHOULD still be an option, but I can't promise that in good faith at this time.

The Damned

Should be home all this weekend, though as to when I'll actually be conscious, that's a lot more difficult to say considering how horribly comprised my sleep schedule is at the moment.

I'm down for whenever everyone else is around. Just nudge me on PMs or something beforehand and I'll (try to) be conscious to be there.
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Postponding meeting until Tuesday and yet we have another new member... I would like to get him up to speed first (read: he's a rare breed). I think you guys will be fine by then.