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The Lion War Base Patch Resources v1.05

Started by Elric, September 28, 2019, 08:40:25 am


You can absolutely learn skills like a Blue Mage can. That's how you learn Ultima and Zodiark after all.

Also, not only would I personally sacrifice the multiple duplicate Bio spells, it's not even necessary - there are plenty of monster skills that can be reworked to fit blue magic, and considering that blue magic comes from monsters, this should be the obvious starting point.

As for making Blue Magic not weak, the obvious answer is to nerf monster MA and buff their MA based skills. Let monsters keep being stronger than humans, but not to such a massive degree. Then make any PA skills based on weapon damage, the same way Ashley Riot's skills are. There are other solutions such as using alternate formulas that aren't so raw stat based, too.
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Since when does a blue mage require new skill slots? Lol
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The Blue Mage learns monster skills, which is cool because it doesn't require any additional skill slots.  I feel like this is not the place, though, so I'll make a post somewhere else later this week for anyone interested with links, thoughts, and my own obstacles for others to empathize.
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