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Event Editing / Re: Event Give Away!
July 06, 2014, 05:14:40 pm
Quote from: Elric on July 05, 2014, 02:03:36 pm
Lol not bad Potion, at the least it would give Jumza a chance to practice a action scene ;)

I told Jumza I'd post this like a month ago, so here ya go:

My idea was to make sort of a "Welcome to FFH!" event, however this would actually be numberous events linked
together (remove loading screen in video editing) due to ENTD restrictions.

Basically, it would go to a map with a bunch of people from each patch (minus the dead ones) and section, like Arena,
CCP, CoP, PW?, Jot5, The ASMers, The spriting section, the FFTA Section, The IRC crew, etc. Each introducing their selves
and what they do on FFH.

There was more to it than this, but you get the general idea, just something to welcome newcomers, and perhaps
explain that we have an EDIT button or something :P

If you wanna work on this, lemme know and we can work out who does what scenes/sections/mods/etc. I already have
what sprites to use for just about everyone, and rough ideas for each little scene.

Hell, I'll do a few of these if this goes anywhere. :D
Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
You have made mention to the sheer amount of detail you put into everything for this game Mod to come off as a true sequel to Final Fantasy Tactics, including rewriting descriptions for stuff from the ground up, and it shows. With perhaps one noticeable exception for the detail and immersion obsessed like myself: The lack of Rumors at the Bar.

Other than for viewing those snazzy updating pictures, the Bar is, by and large, useless until about the last fifth of the Chapter. What is it missing in the mean time? Rumors. Things like the latest Gossip, the goings on of strangers, and, as I suggested towards the end, little tips and hints about stuff. Feel free to add this going back through Chapter One so that the Bar doesn't feel like it's just there for as long as it does. Also, don't be shy about getting a little meta about it. Remember, the Rumors from the Bar are a part of the overall immersion of the story and Ivalice at large, so don't let it got to waste.

If you don't seriously consider anything else from what I've typed, I do hope you at least seriously consider this: Add back the Rumors, please. (Rumors would be for Rumors and Propositions would be for Marks.)

Having moved rumors triggering marks to propositions doing so, believe me, there is a plan for the bar. It won't be quite the traditional style that was in vanilla but just be aware that we do indeed intend to utilize that system. That's all I'll say about that for now.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
I agree with Ramza swearing a wee bit too much for how I'd see Ramza should be swearing. In fact, he seems to slowly get worse once you get to and pass Sweegy Woods. Perhaps tone it down for Ramza a bit?

This too will be modified for the Ch1 release.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
The Brave Story section is just as fun as ever. Why do you imply that you'd have to be a boring person to want to spend time there? That place is fun! There is one thing though...

- The Letters to Ramza. I must admit, I'm a bit disappointed that you essentially use them to write off certain characters, specifically Rafa, Malak, and Orlandu. I read them as soon as possible, and when I did, I couldn't help but feel you were writing out the characters that some had a problem with. Funny how Cid, as awesome as he is, conveniently decides that he's getting too old, so you can forget about him joining your adventures. To me, Cid comes off as one those folks who are restless 'til their last days, so to read him saying "My time feels to be at hand" can come off as being said "So don't think you'll be using my brokeness this time around!" :P. Honestly, so long as I'm able to use Agrias and Meliadoul regularly, or at least simi-regularly, I'm not fussed about not being able to use Cid, even as a Guest.

Frankly, though, I am quite a bit disappointed at the heavy implications that I will not be able to use Rafa and Malak at all and, cynically speaking, that they've essentially been replaced by Leesha and Olivander, as much as I love those two. Considering how wonderfully you've revamped everything, including the different Jobs and Skills, I would have loved to see your take on Rafa and Malak's Skill Sets, which are very fun for me to use, tweaking them similar to how War of the Lions did if not better (so long as you didn't get rid of them completely like some choose to do; I wouldn't have cared much for that).

Granted, they could always still show up later regardless of the Letters. However, the Letters themselves heavily imply that they won't. So when one ends up asking "Where the heck are they?", you can go "Well the Letters said...".

Well here's the thing about this though... JotF is limited physically by the number of sprites, characters, and moves we can use. JotF is essentially a grab bag that says, hey, here's every character in vanilla! Now pick 3 of them. We didn't want to simply forget people, so some of them were forced to leave the big picture. Come later in JotF they may become relevant again for several reasons, but like Elric has also said it's impossible to make everyone happy. Believe me there's not a chance you won't be satisfied by at least 1 of the characters we have planned for the rest of the game.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
- Speaking of that battle, I liked how it played out, too. I am a big fan of those conversations in battle that these three Final Fantasy Tactics have. It makes things more fun overall and make me immerse myself in there world as I ham it up during their speeches. I've only just recently been made aware that this trend was also in the in Tactic's spiritual predecessor, Tactics Ogre, a game I really should play one day. Speaking of which...

- I was a bit sad that there wasn't much in the way of that throughout this Chapter. It would have been nice to have heard some back and forth like it in Tesnya and Romar's battles from them and Leesha and Olivander.

JotF is also limited in event space. Every time someone talks individually in a battle, it's its own unique event believe it or not. Just as important reason as to why this didn't happen was because Elric was the only eventer at the time of Ch1 iirc and that's a lot of work for one guy. I can't promise how much of that we'll do in upcoming chapters, but chances are very high that more of that will be incorporated into future chapters.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
- The Delita scenes: Loved them! :mrgreen: Can't wait for more!

Oh you'll be getting more delita.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
- That final battle was quite the epic affair. I was even able to bring muh Chocobo with me into it, thus I had everyone in my party participating. I loved that very much! Mustadio 8 was awesomesauce! Again, who says Mustadio wasn't useful enough? I like the overhaul you did to Worker 8 as a whole, like how you gave him Fly (love the animation!) and increased his Move from 3 to 5 making him all the more practical. Can't wait to use him again. It's a shame he only got a single turn before the battle came to an end.

This was actually originally a typo that has since been fixed; only 4 units were supposed to be allowed in formation since Link would have to be present. Last I heard Raven was not intent on changing this back to 5.

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
- Who or what is that Mysterious Cloaked individual and what "debt" does he or she owe?

Patience. :P

Quote from: Pandemoniu on May 31, 2014, 08:54:05 am
- Last but not least, I have rather mixed feelings on Iganagi Shock, that is, how you can miss it completely. There is no indication whatsoever that you can even learn it. I would have at least appreciated a hint outside of the vague "Interface Spoiler" the skill screen provides (assuming you view it the right way, of course), even if it was a small one. Having an in-battle conversation could have been a nice way to subtly hint that Ramza could learn it.

I know this was in the original version as well, however, I never was a fan of "Guide Dang It!" situations (situations where you need a guide to find something that is not even made vaguely obvious that it exists or is possible to do in-game and thus end up cursing yourself for missing it). I believe that there's a fine line between discovering things for yourself and "Guide Dang Its!".

I seem to recall that Ultima was done in a similar fashion, but another thing is that word of mouth has already spread it around anyhow. :P

I'm glad you liked it though. JotF is a big project and it's really rewarding to see that people appreciate the result.
So many memories from both sides of the spectrum... I'll toss my vote for KH though since that was one of the most epic battles in gaming I've ever fought.
Sonic, no hesitation from me.
Ducktales, but both are really catchy.
Think I'll take the sortie
Everyone's Souls. The change around :53 really did it for me, I guess. xD
Quote from: spankmyarse on December 03, 2013, 09:12:21 am
Hi. Sorry for not updating sooner. Been busy. Anyway I managed to change sprites and make it run. However only for agrias. I dont know how to create new sprite for assassin job since assassin is not available in the jobs. Can you teach me bro how to make a new custom job using fftpatcher so i can create new sprite for it and not overwrite existing ones?

Glad it's all working out for you. :)

But no, unfortunately not. My understanding is that you'll have to overwrite something.
Well, try this; instead of a making an .iso file, try a .bin and it's accompanying .cue. The .cue is irrelevant, but the .bin should be much easier to work with.
Ok, here's your fresh hot links.

This first one should give you an idea of what you're aiming for. Take Celia and Lede's sprites from Shishi's in an image editing program (I always used Paint or GraphicsGale) and make versions of what you see on the page. Basically, make their sprites and their portraits the respective sizes you see in the thread.

Grab FFTEVGRP from here. How to do the rest should be pretty self-explanatory, but if something confuses you don't be afraid to ask.

You'll have to independently decide what to replace, but so long as it isn't over a monster class you'll be fine for the most part.
So yeah, seeing them as Ramza is a normal thing. The game doesn't call up the formation sprites of the two because they simply don't exist (the designers had no reason to make them since you can't naturally get them), but they'll work fine in battle once the game loads the map up.

In order to see them in the formation screen, you'll need to make images from their battle sprites and insert them into the game. If you just want them for battles, the fact that they have no formation sprites is irrelevant, and they'll work for you just fine. If you want to do the former, I'll link a few sources to you.

Also, for future reference, stuff like this is better placed in the Help section.
Cave Johnson here, casting my vote for Still Alive!
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: O M F G
November 25, 2013, 05:40:30 pm
Quote from: Xifanie on November 25, 2013, 05:20:50 pm
I don't have a job :o

Mkay; yeah, you and Raven I wasn't sure about. :P
Spam / Re: Mortis - a game about the unspeakable.
November 25, 2013, 04:03:59 pm
If you're still ever prowling around, Myrmidon, I must say I like this idea a lot. It's certainly very unique, and I'm like a kid in a candy store when there's plenty of room to capitalize on the story.

I have a bunch to say about this, but I'll start with general archetypes as to why someone might want to die or kill. You have several of them, but I'll list them anyways and maybe something I say will speak out. Also note that there are a lot of grounds for overlap.

1. Imprisonment / Torture. If someone knows they are imprisoned / eternally tortured in such a way that they will never escape, death might be something welcome. Alternatively, they could want their jailers / torturers dead.
2. Loneliness.
3. Perceived weakness. As part of a weakness in themselves they resent (or what you represent to them) they might want to kill you.
4. Death of a loved one. This would obviously not be in the initial group of people you'd encounter, but could definitely be a piece of the puzzle later in the game. Imagine that someone the protagonist killed was quietly loved by someone from behind the scenes, or a retrospectively repenting family member. They might want revenge on you or to be killed.
5. Lack of a future. This ties in to disability but is painted in a different light.
6. Disability. If someone is incapable of living out their lives normally, they might ask themselves why they should live.
7. Outcast / Banishment. Tied to loneliness, but painted in a different sort of light. Society has shunned the character, and they will be alone forever.
8. Intense emotional trauma. What happens when someone is raped, for instance, and cannot cope with being the mother to such a person? Trying to avoid as much political thunder as I can here, but it's a thought to consider.
9. Honor. Imagine someone from before the time the legend who was mortal, and specifically has been looking for a way to die in battle. Perhaps in their religion in order to reach an equivalent to heaven they must die honorably.
10. Justice or Revenge. If someone had a score to settle, felt wronged, or actually was legitimately wronged, they might want that someone dead.
11. 'Baby Hitler' scenario of murder. What if you know someone will grow into a madman and will bring suffering into the lives of many?
12. Evil. Tying into justice and revenge, if someone was legitimately perpetrating evil, it might be in everyone's interest to see them dead.

QuoteYour character (and his entourage), will be "blessed" with the curse of mortality.  They can die, but they will be the only ones in the world capable of killing.

This is a potentially very rich plotline staring you in the face. How did this happen? Are there hidden gods that decided humanity should not be as it is, creating the protagonists as their instrument? Did some archvillian believe this? Is someone doing this a scare tactic to obtain power, withholding what he knows can destroy you so he can do so at the right time? There's a lot of ways you could go with this.

Another thing to consider is how the protagonist feels about each influence and kill. Honestly, I feel like this story would benefit greatly from direct dialogue pertaining to this. If you don't want to do that, you could still reflect on how the character feels in subtle ways in the environment around them, but this would be trickier.

EDIT: Something else I should say... be careful not to go too overboard on the morbid in the game. It is clearly supposed to be dark, but be careful to put in a good comedic relief now and again. Basically, don't desensitize your audience; it'll ruin a lot of the effect of a game like this. When you have only dark moments, there's no contrast. When you have a lot of moments of good, it puts the darker moments into perspective. A good example of this is one you should know: Disgaea.
Journey of the Five Ch.1 / Re: O M F G
November 25, 2013, 02:53:30 pm
Quote from: rabidwolfie on November 23, 2013, 05:04:58 am
you guys rock. I am totally in love and i cannot wait for chapter 2. Do you guys have a donation section?

Cool, we always love the support! Ch2 will be out before you know it.

As for the donations, thanks, but I think we can give you a polite refusal on that. Everyone in the team works on JotF as a hobby, and (I believe) everyone has jobs we do in real life. Throwing money at the screen won't work here. ;)
Quote from: duque121 on November 22, 2013, 10:18:55 am
Excellent!!  I'm stoked for that!  I am new to downloading patches and whatnot, and it took me a pretty long time to get mine to work properly...I even almost gave up because I'm on a Mac and didn't think I could get it to work.  When this is released, will players of Chapter 1 be able to continue with the characters they've developed, or is there even a way to do that?  I didn't know if it's possible to re-patch the patched file or something...

Basically, I'm asking if you'll include a dumbed-down instruction manual when things are finished!  Haha.

Thanks for all you guys do!  Loving every second of the game!

Provided you use the same save obviously, yep, your roster will hold. However, don't expect much help from the dev team on making a manual for your characters; http://ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?topic=9647.msg187682#msg187682. Besides, you have the wiki. :P

As for releasing new chapters, we'll provide instructions each time to tell you what needs to happen to be able to play. Don't worry.
Damn... tough one. Think I'll take Blue's battle.