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February 22, 2020, 07:33:42 am


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World/Battle Debug (new, stable codes!)

Started by Xifanie, December 13, 2013, 06:30:59 pm


December 13, 2013, 06:30:59 pm Last Edit: August 29, 2015, 12:25:49 pm by Xifanie

Gameshark Codes

World Debug

D0067000 8A44
8016EA02 00A0
D0067000 8A44
8016EA0A 00A0
D0067000 8A44
8016EA12 00A0
D0067000 8A44
8016EA18 A00F
D0067000 8A44
8016EA1A 0008
Battle Debug

D0067000 8888
80166D6E 0050
D0067000 8888
80166D76 0050
D0067000 8888
80166D7E 0050
D0067000 8888
80166D84 502C
D0067000 8888
80166D86 0003


Code (xml) Select
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<Patch name="DEBUG World: Activate">
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="8EA02">A000</Location>
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="8EA0A">A000</Location>
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="8EA12">A000</Location>
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="8EA18">0FA0</Location>
<Location file="WORLD_WORLD_BIN" offset="8EA1A">0800</Location>
<Patch name="DEBUG Battle: Activate">
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="FFD6E">5000</Location>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="FFD76">5000</Location>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="FFD7E">5000</Location>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="FFD84">2C50</Location>
<Location file="BATTLE_BIN" offset="FFD86">0300</Location>

[hblock=yellow]World Debug Menu[/hblock]

1. Move
2. Formation
3. Brave Story
4. Tutorial
5. Data
6. Option

7. Battle
A menu will appear asking you to enter a number. This number will trigger a battle at the given map number.
Check here for a list of maps: http://ffhacktics.com/maps.php

8. Flag
You will be presented with 10 flags which you can edit from 0 to 9999, but you can also scroll up and down to edit flags 0 to 1023.
Flag 0 automatically reverts to 0000: this is perfectly normal.
To scroll up/down pages, press ⬜ + ↑ or ⬜ + ↓
Check here for a list of currently known flags: http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Variables

It would be cool to be able to edit the values in hex, and from 0x00000000 to 0xFFFFFFFF. Of course, that would be trouble to hack considering that memory editing can do just as well (for emulators with that capability & Gameshark).

9. ENTD Team
Loads the specified ENTD slot as your team. Note that this is highly unstable on console.
Research is pending to find what causes the console and emulator to crash with some ENTDs.
To find a list of ENTDs, load your ISO using FFTPatcher and select the ENTD tab. ENTD IDs are listed in decimal, so you will have to convert them back to decimal.

[hblock=red]Battle Debug Menu[/hblock]

1. AT
2. Unit List
3. Option

4. Debug
Allows you to edit the stats of characters. Originally only allows editing so many stats, even though more should technically be available as more are selectable. Press L1/R1 to switch between characters. Note that PA/MA aren't listed down there... and they might prove difficult to potentially implement with a hack.

0x00 = Level
0x01 = Experience
0x02 = Job (cannot be selected or edited)
0x03 = Brave
0x04 = Faith
0x05 = Zodiac Sign
0x06 = Move
0x07 = Jump
0x08 = Speed
0x09 = Right Hand (cannot be edited)
0x0A = Left Hand (cannot be edited)
0x0B = Head (cannot be edited)
0x0C = Body (cannot be edited)
0x0D = Accessory (cannot be edited)
0x0E = Primary (cannot be edited)
0x0F = Secondary (cannot be edited)
0x10 = Reaction (cannot be edited)
0x11 = Support (cannot be edited)
0x12 = Movement (cannot be edited)
0x13 = HP
0x14 = MP
0x15 = CT


  • I've been developing a hack to allow new stats/equipment/abilities to be edited, but it needs to be refined. As it stands, editing and saving items/skillsets/R/S/M is no issue.

  • I want to figure out how to recalculate HP/MP when changing equipment (it already updates when altering your level).

  • I want to figure out how to force the equip change routine to recalculate AI skills, sword requirement and other things.

  • I want to figure out how to give the player the ability to edit PA and MA, which is currently totally impossible, because there is no existing cursor for those two stats. The cursor data can be found in battle at: 0x801c6044 (the first word is the location of the stat).

  • Speed is reset after leveling up... rather annoying.

  • Modding version: PSX
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<Raijinili> remember that? it was awful


  • Modding version: PSX
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Now loads the appropriate text automatically~
  • Modding version: PSX
<R999> My target market is not FFT mod players
<Raijinili> remember that? it was awful


  • Modding version: PSX
* Angel should quit being a lazy bitch
<@Elric> I agree to that as well
At the end of the day, are we not all trapped inside lemons?


In the World Debug, the second team it's always blue by default. How can i change this for every match?



You're obviously using FFT: Arena... just use the Deep Dungeon menu.
  • Modding version: PSX
<R999> My target market is not FFT mod players
<Raijinili> remember that? it was awful


That's right for AI
But I use it manually
The first equipment if it maintains the color edited in the generator
But the second always takes the blue
I think that maybe FFTOrgASM could force this
At least for each battle
Thank you


Quote from: DARKANGELUXZ on January 06, 2017, 01:18:44 am
I think that maybe FFTOrgASM could force this

Unfortunately, ASM hacks don't make themselves by themselves.
  • Modding version: PSX
<R999> My target market is not FFT mod players
<Raijinili> remember that? it was awful


I understand
I just wanted an idea of where I could locate ...
<Location file = "?"
You might change the order of the palettes
I do not have all the knowledge
But I would not mind spending some time trying

White Knight Wiegraf


You don't need the debug menu, it's only a matter of making them controlable through the FFTPatcher ENTD. But since the .fftpatch isn't in the download files, obviously it wasn't possible to do it yourself. Fortunately for you I've already done it before. The file I've attached will make them controlable. Make sure to patch the EIA.xml last, else there will be critical bugs.

Only compatible with Arena 1.40a.
  • Modding version: PSX


Quote from: White Knight Wiegraf on January 09, 2017, 04:23:16 am

You don't need the debug menu,

Only compatible with Arena 1.40a.

I thought that no one would answer me any more
I'm going to try your files
thank you very much really

Pedro Henrike

Is FFTOrgASM necessary for this process? I do not quite understand how it works. So if it is, I will try to understand it. I found the topic very interesting.
  • Modding version: PSX