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March 31, 2013, 10:45:16 pm
im sorry guys... work is really eating up most of my time. and im afraid i wont have time for ffh and other online stuff anymore :/
what should we do on the desperation?
sorry guys , i've been out for so long O_O
weeeeee~~ finally it has been released xD
i'll play it again once i get home from vacation i still have 2 free days left xD
cheers to the team and ffh~!
Spam / Re: wat
January 16, 2013, 05:14:50 pm
my gf loves this song lol
Spam / Re: Morbid
January 16, 2013, 05:14:12 pm
i lol'd at gs' comment XD
yes doku indeed XD my hp was just way low for them to one hit me haha... GG
well congrats mistress celdie~ haha please do beat he others~♥
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
January 16, 2013, 03:36:08 am
Taichii walked inside the local pub along with Al... He gazed his eyes from corner to corner... He observed a little bit as he let Al go ahead and ask for information...
Taichii is aware that he is not from this world.. "It looks all the same to me... People doing business, hanging out, having fun... I dont feel like im in a different world... nothing has changed" He thought...
He walked around from table to table.... when suddenly a drunk customer accidentally dropped his bottle of liquor.. as the bottle fell into the ground, he quickly struggled to reach for it.. as the bottle breaks.. glass shards cut the skin on his hand...
Taichii's eyes widened and he quickly covered his mouth... Blood... flowing from the hand of that drunk customer...
"You know you want to.... " He heard a voice.... "I gotta get out of here..." Taichii remarked...
He rushed outside the local pub as one of the waitress attends to the broken glass..
And as soon as he reached outside... Taichii waited for Al...
His heart was thumping real hard.... He composes himself and tries to relax.... minutes later... Al comes out with a man....
"So... who's he? Do you know where we are going? Any leads on my child?"
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
January 16, 2013, 03:04:15 am
As Rai, Ardin and Carl tries to tame the wild bird, the chocobo struggles repeatedly to get them off its back...
"Kupo , Rai... do sououhhmething~" Ardin muttered as he kept shaking along with the other two..
"Rai use this, kupo!" Carl shouted as he almost fell off the chocobo's backside... He held out his small arms and Rai quickly took what's in it..
Its a red fruit... berries of some kind... "Amachal Berry! Brother! kupo how did you get one of those?" Ardin asked in his amazement... 
"No kupo time to explain!" Ardin bit the chocobo at the back of the neck where it is vulnerable....
"WAAAAARK!" The chocobo let out a loud scream which slowed him down... Ardin looked at Rai and pointed at the bird's open beak. "Now Rai, Kupo!"
"I gotcha Carl..." Rai leaned forward while still clinging unto the chocobo's neck... he the threw the berries at the mouth of the chocobo...
Moments later... The chocobo seems to be choking... It stopped near a small pond in the forest....
The chocobo calmed down.. Ardin led the chocobo towards the ponds.. "Kupo.. here.. drink some kupo water .."
The Chocobo drinks from the pond which cleared its throat.. it sat for a while.. as the berry gets digested on the chocobo's stomach.. It gets much more obedient...
"The Amachal,kupo berry makes its consumer, kupo want to be with the first living being that it sees.. I got it kupo from an old wizard who passed through back in our kupo forest... He might have kupo thought i was kupo hungry.. I got kupo surprised as well when mother thought me what kupo that berry was.. i'm glad i did not kupo eat it.." Ardin explains.
"So .. in that case.. the chocobo is now...." Rai and Carl looks at Ardin...
The chocobo rubs its beak unto the little white moogle as it keeps laughing...
"So..kupo.. Shall we go?" Ardin looked back at them and smiled...
"Let's get the one who helped us first.. ardin... we need information..." Rai stood up..
"Let's just follow the noise kupo.. the chocobo's will be there...and after wards kupo, those dark entities.." Carl walked towards the chocobo and mounted....

As the three mounted the chocobo... They headed easy and followed the sound of the ground.... To their surprise.. what they followed was no chocobo track.. but the dark elves.... The chocobo kept charging forward as Rai , Ardin and Carl slash, hack and use firemagic to repel the dark elves that were infront of them... "W-WAAAArk" in the distance... they saw the girl above the tree....
Rai looked at the girl as they neared her... "Jump! come on~ this chocobo can handle one more!"
Rai , Ardin and Carl cover the chocobo and the girl as they wait for her descent.
The Lounge / Re: Just found this site...
January 10, 2013, 03:37:24 am
Wrlcome to ffh, where all your dreams come true :D
im taichii.. the handsome vampire ;)
i was worrying about berserk that i forgot to add esuna or some silence imunity concerning that my team is an all magic team hahaha XD
needs more frog procs Q.Q dang XD GG jumza.
January 03, 2013, 01:02:53 am
heads up guys :)
happy new year n_n
okay get back to posting!!! >:) WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA XD
RP Forum / Re: Desperation - A new beginning
January 03, 2013, 12:58:14 am
The ground shook as a raging sound, which seemed like stomping boulders appears...
epicenter like phenomenon which proceeded to go towards Rai's direction approached, and as it get nearer.. and nearer....
"Chocobos!" Rai exclaimed
"stampede- Kupo~!" Ardin shouted as he ran towards Rai's back...

Rai, still shocked.. wasnt unable to move quickly...
"Rai~ rai kupo! wake up kupo let's go~!
Ardin said as he kept pounding on Rai's back ...

Suddenly..They feel a light thump...then their vision of chocobos turned into tree tops...
"Kupo.. what happened?" Ardin asked..
Rai, now in his senses... "Where are we ardin?" asked rai as he held Carl...

"I'm going after the Dark Elves, stay here until the Chocobos leave." The girl from before said... it seems that she saved us... and that certain thump is her movement...
"Damn she's quick.." Rai muttered in his head...

As stand still on the top of the tree top... They watch silently as that girl...jumped from tree to tree...

"Cool kupo..." - Carl said as his eyes twinkled in awe

"Yes, Ardin.. she's quite nice.. and she's strong.. i like her already.. hahaha" Rai chuckled..

"Now's not the time to be laughing Kupo... She's a kupo girl.. we have to kupo help her..."

"Are you sure ?" Rai asked..

Ardin sat up.. "I'm feeling better Rai kupo...I can hear your kupo conversations while i was resting... that kupo girl can heal much more powerful than us kupo..."

"Well we have to return the favor.. don't we now?" Rai said as he adjusts his mask....
"Alright,.. hang on!"

The three waited for the stampede to fully pass... and at the last moment.. they jumped into one of the chocobos....
"Got yah!"
Rai said as he landed on one of the big yellow chocobo's back and grabbed its neck...
ow man XD domie just wrecked havoc on my team hahahaha... they out tanked my sandbagging skillz Orz

i LOLed real hard at the throw hi potion at the undead oracle then autopotion suicide on himself hahaha XDD
The Lounge / Re: Introduction
December 26, 2012, 11:59:14 pm
Welcome to FFH, where all your dreams come true!
The Lounge / Re: Resignation, Effective Christmas
December 25, 2012, 03:36:58 pm
don't worry et.. i'll take good care of your powers :3 i mean.. take care~~ XD
hahahahhahahah! XDD
The Lounge / Re: Christmas Music Thread
December 24, 2012, 08:09:15 pm
Perfect song for my Christmas :)
The Lounge / Re: Merry X-mas FFH!
December 24, 2012, 08:04:18 pm
merry christmas ffh :)
hahahahaha XD
had lots of fun last night :)
News / Re: The FFT Arena SCC Tournament Has Begun!
December 23, 2012, 10:05:11 pm
and i'll be rooting for the Desperation Rp'ers again~ xD
weeeeee~~ goodluck to all of us minna~
GG vireblaze.. in my opinion, i should have chosen samurais as well but looking at my team before.. the samurai ain't doing anything much as i expected it to do.. it does less.. and so i picked something else... :D

HAHAHAHA... that match is great XD

ouch.. that witch hunt is gonna be a hard one for me in my future match with jumza hahhaa..
what happened to the dancer with no mp left? it still keeps on dancing and is rendered useless for turns O_O
Mistress Celdie is hard hitting XD she'll make me look like paper in the future.. nice match guys and GG XD

Quote from: reinoe on December 21, 2012, 10:06:50 pm
Barren is awesome
December 22, 2012, 07:34:26 am
wait..... currently fighting zombies here in the east XD
we need more weapons! XD