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The Lounge / Stumbled upon TF2, and...
July 25, 2012, 08:09:13 pm
Meet the characters! I laughed pretty hard at most of these, especially the Pyro, Heavy, and Spy. Personally, for a game like this, I think they did an excellent job with character development. (TF2 = Team Fortress 2, btw.)

The Lounge / Unreleased FFT Tracks
March 01, 2012, 05:35:33 pm
These are the tracks hidden in the Attack.out that were never actually used in-game. Thought I'd share (thanks to Eternal for finding them!).

Starts here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkugsM1I77g&feature=autoplay&list=PL4C7DB4D11B12AB43&lf=results_main&playnext=1. This link should have the scrolling bar down at the bottom for easy reference.

Also note that some of them are exactly the same as in-game ones even though they say 'variation of', but all of the Mitsuis and Myus are new and unheard. Enjoy!
Well, as many of you can probably guess, I'm Durbs. This is quite literally my nickname among my friends. :mrgreen:

I suppose I should have done this quite some time ago (I think I've actually been here for almost a year now). Not so awesome considering my post count, but I've still contributed.

My best talent lies in my ability to write (I have a vivid imagination), though I also have a strange talent for abstract mathematics (damn calculus that I'm never going to use :?). Case in point, I have done a significant amount of scripting for Jot5. I've also written my own fantasy story (though I'm not really planning to publish it).

So, I'm welcoming myself to FFH, where all my dreams may / may not come true.
Help! / PPF-O-Matic Issue
January 12, 2012, 09:03:06 pm
I can't get it to work. At all. I downloaded it from the main page, moved it on my PC from downloads -> a different folder. Now, I can click on it, and it looks like it's going to load, but nothing comes up. I tried running as an Admin. Am I missing a file or something?
Help! / Explaination of Stats/Multipliers
November 14, 2011, 09:09:53 pm
Browsing through Patcher, I realized I had no idea how stats got generated from the values you can input. Can someone explain it to me / give me a link?
Help! / Since it was never answered...
November 09, 2011, 07:48:40 pm
...is it possible to change the formation music? This includes the character-building screen and the pre-battle party screens. Can it be done?
Help! / Noob question (embedding?)
October 23, 2011, 01:27:42 pm
How do you embed videos in a post?
Spriting / Durbs' Sprites (Thought I'd give it a shot)
September 03, 2011, 12:17:42 pm
Ever since I've come to this site I've been very interested in making sprites, and late last night I finally had the motivation to do so. Keep in mind that:

a) This is my first sprite.
b) I am a total beginner in portraits, so I might not attempt one.

So, here it is. The idea is that Agrias is now in more armor as opposed to her usual sprite. I made the armor completely from scratch so it's probably crap but bear with me.

Basically I used the colors from her already existing armor and elongated her boots. I know the back needs work, but I'm very fond of the front-facing slide.
Help! / Uploading
September 03, 2011, 11:06:36 am
Can someone explain to me how you upload pictures to the site from a computer?
Spam / A Gift to the Spam God
August 12, 2011, 04:34:50 pm
Well, ask and ye shall recieve.

Due to the graphic nature of this program, reader discretion is advised. Should you choose to open the spoiler tag, side effects due to viewing may include death and/or excessive head trauma and eventually death anyways.

Like I said.
Help! / Event Compiler Problem
July 21, 2011, 12:44:05 pm
'Wrong parameter type. "x" expected but "r" found on line 9'

Can anyone tell me what happened/how to fix it?
Help! / Ok, MAJORLY weird.
July 18, 2011, 01:53:00 pm
Um... ok. I opened up my modded ps1 iso with FFTPatcher and had something REALLY wierd happen. The iso information (which was written in ps1 coding, which I know because I did it) opened in a PSP format. All of my modifications to slots were still present, but those slots now have PSP names and formulas. I opened up the iso to play it, and everything still worked exactly as it had when I had first patched it. Can anyone tell me wtf just happened?

EDIT: The formulas were not actually modified, nor were the names of the animations, but in the right column on patcher the PSP names are still present. WTF happened!?
EDIT: I also looked in Tactext, and the rows that say the default names were changed too. (Screams in annoyance). What's happening!?
Help! / Default sprite palette change?
July 18, 2011, 11:29:59 am
What exactly I mean by this is I would like to switch the secondary palettes of certain sprites with their primary ones (eg I could change what palette sprites you control default to). For example, let's use the current top of the sprites list: Hector. How would I make units you control automatically use the 3rd/4th palette instead of the original 1st palette, and enemy sprites use that first palette?
Help! / Out of curiosity...
June 09, 2011, 01:14:21 pm
... is it possible to put this-

-into a ps1 games? I vaguely recall Cheetah putting it in Complete, but I have no idea how.
Help! / (Sighs) New problem...
May 28, 2011, 08:48:34 pm
(Sighs). What I'm trying to do with a move is cause it to inflict Don't Move, Protect, and Shell all on several characters using the sing animation. I'm halfway there; my animation is not totally screwed up like before, but now only two of the statii are present: Protect and Shell. No matter what I do, I can't get it to inflict Don't Move on the character. I have All or Nothing checked, so that doesn't become a question. Also, if I have a guest that is not from my formation (eg something like boco), it gets inflicted with the don't move but not the shell and protect. 0_o

... am I missing something?
Help! / 'Unknowns' of Patcher
May 20, 2011, 11:50:07 pm
I have a wierd problem- what I've been trying to do for a personal patch is create a mimic to a bard move (inflicts statii on allies, both positive and negative), but something is wrong. When I use the move, range is completely disregarded for the range of a weapon. When I use a 255 ranged move on auto, it asks me to select the range as if I had a sword/dagger/etc equipped, then, when I execute it, the character strikes with a weapon that they don't have equipped. Can anyone explain to me what relevant 'unknown' boxes do in this situation?
Help! / Tactext issue
May 08, 2011, 05:33:45 pm
Ok, when I open up tactext and attempt to open a saved file...

'Error loading file: Unexpected end of file has occured. The following elements are not closed: Entry, Section, Sections, File, FFTText. Line 78482, position 24.'

Umm... help please? I have too many modifications in that file to start all over. :(
Help! / Forcing guests out of your party
April 16, 2011, 12:32:16 am
In a mistake I made between save files, Ch1 guest Delita never leaves. How can I eject him from the party in Ch2?
Which number is for the animation for when the ultima demons enter (eg the white teleport)?

And also can someone explain to me why damage only appears when used on the snipe move slots when using animation skills? Actually, more of how can I fix it w/out using those slots is my question.
Help! / About the finishing date of...
March 27, 2011, 09:22:01 pm
King of Ivalice?

Are either of them still progressing? I've been dying to play through both, as they are each very original and creative.
Help! / Disk burning with a patched iso?
March 14, 2011, 07:10:55 pm
If you patch an iso, burn it onto a disk, will the game function correctly with the patch installed (eg. I can play the patch from my ps2)? The reason that I'm wondering is because FFTpatcher uses gameshark codes as the modifying method; I'm not entirely sure if that means the game itself is modded directly and files are changed, or indirectly and it wouldn't appear on the burned disk. I would really appreciate some help with this, as I am very rapidly loosing my computer time to the rest of my family (and I'm the only one who uses the ps2).

Also, I'd like to apologize for having way too many new topics posted and cluttering the help forum, I just need that much help.  :|

Edit: @Cheetah- Oh, I know. I know how to mod my ps2 so it can play burned games (ps1 only so far; at the moment, I have no need for ps2 burned games), I'm just trying to play 1.3 as a hard copy.

Edit: @Basola- Are you refering to the SCEAP.DAT as the Sony liscence file?
Help! / Two questions about event compiling
March 10, 2011, 08:20:51 pm
Ok, I've downloaded the correct software for editing (Attack.out + event (de)compiler), and have already exported the TEST.EVT and ATTACK.OUT files and created the events file and psxevents file. I have one question and one potential problem:

1. Can someone point me to a really good tutorial about using this program? I looked over Kokojo's tutorial and it helped, but I don't think I understood some of the later steps entirely.

2. Is it normal for the psx events file to display text as {{E3}{08}{0D}{28}{2F}{2C}{37}{24}{{F8}} and other numerical values for each letter?

I would really appreciate some help / comments on both.

EDIT: Ok, so I moved my configuration into the same folder. Thanks for the advice. However, the amount of dummy text is a bit overwhelming. Any hacking experts have a psx event list with only the necesities?
Ok, I'd like to gauge some interest in an idea I had for a primarily storyline patch. The concept is very simple, but I imagine its execution will be a rather dauting task. The idea is to make a storyline not following Ramza, but rather Delita instead. The story itself would not change at all; only the point of view would. The concept is that you can look closer into Delita's character, as well as those around him. Olan would become a prominent character, as well as Balmafula and some other characters such as Orlandu will appear as guests. I also will make some new classes and abilities battle-wise.

Any comments or obvious potential problems? One immediate thing is that I'd like to keep many if not all of the original cutscenes involving Delita and Ramza, but because he's the main character Delita's and Ramza's positions will be reversed if I change their sprites. All throught the game, this means that I will have to think of a way to keep Ramza out of Delita-only cutscenes and keep their texts from reversing early on. Any easy ways out?

Also, can someone point me in the right direction for using the event (de)compiler and attack.out editors? I'm new at this and I still need a decent bit of help, but I'd like to try my hand.
Help! / World Map issue
March 05, 2011, 01:42:42 pm
Heh. Well, on to my next problem, although this one isn't really that major. The problem I'm having now is with the world map. What happens is that when I load the game up and get to the game, the image of the world map is there briefly, but almost immediatley disappears. The same goes for the section where Alazam has the records / character info; the background will stay there for a brief moment, but then disappear. I have no trouble acessing the menus and cities on either, which is why this isn't too bad. What's really unusual, though, is that when ramza moves between cities or the cursor on the world map moves to show new areas (eg moving the cursor from, say, Igros to Zeltennia), the map will be there.

On a side note, this seemed to occur after I restructured my iso with Shishi. Ideas on how to fix it?
PSX FFT Hacking / FFTPatcher name changing question
March 03, 2011, 07:20:39 pm
As the title implies, can a job class name, item name, or ability name be changed with FFTPatcher (if yes, how?), or will I need to ASM hack it?
Hey guys. Ok, I have a problem which is driving me absolutely, positively insane. I have ePSXe up and running fine; all bios and plug-ins seem to be working correctly. Now, my problem:

Ok, when I use the emulator to start up FFT with the disk, everything runs perfectly. I decided I wanted an iso, though, so I didn't have to constantly use my disc. My problem is that when I run my iso (not downloaded; made it myself), the screen gets to the Squaresoft logo and just sits there. Any suggestions?
Hey everyone @ ffthacktics! I'm very new here (check my post count :|), so I'd like to introduce myself before I begin. The name's Durbs. James Durbs.  :more: (not really; please excuse my pathetic attempts at humor).

Getting started, a few of you have seen me around at chat, and those that have know that I'd really like to put in some custom sprites. I'm no stranger to Tactics (I've wanted a gameshark for years to fish out those NPCs), and I'd love to learn how to go even further. I recently got my epsxe emulator, and am working on turning my scratched fft disk into an iso. Once I accomplish that, however, I was wondering if someone could walk me through, step by step, on how to insert a custom sprite both in battle and formation from this site (not quite ready to make my own just yet). I've downloaded all of the necessary files, including the huge FFT Patcher download and CDMage, as well as FFTastic. Now, let's say I want to make Purple Mystery my second slot, give him a magic command, and holy sword. How do I do it?