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Topics - ffta707

The Lounge / Hello
September 03, 2012, 12:28:21 am
I'm sure some of you are well aware of who I am. I've been gone for quite a while (2 years or so), and haven't been active on any website for the most part. A starcraft 2 addiction swept over me, and has been controlling me for over a year. I've changed a lot, and I hope everyone can forgive me for my past. I had a hard time making decisions for myself for a while, partly due to my immaturity.

So I do sincerely apologize, especially to Dome and Eternal. Dome was always a supporter of whatever I did, and so was Eternal.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Spriting
December 11, 2010, 01:13:45 am
Post your sprites here. Although they cannot be added into the game yet, you can create 2 or three frames showing your sprite.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / FFTA: Rebalanced
December 11, 2010, 01:11:55 am
Post your Ideas for ffta rebalanced in here. Chances are, your Idea will be put into rebalanced.

Thank you.

The following are created by gotwald. This post will be updated with proposals, however, a change log of the actual project will be added later.

Special Jobs

Since the assassin is being removed from the player arsenal, it can be made into a special and powerful enemy only job! Increased growths, more equipments options, possibly double sword, maybe innate maintinence... Suddenly you have a very tough enemy which can be added into boss fights against you! Won't be everywhere, but definitly will be on the home stretch (with Llednar.)


The suggestion has been made to use the average levels of your 6 best party members to determine the levels of the enemies. While this is a good suggestion, it leaves people the ability to only use Marche and be able to curb stomp the game that would be many levels below him.

Another idea would be to make the the enemies the highest character level of the party. This could work, except if one character levels above another, you can soon see that there will be a strength disparity. Fortunatly, this isn't all bad, as the xp bonuses for fighting stuff above your level are substantial, meaning that you would be able to catch up with your lower levels rather quickly.


Equipment seems to be set on every enemy in the game; there is never any variation, which would lead me to assume that equipment will not get better with level. This means that equipment would have to be set. However, instead of facing guys with broad swords at the end of the game, we can set enemies to have much better and more synergistic gear. In fact, we can even set enemies to have AMAZINGLY over powered gear, and then just slap maintinence on them so that the player can't have access, making a stronger enemy.

This topic is about removing skills from the players arsenal which are overpowered and can be abused to make the game pretty much unfair.

Current ideas for skill removal include:

-Damage MP


AI cannot see reactions, and this will allow you to absorb countless attacks and be almost invincible due to MP regening.

-Two swords


Removal pending, if it can be innate added to ninja's then this will be removed as an ability but still usable on ninja's.

-Turbo MP


Due to bad MP scaling, this ability is the only ability chosen by mages and increases the effects of magic to astronomical heights. If we did some number crunching, we might be able to make this work, but for now, it's on this list.



The AI cannot see reaction until they attack them, so the AI will always waste a turn attacking the character with this ability, even though it says 0%, giving the player a free turn ALONG with the proteciton from regular attacks; if this can be fixed, this ability can go back to the player.



Same as reflex, but it is SOOOOO GOOODDD that the player can't have no matter what.

-Ultima (all)


This skill is too powerful, as it allows you to deal more damage than the boss of the game and currently cannot be balanced for the player.



This skill is also overpowered. It allows you to attack two different players at once (Two groups of players), or just deal plain damage to one enemy. IMO, the skill should be weakened, like double shots formula.

These skills will still be present in the game, but they will not be useable by the player. For example, you may fight an enemy who has Damage MP and two swords, but you will not be able to use them yourself.

If you have anything with this you would like to discuss, such as that one of the skills on this list should not be removed or another you would like to add, please post.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Youtube Channel
December 11, 2010, 12:31:07 am
Our new, official you tube channel.

http://www.youtube.com/user/hacktactics ... ature=mhum

All of our community videos will be posted here, such as rebalanced. If you are needed to do something, you will receive the password to do so.

Subscribe! Any suggestions are appreciated.

If anyone wants to do a play through or anything else, PM me, and you can upload.
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Sprite Limitations (Darthatron)
December 11, 2010, 12:21:09 am
This info was originally posted by darthatron.

So, each sprite has a limit to what it can contain...

Battle Sprites:

    * Must be <=16px (32px for monsters) wide and <=40px high.
    * Must  contain 15 colors or less (+1 background color). See below for useable palettes.


    * Must be 64x64px (needs verification)
    * Can have up to 47 colors (+1 background color).
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Graphics Editing (By: Tuosinoc)
December 11, 2010, 12:17:26 am
Couldn't quite capture the headings for the sections he made. They are very cool.


The Administrator (ffta707) has stated that he will upload all of the "old tutorials" to the site.  Presumably, those tutorials contain a guide on graphics editing (probably several, in fact).  Until they are uploaded, however, I thought I would donate the little knowledge I possess here.


 __        ,        ,

/  ` _ ._ -+- _ ._ -+- __ *

\__.(_)[ ) | (/,[ ) | _)  *


    - Introduction                    [INT]

    - What You Need                   [WYN]

    - Step By Step                    [SBS]

      - Making Backups                [BCK]

      - Finding the Palette           [PAL]

      - Molesting the Tiles           [TIL]

      - Play Testing                  [PLT]

    - Final Thoughts                  [FIN]

    - Credits                         [CRD]


 / _/_   _/  __/'   .

(/)// ()(/(/( //()/).                 [INT]


Have you ever played a game on an emulator and found yourself thinking "Wouldn't that character look great if he was a little more mage-like?", "Ugh! That is ugly! And it wouldn't be that hard to fix!", or something similar?  If so, then this guide is for you!  With a bit of patience and a modicum of artisitic skill, you can customize just about any rom's graphics.


(   // __/  (__/      /| )_ _ _/.

|/|//)(//    / ()(/  / |/(-(-(/ .     [WYN]


1. A Gameboy Advance rom (I'll be using Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, but this guide works for any rom).  In my country (USA), it is legal to own a rom of a game so long as you own the original game (which I do).  Familiarize yourself with your respective country's laws, and do not ask for roms on this site.  See Rule 4 on the Rules page.


2. Tile Molester Alternate.  Tile Molester is a program written by Kent Hansen that allows the manipulation of graphical data within a rom.  The "Alternate" part was written by Central MiB, and it allows us to import palette files (which will be extremely handy later on). You can get it here: http://www.romhacking.net/utils/%5B515% ... ernate.zip.

NOTE: This program is rather bug-ridden, so keep the original zip file.  When the program starts spitting out errors, delete it and unzip the file afresh.


3. VisualBoy Advance.  To play roms you need an emulator, and I think this is the best available.  Besides, we need its ability to export palettes.  I use VisualBoy Advance-M, a variant.  You can get it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/vbam/f ... z/download


3. Patience.  Getting tiles to line up correctly can be a tedious process, and sometimes it seems impossible.


  __            __

 ( _/_    /    ( _/_  .

__)/(-/) ()(/ __)/(-/).               [SBS]

     /     /       /


Making Backups                        [BCK]


First, and most importantly, you must learn the Cardinal Laws of Modding, namely:

    1. When in doubt, make a backup.

    2. When not in doubt, make a backup.

    3. If you ever feel like not making a backup, see rules one and two.


Seriously, regularly backing up your work can save hours of frustration.


Say you've got a rom called "Final Fantasy Tactics Advance".  Make a copy of it and call it "FFTA - Experiment".  Then you change the way the Black Mage looks, you play test it, and you like it.  Rename it "FFTA - Black Mage Edit". Make a copy of it and call it "FFTA - Black Mage Edit II".  Then you change the way the Summoner looks, you play test it, and you like it.  Rename it "FFTA - Black Mage and Summoner Edit".  Make a copy of it and call it "FFTA - Black Mage and Summoner Edit II".  Etcetera.


That way, if you encounter a bug, you can test each modification in kind until you find the source of the bug.  If you have a large project, you can even have version numbers and a change log.  Just keep things backed up!


The modder who keeps a plethora of backups is not the modder who says, "Aaaargh! I can't find this bug! A week of work is ruined!".


With that out of the way, let's get started.


Finding the Palette                   [PAL]


Let us say we wish to modify the in-battle sprites for FFTA.  First, we need the palette for those sprites.  The palette file tells the game what colors the various sprites should be.  If you were to just search for the tiles right now, the sprites would all be the wrong colors.  It would make them almost impossible to find and difficult to work with.


So, run VisualBoy Advance and open up the rom (File -> Open GBA).


Then, play through it until the sprites we want (the battle sprites) are clearly visible.  Go to Tools -> Palette Viewer... and the "Palette View" box will pop up.


You'll see two palettes, "Background" and "Sprite".  Generally speaking, the Background palette is for the environment (things that don't move), while the Sprite palette is for the characters (things that do move).  Since we want the battle sprites, we want the Sprite palette.  To save it, press the "Save OBJ..." button and save the palette wherever you want to.


And now you have your palette!  That wasn't so hard, was it?  On to the tiles!


Molesting the Tiles                   [TIL]


Run Tile Molester Alternate by double-clicking on "TMLauncher.bat".  If you try to run it just by clicking TileMolester.exe, it'll behave oddly.


Once it's fully open (and it might take a few moments), go to File -> Open... and open up your rom.


(By the way, if the program decides to be buggy, it'll usually show up here. See NOTE underneath [WYN]-2.)


You should see a bunch of menus and a block window in full technicolor disarray.


Now we need to import our palette.  Go to Palette -> Import From -> Another File... and import the palette you saved earlier.  You'll notice the colors have changed (although they still don't make any sense).


It's time for the hunt!  The sprites we want are somewhere in that rom, but we don't know where.  Now that the palette is accurate, the sprites should look normal when they do show up.


Normally, you'd have to scroll through the whole thing searching for the sprites (and you may want to do that anyway for the practice).  But, out of the goodness of my heart, I'll give you the location.  Go to Navigate -> Go To..., enter 0069B600, and press OK (the other settings should be at their defaults, "Hex" for "Radix" and "Absolute" for "Mode").


If you're familiar with the game, you should recognize chopped up bits of a soldier in here. But, my oh my! What a mess!


Let's clean it up!  Go to the View Menu and click on the "Row-interleaved" option.  Notice how many pieces fit together now. (Some roms require this option on, while others do not.  You'll have to experiment.)  It's still messy, though.  Go to View again and select the "Tile Grid" option.  This will help differentiate sprite groups.


Now comes the tricky part.  Do you see those buttons on the toolbar in the upper right?  If you hover your mouse over them they'll tell you what they do.  Those buttons help you navigate inside the rom.  Tweaking with these will help to line things up correctly.


Try clicking the "Byte Forward" button (the one that looks like a plus sign) twenty-eight times.  You'll notice that our soldier fits nicer inside the red boxes.  That's a big improvement of our first view of him, isn't it?


If you're disappointed that it's not perfect, then I've got some bad news for you.  I've tried to make those little blobs line up perfectly for forever without success.  Sometimes, you just have to be grateful for a fair facsimile.


Well, now you can edit things to your heart's content.  The controls on the left side are remarkably similar to Paint, so a little effort will suffice to familiarize yourself with them.


Once you're done, go to File -> Save and you're done!


Play Testing                          [PLT]


Now you just need to rev up VisualBoy Advance again and play through the game 'til you get to your edited piece.  Make sure it operates as you wanted and make sure you test as many animations as possible.  You'd be amazed where little errors can creep in.


If everything conforms to your satisfaction, then congratulations!  You're done!  Enjoy.


 ___       ____

(_  '  _ /  /  /     _ /_/ _.

/  //)(/(  (  /)()(/(//)/_) .         [FIN]



If you're new to this sort of stuff, then welcome to the happy community of modders! If not, then I hope this guide was somewhat helpful.


If I missed something or left something out, feel free to let me know (just post it below).  I'm pretty new at this, too, after all.


Other than that, thanks for reading and good luck!



 / )_ _ _/'_/ _.

(__/ (-(// /_) .                      [CRD]


I would like to thank the following people/entities:

    1. ffta707 The Administrator for establishing a promising forum for stuff like this.

    2. Kent Hansen for making Tile Molester

    3. Central MiB for adding palette capacity to Tile Molester

    4. Nintendo for making the Gameboy Advance

    5. Square for making Final Fantasy Tactics Advance




 /       _ '    _

(  (/()_) //)()(_,
FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Job name Editor
December 11, 2010, 12:06:06 am
Here is the first program I made to simply edit Job name text. This is more of a test for future editors.

FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / FFTA Text offsets
December 10, 2010, 11:55:52 pm
Here guys. I took some time to record several vital offsets, so you can edit them at your will.


Editing your generic characters name, and Montblanc is very simple. Monblanc would be in Main Character Names, while generics are in the random name database.

Have Fun!

0049B360 - 0049F490: Store, pub, prison, cards, monster bank quotes


0049F4A0 - 0049F600: After battle failure and secsess messages


0049F610 - 004A0020: Link messages


004A0030 - 004B5A70: encoded area (Snippets like: Roda I#olcanF#)


004B5AF0 - 004B6480: Things like: Thanks, this will help me fund my research.


004B6580 - 004B6830: Choices (Engage, surrender, give snowball)


00526240 - Status


00525FB0 - 00526410: Laws like Dmg to animal, copycat exc.


009C16F0 - End, I believe is the storyline text. Tried editing - too bugggy.


00526420 - 00526640: Map location Names!


00526650 - 00526670: Month's/ Moon Phases? (Look like, S#a#g#e#m#o#o#n#)



00566A00 - 005680D0: Random Names Database


00565880 - 00565CC0: Clan names

00558000 - 0055A310: all Mission names


005541B0 - 00554600: Places like monster bank, selections like "Action" "wait" skill levels "negotiate"


00554600 - 00554990: All skillset names including special jobs, and monsters


00554990 - 00556020: Ability names and combo names


00556330 - 005564D0: no clue, some Weapon types (robe, gauntlet, armor, Spear)


005564D0 - 005566D0: Law fines (No AP reward... HP max -)


005566D0 - 005567E0: Options (i.e.Color mode, Cursor speed )


005512A0 - 005516C0: Main Character names (Marche, Pam Le Fay, even Odd statue XD)


00525580 - 00525FB0: Mission Items


00525580 - 00523960: Item names


00523370 - 00523920: job names! Also, did you know that there is (Ark knight, rune knight, and others?)
Spam / Testing the Obj
December 02, 2010, 10:48:17 pm
I need to learn how this works....

[obj]not working?[/obj]
The Lounge / Everyone!
November 30, 2010, 08:51:37 pm
Please go subscribe to the new Final fantasy hacktics youtube channel. If you didn't already know, the old one was deleted.


(Created by ffmaster)

This is the tournaments new home.
Help! / Head Swaps (Solved)
November 05, 2010, 08:41:39 pm
The Lounge / Just found...
October 24, 2010, 12:26:02 pm
Just found my FFT Black labeled disc and case. I lost it about a year ago, then bought the greatest hits version, went on vacation, and it was gone when I got back. But now I have the original.
Help! / Patcher V478
October 24, 2010, 11:03:51 am
When I press New psx patch, it still loads a psp patch. Do I have a wrong version?


I'll just use v457, I found the rar for it.
The Lounge / This Event
October 21, 2010, 07:49:54 pm
This event by Zodiac is awesome. KOI is going to be insane.

Spam / Noob Posts
October 19, 2010, 07:53:09 pm
I was looking back at my old posts, and I came across the dumbest post I've ever seen by me. This was when I found the site from a youtube video on mercenaries. It was on the 5th page of this topic, on a demo of mercenaries: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=1703&start=80  

My post:

"Is this going to be free?"

Lasting Dawn's kind answer:

"Oh, it's definitely free! If I had even threatened to say I would put a price on it, Square Enix would descend from above high and strike me, and probably the site down, so yes, 100% Free."

Post your noob posts here. I'd like to see them. XD
Spam / Jeopardy FAIL
October 10, 2010, 08:49:00 pm

I was looking up to see for someone if it was a certain song when they fail, and found dis
Spriting / ffta707's Sprites
October 10, 2010, 05:49:46 pm
I'm going to need crits on this. This is my first sprite attempt, and before I get started, I want to show you the forward facing frame that I did. This is without color changes, of course, he will be red.

Also, tell me what you think about the logo on the hat, and the hat itself. Thank you.


Ah! Missing the mustache.
Archives / FFT: Diverse (UPDATE: DEMO AND SCREENS!)
August 08, 2010, 06:11:29 pm

A young man named Azrael planned to be happily married to a young lady name Olgria. They were roaming the city of Trecheran (A poor town filled with many peasants), when Azrael proposed with a stone of Serpentarious, to Olgria. Olgria held the stone. Before anything was said, an arrow was shot into Azrael. Olgria fell to the ground, struggling towards Azrael, trying to lift him. A knight walked into the city, strait towards Olgria. Olgria was grabbed by the arms, the stone with her.  Everything clears, and then Azrael starts to gain consciousness. There were many dead people around him, who were slaughtered by the knights of Golgeros. A sudden call from someone among the dead made Azrael come too. He stands, and walks towards the man. The man is conscious, but has been badly wounded. He acquired a scar on his left cheek, from the notorious Havian Kin.

Story of Zeleus

Azrael's instinct takes over, and he saves the younger man named Zeleus. Zeleus was at the academy training for the conflict of Zelmonia and Ordalia. Trecheran was a small town nearly neighboring Zelmonia, and they were currently sending Soldiers into Zelmonia, to try to fend off Ordallia. Zeleus was an experienced Mercenary, and new a lot for his age.  Before he was injured, he was going to check out a group of Golgerosian soldiers that had been reported roaming land's around Trecherain.

History of Golgeros

    Golgeros, a small group encouraging the independence from Ordalia, was known to have frequent attacks on Trecheran, recently. These attacks were rare but very violent. Trecheran could not predict the attacks, and so they could hardly defend themselves. Golgeros was violent, and didn't consist of many soldiers, but all of the soldiers were very skilled. They were led by a man named Havian kin, who trained with Ordalia's infantry for many years. He was power hungry, along with the other Golgerosian soldiers. Golgeros has one main goal, and it is to capture the provenance of Zelmonia: Trecheran. They hope to grow big enough to one day take out the Ordalia Nation.  
    Although never mentioned in the scripts of the Fifty Years War, Golgeros played a major start in the declaration of the war. Havian Killed King Devanne III, before he named a successor, trying to corrupt the Ordallian Nation. To Havian's surprise, the death of the King caused Ivalice to declare war on Ordallia. Golgeros was much hated, but was never encroached upon. They did their own thing, and tried capturing Trecheran.
History of Trecheran
    Trecheran, a provenance of Zelmonia, was an independent nation, with a growing military. Nearing the end of the Fifty Years War (When story takes place), Ivalice freed the Provenance from Ordallian rule. Trecheran was slow to get on its feet again, and attacks from Golgeros became worse. The development of Trecheran's army, however, was not slowed down. Many feared for the lives of their families. Female and Male from all over the now "City State" joined the Trecheran army. Golgeros struggled to overpower Trecherain. Zodiac stone's were being discovered around this time, and Golgeros took advantage.

Story of Azrael

    As the stones were being mined, news spread about the stones. It was said that the natural beauty of the stones was sacred. Azrael had opportunities to mine the stones, and took each on. Eventually, he got a hold of the most sacred, a Serpentarious. The power of the stones was not yet discovered. Only Golgeros and Ordallia knew about the Phenomenon's that occurred with the holders of the stone, and had intentions to use the stones in battle. Azrael was very careful about the Serpentarious, and planned to keep it for proposal. Later on, He met a women named Olgria, and proposed. The day he proposed, he handed the stone to Olgria, but a wall of Golgerosian soldiers plowed into Trecheran, and slaughtered all. Except for Azrael, and Olgria who was captured; Stone in hand.

Storyline: Meeting Nareh Rotiart
    Azrael hired Zeleus to accompany him in finding Olgria; Zeleus reluctantly agreed. Azrael also looked to find professional help though. Azrael and Zeleus began scanning Trecheran for an experienced soldier. Azrael finally encounters an experienced old man named Nareh Rotiart. He reluctantly agrees to helping, but insists on leading them. Azrael hesitates, but agrees.

After weeks of searching, Rotiart tells Azrael that Olgria is dead, and that he should focus more on freeing himself from Golgeros, and quit the setbacks. Azrael was frustrated with such stupid remarks, and the Sword Sinister took on Azrael. This is the first major battle in the game, and Nareh brings in a few "Unexpected" surprises. A hooded warrior who is nameless enters the field. Nareh calls it miss, but you will not find out its name for a while. A second warrior comes in. It is a familiar warrior, from when Havian attacked Trecheran. It is the one who slashed Zeleus. Once defeated, Rotiart uses a stone, and turns into a Serpentarious Boss. He runs off, but you will meet again later.

Last Battle: Major Twist

    You meat Miss, in a corrupt map of Trecherain (After that part was invaded). You will have to fight Him/ Her, and defeat it. After the battle, a twist occurs in the story line. The black figure, after exploding, shows her real face. It turns out to be Olgria! She holds up the stone... "You should have known you fool." She transforms into a new Ultima sprite, designed like medusa, or a snake women.

FFT: Diverse

Attention, this is an update from: Monday, November 8, 10:12. All jobs listed under completed are being tested as we speak. Screen-shots, and a playable demo are going to be released in a little bit.

This is not the story of trecherain. This is a new patch, consisting of new jobs, new secret characters, MORE Human jobs than the regular 19, added events, and more chocobos.

Wakka (Kingdom hearts - Tidus's Blitz ball partner)
"Blitzman" - No abilities will be revealed.
Event is about 40% complete.

Job Concepts

Job: Deranger - Unbalance's the field of battle with many stat damaging attacks.
Equipment: Swords, clothes, hats, shoes
Requirements: None
Scythe Speed - Reduce enemies' speed
Cut Energy - Reduce enemies' physical attack
Scythe Sorcery - Reduce enemies' magical attack
Fatal Blow - If it hits (1% chance) kills all units on the field (large MP and JP cost)

Job: Mender -Heals many status inflictions in allies, and also uses a few against the undead.
Equipment: First Aid Kits, clothes, shoes
Requirements: None
Heal HP: Cures ally's HP
Heal MP: Cure ally's MP
Heal Faith: Give ally faith
Heal Brave: Give ally bravery
Heal Mind: Cure confusion and charm

Job: Blasphemer - Uses many dark skills to pound enemies down.
Equipment: Rod, Robe, shoes, Shield
Requirements: Mender Lv. 8
Downgrade: Cut enemies HP in half
Black Reprisal: Make an enemy have Don't Act
Dark Mist: Blind enemy with dark plumes of smoke
Swallow Tail: Surround enemy with a funnel of darkness
Demon Tail: Shoot a beam of darkness at enemy
Fire Prone: Oil the enemy making them weak to fire
Secret Ability: .......

Job: Knight (Currently being worked on.
No longer a concept.
Bestower Job, pending

Roulette: Targets everyone. If it hits, it will cause instant crystallization.
Greed: Instant death sentence to anyone who is hit. Targets all.
Frog: Instant frog shape to anyone who is hit. Targets everyone.
Spate: Cause a plague. If hit, causes a disease outbreak. Targets everyone.
Blight: May Give all allies revive, Regen, cure 4, protect, and/ or shell. Or may inflict death sentence.
Decision: crystal to enemies or frog. Or it adds revive, shell, protect, cure, cure4.

Earthquake: Harness the Earth Blade - Earth Elemental
Water: Harness the Aero Blade - Water elemental
Firestorm: Harness the Combust Blade - Fire Elemental
Blizzard: Harness the Frost Blade - Ice Elemental
Thunderstorm: Harness the Bolt Blade - Lightning Elemental
Gust: Harness the Breeze Blade - Wind Elemental

Heal: Requires Enchanters Stone (Heal allies HP)
Mend: Requires Mage Stone (Raise Allies MP)
Protect: Requires Shield Stone (Adds protect to ally)
Adrenaline: Requires Haste Stone (Adds Haste to ally)
Death's Blight: Requires Blood Stone (Adds Death sentence to enemy)
Rock seal: Requires Petrified stone (Adds Petrify to enemy)

 Completed Jobs
None Yet
Green Mage

Protect =Protect - Protects the ally from PA's

Shell = Shell - Protects the ally from MA's

Fire =Oil - Adds sticky oil to the enemy, making him flammable

Fire2=Blind - Blinds the enemy

Fire3=Silence - Prevents unit (s) from using magic

Fire4=Sleep - Puts unit (s) to sleep

Ice=Valor - PA + 3

Ice2=Tailwind - Speed + 7

Ice3=Spate - Buggy (Not working) - Adds Blood Suck to enemy

Chocobo Knight

Cure=Chocobo Cure - Cures allies (Working - Done)

Cure2=Chocobo Eusana - Cures Status (Working - Done)

Cure3=Chocobo Beak - Attack Enemies with magical beak (Working - A little over powered; Needs formula work)

Cure4=Chocobo Ball - Summon three magical balls to hit the enemy (Working - Done)

Raise= Chocobo Poison - Poison enemies with the soul of the green Chocobo (Working - Done)

Raise2=Chocobo Meteor - Spawn a meteor from the spirit of the red Chocobo (Working - Done)


Bolt= Scythe Speed - Cut enemies speed by 1

Bolt2= Cut Energy - Reduce enemies PA by 1

Bolt3= Scythe Sorcery - Reduce enemies MA by 1

Bolt4= Incise Magic - Causes MP damage

Reraise=Take Aim - 100% hit; reduced damage

Charge3= Boost - Focus to increase damage


Head Break = Chivalry - send your own HP to a troubled ally.

Armor Break= Deplete - Damage enemy, absorbing their HP.

Shield Break= Subdue  - Deal low damage to enemy.

Weapon Break= Blister -  Long distance damage.  Fire Element

Magic Break= Whirlwind- Long distance Damage. Wind Element

Speed Break=Shudder- Long distance Damage. Earth Element

Power Break=Train - Charms a monster into joining the party.

Mind Break= Valiance - Gives an ally bravery.

Undead Knight

Shell 2= Bolt Soul (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Wall= Marine Soul (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Esuna= Ice Soul (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Holy= Squall Soul (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Regen= Zombie Touch (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Protect 2= Sleep Touch (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )

Poison= Drain Touch (monsters Standard, little improvements. I.e. Better range, Height, and power. )


Gil Taking=Disable - Enemy is unable to act.

Steal Heart=Immobilize - Enemy is unable to move.

Steal Helmet=Lighten Wallet - Aim an arrow at the enemies pocket, spilling out gil.

Steal Armor=Burial - Seal the evil from living (Petrify on undead)

Steal Shield=Snipe - Never miss damage, 100%.

Steal Weapon=Greased Bolt - Stop the enemy in their tracks. (Adds stop)

Steal Accessory=Confushot - confuse the enemy with a sharp blow.

All abilities have just been tested. No bugs, working great so far.

Two more chocobo's are being created (White and Green - and one secret chocobo). So chocobo knight will get more abilities, that I will add later (Including a secret one, from the secret chocobo).

They are very rare, and are only found in some regular battles. If you see one, you will have to have someone with Invite skill.
Sometimes jobs of the same kind as your generics will appear in random battles. If so, you will either have to be hit by the secret ability they carry, or inherit their crystal.
Chocobo - 3 added, 1 secret.
Goblin - 2 added
Sacrificing - Juravis type birds, and Flotiball/ Plagues.

1) Need ideas on balancing chocobo knight. They need to be a bit stronger than a normal chocobo.

Defender: Murasame
Vitanova: Heavens Cloud
Lionheart: Kiyomori
Eclipse: Muramasa
Charfire: Kikuichimoji
Lohengrin: Masamune

DEMO IS COMING - THE PATCH FILE IS BELLOW. I didn't have time to make a ppf, and the fftactext extension not aloud, no time to compress. Thanks and enjoy.
Screen Shots
Help! / Frustrating Attack out Error
August 08, 2010, 01:39:33 am
I have been event editing, and had some problems at the beginning with the ATTACK.OUT. I confronted Kokojo with the problem, but we couldn't get the problem fixed. Eventually, I got it to work, but after that one time it stopped working again. I can't get it to work now. Is there something wrong with the correlation in which I am doing things?
Spam / @ KOKOJO
August 07, 2010, 09:04:37 pm
What cartoon is your Avatar from. I used to watch it, but I can't seem to remember.
Spam / DOME
August 07, 2010, 01:58:33 am
Does anyone agree with me that dome is one of the most illustrious spammers?
Spam / Record for shortest time on ffh
August 02, 2010, 05:19:29 pm
I think singerjobe has the record for shortest time on final fantasy hacktics haha. He got banned about 3 days after he joined.
Help! / Ignoreing Jobs on the job wheel
June 28, 2010, 12:23:12 pm
If I want to get rid of Mime, dragoon, Ninja, and chemist, could I just set the job requirements to all zero?
Spam / Ultima Sucks
June 24, 2010, 01:09:57 pm
I finally took the time to learn ultima with ramza, and it does about 60 damage. Why did they have to base it on MA, if they new squires had shitty MA growth.
Archives / EasyVent Editor 4 (In the making)
June 24, 2010, 12:58:42 am
EasyVent 4: Change Log

1. UnitAnim creation tool

2. Event selector for quick editing

3. Help Section for offline editing

4. Fixed back/ Forward buttons

5. Improved camera instructions (Possibly camera maker)

Suggestions would be appreciated.  
Bugs and Suggestions / Fan art/ artwork page?
March 14, 2010, 04:04:58 pm
I think we should have a forum that shows artwork from the patches (pictures that are drawen). And just fan art in general. What do you think?
March 10, 2010, 09:32:18 pm
A classic by square enix! Just beat it agian, and I love the black mage style midgits, and the moogles. Also, the heartless knights look similer to the dark knight in wotl
March 10, 2010, 09:28:23 pm
A classic by square enix! Just beat it agian, and I love the black mage style midgits, and the moogles. Also, the heartless knights look similer to the dark knight in wotl
December 27, 2009, 01:25:13 am

x01 : Top of screen (over unit with Dialog Box)
x02 : Bottom of screen (under unit with Dialog Box)
x04 : Thinking (Dialog Box)
x08 : Remove Arrow (for Dialog Box)
x10 : Dialog Box
x20 : Named box ("Check" if x10 = FALSE; "Help" if TRUE)
x40 : Independant Message Box (becomes a page if x10 = TRUE, if x20 = TRUE too, it becomes a regular Dialog Box forced under unit)
x80 : Close with instruction
the x0002 is the display message number. Or what message it is displaying. x20 is the unit specified in ENTD's ID, or unit ID. x10 is
always x10, while the x12 is the type of dialouge. Numbers are at top.^

Makes game wait until further notice. (you hit button) Byte shown here is x01, or it shows next diolouge.
0x01: ShowDialog
0x04: Camera
0x06: {1A}
0x07: {1B}
0x08: {2A}/{2B} block
0x0B: UnitSprAnim / UnitAnim
0x0C: {3E}
0x34: {58}
0x36: DarkScreen / RemoveDarkScreen
0x38: DisplayConditions
0x3D: ShowChapter
0x41: Wait
0x43: Stop

Wait makes any part of event wait for seconds. (+00050)= about a halve second. (+00100)=1 second. (+00300)=3 seconds.

First byte is unit specified in entd. (x22 is my unit ID) x06 is the unit anime number listed here: http://www.ffhacktics.com/wiki/Animations

Sound is possibly the simplest event instruction, but has to be used in the correct place. Only one byte to remember.
x0001 Confirm Selection
x0002 Cancel Selection
x0003 Move Cursor
x0004 Rolling Numbers (gil won)*
x0005 Invalid
x0006 L1/R1/L2/R2 shifting
x0007 Remove Item or Ability
x0008 Power Up
x0009 Unit Removal
x000A Set
x000B Clockwise Rotation*
x000C Anti-Clockwise Rotation*
x000D Stop Rotation
x000E Zoom In (quick)
x000F Zoom In
x0010 Zoom Out
x0011 Zoom Out (quick)
x0012 Help Message Popup
x0013 Slash
x0014 Double Slash
x0015 Punch 1
x0016 Punch 2
x0017 Punch 3
x0018 Door Knock
x0019 Punch Air
x001A SHalf-Word Swing 1
x001B SHalf-Word Swing 2
x001C Landing (Dragoon)
x001D Igros Castle Gate Opening
x001E Beta Magic Charging*
x001F Magic Charging*
x0020 Balmafula's scream 1
x0021 Summoning*
x0022 Trap
x0023 Water Landing 1
x0024 Water Landing 2
x0025 Walking with soaked shoes???
x0026 ?????
x0027 Jumping
x0028 Land 1
x0029 Land 2
x002A Land 3
x002B Balmafula's scream 2
x002C Throw ??
x002D Flip Page
x002E Shield Block Light
x002F Shield Block Heavy 1
x0030 Blade Grasp / Catch
x0031 ?????
x0032 Sparkle 1
x0033 Sparkle 2
x0034 Sparkle 3
x0035 Sparkle 4
x0036 Sparkle 5
x0037 Sparkle 6
x0038 Hit 1
x0039 Hit 2
x003A Land on Wood
x003B Land on Water
x003C Menu Cursor Move 1
x003D Menu Cursor Move 2
x003E ?????
x003F ?????
x0040 Footsteps Arrive
x0041 Exit Map
x0042 Cloud Freaking / Murond Death City' Gate Destruction spell
x0043 Menu Confirmation Yes
x0044 Male Death
x0045 Female Death
x0046 Monster Death
x0047 ?????
x0048 Locked Door
x0049 Blocked Arrow
x004A ?????
x004B ?????
x004C Open/Close Door
x004D Proposition Completed 1
x004E Proposition Completed 2
x004F Proposition Completed 3
x0050 Chocobo Steps?
x0051 ?????
x0052 Choke Hold 1
x0053 Choke Hold 2
x0054 Arrow 1
x0055 Arrow 2
x0056 ?????
x0057 ?????
x0058 ?????
x0059 Arrow 3
x005A Gun Load
x005B Gun Shot Loud 1
x005C Gun Shot Loud 2
x005D Gun Shot Loud 3
x005E Crush / Explosion
x005F ?????
x0060 ?????
x0061 Ability Un-Equipped
x0062 ?????
x0063 Slap
x0064 Female Scream (Balmafula)
x0065 SHalf-Word Clash
x0066 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 1
x0067 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 2
x0068 Zodiac Stone Spirit Howl 3
x0069 Door Lever Pull
x006A Teleport Out
x006B Teleport In
x006C Random Encounter 1
x006D Random Encounter 2
x006E Crossbow Arrow 1
x006F Crossbow Arrow 2
x0070 Riovanes Castle Footsteps
x0071 In-Battle AT Halt
x0072 Cinematic Impaling Hit
x0073 Text Typing
x0074 Lever Pull
x0075 Sparkle 7
x0076 New Map Course Drawn
x0077 In-Battle Selection
x0078 Reinforcements Footsteps Arrive
x0079 Reed Flute 1
x007A Reed Flute 2
x007B Reed Flute 3
x007C Failed Reed Flute
x007D Whistle
x007E ?????
x007F Lionel Gate Open
x0080 ?????
x0081 ?????
x0082 ?????
x0083 ?????
x0084 Bad Breath
x0085 Crystal Pickup
x0086 Feather Bomb
x0087 Scratch Up
x0088 ?????
x0089 Altima I Knife Strike
x008A Shield Block Heavy 2
x008B ?????
x008C Lick
x008D Straight Dash
x008E ?????
x008F ?????
x0090 Dash
x0091 Shield Block Heavy 3
x0092 Monster Strike Heavy
x0093 Equipped
x0094 ?????
x0095 ?????
x0096 ?????
x0097 ?????
x0098 Ability Learned
x0099 Magic Hit
x009A Male Death
x009B Bio Hit
x009C Dictionary / Book Hit
x009D Final Fantasy Theme Harps
x009E Laugh 1
x009F Laugh 2
x00A0 Laugh 3
x00A1 Zodiac Stone Pulsing Sound
x00A2 Church Bells
x00A3 Male Zodiac Death
x00A4 Impact 1
x00A5 Impact 2
x00A6 Impact 3
x00A7 Zodiac Stone Sparkle
Sound (x????) Insert byte # into this ????.

Relize, advanced weather editing done in attack.out editor. but only to bytes to remember. (copy and paste if in doubt, as koko would say)
0x00: Cancel Rain/Cancel Snow
0x01: Cancel Rain/Cancel Snow
0x02: Rain/Snow
0x03: Rain/Snowstorm
0x04: Rain/Strong Snowstorm

This is a little shaky. The teleports in and out, are the animations, therefore, if you want teleport in, you have to put erase, at the
begaining (shown below), before the hole event. Later on, right before or right after your teleport in instruction, put in the draw instruction
(below). You can try different cobos, like draw before tele/ draw after tele, whatever works. Just dont put any Wait instructions in between them.

Teleport out is the same way. You perform your event with the person you want to be tele out- then simply put tele out with the erase instruction.
This will all be listed below.

Erase(x??,x00) ??= unit ID.

Draw(x??,x00) ??=Unit ID

TeleportOut(x??,x00) ??=unit ID

TeleportIn(x??,x00) ??=Unit ID

Not fully completed!

Thank you to Kokojo, and expecially Zodiac, for event compiler/decompiler, and the event instructions.
Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lost Script

The story takes place as Ivalice crumbles. With Delita dead, the skies are growing again. Commoners are being mistreated. A new war is sprouting, a similar one to the fifty year war, respectively. Ordalia, the nation who fought Ivalice, is becoming more powerful, and seeks revenge. Ordalia ordered an attack on Ivalice, killing many. Commoners were tired of all this, and decided to strike back, but only under the name of one character - Ramza Lugria.
Ramza's late Bio
Ramza Lugria, believed to be dead by many is now starting to be "seen" after Delita died, these were only alleged sightings, no more. Now, he Leads commoner's, determined to set commoners free of the harsh treatment. His sister was assassinated by the church, as she was believed to be a heretic also. Now Ramza lives to seek revenge for his sister, and his old friend Delita, and his sister Teta. Ramza was a married father, by the time everything started giving in.
The lion war ruined Ivalice. The economy crashed, the town was destroyed, and criminals and assassins ruled the streets, due to the corrupt government. Now, Ordalia is invading, making Ivalice (noble Ivalice) a week point, and a good way for Ramza's army to attack. The commoners attacked, and killed many nobles. The nobles were furious, and ordered and attack on the common army. The common army was prospering, and was somehow able to absorb the attack, but then there was an accident. Ramza was assassinated. He had turned quite old, and was dying from the black plague. His wife died shortly after due to the black plague. The commoners were confused, and out of order.
The Revival of the common
shortly after the tragic death of his father, Zalram took control over the common army. He revived the commoners, and maintained Ramza's main goal. The treatment of the commoners got worse.  Zalram declared war against the nobles. The war would be known as, The War of the Common.  Zalram was a bright man, who became a Knight, in memory of his grandfather.
An even bigger problem was even deeper within the war. With Ramza out of the picture, the yet to be mentioned death corps had only been training, and regaining power. Death corps was of course enemies of noble Ivalice, and any ally of Ramza was an enemy of them. This sparked a new three way war, re titled as the "Battle of precedent"
due to this battle being kindled by past experiences.

With Corps attacking nobles and commoners, commoners attacking nobles and corps, and nobles attacking commoners and cops, a triangle of war raged out. The armies would attack at more vulnerable times. This is one of the most violent wars in history of Ivalice.

The leader of the nobles at the current time is a man named Organlen Nelnagro, Zalram's arch enemy. Ivalice is big, and the nobles must divide their county. The noble's foundation is of the skies. The Eastern sky, led by Angarde Gaffgarion, Goffard Gaffgarion's young relative, controls Eastern Ivalice. The southern sky is not led by anyone by the name of Orlandeau. Orlandeau sadly passed away, a good friend of Ramza's. Right before his death, his words were, "Rank is only in the mind. My relatives... have nothing to do with the nobility." Instead, it is run by Hidengh Yeilders a young Tempered sword, a true noble you might say. The northern sky has fallen, and there is no effort to revive it as of now.
The role of Arazlam Durai
This tale was printed by Arazlam Durai, who witnessed every event that took place. He published the new story right before his assassination, also due to charges of heresy. The papers were revealed, and now a new story can be

You play as Zaldarg, and control the common army, and lead them to victory against the noblemen of Ivalice.
Story takes place after Ramza's death, after the ceasing of Ordalia.
You play through new battles, events, and will even find secret characters along your journey, to conquer the nobleman of Ivalice.

first event I made, but it was kind of quick. I just first want to show that I can event edit.


Also, your welcome to give suggestions for jobs!

Event Link: