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Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Thoughts and Thanks
January 11, 2016, 09:42:35 pm
I haven't been to FFH in a long time but I've had this mod on my radar for a couple months. I finally decided to dive in a week or two ago and have just finished Chapter 1. I gotta say, it was a huge treat. This is the closest thing to a FFT sequel I've yet to experience and I loved it! I was initially drawn in by the strange concept as all I knew was the fact that Link, Dante, and Snake were joining the game and I just had to see how that worked. I expected it to be kind of a silly lighthearted thing but from the get go I could tell my expectations were going to be surpassed.

I had no previous knowledge going in and I just loved it from the Brave Story Journal on. Meeting these characters again and having them enter the story in an organic way one by one it was like catching up with old friends after so many years! FFT is by far my favourite game ever, I've spent thousands upon thousands hours in the original and in 1.3, I can never truly move on from it but this was the freshest experience of playing FFT I've had in so long, so thank you again!

As for the battles/gameplay itself, I thought it was pretty well balanced. I only ran into two tough spots, Sephiroth and then the final battle of Chapter 1 against the Dorfman. Sephiroth I was feeling was impossible until I realized you just had to damage him a bit to get the other allies to show up, after that it wasn't bad. Poison is so massively helpful against bosses in this game, he was no exception.

I had the most trouble against the first iteration of Ganon in Besrodio's. It took forever to find a starting set up that let me get things going, but once I reconfigured my team and put Item on more people to just bum rush him [and got lucky with Mustadio Paralyzing and the like!] I was able to get it done. The MVPs were Poison from Ranger Snake and Cross Slash Immobilize stopping his Move HP Up. Once I took out his cronies things were smooth sailing.

Only to move on to the next round! I tried it with the same set up and got trounced after Worker 8 showed up. So I reconfigured the team and managed to win after only 1 or 2 attempts, but it was a long hard slog! I couldn't believe when he revived that last time, I was ready to be done with him! Mustadio was largely useless for most of the battle, he would just fly back and forth following Ganon without getting close. Finally he unleashed 'Dispose' in what I think might have been scripted moves as they were key moments in the battle and I can't understand why he wasn't using it earlier if that wasn't the case.

I was also quite surprised that I could bring an extra party member in the final battle - I only had one extra member, a level 8 Chocobo, but it actually ended up being really helpful as I let Cloud ride it, thinking I'd use it to keep him Immobilizing Ganon, but instead it had him Blade Beaming him as Cloud [and everyone else!] was near death for most of the battle.

The MVPs of the final battle I'd say were Invigorate on Dante/Cloud for keeping people popping back up. Gunk Shot on Snake for nailing a couple Oil's on Ganon, and Asura wielding Dante hitting a few 100+ damage attacks capitalizing on Oil. Agrias was largely useless except as a damage sink/distraction, I put Monk secondary on her and she just Chakra'd like crazy, she dealt a total of 0 damage to Ganon. Link was dead most of the time but did hit a few Ice Arrows, no Slow though. Ramza was support with White Magic/Guts, a few Shells, Regens, a Yell here and there, some Wishing/Encouraging. I like Ramza in this support role, it fits his character. Snake was an item bot when not Gunking. I was really hoping I could revive Zelda too and have her be a Guest but she was Teta'd.

I'll post my final team in a second post, levels were 14-16 on the main Five and 8 for both Agrias/Chocobro. Gotta say I loved the new movesets and the diversity in each party member! Maybe I'll make a second post and give some general thoughts on each character too just to avoid this one being so massive.

I loved the side stuff with Alma, when Lavian/Alicia/Rad showed up I thought it was so cool. The old gang still kicking around and taking care of eachother. Loved all the new item types as well, can't wait to see more in the weapon/armor department as things progress! Okay, I just remembered my job interview tomorrow and got all stressed so I'm going to wrap this up and make a second character post but they key thing is;

Thank you to everybody involved in this and those continuing to work on it! It was a real wonderful experience and I'm stoked to see it develop. Kudos especially for taking the wacky premise of these five coming together and blending there worlds into something that feels like a true FFT sequel! Thank you!
a downloaded copy of the game? I keep finding items that'd be perfect for my other class characters and I just wanna to the old drop and switch but I am wondering if it is even possible. I keep getting a 'CD key is intended for another product' error and I can't find any legit way around it. Save for the buying the game, but I have enough trouble buying food to consider that option.

Thanks for any suggestions, though I presume it's not possible?
Hello old friends, as some may have noticed I have entirely disappeared from FFH for a while. Apparently my last post was in December in fact! I got swept up in my school work, a vacation, looking for a new apartment, and struggling to stay afloat monetarily! But, not that the summer has begun and I am graced with free time once again I am trying to re-enter FFH! I see that much has happened. It's a bit overwhelming after being out of the loop so long...

Mercenaries on indefinite hold, very painful to hear but understandable indeed, Call of Power chugging along and looking impressive, a new AI tournament in 1.3 (watched the final few matches, good stuff! I liked the winning team, and glad a monster team made it so far!), and best of all some promising and exciting new hacks from Philsov and Eternal underway that I will be watching with a close eye. They look very fun, and from two of my favourite members whose FFT passion is unquestionable and impressive!

And I'm sure much much else... if anyone wants to let me in on what else I might have missed, some projects I should check out or ones that have fallen by the wayside that would be much appreciated. If you want to tell me to get off my ass and look for myself, that would be acceptable too! I am slowly re-engaging myself and I'll be up to speed in no time.

I have always known I could never escape the allure of ol FFT, and no better place to get my fix than FFH. Anyway, hope to chat soon, and hope to settle back in to the board.
I just recently switched to 'Windows Server 2003' as an OS and it's a pretty barebones version that I am still getting used to.

One problem I am having in regards to the forums here is that when I visit the boards I see all the topics that have new posts like normal, with that little symbol on the left hand side. However whenever I read even one of these new posts and go back to the board/index it marks all the others as read automatically and then I have to scrounge around for new posts.

I'm a bit of (perhaps a big) a noob with technical issues so any help would be appreciated as I presume it could just be some faulty Firefox issue or something.

Thanks for any help/insight!
The Lounge / Obligatory District 9 topic
August 16, 2009, 12:42:20 am

Movie was phenomenal. It met and exceeded my immense expectations. Hot damn.

One of the most amazing facts; the main actor had never acted before aside from one tiny role four years ago. I couldn't believe this because I kept ranting about how great he was. Very impressive.

The real world parallels to apartheid and the eviction of District Six were obviously very striking too, but even without those real world implications and overtones the movie was just an amazing piece of ORIGINAL Sci Fi Movie glory. So rare to see an original movie in any capacity nowadays and I respect that so much. Especially because the movie was made for 30 million and looked amazing. There was not one special effect that I questioned or didn't look perfect IMO.

Wow. Go see this now if you haven't!
I am currently using a pretty old beast, by computer standards, and it is NOT fitted for speed/gaming. I can run emulators just fine with lots of speed, it's just the recording aspect that is driving my crazy.

I love recording videos, but I realize it's such a pain sometimes that its taking away my desire to actually play the game! I have to play it at such a laggy and slow pace that I dread attempting a really difficult battle and all the videos attempts to slog through :P

I was wondering if anybody had an idea of the cheapest (I am an average ol' university student living away from home in a low paying job, woo!) and easiest way to get a quick upgrade that would help me out in this (and other?) departments? I know nothing about computers or how to make them run better, but I think I am a pretty fast learner. Just looking for a push in the right direction. (well I know the basics, I am exaggerating a bit)

If anyone wants to analyze what I've currently got and tell me how mediocre it is, I would gladly provide the info if I knew where to find it!

EDIT: Looking at 'system' in the control panel gives me some info;

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition ver. 2002 [service pack 3]
Dell Dimension DE051 Intel Celeron CPU 2.66 GHz, 1.00 GB of RAM