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February 25, 2021, 12:11:10 pm


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PSX FFT Hacking / Compilation Of Talcall's hacks
February 14, 2021, 08:26:20 pm
This is a compilation of hacks I have made that may not exist individually on the forums already, in order to make them more accessible to others.
I will update the post when I make more hacks.
Feel completely free to use these, as long as you reference me :D

Hacks so far:
  • Blade grasp becomes awareness (all sides C-ev%)
  • (some) Thief abilities become faith based (underpowered. it'll work for my complete mod, promise!)
    • steal helmet - Kindness, absorb HP
    • steal armor - Temperance, absorb MP
    • steal shield - Patience, absorb CT
    • steal weapon - Chastity, dispel target, esuna user
    • steal accessory - Diligence, berserk target, protect user
Help! / Can't find Excel spreadsheet & tool; More jobs
August 28, 2020, 05:31:34 am
Apologies to whom it may concern, I can't seem to locate the excel spreadsheet someone made that allowed for more jobs to be created, (from my understanding) in the shadow of other jobs, and I was really keen to look into it to see if i couldn't fiddle around. If anyone has any information, It would be incredibly helpful!
I've gotten back into my mini-project, creating 'chapter 1.5' (or the missing chapter as I've called it), and I was wondering if there was a simple way to test events, with like an external program? or do I have to replace say the first event in the game for a quick and easy way to test it?
does EasyVent editor super perfect 2.0 have some sort of event-viewing functionality that I havent found yet? that'd be embarrassing
Any replies are helpful! thanks in advance!
I've also attached the text file I've uh... 'created' so far. it's not much to look at unless you want to criticise my writing, which is valid
Also not sure exactly how to turn this text file into something more usable when the time comes around, if anyone is available that wants to help, please
I feel like this is more of a "I'll get to it when i get there" issue, however I would like to ask here beforehand in case i get something wrong.

I want to input cut-scene events between "partings" and the "chapter 2 start", particularly, in this order:
2 cut-scenes,
1 battle with a pre-battle scene,
2 cutscenes,
a still-image with text (in between the last cut-scene and the next),
and a cutscene,
how would i go about this? is there some kind of "call event" I can use?
event 181, which should appear in  ENTD4.ENT, has delita as the first unit. the second byte, which the Wikipedia says belongs to various flags, is checked for being male (+1) load formation (+10) and save formation(+80)
this should give a value of 8B, however when i check this byte in my hex editor i find it's actually 89; 80 + 8 + 1. Am i missing something here, or are the flags done a little differently to how i originally figured?
(yes, i know how flags work, +1 for the first flag, then double for the second and so on and so forth. this means every numeral possible is a unique combination of any of these collective flags.)
Help! / ENTD locations?
February 14, 2020, 05:24:43 am
Given that the program FFTpatcher doesn't produce any codes for ENTD edits, I am going to try and edit these manually-
the only issue is I don't know where to look first. I searched ENTD on the site wikipedia, (sent me directly here http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/ENTD) which certainly gave me quite the handy guide around how all of the bytes get used!
but it doesn't tell me where the information for this starts, or in what file it appears in. if anyone knows and could share that would be greatly appreciated! thank you! :)
(only put in help because I'm not sure where else this could go)
Now, as the title implies, I am not requesting this, and I will not be trying to achieve this on my own. Because ouch.
Could it theoretically be feasible to rework calculator/arithmatician into a redmage that can learn duel casting, and is capable of using spells used in other classes?
I say feasible, as well, because anything is technically possible with ASM hacking, but I wanted to know if this was something a generally pretty knowledgeable hacker could achieve with the groundwork calculator provides? I was honestly quite curious
PSX FFT Hacking / PSX Job Reform Hack
February 08, 2020, 01:20:15 am
Don't worry, i actually playtested this one, and it does work
My first successfully completed hack, which reforms the job system of FFT for the PSX! In order to install this properly you'll need the FFTactext & FFTorgasm programs. unless you want your Oracle to be using physical attack blind that causes poison, or vice versa

This mod was made under the basis of a third job over-arching job tree, as well as the original two. physical, magical, and mixed. mixed either includes reworked jobs or jobs that don't fit entirely into the other two categories (seriously, mediator doesn't even have that good of a mag growth, why is it over there?)
Two jobs were completely reworked, into the spellblade with imbue magic, and the survivalist with survival tactics!
the spellblade is a delicate mix of mages and knights, able to deal elemental damage with physical strikes!
The survivalist is a trained master of the ways of disabling and crippling opponents from the inside, able to neutralise and transform their enemies!
as well as this, many other jobs have received touch-ups to make them slightly more bearable to play as.

Known bugs:

ENTD's are still out of date for several battles

Changelog + bugfixes

V1.0 XML/0.8 ffttext

- all equipment descriptions updated
- Ramza's job changes name as story progresses
- Spellblade + survivalist animations tweaked
- knight + survivalist no longer have innate reaction abilities
- survivalist abilities all function as intended
- blaze gun + glacier gun swapped names

V1.0.1 XML/0.9 ffttext

- spellblade no longer has innate reaction ability
- Ramza can learn more abilities by being hit (think Gafgarion)
- Ramza exclusive abilities reworked (less stats more buffs)
- summoner requirement description more accurate

I still have yet to alter the encounter codes for battles in which oracle or archer would normally appear to change their weapons (so the survivalist in the dorter slums doesn't shoot you with a longbow and disable your party, for example)
I also still have yet to alter weapon descriptions, which seems a bit daunting but I'll get around to it. done!
Will add images as soon as i can figure out how the image tag works
I'm trying really hard to replace the Archer's "charge" skillset with another, (as I've replaced the archer job with a survivalist) because I went though the endeavour of simply replacing the skills inside and that ended up failing; the charge abilities showed up unchanged even though i made edits to the skillset and action menu.
So, i made archer use 1F, Algus' basic skills, (and made him simply use generic squire skills) But what resulted is archer/survivalist not being able to use any skills the job had actually learnt; the abilities that were usable were actually mirrors of what the unit learnt in the squire job (learning the skill in the second place of squire resulted in the ability in the second place of archer being usable in battle, however any abilities learnt actually by archer were unusable in battle)
I was wondering if there was a solution to either of these problems, or if I perhaps just made a mistake when replacing skills for the archer's charge and it actually is possible

Thanks!  :)
there are a set of about 10 abilities that seem coded to be direct action abilities, indexes 165 to 16E (information gained from the FFTPatcher), assuming these were to be given names, effects, descriptions, etc, would these be usable in game, or are they hardcoded to not be usable? maybe they simply can't be referenced in game?
while they don't have any AI checks and all have identical hit-checks, they seem to have unique formulas, which implies they do exist in the game's code. If someone could clarify before i accidentally crash or corrupt my save file by some miracle, that would be greatly appreciated!
I am editing Oracle abilities to turn them into spellblade abilities, by altering their effects, changing which formula they use, etc (if more information is needed i can send screenshots of each ability and their edits) and i came across this error with the data i received back from the FFTpatcher, which wants me to edit these bytes shown such that the second byte is identical to the byte already there?

I have correctly identified where the first portion is supposed to go using an online editor's search function, and that all runs smoothly, however pulling up SCUS with this hex editor (that i can copy and paste from, making using FFT Org ASM generator far easier to use) it's apparent that something is wrong. is there dummy code here that's being skipped over by the patcher, or is it incorrectly processing what I've fed it?

if anyone can help, this would be greatly appreciated
I rewrote basically every Oracle ability, and pasted it all into a hack for easy use. Turns out, I pasted the data in the wrong place, and ended up with this hilarious cost for some of the cheapest monk abilities!
After running Oracle abilities through a multitude of changes, i went to the gameshark tab to gather all of the data, and adapt it into a more usable binary form.
However, I ran into an issue knowing how to read a set of data that
A. started with a pattern of 7's and 8's, and i don't know what 7's are supposed to mean, given that 3 means single byte and 8 means two bytes
B. seemed to jump around in the actual binary of the game, paired with the 7's and 8's
the code I'm having trouble reading is as such:

"Abilities\(part 1)
7014E61C F400
801B644C 001C
7014E61C F400
801B6452 0010
7014E61C F400
801B6454 0014
7014E61C F400
801B6456 0018
7014E61C F400
801B6458 007E
7014E61C F400
801B645A 007D
7014E61C F400
801B645C 001F
7014E61C F400
801B645E 007A

in which binary file do these even lie? it's too large to be SCUS, like the rest of the ability data that was given to me. can anyone help?
Help! / Can life drain/spell drain formulae be altered?
January 29, 2020, 04:31:01 am
Is it possible to change the formulae for spell drain and life drain such that instead of
hit_F(MA+X)% No Status, Magic Evasion,
it uses
hit_F(PA+X)% No Status, Physical evasion?

I'm trying to make oracle into a spell blade, which is more physical damage with a magical twist, so i thought this would better fit. Thanks!

Edit: Side note, I may also like to change AbsorbHP_(Y)% to AbsorbHP_(WP*PA) for life drain
PSX FFT Hacking / The Lion War; Malware?
January 08, 2020, 09:13:27 pm
according to my computer's anti-malware, cdprog.exe references directly and literally, a file named "malware"
what the hell is up with that? i was instructed by this information note when installing the lion war that this was how i get the movies sorted, opening cdprog.exe.
Not sure if this is just a version thing, but I've found out that using breakpoints in the formation screen on any address for WORLD.BIN doesn't trigger anything, but the breakpoint will trigger immediately when a battle is loading (likely due to the breakpoint triggering an address in BATTLE.BIN instead. I've heard these two bins can't be loaded at the same time). this is really unhelpful when the things i want to edit in particular are on the party screen, and not any battles, as it makes it hard to learn what any given address will do when it isn't listed explicitly on the site wikipedia. Is this something that occurs to everyone? is there a solution?
PSX FFT Hacking / Novice ASM hack: Useful monsters
January 07, 2020, 10:41:54 pm
I'm not sure exactly where novice hacking goes, so if this thread needs to be moved i have no issues with that.
That being said, i am proud to have completed my first hack! (would have been done sooner but i was banned from technology for a week)
Useful monsters! Gives monsters the ability to use human tools and armour, so they can have a slightly higher health pool and attack damage.
list of changes below!

don't use this hack, there are still many manky kinks to iron out, I have learnt.

  • Yellow chocobos can use: Polearms, Shields, Clothing, Armour/Armor, Hats, Helmets, Robes, Cloaks

  • Black chocobos can use: Flails, Shields, Clothing, Armour/Armor, Hats, Helmets, Robes, Armlets

  • Red chocobos can use: Swords, Shields, Clothing, Armour/Armor, Hats, Helmets, Robes, Shoes

  • All goblins can use: Hats, Clothing, Knives

  • All panthers can use: Cloaks

  • Piscodemons can use: Knives, Clothing, Rings

  • Squidlarken can use: Staffs, Robes, Rings

  • Mindflare can use: Rods, Robes, Rings

  • Skeletons can use: Knives, Swords, Axes, Flails, Hats, Clothing, Shoes, Arm guards, Cloaks

  • Snatchers can use: Knives, Swords, Axes, Flails, Helmets, Armour/Armor, Shoes, Arm guards, Cloaks

  • Living Bone can use: Swords, Knight's swords, Helmets, Armour/Armor, Shoes, Arm guards, Cloaks

  • All ghosts can use: robes

  • All Aevis can use: Shoes, Arm guards, Rings

  • All Swine can use: Rings

  • All Dryads can use: Rods, Staffs, Instruments

  • All Minitaurs can use: Axes, clothing, Arm guards

  • All dragons can use: Armour/Armor, Helmets, Shoes, Cloaks

  • Hyudra can use: Knives, Swords, Shields, Hats, Helmets, Hair adornments, Armour/Armor

  • Hydra can use: Swords, Axes, Shields, Hats, Helmets, Hair adornments, Armour/Armor

  • Tiamat can use: Swords, Knight's swords, Shields, Hats, Helmets, Hair adornments, Amour/Armor

Planned additions (that are perhaps, slightly too ambitious)

  • monster job wheel with simple jobs (like knight, cleric, mage)

  • Wild monsters spawning with low-grade equipment (makes encounters harder, but not ridiculously so)

  • More monster abilities (like, come on, why you gotta treat yellow chocobo like dat? give it another thing!)

Feel free to critique. I need the motivation to improve this (and I'm tired after my week of tech ban)

This isn't particularly praise worthy, but from what I've seen no one really wants to give monsters the love they really deserve, all because square decided that monsters were gonna be practically worthless. So, now they can wear things for more health, (and as a bonus gives the player a slightly larger feeling of control over their party)
I looked through through the data table locations and WORLD.BIN on the wiki and i couldn't find anything about monsters not earning jp, knowing all abilities available, or about a job wheel check (i saw that for special monsters but not generic ones? and i think that was just about sprite's being greyed out anyway (WORLD.BIN, 0x00122262)), and i was wondering if any of these really were known about.
(I also figure that there won't be enough room for me to do jobs for all monsters, so I'm mostly going to stick to yellow chocobos, and maybe only give them 3 or 4 jobs at most.)
Given my requests for help were ignored twice, i figured I'd go ahead and spend my spare time creating a complete documentation of every operation i could work out, inside out and looped. Even includes operations that i don't believe would have a real impact on the registers or game.
The only things I'm missing are the exact functionality of several functions that i couldn't find anywhere on the internet or work out contextually. I still included notes on the limitations of the bytes within the operations, however, in case that helps.
PSX FFT Hacking / Any ASM tutors available?
December 27, 2019, 08:19:33 pm
I understand this isn't something that comes for free, but i was hoping i could organise some sort of deal with whomever would accept. I would be more than happy to work on bigger projects with people! I have read through the thread posted elsewhere that many newcomers do not have the determination to continue, but i promise that i definitely do, and i am incredibly eager to learn ASM code with somebody, mostly because i don't believe i could learn the ins and outs of the language without initial guidance. If there's anybody available I would really appreciate, and help them with their own endeavours as 'payment.'
Run into a new problem since the last thread i posted. I'll relay some things I've done first:
I've gone through the site's tutorial on ASM modding, and have successfully reconstructed the fire element cure.
to help draw parallels to the psp version of the game, i thought i would boot up fftpatcher and the debugger for wotl and make the same mod to this version. only problem now is the debugger doesn't seem to have any effect on the game itself. The memory loaded on the debugger is completely blank, every byte filled with question marks.
i then tried to draw a breakpoint on cure's Y value (obtained from fftpatcher), for its default calculation, and then make the game access this value results in the game... not breaking. no breakpoint occurs and the debugger fails to read the value at this memory location. I thought maybe this would help shed light on the memory issue and it seems it has.
Is this an issue i can resolve, or is this universal and there is no solution?
I'm trying to make a mod for my game that allows chocobos, and perhaps other monster units, to wear armour at least and have a separate job wheel from human units at best. However, Since this doesn't seem to be possible using fftpatcher or lioneditor, i read about and found that an ASM hack is needed to recode the game at its fundamentals. I also have no idea where I can acquire something like this, since google isn't helping. a link to a download for a program that can read assembly code would be greatly appreciated, thank you.