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PW 2.0: What's In Store

Started by Eternal, October 10, 2013, 02:29:17 am


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There's also a Nacht, from FF Dimensions. ;)
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The Damned

(Here's to hoping you changed "World" as far as Monster gender names go. I don't know why that one bothers me as much as it does.)

Well, if you really wanted to get more female names from video games, you could expand slightly outward into some of Square's other RPGs, like taking "Asellus" and "Emelia" from SaGa Frontier. Pretty sure no one around here would begrudge you taking names from Chrono Trigger or Star Ocean 2 either--Chrono Cross may be pushing your luck though. You could even go into some the more esoteric or at least less supported RPGs of Square's if you really want to, like taking "Nina" from Breath of Fire or, getting actually esoteric, taking "Aya" from Parasite Eve. Finally, given how bishonen a lot of Final Fantasy characters, you could always shift some of the more gender neutral male character names like Snow or Hope or Cloud over to the female side.

Regardless, glad to hear things are still progressing smoothly.
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