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July 03, 2020, 04:25:10 pm


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PW 2.0: What's In Store

Started by Eternal, October 10, 2013, 02:29:17 am


So for the crowds of you who are still following this (read: you two people out there), PW 2.0 is well underway. I have a lot of fun new things planned.

1) New Move-Find Item Rewards

The great Treasure Hunt is something that you completionists will hate me for. Each map has (as talked about previously) a Treasure Idol- one of which is found in every map (except for Gariland). Collect them all and either keep them to show off, or sell them for high amounts of Gil, which is still very limited in PW. Also introducing Secret Logs. There are 13 to be found (all findable via Move-Find Item). These items don't sell for anything, but reading them will give you a great bit of insight on a FFT character that isn't talked about much. I'm hoping you all will find them and read them!

2) New Jobs

I've (finally) decided on a set of jobs I'm happy with. Many jobs from PW are returning, such as Scholar, Berserker, Necromancer, and Harbinger. However, a great many jobs have been replaced and given new coats of paint. Joining the PW job tree is the Ranger job, which, well... I'll get to that next. There's also the Judicer job, Seer job, Chronomancer job, etc. I'll go into further detail on those all in a bit.

3) Revamped Item System

Unlike PW 1.0 where you could unlock a ton of equipment at once and mix-and-match as you pleased, PW 2.0 is a more linear item progression system, akin to Vanilla FFT. However, unlike FFT, the new items are fun to use and have some cool gimmicks. Staves, for example, deal no damage but instead inflict a buff 100% of the time. Knives are prone to inflict debuffs, etc. Unlike Vanilla, equipment is more varied and is just generally more interesting to use. And yes, each one will have an interesting Sage Knowledge entry to read.

4) Speaking of Items...

Useable Items (such as Potion and Phoenix Down) are dead. Now, before you riot, this is where the Ranger job comes in. The Ranger is a ranged (obviously) unit, capable of using Longbows, Crossbows, and Guns. They have Innate: Poach and Treasure Hunt. What's so special about them? They're basically the new Chemist replacement. Their skillset revolves around foraging for herbs on the ground and making their own items to use on the party. What does this boil down to in terms of gameplay? Basically, Rangers can use (formerly) Items without having to actually buy Items. Instead, all they have to suffer is a short CT to use them. Gil can still be acquired by selling Denamda, coins which are won after battle. Additionally, the new Juggler job can Throw these for heavy damage to the enemy.

5) What's With the New Jobs?

Freelancers remain more-or-less the same as they were in 1.0. They've lost the ability to wield every piece of gear, but have a more versatile skillset which includes vital early-healing and early-revival skills.

Devouts remain the dedicated healers of the party, capable of casting Cure and Raise, and can still wield Dia magic. They also maintain their gimmick of focusing on increasing Faith. New to their arsenal is the Divine Reckoning spell, which deals a tremendous amount of damage to enemies with the Innocent status, as well as removing that status from them.

Magi remain the early dedicated offensive mages of the game, still wielding Ice and Earth magic which deals damage based on the enemy's lack of Faith. In addition, they can now inflict Poison and Blind to further cripple enemies. The Poison and Blind spells totally ignore an enemy's Faith for accuracy. Shadowflare remains their ultimate spell, dealing heavy non-elemental damage to a single target based on their Unfaith. In addition, they have a new spell called Hell's Judgment, which is the opposite of Divine Reckoning- it deals tremendous damage to Faith'd enemies, and removes that status from them.

Psions also remain much the same, wielding Fire magic and the ability to easily inflict Confuse and Oil. Berserk has also been added to their arsenal, as well as Charm. Psions can now physically attack enemies from afar with their Telekinesis spell and can instantly kill a Confused enemy with their signature Overmind spell.

Scholars are now an advanced magical job, still being able to wield the Aero and Bio spell lines, and their ability to cast Esuna and Dispel remains. New to their arsenal is the Chicken, Curse, and Veil spells. Chicken turns the enemy into a chicken until they take damage or are healed, softening their defenses briefly. Curse and Veil are counterspells to one another. Curse status makes an enemy unable to be buffed, and renders them unable to React. Veil status renders a unit totally immune to debuffs.

Necromancers are very similar to their original selves, but with some tweaks. Necromancers now gain the Banish spell, which can instantly turn Undead enemies into stone, allowing Necromancers to more easily handle Undead threats.

Seers are the new basic magic job. Seers are one with nature, capable of using Water magic. Seers can also cast a variety of assorted other magicks, including Regen, Vanish, and Might. Seers are unique in that their skillset contains the Recharge ability, which allows them to regain a small amount of MP. Despite being a basic job, the Seer's varied skills are worth having around for a variety of circumstances.

The second of four new mage jobs, the Judicer is a blend of magic and melee. Judicers have a magical skillset, but are capable of wearing heavy armor, shields, and swords, at the cost of a limited MP and MA pool. Judicers wield Thunder magic, and their spells revolve around "punishing" enemies. In addition to reducing an enemy's stats, the Judicer can also use their Guilt and Innocence abilities to damage enemies suffering from buffs and debuffs respectively, which make Judicers great team-players when used in tandem with other mage jobs.

Avatars remain almost exactly the same as they were in PW 1.0. Using Magicite, the Avatar can summon creatures for a variety of effects. Unlike PW 1.0, Magicite cannot be equipped, and Avatars can instead wield Poles for heavy damage when they're lacking in Magicite. They also have a large MP pool so that they can feasibly wield other spells when lacking in Magicite.

Chronomancers- much like Judicers- are a blend of magic and weaponry, except Chronomancers are more proficient with ranged weapons such as Crossbows and Shields, rather than melee weapons and heavy armor. Chronomancers wield a trimmed-down set of Time Magic from Vanilla FFT, but with a few new spells: Comet, Comet II, Time Crash, and Zero Gravity. Comet and Comet II are non-elemental damaging spells, whereas Time Crash may reduce the CT of every unit on the field to 0- including allies, meaning it's a very risky spell to wield. Zero Gravity deals percentile damage to a small area of enemies and thrusts them into the air, inflicting Float and Immobilize.

Male units who excel in the mage field will gain access to Templars, a melee job with a magical twist. They have eight elemental strike abilities, which consume a small amount of MP to unleash a weapon strike imbued with an element and a status proc. Templars (much like in PW 1.0) can wield Spears and Heavy Armor, but are lacking in the Move and Jump departments.

Sentinels are once again a basic melee job focusing on defense and buffing. Still wielding Protect, Shell, Reflect, Steelguard, and Mediguard, the Sentinel can Taunt an adjacent enemy into attacking the Sentinel if they wield a melee weapon. Sentinels are more or less the same as they were before, but their Resuscitate skill was moved to Freelancers.

Like Sentinels, Brigands are very similar to their PW 1.0 incarnations, but with new skills. They've lost the ability to debuff enemies but have gained Self: Haste and Self: Vanish skills, aiding in theft and speed. They also wield the new Smokescreen ability to Blind adjacent enemies in a bind.

Rangers are a wholly new job, replacing the old Alchemist and Sniper jobs. Rangers excel in long-range attacks, and can use their Forage skillset to make Items on the fly to instantly use on crippled and wounded allies. Should they land a kill on a monster enemy, Magicite is unlocked at the Fur Shop later in the game. They can also bypass traps (which are again on every map in PW), and are very mobile units.

Formerly a female-specific job in PW 1.0, Assassins are now available to both genders, with an almost wholly-new skillset. They maintain their Charm/Kill combo, but can now lob shurikens, suffocate foes, unleash unblockable attacks, and more. More mobile but less evasive than Brigands, Assassins have low HP and count on easy kills to stay alive in the heat of battle.

Returning from PW 1.0, Berserkers are no longer Always: Berserk, and have a new skillset. Returning is Fervor and Heat of War, which adds Berserk on the user. Heat of War returns from very early incarnations of PW, and increases the Fury of all units on the field by 3, increasing damage both dealt and received from physical strikes. Infuriate bolsters the user's own Fury, and Bulk Up increases the user's own PA. Blitz deals reduced damage to surrounding enemies, and Crippling/Crushing Blow are physical attacks that can also debuff and destroy enemies.

A fan favorite from PW 1.0, Harbingers return in the same capacity as they did in PW 1.0. They're Dark Knights of the foulest sort, enjoying torturing enemies. They still wield skills with recoil damage, and can inflict Immobilize, Disable, and Petrify from range with their (inaccurate) spells.

Druids are the fourth and final new mage job in PW 2.0. Druids are a unique blend of magic and melee, wielding light armor and weaponry, but have high amounts of HP and Speed. Their skillset is an evolved version of every elemental spell- Meltdown (Fire damage to all enemies), Freeze (Ice Unfaith damage and Atheist on enemies), Quake (Earth MA*X damage), Blast (Thunder, Instant CT), Flood (Water, Heavily reduced MP cost), Tornado (Wind, Infinite range), Dark Holy (Dark damage and Undead onto enemies), and Holy (Holy damage and Faith onto an enemy). All of these spells, while evolved from the other elements, do less damage than the spell's level II tiers. As such, the Druid requires a bit of setup and customization to fit a player's chosen playstyle.

Blue Mage:
Yes, Blue Mages are coming on board as a generic job that every class can use. Being able to wield a skill from every monster family, the Blue Mage is the pinnacle of spell versatility, albeit at the cost of average stats and a very limited equipment pool.

Juggler (Not 100% confirmed yet):
Jugglers are the pinnacle of Speed and Evasion, being able to easily dance and weave around an enemy's physical attacks. Jugglers will be able to use Gil Toss and Throw to damage enemies from afar. They do, however, lack decent PA and HP, meaning that they're screwed if they're forced to fight mano-a-mano.

Onion Knight:
The ultimate generic job. Good luck unlocking this one.

6) Events

New events are still going to be added, and I have a much clearer vision now of the things I want to add. My intention is to add events that allow you to briefly play as previously unplayable characters, and events that chronicle things that were previously unresolved in FFT. PW 2.0 will be less about adding new characters and plotlines, and will focus more on building upon what was already there in FFT to begin with.

So yes, people, I've been working hard on PW and hope to have some screenshots of the new jobs and items up fairly soon. PW 2.0 should be more balanced, less buggy, and more fun than PW 1.0. It won't be half as fancy as Jot5 or CoP, but I'm hoping you all will enjoy it as a refreshing way to play Vanilla. :)
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Awesome!  Looking forward to it.


Yeah man, sounds really good. Can't wait for release! Looking forward to it.
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Lady Ladile

You can do it~!  Now, to go play PW 1.0 >.>  *scurries*


Some more things that you can look forward to that I worked on today:

-Reviving units with 0 HP with the Necromancy spell. Again. Necromancy was such a fun bug that I decided to keep it around. The animation is Bolt's, which means you're effectively raising a zombie unit with unholy lightning. Enjoy!

-Throw Meteor is making a huge comeback.

10% EVD

Francisca      9 WP   Add: Immobilize
Helmcleaver      12 WP   Cast: Blastar Punch
Executioner's Axe   16 WP   Add: Death

0% EVD

Royal Handbag      10 WP   MA +1
Valkyrian Handbag   12 WP   PA +1
Maiden's Handbag   14 WP   Move +1, Jump +1
Goddess' Handbag   20 WP   SPD +1

15% EVD

Scholar's Tome      7 WP   Cast: Bio         Wind Elemental
Necronomicon      8 WP   Cast: Zombify         Dark Elemental
Glabados Lexicon   9 WP   Cast: Dia II         Holy Elemental
Grimoire Demolir   11 WP   Cast: Meteor

10% EVD

Shortbow      4 WP
Sniper Bow      5 WP   Jump +1
Target Bow      5 WP
Longbow         6 WP   +1 Range
Burning Bow      7 WP   Add: Oil         Fire Elemental
Hayate Bow      8 WP   Cast: Rapid Fire
Ixquimilli's Bow   10 WP   Add: Immobilize         Ice Elemental
Yoichi Bow      12 WP   SPD +1
Sagittarius Bow      16 WP   Move +1, Jump +1

50% EVD

Shimmering Rug      8 WP   Add: Blind
Torero's Cloth      10 WP   Add: Berserk
Harem Silk      15 WP   Add: Charm

5% EVD

Crossbow      3 WP
Nightmare Bowgun   4 WP   Add: Sleep
Galvanishot      5 WP   Add: Disable         Thunder Elemental
Recurve Crossbow   6 WP
Piercing Crossbow   8 WP   Cast: Shellbust Stab
Gastrophetes      10 WP

10% EVD

Battle Mace      9 WP   Cast: Shield Break
Morning Star      11 WP   Cast: Helmet Break
Chaos Mace      16 WP   Cast: Weapon Break
Grand Mace      23 WP   Cast: Armor Break

10% EVD

Altair         6 WP
Vega         8 WP
Betelgeuse      9 WP   Heals on hit
Spica         10 WP   +1 Range
Arcturus      11 WP
Fomalhaut      12 WP   Cast: Flare

20% EVD

Madhura Harp      10 WP
Twin Harp      13 WP   PA +1, MA +1
Loki's Lute      15 WP   Add: Curse

15% EVD

Dagger         3 WP
Poison Knife      4 WP   Add: Poison
Ripper         4 WP   Add: Immobilize
Mage Masher      4 WP   Add: Silence
Lust Dagger      5 WP   Add: Confusion
Swordbreaker      6 WP   Cast: Hellcry Punch
Dancing Dagger      7 WP   Add: Disable
Assassin's Dagger   7 WP   Add: Doom
Spellbinder      10 WP   Add: Slow
Tonberrian      12 WP   Cast: Lifebreak

20% EVD

Defender      16 WP   40% EVD
Save the Queen      18 WP   Initial: Protect
Excalibur      21 WP   Initial: Haste   
Ragnarok      24 WP   Initial: Shell
Lombardia      28 WP   Initial: Regen         Wind Elemental

15% EVD

Kogarasumaru      8 WP
Ragetsu-Denbu      9 WP   Jump +1
Kazekiri      10 WP   Initial: Berserk   
Yakei         12 WP
Nodachi         13 WP   +1 Range
Murakumo      14 WP   Always: Float
Mutsonokami      15 WP   Initial: Vanish
Masamune      15 WP   SPD +1

25% EVD

Bamboo Pole      6 WP
Walking Stick      7 WP   Move +1
Iron Fan      8 WP
Healer's Pole      9 WP   Initial: Veil
Gokuu Pole      10 WP   Add: Atheist
Raijin Pole      11 WP   Thunder Elemental
Sage's Pole      12 WP   MA +1
Princess Guard      16 WP   Initial: Protect, Shell

3 Range
15% EVD

Mage's Wand      3 WP   MA +1
Magma Wand      3 WP   Strengthen: Fire, Earth      Fire, Earth Elemental
Storm Wand      3 WP   Strengthen: Thunder, Water   Thunder, Water Elemental
Blizzard Wand      3 WP   Strengthen: Ice, Wind      Ice, Wind Elemental
Nexus Wand      3 WP   Strengthen: Holy, Dark      Holy, Dark Elemental
Sorceror's Wand      4 WP   MA +2
Omniwand      5 WP   Add: Stop
Stardust Wand      5 WP   Cast: Gravity

25% EVD

Trident         8 WP   Water Elemental
Demon Spear      9 WP   Dark Elemental
Highwind      10 WP   Jump +2            Wind Elemental
Aura Lance      11 WP   Cast: Osmose
Obelisk         12 WP   Cast: Icewolf Bite
Dragoon Lance      14 WP   Cast: Bahamut
Holy Lance      17 WP   Cast: Holy         Holy Elemental
Zodiac Spear      20 WP

15% EVD

Protect Staff      0 WP   Add: Protect
Sylvan Staff      0 WP   Add: Shell
Healing Staff      0 WP   Add: Regen
Rainbow Staff      0 WP   Add: Reflect
Chrono Staff      0 WP   Add: Haste
Seraph Staff      0 WP   Add: Veil
Cadeuceus:      0 WP   Cancel: All Debuffs
Nirvana         0 WP   Add: Reraise

15% EVD

Shortsword      4 WP
Golden Blade      5 WP
Rapier         6 WP   25% EVD
Mythril Sword      7 WP
Icebrand      8 WP   Ice Elemental
Blood Sword      8 WP   Drains HP
Organyx         9 WP   Earth Elemental
Flametongue      9 WP   Fire Elemental
Demonsbane      10 WP   Cast: Seal Evil         Holy Elemental
Deathbringer      10 WP   Add: Doom         Dark Elemental
Lionheart      12 WP
Buster Sword      12 WP   PA +2
Runeblade      13 WP   MA +2
Ultima Weapon      20 WP   Cast: Ultima

Thrown Items:

Copper Denmada      5 WP
Bronze Denmada      7 WP
Silver Denmada      8 WP
Gold Denmada      10 WP
Platinum Denmada   15 WP
Kitchen Knife      99 WP
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
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posting to let you know there's three people waiting for this *wink*


Glad to see people are interested!

As far as special characters go, I think people will enjoy Worker 8 and Reis a lot more in PW 2.0. Their skillsets are direct references to two different games, both of which will be fairly obvious in hindsight. Let's just say that Reis is the one Shouting now, not Ramza...
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


it took me a little while to remember this, but: i  remember having to turn everybody into berserkers and level them like that since the berserker job had the best growth in everything but mp.

that was actually kind of fun. i will say i don't actually like the loss of the always berserk status though i'm probably the only one lol

Lady Ladile

Actually, there are now four people waiting...  ;)

Joseph Strife

October 29, 2013, 07:37:04 pm #9 Last Edit: October 29, 2013, 07:44:36 pm by Joseph Strife
no need to say how i feel about PW! That sure is great news. Way to go Eternal!
And of course, if you need any help with playtesting or event editing i am here to help. (altough i just started doing it.) :mrgreen:
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Gaffgarion: ... Sure!
Ramza: ... Let me see your contract...
Gaffgarion: ... No...


Merry Christmas.

this topic has not been posted in for 45 days so apparently im necroposting LAWL

Seasons Greetings, regardless.

... and hurry up already. I wanna play this :)


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This whole project just sounds gorgeous. I literally can't wait.


Progress is still being made, albeit slowly. I work a lot during the week and have a ton of volunteer work that I do, but I'm still making progress with basic stuff in PW, like ENTDs and items/abilities. Glad to see people other than me still care! :P
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"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


I'm just glad you still care. After all, you're the one making the really cool patch. Also, it doesn't matter if it's going slowly just as long as it is done well.  :D


If you need a tester, i'm your guy, literally dying to play this.


For those wondering, I've been blasted lately by inspiration for PW 2.0. I'm coming up with some solid concepts for some of the new characters, as well as some potential new scenarios/battles/scenes to create.

Some potential thoughts flowing through my head:

-Ramza's escape from Murond Death City.

-The general concept of vengeance, and the feeling of helplessness to extract said vengeance.

-The fear of death.

I'm writing up some quick notes about how the new scenarios and characters would fit into FFT's diverse and well-written universe, and I already have a few ideas that will be being carried over from PW 1.0. I already know what jobs will be featured in PW 2.0, as well as items/accessories/etc.

I've learnt a lot since first starting this project, and though FFTA is my primary focus these days, that project is coming to a close soon, which is why I've been thinking a lot more about PW lately. I appreciate everyone's patience and I look forward to continuing on with this dream. :)
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


Some minor other things to look forward to:

-Legacy Units: Every generic male unit name has been changed. The names added to the pool are all characters from the FF series, Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre PSP, or- very rarely- the Kingdom Hearts series. This could lead to some fun player-enforced challenges, such as rolling a starting team and having to play to that character's theme. Naturally, if you dislike the new names, they can be changed at a Soldier Office. Many female and monster names have also been changed, but since there aren't quite as many named female characters in video games as there are males (sadly), there are still some Vanilla names left for women and monsters.

-Sage Knowledge Entries: Yes, they're still coming back! Undecided on what to put in them, exactly, but I'm thinking that each Sage Knowledge will give you hints about where Treasure Hunt items are. And, if that is the case, it means I'll be moving around items to new Move-Find locations~

-Cutscene Speed Up per Xif's ASM hack.

-Purchasable Units at Soldier Office per Xif's ASM hack.

Progress is still moving smoothly!~
  • Modding version: PSX & WotL
"You, no less human than we? Ha! Now there's a beastly thought. You've been less than we from the moment your baseborn father fell upon your mother in whatever gutter saw you sired! You've been chattel since you came into the world drenched in common blood!"
  • Discord username: eternal248#1817


i look forward to slaying the vaans, hopes, zells, and wakkas of the world.. in as brutal a matter as possible.