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The Lounge / Re: Battle of the VGM 2.0!
November 14, 2012, 04:11:18 pm
Digital Devil Saga - Big Battle

Valkyrie Profile - Battle of the Shadowy Gods

Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
September 29, 2012, 08:36:07 am
This was quite a fun ride, the start was quite hard and I almost got a game over too. Cecil keep dying on me lol. Too bad the game came to an abrupt end for me for some strange reason as it was made unplayable after falling down the pitfall in the Tower of Babil. Every battle after that it automatically put the cursor to the Change during the battle. Cursor wouldn't move out of there so I couldn't battle, but I could run away. Also happened outside the Tower as well. You can't run away from bosses so the game became unplayable unfortunately... I don't know what happened, either I patch it on a bad rom, or the wrong version (1.0 or 1.1), and on a headered or unheadered rom. I think this should be mentioned on what rom to apply the patch on. I'll say it's the later two rather than the former. Regardless, I've taken a few notes along the way. Well, up until the pitfall. Sigh, I wanted to see Anna in action and see the rest of the stuff... Anyways, the story text stuff is omitted because Zozma mention he didn't do it as of yet.

*Regular stuff
**Bug/Glitch - At least for me, read intro for some info. May be because of bad rom, etc. Would need confirmation from other players if this happened to them. Some bugs are present according to other posters, but these ones are not mentioned.

*Dark Sword's are dark-elemental? So why are they dealing full damage instead of 1 point of damage to Zombie? They are suppose to be resistance to dark-elemental (unless you removed this). Is it because of the holy sword weapon strike visual effect instead of the standard dark sword/katana visual effect.
*Baigan's name is mentioned instead of Anna during the Cecil, Rydia, and Tellah event in the save point location. Such as "Baigan is my only daughter." Same in Dancyan dialogue, but okay during battle text (when Anna talks).
*Sing, the "Song of Silence" with Curse (Dispel visual effect). Inflicts silence or curse? Forgot to rename this?
*Sing, the "Nothing happened" has the Hold visual effect. Forgot to rename this?
*Anna's sprite during Kaipo battle is messed up. Maybe make her join Edward's battle via Adult Rydia in the Dwarven Castle's Golbez fight.
*Usage of the dummy commands brings the message D (which stands for dummy). Pretty sure you're already aware of this, just mentioning it. Is there anyway to remove this? Couldn't do it myself.
*Blind is highlighted, and you are able to cast Sight outside battle. Intended?
*Soul (monster), Item Magic's Flame Rod is not Fire-elemental and uses Fire2's visual effect. Intended? Looks kind of odd to be non-elemental. You should check Ice Rod as well, Ice-elemental? I forgot what it looks like...
*Being able to buy elemental claws in Baron, this can be removed honestly. Should be easily done.
*ElecFish (monster), Suppose to absorb lightning from Item Magic's Thunder Rod. Magnet/Electromagnetic Radiation's visual effect, intended? Non-elemental?
*Cid class/job is FightIt.
*Cid has White, Black, Call menu associated with him under the Magic menu (Main Menu/Field Menu - outside battle).
*Baigan changes to Edward in Toroia at the Edward in bed scene, returns to normal after scene is done.
*After getting the Earth Crystal, you can visit Edward in bed in Toroia. A scene plays there, this scene can be deleted because Edward has already joined your party and he shouldn't be there anymore.
*Baigan's scenario which was taken out (text and such) would fit perfectly after the arrival in the Tower of Zot and before the fight takes place in there instead of just encountering him. This part is probably incomplete by Zozma.
*Poison Axe is too powerful, you also get it too early (Magnetic Cave). Best weapon up until the pitfall (for me). You forgot to remove it? You mentioned this early in the thread.
*Cid has wrong palette in the Dwarven Castle scene before he leaves.
**Golbez battle, the default color (blue) change to pink (not kidding) for no reason, also all character's have already been force to change rows. After the Calca and Brina battle, Edward & Rosa where set in the back row (pre-battle) and were in the front row at the start of Golbez's fight. Cecil, Kain, and Empty (Rydia) were in the back row at the start of this battle.
*Edward wasn't hit by Demolish from the Shadow Dragon (Shadow battle script error, probably look for Yang and couldn't find him and ended his turn).
**Change (Main Menu) no longer works after Adult Rydia joins. It also doesn't work during battle either. Was stuck with Back/Front/Back/Front/Back till the pitfall (endgame for me).
**Giant Bat x4 formation screwed up within the Cave of Eblan. The four monster graphics are bundle together and one overlapping on parts of the other 3 Giant Bats which results in a cluster of glitchy graphics on those three beneath the first.
*Flame is not Fire-elemental? Rubicant didn't absorb it. Intended?
**After pitfall, Edge disappears (Intended?). Next random encounter makes the cursor on the battle list automatically move to the Change option at the start of battle, cannot chose it nor get to the regular battle menu (Fight, etc). You can run away (L & R), but you cannot perform any actions during battles or boss battles = game unplayable anymore...

Since I couldn't continue normally, I tried finishing the Tower of Babil with a normal FFII rom and saved outside. They bring that save to your version. Change glitch still occurred. I loaded to my last save (before pitfall after rubicant is dead), and I could fight normally until after the pitfall and Change glitch occurred once again. I decided to hack to game to see the remaining visual spells and stuff. So the next part is oddities thru hacking/looking at data/etc.

*Cockatrice: It doesn't drop from cockatrice or it's palette swap. I know it's unnecessary and unneeded since Rydia learns it via level up, just thought I'll mention it.
*Nova is highlighted, and the player can Mini/Size the party outside of battle. I didn't test mini status character(s) in battle sprites. Mini portrait appears on Main Menu.
*Imp/Goblin summon, one way to make it useful is to make it act like Needle (SwordRat enemy ability). MP cost for Imp should be increase if this is done.
*Mist Dragon made into a Holy-elemental attack.
*Sylph made into a Dark-elemental attack.
*Blizzard Lance cast Flood/Tidal Wave/Big Wave/Tsunami, shouldn't it be called Trident instead?
*Gypsy (Boomerang) found in Magnetic Cave. Nobody can equip it... yet. Anna's weapon? Why so early? You forgot to remove it by chance? By the way, why Gypsy? I can't figure this part out... A pun?

I know the following can easily be change by my own power, but for the hack as a whole. I'll suggest these thing to improve the hack. In the end, it's up to you. This part is nothing major, only minor stuff. Up to you to take it or ignore it.

*Wrench icon (Hammers), there is a unused Hammer icon within the font/icon data that could go on the hammers. This icon really looks good.
*Edward cannot equip Gaea Hat and Gaea Robe, but can equip the Wizard Robe. Honestly, Edward should be able to equip Gaea Hat and Gaea Robe regardless. Error on your part that you made it not equippable to Edward or intentional?
*Cecil is able to equip the Boomerang? I cannot see/imagine a Dark Knight (or a Knight for that matter) equipping a boomerang or fight using a boomerang. My guess is that you wanted a weapon for the magnetic cave section, right? Well, in FFIV Easy Type. They gave Cecil such a weapon. I believe it's called Pig's Stick/Bamboo something/etc. Whatever it's called, it was a non-metallic sword. This weapon made a return on the GBA/PSP release with extreme buff up stats. Google it or ffwiki it for more info. Changing the Boomerang to a non-metallic sword would be better. You could call it Wooden Sword (or another non-metallic name scheme) or something if you don't like Pig's Stick/etc.
*Cecil can equip Gaea Hat, Gaea Robe, Bandanna, Karate Vest, and Black Robe. I can't see a Dark Knight/Knight equip light armor (Robes/Clothes) at all. Is this the same as the Boomerang, you needed armor for Cecil for the magnetic cave right? For non-metallic armor, you can convert/recycle the Iron Equipment. Kain's starting equipment becomes useless after he leaves the party. Obviously, rename Iron to a non-metallic name. You could check out other RPGs for naming schemes for equipment types (Gold, Silver, Mythril, etc). Mirror and Dragon(scale) comes to mind. I would go with Dragon which fits perfectly for Kain's starting armor, and I know that Dragon Equipment appears as Kain's best/high-level equipment in the re-release of FFIV. But in the SNES, those were called Dragoon if I am not mistaken. So you'll have Dragon and Dragoon equipment in your hack. In all FFIVs, Dragon equipment is non-metallic. FFwiki it or look at the Dragoon armor's SNES coding.

In conclusion, this is one fantastic hack that could become one epic hack once it's completed. In fact, I enjoyed this hack more than the original game itself. I also like the new swords designs, new spells, new playable characters, etc. I truly hope it gets finish someday because it has so much potential to be even more awesome than the original game. Thanks for sharing your "as is" new envision of FFIV Zozma, and good luck if you one day decide to finish this "lol" patch.
Help! / Crystal's Abilities and Learn Rate Question
August 04, 2012, 10:57:22 am
I have a few question regarding the crystals and the learn rate. I'm looking for some clarifications.

So, how does this % work for the crystal? I remember reading somewhere on the forum about the % being connected to one another but never offered any explanations as to how and I can't seem to connect to dots. So yeah, I'm missing something. I do know the Learn Rate % is related to enemy unit/guest's and what abilities they will have.

Learn Rate: The higher the %, to more likely they'll learn (spend JPs) that ability.

Crystal Ability/Abilities (PSX, don't know about PSP version): From my experiences with crystals, regardless of the ability that you pick to learn from it. You end up learning all abilities from that dead unit regardless of your choice. Is this a bug or is this how it's suppose to work? I've always wondered why the game specifically ask which ability (singular) you want to learn, but end up learning all abilities on the list.
The Lounge / Re: Square Enix think in FFT 2:
June 16, 2012, 08:58:58 pm
I would rather have a prequel to FFT focusing on the Fifty Years' War.
Lightning's new real name, Claire also fits well with her. It means bright and to some extent clear, lightning produces light and/or flashes.

Many of the gamers where either shun, flamed, ridiculed, etc, for posting that they did not understood the plot due to the script's choice of words by the very same people who enjoyed the script. This was years ago. These gamers in turn got so annoyed and started posting that the PSP version simply sucks, etc in revenge. They also started trolling. I don't blame them, they received much shit.

Well, I don't want to get into the whole "What the real name of said language is called" ordeal. So, I refer to it as old English. Old English to me is anything that's no longer in use by the general public. Simple classification, and not complicated to understand. Yeah, I know its generalization... but I'm not an expert in the English language either. But I do quite well in English.
I always enjoy reading stuff like this. I lol with that part (Lightning's real name). Éclair (food) didn't cross my mind when I read it, Éclair is pretty much lightning/thunderbolt in French. Fits quite well with her nickname, don't you think?

You ask what makes WOTL's translation a "bad localization"?

When some people/gamers think the plot is complicated when it's actually not. I first played this game and understood the plot. It was pretty much straight forward. Oh, by the way. English is not my first language, French is. FFT's plot ain't that complicated, all we here know the plot is not that complexe. I've read books that have more complicated plots than this game. The plot is rather simple (or maybe above simple and not overly complicated), and we all know that. You don't need to have a PhD to understand it. But tell that to the confused 15 year old kid (game is rated for Teen) who never heard/played FFT before and it's his first time playing through it. Of course, us veterans have no problem with the story since we all know the story by hard. Try playing WOTL from their eyes and tell me if it won't be complicated for you to understand. This is what I consider a "bad localization".

As a translator, he should know what it feels like to play a game with such a translation. Obviously, not everyone is verse/educated in the Elizabethan language. He should have put himself in the gamer's shoes (common folks) before deciding on doing that. Curiously, I wonder if he'd even played WOTL and if he enjoyed his re-translation. I doubt he ever played the game, the interviewer should of ask him if he played it. Games are suppose to be fun, but I didn't find WOTL fun at all. The text killed it for me. Your suppose to read a story and understand it as you go along, not spend minutes to try to decipher until you grasps what the characters are saying. Many people who likes the new script seem to fail to understand this concept. Not everyone knows the Elizabethan language. My first language is French, I learned about Shakespeare and his plays/the Elizabethan language during College English classes. Not everyone is born English, and not everyone knows or are aware of old English (Shakespeare or not). North America is English, not Elizabethan English. WOTL = "bad localization" in my honest opinion. It would of been a different story if there was a choice within the game between the Elizabethan language or the "modern" English. Many European games have multiple language on their games that can be selectable at the beginning. Why not this one? Both worlds are happy. There are more people verse in modern English than the niche Elizabethan language. I'll go look for a French version of WOTL to see if there is any. Just though of this when writing this part.

Food for thoughts to all who read this. How many of you here would have like it if WOTL had been localized in the Klingon language? That's right, no English subtitles of any shape or form, all in pure Klingon (text and voices). I'll bet you'll all be venting your frustration with such a localization. Just like the many people/gamers are doing to the WOTL script. I know I would be one of many who would be posting.

What translators "should" strive for?

A translator should aim to convey the same story and feel/atmosphere as the original version/source (be that of whatever language it may have been originally). That's what I think. You want people to understand the story, that is the first thing on the translator's job. WOTL failed to do that for me and others as well. This is coming from someone who played FFT and understood it, think about those that never played FFT before.

"I'd have preferred a more toned-down style for WOTL. FF4 DS uses a similar style of dialogue, but it's far more subtle and IMO, nails it better than WOTL."

Well there, this is something that I can agree upon. I've enjoys his other translations, and I have no particular problem with them. The only problem I have is, it's the WOTL translation.

Note: Can't seem to do quotes for some reason...
Thanks for sharing this Dominic NY18, that was quite an interesting read.

I'm one of few (or maybe many?) that is not pleased with the new script plus the many name changes for the heroes/villains. Cities and places, I'm okay with it since they are not that important compare to characters names. Spells were name like that in the Japanese version (my first PSX FF game was FFIX, than FFVIII, and FFVII after) and I already gotten use to the -ra/ga spell naming and I'm fine with it. I'm also glad that FFVI got a re-translation since it needed one badly. What a train-wreck the SNES version was.

FOr the topic. This is not because of nostalgia sake for the PSX FFT, I welcome a new translation... especially if done well. I'm also not a purist (literal translation all the way or don't translate the game at all type of person). I don't mind a little liberty taken here and there, as long as they don't change the meaning of the whole story or the atmosphere of the story, etc. It can be done, I've seen it in a number of games already. But the PSP script, the translator took it a little bit too far and to be honest it was quite unnecessary. Yes, the FFT engrish script was not perfect and had its flaws, so does the PSP script. I find it strange that there's not SparkNotes/CliffNotes that came within the game. Seriously, it would of been useful and helpful at certain times. Some sentence I had to reread it numerous times before getting the meaning, what a pain...

To this date, FFT has not receive a decent translation... and I'm hoping that one day it gets the translation that it deserves. Hopefully done by a translator with a head on his shoulder. It's the best FF (if not the best, one of the best) games up to this date, but I highly doubt it'll ever see the day of getting a good re-translation. Up to the fans, maybe?

PS: I like Shakespeare's works (his plays, his sonnets, etc), quite interesting and entertaining even if it's written in Ye Old English. FFT is not a god damn play and certainly does not contain any poetic crap in the original material. That, I am certain off.
FFT: Complete / Re: Tester's Report: Text
February 17, 2012, 03:32:38 pm
Quote from: Inzoum on July 11, 2011, 01:54:46 pm
In the fight vs Zalera, the two ghost Knights that come out of the coffins around Elmdore have the Knight class, but their first Action Ability slot reads "Swordplay". The description, however, corresponds to the Knight's "Art of War" skillset.

They also don't have any equipment. Not sure if any of that has anything to do with the patch or if it was like that in the original, though, just saying.

Forgive the "screenshots", they were taken with my ipod touch, playing on cfw PSP and don't currently have any screenshot plugin active.

I remember that they were named differently in the PSX version, the Knight's skillset is called Battle Skill and the undead Knight's skillset was called Sword Skill. Same with Dycedarg skillset name.

4A  | Knight                     USE ONLY WITH CURRENT JOB CODE
    | COMMAND: Battle Skill, 07
    | EQUIP: Swd, KnS, Shl, Hlm, Arm, Rbe

3D  | Knight (Undead)            SPRITE: Male Knight                 M
    | COMMAND: Sword Skill, 9B   FORMATION SCREEN: Ramza
    | EQUIP: [none]
    | NOTES: Undead.
    | An undead Knight.

09  | Lune Knight                SPRITE: Dycedarg                    M
    | COMMAND: Sword Skill, 46   FORMATION SCREEN: Ramza
    | EQUIP: Swd, KnS, Shl, Hlm, Arm, Rbe
    | NOTES: Inherent Defense Up, Magic Def UP
    | Dycedarg Beoulve.  Should be 'Rune Knight'.

Source: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps/197339-final-fantasy-tactics/faqs/17555

As for them having nothing equipped, it was also like that in the original. Either the developers forgot to put equipment on said characters or it symbolizes that once you die, you can't bring material things with you to the afterlife. They are summon from the stone "coffin". Pick what you like...
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
January 22, 2012, 03:50:19 pm
I though as much, I just wasn't sure about that little bit of info. Yeah, I've made so many test runs for FFIV in the past month to see if things went according to plan.

Quote from: efrate on January 22, 2012, 07:00:31 am
I forget, but in FF4 is drain limited by lost HP, or can it be used even if the caster is at full HP and still do reasonable damage? 

I just tested it with Palom on an Ettin Snake on my current test run, he absorb 350 HP with full HP. Palom is level 83 when I tested this a few moments ago.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
January 21, 2012, 02:07:05 pm
I was thinking about how you "spread" the black magic spell(s) within all your black magic casting users and some users will have unique spell(s) to themselves, making them more unique, an idea that I like. So I got to thinking, couldn't this be done to the white magic users? The Staff cast Poisona, the Healing Staff cast Heal, and the Mythril Staff cast Basuna. Three pseudo white spells. I know that you can change the casting time, change MP, and among other stuff on a spell. But the only thing I am not sure is if you can make those white blocks appear when casting a white magic spell. If these three pseudo spells can be turned into new white magic, white magic command could become unique among the characters as well.

My idea was to give non full-fledged white mage the nerf Esuna spells, Poisona and Basuna. Only full-fledged white mage's would learn Esuna who are Tellah, Rosa, and Porom. Currently Edward and Kain learn some white magic spells, I don't know if there are more characters with the white magic command in your patch. Heal, currently a weak and pathetic curing spell, could be turned into a mid-level heal (between Cura and Curaga spell power), targeting all characters. Obviously, change to the Healing Staff would be needed, a single change to the Cure spell would suffice. It would be nice for those few players looking for a challenge in the last dungeon, if they decide to not take a full-fledged white mage. I don't know if you though of this already or not, as this is just an idea that came to me earlier today, so I'm tossing out there.

Edit: Spelling Error
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
January 05, 2012, 10:56:29 pm
I gave Kain 30 MP at level 10, Cecil (vanilla) at level 10 has 46, Rydia (vanilla) at level 10 has 51 or was it 57, Palom/Porom (vanilla) have 50 each at level 10. At level 99 this time, Kain got 387 MP. I gave Kain 4 MP per level (just like Edge), even after level 70 (random distribution). But man, Kain's potency at using curing puts Cecil to shame. Kain heals more compare to Cecil. I think Rydia has the highest MP growth out of all the characters. She's got like 8-9 or 9-10 MP per level. Manage to create new weapons, along with new "weapon spells"... but can't seem to figure out the 2-handed stuff. Trying my luck with new and modifying commands, but I won't hold my breath lol. But I did find some good info about it, I'll try those out.

Glad to hear that you are releasing a beta patch, I've been waiting for a while along with others here. But I know it'll be well worth it even if its incomplete! So, I'm looking forward to it.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
January 03, 2012, 11:08:29 pm
Oh, about that. It was when I didn't know how to change Kain's MP. He was suppose to have 250 MP (last actor/final appearance) and at level 99 still have 250 MP. Think Tellah, no matter what level he would be, he'll still have the same MP. I've scrap that idea and successfully manage to give him MP growth, he starts at level 10 with 30 MP. At level 99, he's got around 370sh or so MP. Just what I was hoping for in the end.

For your patch... hmm, I saw a webpage dealing with monsters through hex editing. Don't know if it'll help or not. Jump to Monsters section.


Also, I just check the page you gave me. Under Monsters - Monster Image

Monster size/palette/gfx pointer data (offsets with header):
010003C1   Imp
06017C8B   Basilisk, etc...

I guess, trial and error will be needed and fool around with it. Better back up your rom or download a fresh copy of of FFII and test it on it. When I get the time, I'll fool around with it myself and see what results I can get.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
December 31, 2011, 01:37:53 pm
Thanks for the info Zozma, this site got way more information then the one I was using. Some stuff that I learned from trial and error when fooling around with an hex editor are documented here and not on the document that I was using. Thanks for the tip on sharing the same magic list, nice to know there's a unused magic list. I was going to give Kain a specific amount of MP (Like Tellah, but higher like 250-300 or something) at first, but I decided to change that. Thanks again.

Edit: Something about your patch. While I was hex editing, I got to think. Have you ever tried switching the Imp/Goblin monster sprite with that of the Shadow Dragon? I recall that Goblin/Bomb/Mage/Cockatrice all "flash" before they use their spells when summoned by Rydia. They flash just like the regular monsters do when they are about to execute an attack (normal or special). It might be worth trying this out, maybe these four summon's picture are tied to their monster sprite. Or did you already tried this already. Just thought that I'll mention it to you.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: Saga Fontier (Small Mod)
December 27, 2011, 03:12:12 pm
I remembered playing this game a long time ago, I remembered that I played as Red (It sucked that you couldn't transform in front of humans, but it made sense too - secret identity and all). I don't remember very much of the game or even if I ever finished it, all I remember is bits and pieces of the game. Anyways, I'm looking forward to your mod of SaGa Frontier and once that mod of yours is completed. I'll pick it up again and play through it, till the end.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
December 27, 2011, 03:02:38 pm
Quote from: Zozma on October 11, 2011, 03:30:43 pm
the only real pain is the npc placement/display and changing dialog because they use those 2 letter combos instead of a normal set of text

I don't know anything about the NPC Placement since I didn't try it... yet, but I gave a try in changing the dialogue and its quite a pain in the ass. Couldn't even make a damn word unless gibberish counts as a word. Unless there's an index somewhere... then it would be easy to do. No wonder there are so few mods/patches of FFIV, but now I have even more admiration for those that can pull off a mod of there own with this game. Also, looking forward to you SaGa Frontier patch you are working for. I'll be posting there shortly.

I was fooling around FFII with an hex editor and some documents that I found on the internet (they were quite helpful to me). After much trial and error, I got the results that I was looking for except for one. I have a question for you Zozma, this is a little off topic and I don't want to derail your thread, but... I manage to give Kain (last actor/join after Giant) Cecil's White Magic spell set. It's a duplicate of the Paladins (I don't really care). But the only problem is that Kain can't use magic outside of battle, it works within battle with no problem, but not outside. It gives the Can't use magic "error" in the main menu. The question is, is there a way to "unlock" this? Is there a hex value(s) that prevents having said actor in having a magic menu in the main menu? There is no such mention in the documents that I have found unfortunately.
Non-FFT Modding / Re: ff4(2us) hack lol patch
December 18, 2011, 04:49:19 pm
I've recently found out that there's a glitch in Yang's HP on the SNES. I don't know if you are already aware of this or not, though I'll mention it to you. When Yang reaches a certain level, he stops getting more HP. It's around level 60. This will affect Yang since he'll be playable in the last part of the game.

Also, will you be reverting all images to the Japanese version? By image, I mean the Special Runes (where you save) instead of the large S, and Rosa underneath a large metal blade instead of a large metal ball, etc.
FFT: Complete / Re: FFT Bug/Glitch Discussions
December 01, 2011, 10:00:38 pm
Entry 163 Error - An extra m after battle. Bolded the error.

{0xEC96}         {Color 08}Ondoria Atkascha III{Color 00}{Newline}
         18th monarch in the Atkascha line, Ondoria III{Newline}
         was crowned after Denamda IV's death in the{Newline}
final days of the Fifty Years' War. In stark contrast to{Newline}
his predecessor, who personally led men into battlem {Newline}
Ondoria III was frail, weak-willed, and generally ill-{Newline}
suited to his position. He contracted the Black Death and{Newline}
died after seven days and nights of fevered suffering.

Entry 23 Error - Just an odd observation... Delita's Personae portrait: Entry 23 shows Delita's Holy Knight portrait, but at this point. Delita starts using his Arc Knight portrait within the game's story. It was also like this in the original. Honestly, it should be showing the Delita's Arc Knight portrait. I believe you get this after the screen with Orran rushing into Ovelia's room. I didn't pay attention... Just notice after I pass that point.