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(if this wins i feel like i won too lol)
let's enjoy this rumble fest everyone! XD
wew good thing i dont have to match up against dokurider or fdc real soon XD
*sigh of contented relief* hahaha .. i'll be roting for RP'ers eitherway XD

EDIT : the damned, i think its better that way 8D hahaha it matches the name of revenant choir XD somewhat victorish~ XD
im still handsome win or lose ofcourse XD
The Lounge / Re: The Hobbit: general impressions thread
December 20, 2012, 02:53:04 am
cant wait for the sequel :(
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
December 19, 2012, 02:33:38 pm
Taichii picked up his scythe and blade along with his other stuff... He buckles his weapons on his back as he got up...

"Al.. It's a pleasure to meet you..." Taichii holds out his hand...

Soon after, he walked up towards the edge of the room and opened the wooden door..
As he stepped forward he got a bit surprised at the footing of the stairs which seemed to be in a spiral shape..

"Oh... Well this is nice.. it's kinda like the footing of Mt. Zerikyle hahaha" Taichii laughed a little as he begins their descent on the spiral stairs.

Taichii lingers his fingers around the railings and the stair walls.. feeling the rough texture on the tip of his fingers...

"So where's this pub? is it near?" said Taichii as he tilted his head...

"It's nearby, not too far from the church. Might I ask why you wish to head to the pub?"

"I'm looking for a girl... anita's her name.. she has brown hair and two toned eyes... If what you said of what had happened to me is true.. then the same thing must have happen to her.."

Al looked puzzled for a moment. "She fell out of the sky too?"

"I dont know where this is but yes.. she might have fallen out of the sky too.. we seem to be at the same area that time so that might have happened to her too.." Said Taichii as he shrugs...

"Do you think that she may have fallen around the same area as you?"

"I dont know yet.. but where i have been, the pub gets a hold of all the rumors and informations around the area"

"I see..." said Al as she glanced above...
"Quiet now, we wouldn't want to distrub the rest of the church."

"oh im sorry~" Taichii shuts his mouth as they finally reached a giant door....
"Wow.. what a large door... is this a castle?" Taichii thought...

Al opened the door at the bottom of the stairs....
The multi coloured lights in the church shone brightly from the stain glass as the two exited the building.
Little did they know, they were being watched.
As Taichii stepped outside. he felt somewhat dizzy by the sunlight....
he groans as he covered his eyes with his sleeves... After his dizziness stopped, Taichii looked around and saw gardens along the pathway....
As they stepped forward, the flowers that came near Taichii started to wilt behind them... As the process of wilting takes about 5 seconds, Al might have not noticed them..

Once outside, Al began to speak.
"Alright, we can continue talking now." She said after letting out a contented sigh..

"what about you? what do you do?" Taichii wondered...

"Well, I am a priestess of Boladaros."

"Boladaross? what is that? and where are we actually?" Taichii starts to get a little bit confused...

"Oh my. Well where to start..." Al looked towards Taichii... "Do you, by chance know what city you are in?"
Taichii listens along as we continued to move forward

"The last city i can remember i was was limberry castle"

"Pardon me, but I do not think I have heard of a limberry castle. And I am quite the geologic expert, among other things."
"Wait... do you know any locations on this?"

Taichii stopped... He looked forward along the pink gardens along the path.... He sighed and gets something from his coat... He turned around and hands out Al a map of ivalice.. As he handed out the map, he noticed that the garden behind them is now black and lifeless...
"This is sad" Was all he could ever think of...

"oh my."

"why? are we far from limberry?"

"I would think this to be a map to a child's game, but the work put into the details..."

"what do you mean?"

"And this Ivalice, is quite unknown to me I fear."

Taichii starts to feel somewhat uneasy upon hearing those words...
"then .. you mean....we're not in ivalice at all?"

"We are in Nidaris... In the City of Alic."

"Nidaris? Alic? i dont know where that is..." Taichii looked above and sighed...

"My, how hard did you bonk your head. Are you sure you are okay?"

Taichii turned around and proceeded to walk forward....
"Yes im quite fine.. it seems, im not from this world... and also is the little girl I've been looking for...
I dont know exactly what happened... i was fighting enemies that took her that time. then suddenly a black hole appeared below my feet and suck me in... Taichii said in a sad tone...

"A.. black hole?"

"Yes.. i dont know what triggered it though... wait let me ask one of my companions..."

Taichii drew and held out his blade.. He pointed it forwards and chanted incantations... The area suddenly became cold...
"Come out crimson!" Taichii screamed as his eyes glowed red.... The blade swirls with an outburst of ice hails... It circled him and then settles in front of them.... The ice hails join together and formed a huge giant white wolf...

"Hey crimson.. do you know what happened when we were at limberry?"

Crimson's voice modulated at both taichii and Al's mind...
"It seems that we were caught upon some sort of dimensional shift hole that time... both me and your phoenix experienced it before but we prevented from coming to different worlds.. we should've prevented your dimensional shift but we fought of something evil inside you...and thus. we also got sucked in and we appear to be in a different world..."

Al's eyes widen and she stepped back in surprise. "What manner of magic is this?"

Taichii walked along forward with Crimson.... "Did this thing happen to anita too?"

"yes.. it can sense her aura but it's too faint...i can only feel her... but i dont know where she is... "

"Oh Al... dont worry.. this blade and scythe was handed to me by my father in that world... and i learned upon a book that my dad gave me on how to summon them.. i learned my capabilities and skills that i can use on that book as well.. wait let me show you..."
Taichii opened his sack only to find its base torn apart...

"oh.. wait? where is it? it's not here.... " Said Taichii as he looked at Al and Crimson through the hole at the base of the sack...

Crimson starts to growl...

"oh, you mean this book?" Al lifted her hand, showing the book in her hand.
"I was reading, well trying to read it."

"Oh~~... you have it.. it must've fallen a while ago... Thank you for taking it with you.. we can't afford to lose time and go back at that castle like place..."

Taichii thought that they cannot go back because of what had happened to the flower garden.. He does not want to walk along the path of sorrow...

"Can you do me a favor and please hold on to it for me? it seems my sack is torn.. it might fall over... since your helping us.. i'd like you to know more about me.. that way you can trust me completely.. right?"

Crimson's voice modulated again.... "this may not be a good idea..."

"Dont worry... I dont sense something evil from her..." Taichii reassured Crimson...

"Alright... Well, i have to replenish my health.... i have not yet fully recovered.... Excuse me...."
An evil laugh modulated on Al and taichii's mind...

"That laugh seems familiar... but i dont know who it is.. oh well never mind it then... is the pub near hear?"

Al Looked up at the signs.
"Why yes, it is right this way."
"Anyway, What was that creature?"

"Oh? if you look at page 57.. She's a legendary wolf which seemed to be sealed of into a form of the blade...the reasons why she is are not stated though and she cant talk about it... the other one is the phoenix... which materializes into the form of a scythe.... i have not named her yet... because every time i summon her... it breaks out havoc upon the surrounding area.. it does everything to save me..."

Taichii increased his pace as he saw some sort of house not to far from where they are...

"and we havent talked that long yet.... she's not as open as much as crimson ...

The two fell in silence as they cover the short distance towards the pub.... "By the way.. where's the nearest restroom inside?" Taichii said as he laughed a little....
Al opened the door to the pub, barely listening to the boy. "Here we are."
FFT Arena / Re: Anyone up for a mono tournament?
December 15, 2012, 11:51:35 am
Here's my team :D
see you on the tournament  guys!

Player: Taichii Soul-Cross
Team: Revenant Choir
Palettes: Black/Red

White Magic
Damage Split
Short Charge
Move-MP Up
Wizard Rod

Golden Hairpin
Wizard Robe
N-kai Armlet

Shadow Shade
Raise 2, Esuna

Summon Magic
Absorb MP
Half of MP
Prismatic Rod

Twist Headband
Black Costume
Jade Armlet

Bio 2
Carbunkle , Odin , Cyclops

Death Wish
Time Magic
Absorb MP
Half of MP
Prismatic Rod

Twist Headband
Black Costume
Rubber Shoes

Slow 2 , Demi 2

White Magic
Damage Split
Short Charge
Move-MP Up
Wizard Rod

Golden Hairpin
Robe of Lords
N-kai Armlet

Shadow Shade, Bio 2
Raise 2

if there are any errors please do point them out :3
arigathanks minna san~
December 13, 2012, 11:44:26 pm
st4r are you here?
FFT Arena / Re: Anyone up for a mono tournament?
December 10, 2012, 04:19:17 pm
Quote from: Reks on December 10, 2012, 04:09:27 am
My team won't be posted here until the eve of the deadline. It's.... Well, at the moment finished but I don't wanna make more posts than I have to, nor do I want to change the same one over and over.

i got it done as well.. :)
one winged angel XD
Recruitment / Re: Wanted: New Title Screen
December 09, 2012, 11:34:44 am
thanks gs..
et, how's the new title screen fitting? :)
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
December 07, 2012, 04:18:17 pm
Rai patted the girl's head... "Thank you for healing me... I'll be leaving my moogles friends in your care now..." Rai took baby steps on the soft soil covered with leaves... Little by little, he gained his motion actions back... He saw how the two male humans were able to fend off the dark entities but got hurt in the clash as well... He searched for the girl with fast- lightning movements... The light flickering from above the dark forest started to fade... "Is it night time kupo already, Rai? Time kupo flies by so quick~" Ardin mustered... The girl with fast - lightning movement suddenly appeared to their north, dodging trees and maneuvering along falling branches... Rai looked above and saw a volley of arrows... "No.. Not this again...." Rai felt fear... fear of someone that is near to him again will die...
"Lift your sword...And shout from the bottom of your heart...Gale" A girl's voice modulated on Rai's head...
"Gale? What? Who are you? Where are you?" Rai asked out of confusion..
"Just trust me!" The girl shouted out of desperation as the arrows near their area at an outstanding velocity...
The forest light grew darker and darker.. Rai closed his eyes...
"Damn!" Rai stomped the ground... He thought that he could attack it with his skills but it could only protect him... ardin and carl might get hit... and also the other humans that are around them...
"trust me~" Rai recalled the distant voice...
"I have no choice then.... Alright .. I'll trust you.." Rai tilted his head towards the humans...
"Everyone, get behind me" Rai steps forward and lifts up the Chroma Sword...
The vision of the forest getting darker and his vision fading all generated in sync as he closed his eyes... He concentrates.. on the people that he wants to protect... "Ignias... Lucious.. Im sorry... Carl, Ardin.. please let this not be the last..." The chroma sword glows as an orb of neon green materializes on the orb slot...  Rai opened his eyes and shouted... "GAAAAAAAAALEEEEEEE!" His face, which was painted with emotions made him look fierce...
A huge amount of wind filled the area .. and as Rai slashes forward the Chroma Sword towards the arrows, an outburst of hurricane like wind slices the volley in half ... The middle portion completely destroyed, and the side portions on the volley of arrows were redirected to the far left and far right.. missing their location and hitting the tree trunks far from them... some hit the dark elves that were trying to ambush them incase they flee from that location...
Rai , to his disbelief.. Froze for a second, his eyes completely opened wide.. his mind, on shock on what he had just done....
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
December 07, 2012, 04:16:59 pm
Taichii looked down... Hearing the lady's words, his eyes started to feel heavy again... He could hear the chirping of birds outside suddenly grew quiet and moments later, there was nothing...
"Mama~" The appearance of that little girl sent chills through Taichii's spine.. The hair on his arms and at the back of his head stood up.... "I'm sorry... but I must go... I have to find her..."
Taichii got his things, and headed for the door... "Thank you for your help... Would you mind telling me your name? And also the nearest pub if you don't mind?" Taichii said as he turned around and glanced back and smiled...
FFT Arena / Re: Anyone up for a mono tournament?
December 07, 2012, 01:31:50 am
alright i'll edit it later
News / Re: New Spriting Mod!
December 06, 2012, 03:33:05 am
hahahaha XD riiighht :p
*taichii goes back to spam*
pain in the universe :p
News / Re: New Spriting Mod!
December 05, 2012, 01:32:41 pm
*body bumps* XD congrats bro
FFT Arena / Re: Anyone up for a mono tournament?
December 05, 2012, 12:53:28 pm
I'll join.. i'll use calculators ;)
The Lounge / Re: The girls of FFH
December 04, 2012, 02:33:41 pm
My Xmas gift for ffh

advanced merry Christmas guys :)))