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November 23, 2020, 02:53:30 pm


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PSX FFT Hacking / Pride's ASM Thread
April 28, 2017, 04:44:51 am
Welcome to my hacking thread. Hopefully you'll find something you like. I do take requests but depending on how difficult the request is... I may decline.

Standard ASM Hacks

[01] MP Switch Overflows damage to HP

  • Any excess damage from MP Switch no longer goes to waste. It will damage the target's HP if there is any excess.

  • The Variable changes the % of damage (xx/128) that the MP portion takes, the default is the vanilla 1:1 ratio. Changing this number to x40 would cause the MP damage to take 50% less damage until MP is reduced into spillover range.

  • You can also set it to ignore spillover and increase/decrease the amount of damage MP takes alone.

[02] Remove Spill Over JP
  • Does what it says, no units will gain spill over jp.

[03] Earn no extra Gil from Level Bonus
  • Earn no Gil from the level bonus in the ENTD tab.

[04] % MP gained at turn start
  • Gain 5% (default) MP at the start of the unit's turn. Determined from variable/128, in hex of course.

  • Game crash: Causes the game to hang during tutorial fight. Investigating a solution.

[05] Enemies can now randomly spawn with PA Save, MA Save, and Speed Save.
  • Removes an (intended?) bug that removed PA Save, MA Save, and Speed Save from being randomly selected on enemies.

[06] Charge gains unique status effects.
  • Charge can have an assigned status inflict ID, overwritting the weapons status effect (IE Poison Shot inflicts Poison).

  • Use the Patcher to determine what Status ID to use under the "Inflict Status" tab.

[07] World Map script edit. ID x16 now uses a required level.
  • x16 now functions as a level check and the event or command will not run unless the unit is at least the required level. The level that its checked against is the highest leveled unit in the party. Works fully with any other World Map check (sprite ID, integer check, etc.).

  • Use World Map editor found in one of RavenOfRazgriz's spreadsheets to add to the requirements.

  • Format follows as: 1600 XX00 with XX being the desired level required. Example: 1600 0700 wouldn't allow the event to play unless the highest level in the party was at least level 7.

[08] Move the World Map script to kanji space.
  • Moves the World Map script to kanji space (x80142ae0) so you can't collide with other data if you're world map goes over the allotted space.

  • This, however, does not change where the World Map data is saved so you'll have to manually edit the .xml produced from the spreadsheet to its new location (62AE0 in world.bin).

[09] Ability Animation 07 00 00 will always swing weapon
  • Removes the Ability Flag 'Weapon Strike' from being required to swing a weapon during animation 07 00 00.

  • Should be no more unwanted punching while using an attack unless unequipped.

  • Removes the ugly glitched sword that normally appears when using the draw out animations (03 XX). This was not intended and testing other combinations where there might be an issue but appears to only affect animations where having the equipped weapon is preferred.

  • Useful if you're using another ASM that uses 'Weapon Strike' to merge the ability element and weapon element but you don't want to inherent the weapon element.

[10] Attribute Rewrite

  • Allows a secondary Item Attribute to be attached with the 1st unknown in the Item Data in the Patcher.

  • Also allows R/S/M to be attached to Items with the 2nd unknown using the Ability ID. x100 is added to the total so to add Short Charge to an item, you would set it to E2.

  • Allows you to set negative stats with values 255 - 128. 255 being -1, 254 being -2, etc. There isn't any protection about your units falling into negative stats, so be careful with that.
  • ??? Unit's will not have their HP/MP reset to 999 if they have a Helm/Armor equipped.

  • It also allows you to adjust HP/MP caps for both type of units, change the materia blade item, and change the items required for "Sword & Knight swords"

[11] Move disabled from Attacks

  • Weapon Ranged, Linear AOE, and Draw Out AOE type with a Charge Time all disable Movement while Charging.

[12] Status CT Timer Edit

  • Every Status can now have a CT by setting the time in the FFTPatcher and setting the variable x01 to x0F.

  • You are still limited to only 16 timers but they can share CTs. I.E. Poison and Regen can share a CT but will need to cancel and/or not allow them to stack on each other.

  • If the status does not have a CT, set the variable to FF.

  • It also comes package with two new Supports: To increase/decrease the length of the CT timers.

  • If you do not use my spreadsheet, you'll have to manually edit the information to change the needed data. Check the Battle Stats page on how to edit the supports and see the image for more information on how to edit the data.

[13] Move +1/2/3 & Jump +1/2/3 edits

  • Turns Move +1 into Move +?

  • Turns Move +2 into Jump +?

  • Turns Move + 3 into PA +?

  • Turns Jump +1 into MA +?

  • Turns Jump +2 into Speed +?

  • Turns Jump +3 into Class Evade +?

  • Keep the variables the same for the pairs otherwise you'll throw off the preview when you equip the movements.

[14] Transparent not lost on action or taking damage

  • Transparent status is no longer removed after taking an action or taking damage.

  • This is intended to be used with CT Magic. Unless you want permanent Transparent.

[15] Defend not removed on act

  • Defend status is no longer removed after taking an action.

  • This is intended to be used with CT Magic. Unless you want permanent Defending.

[16] New Support: Inflict Status (ID) to Weapon Attacks

  • Inflict Status: ID to weapon attacks (except Fists) that do not have a proc already.

  • Check your FFTPatcher to make sure you are adding (or cancelling) the status you want to be. Defaulted to 09 (Poison).

  • This is defaulted over Secret Hunt. Edit unit data to choose which data is checked. See http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Data/Table_Locations for more information.

[17] Disable Secret Hunt

  • Removes the vanilla function of Secret Hunt; poaching monsters.

Spreadsheet Hacks

[01] Reaction Rewrite

[02] Generate Treasure Rewrite

If you want to see my old thread with older hacks; please refer to this thread. Its very old and several broken hacks, I would not recommend taking any ASM from there but I'll keep it there for anyone that wants to look.
The Lounge / Inactivity
November 06, 2013, 01:17:24 am
Current have no internet at my home and my phone is turned off at the moment. So my activity is relatively limited. I will have internet back up at my new home some time around the first week of Dec. I'll still come to Starbucks/Library on occasion to keep in touch. Just a fyi for anyone wondering why I'm rarer to find then usual ^__^'
New Project Ideas / Pokemon: Tactics version
June 12, 2012, 02:54:18 am
Pokemon: Tactics version overview
In an alternate universe, Pokemon have been set in Ivalice and White sets off to become the Champion of Ivalice after receiving his first Pokemon by the brilliant Professor Cedar. He must defeat the eight leaders of Ivalice, battle past his rival, and thwart the plans of an evil crime syndicate.

Battle System
Currently, the main character, along with other fellow and rival trainers, will act as a minor support unit with a new modified Item command (which will feature Poke Ball). They will lead a team of Pokemon into battle that level up and can evolve once they reach a specific level and visit the Pokemon "Breeder" located at Nelveska Temple. Each Pokemon will learn up to four moves, which vary between species of course.

Videos and Images

Development Status: Active
Currently working on event layouts, events, and the ASM aspect of the game. If you have ideas for potential attacks for the Pokemon, feel free to post your opinions. Don't be afraid to suggest mechanics that do not exist, they can be made.

Current Team
Pride [asm, story, events, other misc.] and Elric42 [events, maps, converting sprites into FFT sheets]
Spam / Picture enclosed
January 28, 2012, 03:59:29 am
I thought this was deserving of a thread. Discuss.

Help! / Ramza's Job Change
May 25, 2011, 04:50:52 pm
Does anyone know what causes Ramza's Job change in between Chapters 1-2 and 3-4? I thought it might be in the events but I can't find anything that even remotely looks correct and due to a lot of crashing, I cannot accurately test this...
This is a legacy thread, please visit my new thread for new and updated ASMs.

Might as well post some ASM stuff... These are all Battle.BIN unless specified. If you have a formula you want created let me know and I'll create it (assuming its in my ability). You can request other asms but no guarantees as I'm not as well versed in some sections of the battle.bin. I attached an xml to the bottom that can be added to FFT orgASM.

Job Defensive Boost

This hack assigns each job with a number (both a magical and physical) that will reduce damage done through X / 256, so if you wanted a 10% decrease in Physical attacks you would have to use 0x19 (25) rather then 0x0A (10). You check the ai flag Magic Defense Up or Defense Up to determine if the ability will use the jobs Physical or Magical number or you can check neither and the ability will ignore these modifiers (probably very useful for boss enemies). Pokeytax was kind enough to create a simple to use spreadsheet which is attached below for everyone to use. It is VERY important to note that this hack is probably incompatible with Xif's Fury hack, I will have to fix this at a later time. 

Individual Weapon Proc 1.0

This asm creates an individual proc for each weapon, so you can have a special staff that cast Esuna at 100% and you don't have the terror of your book that cast Flare at 100% or a Knife that inflicts Blind at 100% and a Sword that inflicts Undead at 50%. You obviously use Formula 2 to cast a Spell. To set the rate for each weapon you need to refer to this list. http://ffhacktics.com/wiki/Items_List

You then add the item number to 0xF6aa0. So if you wanted to boost Thunder Rod's proc, you'd add 0x34 to 0xf6aa0 and you'd change the value at f6ad4. All values are in hex of course (so a 25% rate would be 0x19 in hex). If you do use this ASM don't forget that you do have to change the values to the weapons you want to stay at 19% rate to 13%.

What also is included is a way to create an Accessory that doubles the proc rate for all of the weapons which is signified as XX below. Refer to the list above to set the Accessory. d0 = Battle Boots, d8 = Genji Gloves, ef = Salty Rage, etc. If you do not want this feature, set XX to F0.



Endurance 1.0
Based off of SentinalBlade's old Endurance for Symbols of Rage. The PA part of the formula is affected by Current HP * PA / Max HP. This is after Two Hands but before other XA modifiers such as Attack Up, and Compat. So any formula that uses the Attack Up modifier will be affected (Formula 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 2d, and a few others).  A few notable that it does not affect are Jump and Throw. I plan on redoing this; what I'm not sure what I should make it only affect.



001860a0: 080575FD j 0x0015d7f4                 Jump to new Endurance section
001860a4: 00000000 nop                         

0015d7f4: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d7f8: 3c038019 lui r3,0x8019      
0015d7fc: 8c422d94 lw r2,0x2d94(r2)      Load Attacker's Stats
0015d800: 846338ce lh r3,0x38ce(r3)      Load XA (PA part of the formula)
0015d804: 94420028 lhu r2,0x0028(r2)      Load Attacker's Current HP
0015d808: 00000000 nop            
0015d80c: 00430019 multu r2,r3         XA * Current HP
0015d810: 00001812 mflo r3         Move to register 3
0015d814: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d818: 8c422d94 lw r2,0x2d94(r2)      Load Attacker's Stats
0015d81c: 00000000 nop            
0015d820: 9442002a lhu r2,0x002a(r2)      Load Attacker's Max HP
0015d824: 00000000 nop            
0015d828: 0062001b divu r3,r2         (XA * Current HP) / Max HP
0015d82c: 00001812 mflo r3         Move to register 3
0015d830: 00000000 nop            
0015d834: 1C600002 bgtz r3,0x0015d840      Branch if result is < 0
0015d838: 00000000 nop            
0015d83c: 24630001 addiu r3,r3,0x0001      XA + 1
0015d840: 3c018019 lui r1,0x8019      
0015d844: a42338ce sh r3,0x38ce(r1)      Store new XA
0015d848: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d84c: 8c422d94 lw r2,0x2d94(r2)      Load Attacker's Stats
0015d850: 0806182a j 0x001860a8         Return to Two Hands / Attack Up section
0015d854: 00000000 nop                        

Punch Formula becomes (PA + XX)/2 * PA
Change of the normal punch from of (PA * (Br/100)) * PA to (PA + XX)/2 * PA like the Punch Art formula. Change XX to whatever you would like, in hex of course.



00185AE4: 3c018019 lui r1,0x8019         
00185AE8: a43038ce sh r16,0x38ce(r1)         Store PA as XA
00185AEC: 260200XX addiu r2,r16,0x00XX       Add XX to PA
00185AF0: 3c018019 lui r1,0x8019             
00185AF4: 00021042 srl r2,r2,0x01            (PA + XX)/2
00185AF8: a42238d0 sh r2,0x38d0(r1)          Store (PA + XX)/2 as YA
00185AFC: 08061720 j 0x00185c80              Jump to end
00185B00: 00000000 nop                       

Formula 11 becomes (Jump * 2) * WP
Turns the normally NS formula into this. If you look under the section f6858, you can change 3b to 36 for PA, 37 for MA, 38 for Speed, or 3a for move. Change 40100200 to 00000000 if you want to remove the * 2 part of the formula.  And 0239 to fa38 if you would rather use the formula Y rather then WP. Mix and match if the formula isn't what you want and I've highlighted the sections below that you can change. So you could have the formula read as MA * WP if you wanted. None of these changes will affect the attack up, defense up, etc. part of the formula though. Status are inflicted at 100% like Formula 2d and it takes the ability element rather then the weapon.




00189124: 08057622 j 0x0015d888         Jump to formula section

0015d858: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d85c: 8c422d94 lw r2,0x2d94(r2)      Load Attacker's Stats
0015d860: 3c038019 lui r3,0x8019      
0015d864: 9042003b lbu r2,0x003b(r2)      Load Attacker's Jump
0015d868: 90633902 lbu r3,0x3902(r3)      Load Weapon Power
0015d86c: 3c018019 lui r1,0x8019      
0015d870: a42338d0 sh r3,0x38d0(r1)      Store Weapon Power as YA
0015d874: 00021040 sll r2,r2,0x01      Jump * 2
0015d878: 3c018019 lui r1,0x8019      
0015d87c: a42238ce sh r2,0x38ce(r1)      Store Jump * 2 as XA
0015d880: 03e00008 jr r31         
0015d884: 00000000 nop            

0015d888: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8      
0015d88c: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)      
0015d890: 0c062144 jal 0x00188510      Physical Evasion Calculation
0015d894: 00000000 nop            
0015d898: 14020018 bne r0,r2,0x0015d8fc      Branch to end if attack misses
0015d89c: 00000000 nop            
0015d8a0: 0c057616 jal 0x0015d858      Load XA and YA (see above)
0015d8a4: 00000000 nop            
0015d8a8: 0c0617ff jal 0x00185ffc      Check Elemental Boost
0015d8ac: 00000000 nop            
0015d8b0: 0c0621a9 jal 0x001886a4      Att Up, Defense Up, Compat, and more
0015d8b4: 00000000 nop            
0015d8b8: 0c061bb4 jal 0x00186ed0      Elemental Weak
0015d8bc: 00000000 nop            
0015d8c0: 0c061bfe jal 0x00186ff8      Elemental Cancel
0015d8c4: 00000000 nop            
0015d8c8: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d8cc: 8c422d90 lw r2,0x2d90(r2)      
0015d8d0: 00000000 nop            
0015d8d4: 90420000 lbu r2,0x0000(r2)      
0015d8d8: 00000000 nop            
0015d8dc: 10020007 beq r0,r2,0x0015d8fc      
0015d8e0: 00000000 nop            
0015d8e4: 0c061c3f jal 0x001870fc      Elemental Absorb
0015d8e8: 00000000 nop            
0015d8ec: 0c062130 jal 0x001884c0      Unknown :(
0015d8f0: 00000000 nop            
0015d8f4: 0c061fad jal 0x00187eb4      Status
0015d8f8: 00000000 nop            
0015d8fc: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)      
0015d900: 27bd0018 addiu r29,r29,0x0018      
0015d904: 03e00008 jr r31         
0015d908: 00000000 nop   

Formula 11 becomes Damage = Y
"Y" corresponds with the Y value in the Patcher. For obvious reasons, this is incompatible with my other Formula 11 asm.   


16 76 05 08



Formula 20, 21, and 23 become MA+PA/2 * Y
Requested by Mando a long time ago. Replaces the MA * Y for all of the relevant Draw Out formulas to MA+PA/2 * Y.





Formula 13 becomes Heal HP (Attacker's Current HP) Hit F_(MA+X)%
Basically White Wind from previous Final Fantasy games, some games heal it differently but most of the time it heals based on the users current hp so I kept that. It accepts elemental boost, 100% status, and damages the undead. I thought a flat 100% chance to hit was broken, so I added the Hit % function with Faith.



00189164: 08057652 j 0x0015d948         Jump to formula calculation

0015d948: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8         
0015d94c: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)         
0015d950: 0c061760 jal 0x00185d80      Get MA and X
0015d954: 00000000 nop            
0015d958: 0c0617ff jal 0x00185ffc      Get Elemental Boost
0015d95c: 00000000 nop            
0015d960: 0c062200 jal 0x00188800      Calculate percent to hit
0015d964: 00000000 nop            
0015d968: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
0015d96c: 8c422d94 lw r2,0x2d94(r2)      Load Attacker's Stats
0015d970: 3c038019 lui r3,0x8019      
0015d974: 94420028 lhu r2,0x0028(r2)      Load Attacker's Current HP
0015d978: 8c632d90 lw r3,0x2d90(r3)      Load Current Action Data Pointer
0015d97c: 0c061cd4 jal 0x00187350      Undead Reversal, convert Damage into Healing
0015d980: a4620004 sh r2,0x0004(r3)      Damage equals Attacker's Current HP
0015d984: 0c061fad jal 0x00187eb4      Status Calculation
0015d988: 00000000 nop            
0015d98c: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)      
0015d990: 27bd0018 addiu r29,r29,0x0018      
0015d994: 03e00008 jr r31         
0015d998: 00000000 nop            

Untruth "Bug" Correction
Faith causes the units to have "0" Faith and Innocent causes units to have "100" Faith when using Formula  1F or Untruth.





Formula 2D becomes (PA + Y)*XX/ZZ*WP
Requested by DrBreen. Y refers to the formula Y and XX/ZZ are adjustable hex values indicated below.



Formula 1F or "Untruth" becomes (WP + Y) * PA


E8 FF BD 27
10 00 BF AF
44 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
18 00 02 14
00 00 00 00
97 17 06 0C
00 00 00 00
FF 17 06 0C
00 00 00 00
A9 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
B4 1B 06 0C
00 00 00 00
FE 1B 06 0C
00 00 00 00
19 80 02 3C
90 2D 42 8C
00 00 00 00
00 00 42 90
00 00 00 00
07 00 02 10
00 00 00 00
3F 1C 06 0C
00 00 00 00
30 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
AD 1F 06 0C
00 00 00 00
10 00 BF 8F
18 00 BD 27
08 00 E0 03
00 00 00 00

00189464: 27bdffe8 addiu r29,r29,0xffe8      
00189468: afbf0010 sw r31,0x0010(r29)      
0018946c: 0c062144 jal 0x00188510      Physical Evasion Routine
00189470: 00000000 nop            
00189474: 14020018 bne r0,r2,0x001894d8      Branch to end if attack misses
00189478: 00000000 nop            
0018947c: 0c061797 jal 0x00185e5c      Load (WP + Y) * PA as YA and XA
00189480: 00000000 nop            
00189484: 0c0617ff jal 0x00185ffc      Elemental Boost
00189488: 00000000 nop            
0018948c: 0c0621a9 jal 0x001886a4      Attack Up, Defense Up, and more
00189490: 00000000 nop            
00189494: 0c061bb4 jal 0x00186ed0      Elemental Weak
00189498: 00000000 nop            
0018949c: 0c061bfe jal 0x00186ff8      Elemental Cancel
001894a0: 00000000 nop            
001894a4: 3c028019 lui r2,0x8019      
001894a8: 8c422d90 lw r2,0x2d90(r2)      
001894ac: 00000000 nop            
001894b0: 90420000 lbu r2,0x0000(r2)      
001894b4: 00000000 nop            
001894b8: 10020007 beq r0,r2,0x001894d8      
001894bc: 00000000 nop            
001894c0: 0c061c3f jal 0x001870fc      Elemental Absorb
001894c4: 00000000 nop            
001894c8: 0c062130 jal 0x001884c0      Unknown :(
001894cc: 00000000 nop            
001894d0: 0c061fad jal 0x00187eb4      Status
001894d4: 00000000 nop            
001894d8: 8fbf0010 lw r31,0x0010(r29)
001894dc: 27bd0018 addiu r29,r29,0x0018
001894e0: 03e00008 jr r31
001894e4: 00000000 nop

Formula 42 or the "Work" formula gains Status, Elemental, Physical Evasion, and whatever else it was missing.


44 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
1B 00 02 14
00 00 00 00
81 17 06 0C
00 00 00 00
FF 17 06 0C
00 00 00 00
7E 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
3E 19 06 0C
00 00 00 00
7B 76 05 0C
00 00 00 00
B4 1B 06 0C
00 00 00 00
FE 1B 06 0C
00 00 00 00
19 80 02 3C
90 2D 42 8C
00 00 00 00
00 00 42 90
00 00 00 00
06 00 02 10
00 00 00 00
3F 1C 06 0C
00 00 00 00
30 21 06 0C
00 00 00 00
AD 1F 06 0C
00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00


19 80 03 3C
CE 38 63 94
19 80 02 3C
D0 38 42 94
00 00 00 00
18 00 62 00
19 80 03 3C
90 2D 63 8C
12 10 00 00
04 00 62 A4
00 00 00 00
19 80 03 3C
F9 38 63 90
00 00 00 00
1A 00 43 00
12 10 00 00
19 80 04 3C
8C 2D 84 8C
01 00 03 34
00 00 83 A0
04 00 82 A4
19 80 02 3C
90 2D 42 8C
80 00 03 34
25 00 43 A0
19 80 02 3C
8C 2D 42 8C
00 00 00 00
25 00 43 A0
08 00 E0 03
00 00 00 00

0 Gil earned from Level Bonus


Remove Female Only Equipment
In SCUS_942.21


Formula 28 (Steal Exp) becomes (100 - Target Faith) * (MA * Y)



Martial Arts boost by 25% instead of 50%





Wall becomes "Mist" or MP Regen
This is intended to be used with FFMaster's Wall asm to make the ai attack Wall'd units. The MP Regen recovers 1/4 of Max MP after each turn. I thought it was better then 1/8 like normal Regen.





Formula 5E becomes (PA + Y) / 2 * PA Hit_(1+X)
Takes everything you would expect from a physical formula.





Elemental Weakness reduced to 3/2



Change 40 to 80 and 42 to 82 to make it a 5/4 increase in damage.

Formula 4e becomes Hit_(MA + X) Dmg_(MA * Y)





Remove Spill Over JP


Constant Faith

Faith adds a constant value, so it mirrors Xif's Fury asm. Change the bold 23 into which ever number you would like to use as a constant (in hex of course). Defaulted is 0x23 (or 35 in dec).

EX. (Damage * (Attacker's Faith + 35) * (Defender's Faith + 35)) / 10000


MP Switch Overflow damages HP
Any excess damage from MP Switch no longer goes to waste. It will damage the target's HP if there is any excess.
EX: Attacker deals 150 damage, Defender has 50 MP. The Defender would lose 50 MP (all of it) then receive 100 Damage.


Spam / I can post and edit my own post again! :D
March 26, 2011, 07:02:25 pm
I have the power to post and create threads again! Cheers!

Edit: And edit my own post : )

With the end of the Fifty Years' War, the High Priest Funeral decides that there is cause of celebration. A tournament between the powerful warriors across Ivalice is announced and there are many that wish to join, whether it be for the grand gil prize that is offered to the champions or be it the need to test one's ability. Each region (Fovoham, Lionel, Gallione, Lesalia, Limberry, and Zeltennia) of the game host different tournaments that lead into the final one at Murond. Each "tournament" or series of battles will be roughly five to seven. There will also be various other side quest and other challenging battles spread out through the map, which will often contain great rewards. The Deep Dungeon will also appear as an optional set of very challenging battles late into the tournaments.

Recent Events
Okay since I had problems with my laptop and I have to restart this project completely, I'm just going to post the concept here and updated it while I continue my work on it. This was a project I started a while ago with the basic idea of having a tournament based Final Fantasy Tactics, where the central focus is just battling with so me cheesy fighting-game-type story. I put this on hold when I found another project with a similar goal was being worked on, which is now the archived Ivalice Arena. I began working on a revamp of the vanilla Final Fantasy Tactics and learning other aspects of modding, such as editing story line progression, Attack.OUT editing, and asm. After the collapse of IA, I began tinkering with picking up the tournament base. Roughly two months ago, I put down the vanilla project I was working on and fully began working on this again until the unfortunate event . So, I might as well announce this and keep an update thread. Hopefully people will enjoy what I'm working on (this thread might keep me working as well).

  • Reconstruction of Test.EVT, Attack.OUT, and WLDCore.BIN. In other words, the entire story line of Final Fantasy Tactics is gone and I'm replacing it with my needs to complete this project. New events and overhauled battles
  • Elemental weakness becomes x1.5 instead of x2.
  • Spells will be either Ally or Enemy only to remove the stupidity of the AI that will target two of its own allies just to hit one enemies.
  • Compatibility gets changed so it has less effect, going down to 25% for Best/Worst, 12.5% for Good/Bad.
  • Reactions are no longer triggered by Brave and trigger at a flat rate of 65%.

Because of the premise of the patch, this will be getting a completely overhaul to make the AI use the jobs more effectively, more focused, and remove many of the broken options in general. All jobs will be unlocked from the beginning with a set level of 35, with all skills learned as well, which also means all jobs will also have the same growth. 5 HP / 5 MP / 50 PA / 50 MA / 255 Spe

This is a list of Reactions, Support, and Movements that have been removed from the player, whether due to being broken or being just being irrelevant due to other abilities.

  • Abandon
  • Blade Grasp
  • Gilgame Heart
  • Hamedo
  • MP Switch
  • Speed Save
  • Concentrate
  • Equip Change
  • Two Swords (Will be innate on a generic unit)
  • Two Hands (Will be innate on a generic unit)
  • Move +2, +3
  • Teleport
  • Jump +1, +2
  • Fly
  • Ignore Height (Will be innate on a generic unit)

A warrior who has studied sacrilegious and dark magic, these dangerous abilities should have remained forgotten.

HPM: 85
MPM: 125
PAM: 110
MAM: 110
SPM: 150 (10 Sp)
Mov: 3
Jum: 3
CEV: 5

Weapon: Rod, Book
Shield: No
Helmet: Hat
Armor: Clothes, Robe

Innates: None

Skill Set: Arcane Magic

Dark: Arcane Magic that unleashes an orb of pure darkness swallowing all light. Dark Element.
Bio: Arcane Magic that rots the body with a powerful poison, inflicting Poison. 19% Poison.
Drain: Arcane Magic that absorbs the life force from an enemy and returns it to the user. 33% of HP
Syphon: Arcane Magic that absorbs the mana from an enemy and returns it to the user. 33% of MP
Dark Passenger: Arcane Magic that summons a dark lord to strip off the health of its enemies. 4 Range, 2 aoe, 25% damage.
Zombie: Arcane Magic that causes the target to become one of the undead. Inflict Undead.
Death: Arcane Magic that attempts to cut the life force from its target instantly killing them.

Counter Magic: The unit returns enemy only magic back to the user.

Half MP: The MP cost of abilities are cut in half.


A mage with the ability to bend time and space to his or hers bidding, capable of slowing down or even stopping time itself.
Yes, I stole RavenOfRazgriz's name for this. =P

A warrior trained in an ancient art, they are capable of great healing abilities.

HPM: 115
MPM: 75
PAM: 110
MAM: 75
SPM: 165 (11 Sp)
Mov: 3
Jum: 5
CEV: 10

Weapon: Spear
Shield: No
Helmet: Helmet
Armor: Armor

Innates: None

Skill Set: Dragon Art


Reis' Wind: Dragon Art ability that grants allies with Regen in range. Heals 20% of HP.
White Draw: Dragon Art ability that regains lost MP.
Wyvern Wings: Dragon Art ability that bestows Float on allies within range. Heals 25% of HP.
Dragon's Life: Dragon Art ability that gives refound life into fallen allies. Revives units at 20% of HP.
Lancet: Dragon Art ability that deals damage and returns some of the damage to the user.
Bangaa's Cry: Using a cry from long forgotten allies, the Dragoon deals damage to enemies in a surrounding area.
Jump: Dragon Art ability that the unit leaps high in the air, dealing ranged damage. Wind Element.

Dragon's Heart: Upon receiving damage, the unit will grant itself Reraise.

Defense Up: Unit gains added protection against Physical attacks. Reduces Physical damage by 25%.


The Elementalist controls the Elements of Ivalice to destroy the body.

HPM: 65
MPM: 105
PAM: 75
MAM: 145
SPM: 150 (10 Sp)
Mov: 3
Jum: 3
CEV: 5

Weapon: Rod
Shield: No
Helmet: Hat
Armor: Clothes, Robe

Innates: None

Skill Set: Black Magic

Fire: Black Magic that incinerates that target with intense fire. Fire Element.
Blizzard: Black Magic that strikes with the chill of winter, causing damage to the target. Ice Element.
Thunder: Black Magic that shocks and burns its target. Lightning Element.
Tremor: Black Magic that causes the earth to tremble beneath the target's feet. Earth Element.
Aero: Black Magic cuts through the air causing damage to its target. Wind Element.
Water: Black Magic that attempts to drown its target. Water Element.
Flare: Black Magic that unleashes a powerful wave of energy, devastating its target.  


Geomancy: Lowers the target's Elemental resistence inexchange by using more MP. Absorb becomes Null. Null becomes

Resist. Resist becomes Neutral. Neutral becomes Weak.

Focus: Increases focus on Magic abilities. Increase Magic Damage by 25%


A powerful warrior of Earth and Wind who chooses to use their body as a weapon.

HPM: 95
MPM: 45
PAM: 135
MAM: 75
SPM: 165 (11 Sp)
Mov: 3
Jum: 4
CEV: 5

Weapon: None
Shield: No
Helmet: Hat
Armor: Clothes

Innates: Martial Arts

Skill Set: Punch Art


Whirlwind: Punch Art ability that attacks with a spinning fist. Wind Element.
Pummel: Punch Art ability with great concentration enables the unit to through many punches in quick succession. Always hits.
Air Render: Punch Art ability that attacks with a burst of energy the unit deals damage from afar. Wind Element.
Earth Render: Punch Art ability that cuts the Earth asunder damaging all units in front of them. Earth Element.
Stigma Magic: Punch Art ability that focuses on ones aliments and relieves them. Cancels: Addle, Darkness, Don't Move, Doom, Poison
Chakra: Punch Art ability with the unit calming down to recover from the grueling battle.
Fury: Punch Art ability that raises ones Fury, increasing damage received and given. 10+ Fury

Counter: The unit strikes back after receiving damage.



A mage who specializes in crippling their targets rather then dealing direct damage

Blessed by the church, the Priest follows the word of St. Ajora. The Priest uses the teachings from the Church to mend the wounds of and resurrect Allies that have had ill-fortunes on the battle field.

HPM: 105
MPM: 105
PAM: 75
MAM: 110
SPM: 150 (10 Sp)
Mov: 3
Jum: 3
CEV: 5

Weapon: Staff
Shield: No
Helmet: Hat
Armor: Clothes, Robe

Innates: None

Skill Set: White Magic


Pray: White Magic that praises St. Ajora, raises the Faith of an ally. +10 Faith.
Cure: White Magic that heals and mends wounds.
Cure II: White Magic that heals and mends wounds.
Guardian: White Magic that surrounds allies with a holy shield and restores a minor amount of HP. Add Protect/Shell.
Esuna: White Magic that purifies the body from harmful status. Cancel Petrify, Darkness, Silence, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Slow, Stop, Don't Move, Don't Act.
Reraise: White Magic that gives allies a second chance in battle should they fall. Add Reraise.
Life: White Magic that raises fallen allies with the spirit of St. Ajora. Brings allies back at 50% of their health.

Faithful: Raises one's Faith. Increase Faith by 5 when hit with magic attacks

Magic Defend: Adds protection against magical attacks. Reduce Magic Damage by 25%


Currently working on this.

Positive Status

1. Float
  • Makes the user to slightly float above ground, completely avoiding ground elemental attacks.
  • Infinite CT. Cancels Don't Move.

    2. Haste
  • Distortion of time causes the unit to move swiftly. Increases units speed by 25%
  • Last 48 CT. Canceled by Slow.

    3. Protect
  • With the blessing of St. Ajora, a barrier is formed to guard one from physical attacks. Reduces physical damage done by 25%.
  • Last 60 CT.

    4. Regen
  • The unit feels refreshed after each action, slowly regaining health. HP increases by 12.5% after each turn.
  • Last 48 CT. Cannot stack on Poison.

    5. Reflect
  • A reflective armor surrounds the unit, causing them to repel offensive Magic Attacks.
  • Last 36 CT.
  • Positive spells cannot be reflect, making the skill much more of a buff then it was in Vanilla.

    6. Reraise
  • The unit is under divine protection, not even death can affect them. Unit raises from death after a turn.
  • Infinite CT. Cancels Death Sentence.

    7. Shell
  • With the blessing of St. Ajora, a shield is formed to guard one from magical attacks.
  • Last 60 CT.

Negative Status

1. Addle
  • The units mind becomes fogged, forgotting many of their abilities.
  • Infinite CT.
  • All abilities are subject to this, unlike Vanilla only affecting Magical skills.

    2. Berserk
  • The unit has gone insane with rage, tracking down enemies with only weapon strikes.
  • Infinite CT.
  • Units under Berserk no longer gain an attack boost as they would in Vanilla.

    3. Charm
  • Under a spell of infactuation, the unit turns on its allies.
  • Last 24 CT.

    4. Darkness
  • Vision is greatly impaired, causing the unit to miss attacks more easily.
  • Infinite CT.

    5. Don't Act
  • The unit's arms are greatly damaged causing them to be unable to use attacks.
  • Last 24 CT. Cancels Charging/Preforming.

    6. Doom
  • The life thread of the unit is in critical, which will cause the unit to die in three turns.
  • Last 3 CT. Cancels Reraise.

    7. Immobilize
  • The unit's legs are greatly damaged causing them to to be unable to move.
  • Last 24 CT. Cancels Float.

    8. Petrify
  • The unit becomes still and the flesh becomes stone causing them unable to battle.
  • Infinite CT. All status other then Vampire and Undead are canceled on Petrify.

    9. Poison
  • The unit's body is inflicted with a powerful poison, causing great pain. Loses 12.5% of its health after each turn.
  • Last 48 CT.

    10. Sleep
  • The unit falls into a deep sleep unable to act or react to its targets.
  • Last 36 CT. Canceled by physical attacks.

    11. Slow
  • Time is distorted causing the unit to move much more slowly around the unit. Units speed is decreased by 25%.
  • Last 48 CT. Cancels Haste.

    12. Stop
  • Time is completely stopped around the unit causing them to lose all ability to act or react.
  • Last 24 CT. Cancels Haste.

    13. Undead
  • The units flesh begins to rot, not even death may save them from this fate...
  • Infinite CT. Regen and Reraise cannot stack and are canceled.
  • Unit absorbs Dark but is weak to Holy and Fire type attacks. Retains all other Vanilla features.

    14. Vampire
  • The units thirst for blood consumes them causing them to attack friend and foe alike.
  • Infinte CT.

Neutral Status

1. Faith
  • The belief in the church overwhelms the unit, giving them 100 Faith.
  • Last 36 CT.

    2. Fury
  • The unit gains great courage... And recklessness, giving them 100 Fury.
  • Last 36 CT.

Other Status

1. Charging
  • The unit begins focusing and concentrating on thier next attack, making attacks unavoidable.
  • Last until spell is cast.
  • Charging loses the damage increase present in Vanilla.

    2. Crystal
  • The unit is lost forever and is unrevivable.
  • Infinite CT

    3. Dead
  • With health dropping to zero, the unit dies but can still be revived.
  • Last 3 turns. All status are canceled on Dead other then Vampire and Undead.

    4. Jumping
  • The unit launches into the air, becoming untargetable by spells and attacks.
  • Last until the Jump is complete.

    5. Preforming
  • The unit begans a surreal dance, preparing thier attack. This causes attacks to be unavoidable.
  • Last until attack is completed.

Again, this isn't as filled out as I would like BUT feel free to suggest new support, job, items, abilities, etc. as I have plenty of room. Or if you want to suggest one of the battles for one of the regions. I plan on updating this as often as I can, I'm really looking to have a demo out very soon but with a few impending hacks it could be longer then anticipated.
The Lounge / Why, hello
February 11, 2011, 11:44:24 pm
Figured I'd join the cool people with a thread here. I'm Pride (Prideful on IRC due to someone registering Pride and tends to ghost me while I am on) and I'm pretty versed in most aspects in modding FFT and still slowly learning how to asm. Hopefully I'll have a public release of something cool in the near future. I'm currently working on two projects which are FFT: Parted Ways doing events and my own project (which I have restarted and refocused many times), I also try to be helpful to anyone that has questions or doing little edits that take no time at all. I think I found my way here from gamefaqs, or maybe it was a google search? Either way I've had fun here.

I also play Pokemon competitively, serious business takes place on those forums I frequent. I challenge anyone that believes they can beat me in a standard OU match. =p
Old Project Ideas / Project Patch - FFT: Altered
June 14, 2010, 11:39:53 am
Okay this is a little patch I've recently started working on and I just want to get my thoughts and ideas out in the open for others to weigh in on if they wish to....
Main Focus of the patch:

- New Classes. The class system drops down to the 13 jobs that can be edited without glitches, and Samuria will work perfectly for the Soul Seeker. Hopefully, I've created several new jobs that will make the patch enjoyable. I could potentially edit those jobs but I would have to reroute the skill set and require them to basically master the squire job. Because of this bug, I believe its better to leave those jobs at home. So good bye to playable Chemist, Samurai, Lancer, Ninja, Geomancer, and Mime. I could add back some of these... But I would rather not. You may, also, see them against you.

- Magic Rush. Magic jobs have always had a lot going against them, the charge time and variable damage are the main ones. Chemist also trumped any healing mage/unit with instant and constant healing -_- The Charge Time issue will be fixed by limiting the max speed for units, with 8/9 being the base speed and limiting the amount of speed boosting equipment. In addition, Charging status will not receive an added damage bonus, they will take standard damage from physical attacks. Many physical jobs have also received charge times on their attacks. There's two ways to go about the variable damage aspect. The first is to go with the Fury hack and make it like faith or to remove Faith completely. I was originally going to use the second route but after some experimenting I just couldn't find a proper level for the spells, so the Fury hack comes into play.  

Reaction is no longer tied to Fury/Bravery anymore! Its tied to the units level now, which the highest level obtainable to player units is 50. 50% reactions, I may increase it to 60 or 70 but I believe 50% is fair enough for now.

Another thing is that the genders are now equal in HP and MP. They do retain there difference in MA and PA, making females still stronger mages and males stronger physical units.


Longbow, Knife, and Ninja Blade formulas become PA*WP. I plan on having a lower speed game and having the max level capped at 50. This will help keep the weapon's move effectiveness later in the game.

Charging Units will take standard damage

Death Sentence - Ignore Cancel:Dead

AI attacks transparent unit v1.1

Special characters can do propositions

Undead units receive 25% max HP damage from Phoenix Down

Equip Crossbow - Equip Crossbow + Bow

Weapon Strike Fix

Global C-EV All units will have 100% of their C-Ev. calculated for the front, 50% for the sides and 25% for the back.

And some of FDC ASM's

Remove item duplication

Oil takes 2x damage from fire attacks.

Arrow Guard now blocks gunshots.

Blind and Confuse overrides concentrate/transparent accuracy bonus and now divides accuracy by 2 (v3).

I'm not completely certain if all of his work but its very easy to test all of these.

New status effects: Aura and Curse. These are the replacements for Reflect and Oil. Aura heals all negative status effects, gives immunity to negative status effects, and is only cancels by Curse and a few dispel abilities. Curse is the exact opposite, cancels all positive status effects, unable to add positive status effects, and is only cancels by Aura and a few Esuna type spells. The player will not have easy access to these new status effects. The next new status effect is Addle. This is a replacement for Silence and will stop all abilities other then Attack. While its inferior in that regard to Don't Act, it will have a much longer duration then Don't Act.

To compensate for the slower speed, most status effects have received a boost in CT time. Otherwise effects like Haste, Poison, Slow, etc. only last about two turns. Most will last roughly 3 turns and a few will last 4 turns. Hopefully, there will be an asm hack that will give Berserk, Confusion, and a few others the ability to accept CT times. I'm really hoping for Berserk because of the new 'Berserker' job class. I have yet to test but Berserk should accept 'Can React' meaning they can use reaction abilities.

Class changes: Basically... I destroyed nearly all of the jobs. The only ones retaining most of their moves are Black Mage and Priest (both known as Black and White Wizard). 14 is more then enough to have a good amount of jobs and not having too many clash and such.
Blade Grasp, Golem, Hamedo, MP Switch, Teleport, Move +3. Mostly for balance issues.

The basic starting job.
Growth Moderate HP and PA growth, poor MP and MA.
Equips Knife, Sword, Flail, Shield, and all armor barring Robes.
Innate None
Spell Book
Throw Stone: same as vanilla
Heal: Remove Poison, Blind, Silence, Don't Move, and Don't Act. 0 CT, 0 Range, 1 effect area, 5 MP.
Pray: Basic healing move that recover a little HP. 0 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 6 MP, MA*8
Revive: Reviving move. 0 CT, 0 Range, 1 aoe, 10 MP, Heal(25%) Hit_(PA+60)%
Head Break: Break the targets head gear. 0 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, Break Hit_(PA+WP+45)%
Armor Break: Break the targets armor. 0 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, Break Hit_(PA+WP+40%)
Counter Tackle, Weapon Guard, Move-Find Item, Jump +1

The Paladin type job but focusing more on FFTA type of job.
Growth Best HP growth, average PA growth, very poor MP and MA growth
Equips Sword, Shield, Helmet, Armor, Robe
Innate Defend
Spell Book
Life Bond: Lose some health in order to heal a teammate. 0 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, Heal_(CasMaxHP*2/5) DmgCas_(CasMaxHP/5)
Guard Stance: Encourage teammates to 'defend' their place. 0 CT, 0 Range, 255 aoe, MP 8, 100% Defend
Purify: This ability heals nearly every status effect besides Dead, Aura, Curse.... Even the positive ones >:D
Aura: Cast 'Aura' on one's self. See status effect to see what 'Aura' does. 0 CT, 0 Range, 1 aoe, 18 MP, 100% Aura.
Rest: Attempt to 'Sleep' to heal oneself by 80%. 0 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, inflict Sleep on hit, Heal_(80)% Hit_F(MA+200)%
Whirlwind: Spin around causing Knock Back. 0 CT, 0 Range, 1 aoe, 100% Knock Back, Dmg_(Rdm(1..6)*PA
Break Weapon: Break the targets weapon. 0 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, Break Hit_(PA+WP+30)%
HP Restore, Distribute, Equip Armor, Equip Shield, Defend, Move-HP Up

The archer replacement and focus more heavily on inflicting debuffs on the opponent
Growth Average HP, great PA, poor MP and MA
Equips Knife, Crossbow, Bow, Hat, Clothing
Innate Secret Hunt
Spell Book
Conceal: Inflict 100% Transparent, Float. 0 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, 12 MP, 100% Transparent and Float
Aim: Arm: Attack the targets arm, preventing them from using actions. 0 CT, Weapon Strike, 0 aoe, 16 MP, Hit_(SP+34)%, inflict Don't Act
Aim: Leg: Attack the targets legs, immobilizing them. 0 CT, Weapon Strike, 0 aoe, 12 MP, Hit_(SP+40)%, Don't Move
Aim: Shield: Destroy the targets shield. 0 CT, Weapon Strike, 0 aoe, Break Hit_(PA+WP+55)%
Aim: Heart: Charm the opponent with 'cupid's' arrow. 0 CT, Ranged Weapon, 0 aoe, 12 MP, OppositeSex: Hit_(MA+35)%, Charm
Aim: Soul: Attack the targets soul. 0 CT, Ranged Weapon, 0 aoe, 8 MP, Hit_F(MA+70)%, Adds Death Sentence
Feather Blow: Fire an unavoidable shot. 0 CT, Ranged Weapon, 0 aoe, Dmg_(SP*WP)
Sonic Boom: Shoot an arrow that damages surrounding units. 4 CT, Weapon Strike, 5 Range, 1 aoe, 18 MP, Dmg_(PA*(WP+2))
Sidewinder: Charge up and fire an powerful shoot. 6 CT, Ranged Weapon, 0 aoe, Dmg_(PA*(WP+8))

Speed Save, Arrow Guard, Equip Bow, Secret Hunt, Train

Because of the oracle not existing anymore, both Black and White Wizards have taken spells from its spell book. While recently, White Mages generally don't inflict much status effects but in older games and the one I'm basing it off of (Garnet and Eiko from FFIX) have several status effects... So here we go.

Growth Average HP, poor PA, good MA, good MP
Equips Rod, Flail, Hat, Clothing, Robe
Innate None
Spell Book
Cure/Cure 2/Cure 3: I don't really need to explain these. Cure 3 has 2 aoe, giving it a very wide area.
Life/Full-Life: Not much changed from their 1.3 counter parts. Life has 1 aoe
Reraise: Grants a second life onto a unit.
Protect: Grants protect onto a unit. 1 aoe
Shell: Grants shell onto a unit. 1 aoe
Esuna: Cancels a wide array of status effects. 3 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, Hit_F(MA+190), cancels Petrify, Darkness, Confusion, Silence, Oil, Berserk, Frog, Poison, Curse, Sleep, Don't Move, Don't Act
Might: Give the target more power. 4 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 8 MP, +PA (1)
Haste: Same as the vanilla Haste. 1 aoe
Confuse: Cast a spell that causes the target to use... unusual actions. 4 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Hit_F(MA+140)%, add Confusion
Silent: Cast a spell that mutes the target. 3 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 12 MP, Hit_F(MA+200)%, adds Silence
Dispel: Cast a spell that breaks the targets buffs. 3 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Hit_F(MA+200), cancels Float, Reraise, Transparent, Regen, Protect, Shell, Haste, Aura, Reflect

Regenerator, Magic Def. UP

Much like the White Wizard they've gained several status effects and lost tier 4 spells.

Growth Poor HP, poor PA, good MP, great MA
Equips Knife, Staff, Hats, Clothing, Robes
Innate None
Spell Book
Bolt 1-3/Fire 1-3/Ice 1-3: They haven't changed much from 1.3. Tier 3 spells have 2 aoe
Focus: Causes the target to focus, gaining MA. 4 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, +1 MA
Stop: Cause the target to become frozen in time. 6 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, Hit_F(MA+130), adds Stop
Slow: Cause the target to move slowly through time. 2 CT, 3 Range, 1 aoe, 8 MP, Hit_F(MA+180), adds Slow
Break: Cause the target to become completely encased in stone. 6 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Hit_F(MA+130)%, adds Petrify
Comet: Drop a non-elemental attack on the target. 6 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 38 MP, Dmg_F(MA*32)

Counter Magic, Magic Att. UP, Move-MP Up

This is a compilation type job that contains talk, dance, and songs. The dances are, however, heavily changed.

Growth Poor HP, good PA, good MP, good MA
Equips Knife, Gun, Instrument, Book, Pole, Cloth
Innate Monster Talk
Spell Book
Persuade: The only 00CT skill available to players (maybe a special job as well). 3 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 8 MP, Hit_(MA+40), adds 00CT
Death Sentence: effect unchanged from vanilla. 3 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, Hit_(MA+35), adds Death Sentence.
Mimic Daravon: effect unchanged from vanilla. 3 CT, 3 Range, 1 aoe, 12 MP, Hit_(MA+40), adds Sleep
Chant: use a forbidden chant to revive the target. 3 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Heal_(15)% Hit_F(MA+255)%, cancels Dead
Smooth Melody: Sing a melody so smooth that is causes the targets to speed up. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 16 MP, Hit_F(MA+65), adds Haste
Perfect Pitch: A pitch that heals surrounding units. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 14 MP, Heal_F(MA*6)
Cantus Firmus: A song that guards against magical attacks. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 14 MP, Hit_F(MA+80), adds Reflect
Soul Etude: A soulful song that heals MP. 2 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 8 MP
Darkness Dance: A dance that seems to blind the opponents. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 12 MP, Hit_F(MA+60), adds Darkness
Fire Dance: A dance that seems to make the opponents vurable to Fire. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 12 MP, Hit_F(MA+70), adds Oil
Slow Steps: A dance that seems to slow down the opponents. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 16 MP, Hit_F(MA+40), adds Slow
Silent Shuffle: a dance that seems to silence the opponents. 4 CT, 0 Range, 4 aoe, 14 MP, Hit_F(MA+50), adds Silence

Finger Guard, Auto Potion, Monster Talk, Float

Because of stealing the Calculator's job, this job doesn't accept aoe or the skills will be very slow. If need be, I can make this the Gun Mage Job and move the Berserker. I based it off of the FFX-2 Berserker where they do more then be in a constant Berserk. The only job that can reduce PA and MA open to players.

Growth Poor HP, Best PA, poor MP, poor MA
Equips Knife, Axe, Flail, Hat, Clothing
Innate None
Spell Book
Power Break: Slightly changed from vanilla. Only reduces a single PA and a MP cost. 0 CT, Ranged Weapon, 10 MP, Hit_(PA+200) -PA_(1)
Mind Break: see above. same except exchange PA for MA
Howl: Cry at the moon gaining physical power. 3 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, 6 MP, +PA_(1)
War Cry: Prepare for battling gaining several status effects. 0 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, 8 MP, 100% Haste/Protect/Berserk. This would be a solid ability imo if Berserk had a CT timer... Again, hoping for an asm for this.
Berserk: cause the target to go insane with power. 4 CT, 3 range, 0 aoe, 16 MP, Hit_F(MA+150)%, adds Berserk
Fatal Wound: Strike down a single target. 6 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 24 MP, Dmg_(100)% Hit_F(MA+120), adds death
Intimidate: May strike fear in the target, causing them to move more slowly. 3 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, Dmg_(PA*(WP+0)), 100% Slow
Envenom: May strike a vital organ of a target, causing their veins to fill with poison. 3 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, Dmg_(PA*(WP+0)), 100% Poison

Counter, Attack UP, Concentrate, Equip Axe, Move +1

Based off of Freya from FFIX (I'm a big fan of it :P)

Growth Average HP, Good PA, poor MP, Good MA
Equips Polearm (Spears), Helmet, Armor
Innate None
Spell Book

Jump: Deals great damage but take 50% of damage dealt. 0 CT, 4 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Dmg_(PA*10) DmgCas_(PA*10/2)
Dragon Rage: Summon the power of Dragons. 4 CT, 5 Range, Straight Line, 16 MP, Dmg_(PA*8) DmgCas_(PA*8/4)
Lancet: absorb the hp of the target. 4 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 16 MP, AbsHP_(PA*WP)
Rasp: absorb the mp of the target. 4 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 4 MP, AbsMP_(PA*WP)
Fire/Thunder/Ice Breath: Use the breath of dragons. 0 CT, 2 Range, Straight Line, 10 MP, Dmg_(MA*10)
Mana Force: Draw MP to heal teammates MP. 4 CT, 0 Range, 3 aoe, 4 MP, HealMP_(MA*4)
Reis's Wind: Use the power of a powerful Dragoon to cast Regen on teammates. 4 CT, 0 Range, 3 aoe, 18 MP, Hit_F(MA+200)%, adds Regen

Dragon Spirit, Meatbone Slash, Two Hands, Ignore Height

This is a blue mage type job. The exact idea behind it is that the monsters drop 'souls' that the Soul Seeker breaks to use the ability of the monster. Some of the skills are lesser versions, some are not. Its a cool way to do with without having to affect each and every monster that i have to steal the ability from. One thing I do want to fix is to have the Fur Shop open up in Chapter 1. I have an idea on how to do it but it will basically be trail and error and it will be hopeless if its hard cored to open in chapter 3. If not... Then the Souls with be prizes at the end of each random battle that has the monster with the respected soul and will probably some war trophies for higher up souls.

Growth Poor HP, Good PA, Good MP, Good MA
Equips Sword, Book, Pole, Hat, Clothing, Robe
Innate None
Spell Book
Choco Soul: Cast Choco Cure. 3 CT, 0 Range, 1 aoe, 8 MP, Heal_(MA*Y)
Goblin Soul: Cast Goblin Punch. 3 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 8 MP, Dmg_(CasMaxHP-CasCurHP) Hit_(PA+45)%
Squid Soul: Cast Level Blast 1.3 version. 4 CT, 3 Range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, Set_CT00 Hit_F(MA+60), adds CT00
Ghost Soul: Cast Drain Touch. 4 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 12 MP, AbsHP_(50)%, Hit_F(MA+160)%
Malboro Soul: Cast Bad Breath. Okayyyy, I really wanted to include this ability in a non-broken way since its one of the most iconic abilities of the blue mage. So... they receive a nerfed version of it. 3 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 14 MP, Hit_F(MA+140)%, adds Darkness, Oil, Poison, Don't Move
Treant Soul: Cast Life Spirit. 5 CT, 0 Range, 2 aoe, 18 MP, Heal(33)% Hit_F(MA+75)%, cancels dead
Dragon Soul: Cast Drake Spirit. 3 CT, 0 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, 100% Reraise, Haste, Aura.
Behemoth Soul: Cast Mighty Guard. 4 CT, 0 Range, 2 aoe, 22 MP, 100% Protect, Shell, Regen
Tiamant Soul: Cast Dark Whisper. 6 CT, 4 Range, 1 aoe, 26 MP, Dmg_((MA+1)/2*MA) #Hit_10) 6.25% Curse
Zodiac Soul: Cast Zodiac Break. ???

Absorb Used MP, Damage Split, Defense UP, Any Weather, Any Ground

Since I hated the spell blades, I thought this type of job would work much better. If you've played FFTA then you know of the job, if not, its a lot like a Necromancer with abilities that focus more on dark element. Much cooler to give some love to a rarer type then a unit that does normal damage with a chance to inflict a status effect. Right now the name is a toss up. Arcanist will make it more of the standard mage type, but I can still the Dark Knight title and it will match up well to the FFX-2 Dark Knight and give it heavy armor (only mage type unit to wear armor naturally) and give it swords and such.

Growth Average HP, Good PA, Average MP, Good MA
Equips Arcanist: Rods, Staves, Books, Hats, Clothes, Robe.
                   Dark Knight: Swords, Ninja Blades, Helmets, Armor, Robe, Shields
Innates None
Spell Book
Osmose: Drain 33% MP from the target.
Drain: Drain 30% HP from the target and restore HP (since this does not accept dark type element, have to use the asm to prevent 999 damage to ??? enemies)
Dark/ra/ga: slightly strong variations to the Black Wizard's Elemental spells because Dark Element is ineffective to bosses.
Gravity/ga: the same as Demi / Demi 2 but Gravity is a cooler name :P
Bio: the power rest in between tier 2 and 3 spells, non-elemental but it has a 25% chance to inflict Poison.
Death: the wizard's old death spell returns here. same as vanilla's Death spell but fits in nicely here.
Curse: the new status effect is found here and is the only spell able to inflict it. Removes all buffs, and prevents any of those buffs from going back up. Cured by Esuna or the Aura status effect.

Critical Quick, Short Charge

The hard hitter on the physical side, featuring several abilities that hit multiple times.

Growth Below average HP, Great PA, poor MP, poor MA
Equips Ninja Blade, Hats, Clothes
Innates None
Spell Book
Sword Dance: Unleash a powerful attack that continuously hits. 6 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, Persevere, Dmg_((PA+2)/2*PA
Mana Dance: Unleash a striking attack that continuously attacks the MP. 6 CT, 1 range, 0 aoe, 10 MP, DmgMP_(MA+255)% Hit_F(15)%
Pierce: Unleash an attack that attacks in two panels. 3 CT, 2 Range, Straight Line, 6 MP, Dmg_(PA*WP)
Rage Blade: Unleash an attack that hurts the user. 0 CT, 1 range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Dmg_(PA*6) DmgCas_(PA*6/2)
Quick Blade: Unleash an attack so fast that it hits 4 times. 4 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 22 MP, ((MA+8)/2*MA #Hit_(4)
Demi Blade: Unleash an attack that presses gravity against the target. 4 CT, 1 Range, 0 aoe, 18 MP, Dmg_(50/100)% Hit_F(MA+120)

A Save, Abandon, Equip Melee Set, Move +2

A job stolen from FFTA, and retains much of the same skill set. Not sure how strong it will be ingame but I like the idea but I have to be very careful not to overpower them. High MP Cost, High Charge, and skill that isn't very strong in comparison to other magical attacks.

Growth Poor HP, poor PA, Best MP, good MA
Equips Rod, Staff, Book, Hat, Clothes, Robe
Innate None
Spell Book
Freezeblink/Tempest/Prominence/Soul Evidence/Deluge/Wild Tornando
Elemental attacks that hit every enemy on the screen. 8 CT, 0 Range, 255 Range, 32 MP, Dmg_F(MA*4)
Stardust: Drops a meteor on the field, damaging all enemies on the screen. 10 CT, 0 Range, 255 Range, 48 MP, Dmg_F(MA*8)

Restore MP, Half MP, Equip Magus Set, Equip Robe

This is a job that emulates the red mage as close as it can. It has a fairly high MP cost, not too much. But their powerful point is that they dual a new type of sword known as the Mystic Sword. They have a range of 4 (like the crossbow). Each of their steel are as strong as a tier 1 spell. I don't think they outclass black magic because they are a single target only, while black magic as some nice aoe. If it seems to be that strong, then I'll change the formula to the Elemental one which should nerf it enough.

Growth poor HP, average PA, good MP, great MA
Equips Gun, Hat, Clothes, Robes
Innate Two Swords
Spell Book
Fire/Lighting/Ice Steel
Elemental attacks that are able to hit twice depending on the weapon equiped. 4 CT, 24 MP, Dmg_F(MA*8)

Protect/Shell/Cure Steel
Are basically the same as the white magic versions of the spells.

Poison/Blind/Sleep Steel
the three status effects which the Gun Mage as gained. The name directly correlates with what status effect is done.

MA Save, Catch, Equip Mystic Sword, Jump +2

A trained and organized assassin who specializes in magic attacks.
Growth: Low HP, Low PA, Low MP, Great MA
Equips: Bows, Ninja Blades, Staves, Hats, Clothes
Innates: None
Assassinate - Instantly kill any unit inflicted with Poison
Shatter Barrier - deal 50% damage to a unit with Protect, Shell, or Defend
Athetist Strike - Deal higher damage to those with low faith
Ajora's Fall - Deal higher damage to those of higher faith
Magic Blast - Deal non-elemental independent from faith
Reverse - Cause the target to reset its CT
Rage - Deal more damage the lower your HP
Borrowed Power - Heal one's health but a teammate must lose 40% of its health.

None at the moment, have to reorganize the R/S/M's of the units. Its a mess.
All jobs are now decided on! Spell Blade will take up the final slot, and will be one of the most balanced classes magically & physically.

Base: Warrior
Tier 1 (All Level 3(?) Warrior): Defender, Sniper, Black Wizard, White Wizard
Tier 2 : Performer (lvl 3 Sniper & White Wizard), Soul Seeker (lvl 3 Black & White Wizard), Berserker (lvl 3 Sniper & Defender), Spell Blade (lvl 3 Black Wizard & Defender)
Tier 3 : Magus Blade (lvl 3 Soul Seeker & Spell Blade), Illusionist (lvl 3 Performer & Soul Seeker), Sword Master (lvl 3 Berserker & Performer), Dragon Knight (lvl 3 Berserker & Spell Blade)

I've only worked on one of the special jobs and the main enemy of chapter one. The chapter one enemy is remain hidden for now.

Ramza the Nature Seer
Growth good HP, great PA, low MP, great MA
Equips Sword, Axe, Instrument, Shield, Helmet, Armor, Robes
Innates None
Spell Book
Ignis Wrath : Deals fire damage cancels some status effects. 2 CT, 3 Range, 1 aoe, 12 MP, Dmg_(PA*(WP+4), cancels : Defending, Charging
Terra Love : Heal back some hp and gain a random buff. 4 CT, 3 Range, 1 aoe, 16 MP, Heal_(20)% Hit_F(MA+180), randomly adds : Protect, Shell, Reraise
Caelum Rage : Randomly attack different in a selection. 4 CT, 4 Range, 2 aoe, 20 MP, Dmg_(MA+4)/2*MA #Hit (10)
Aequeor Mercy : Heal back both HP and MP. 3 CT, 2 Range, 0 aoe, 12 MP, Heal_(PA*6) HealMP_(PA*6)/2


These are changes from vanilla.

Swords are going to be shifted around because they lost the first four swords because they became the new guns. Besides shifting the 7 buyable swords WP, Shop Availability, and Evade they are going to stay relatively the same as vanilla.

Are completely destroyed. They are the new 'souls' which cannot be equiped.

Because Axes are a Berserker only item, I've decided to make them an AbsHP Weapon and 2 Hand. This gives the Berserker some survivability after using War Cry. I need to do some testing to see if the new formula has effected the random damage they deal.

Most final fantasy games have these as a white mage item but in fft they are reversed. Its something that has always annoyed me, so I'm fixing it to where they are now where they sit in most ff games. There is one less buyable rod then staff, so there's a 'new' Rod in town that grants initial/permanent Regen.

As I mentioned in the above, the new staff lost a weapon so there won't be a replacement for the 'poison' staff and only be wooden staff, ice staff, flame staff, thunder staff, and wizard staff.

These are either going to be broken down into axes if the images match, haven't tested yet. If not, they'll be going the 1.3 route and be WP^2. This will give the White Wizard a solid damaging option.

Guns got some new toys with four new guns. They aren't anything special but they are now just more wide spread. 6 Range at the moment.

So the crossbow isn't outclassed by the longer ranged bow, they'll be, generally, more powerful then the bows themselves. Another thing I'm considering is giving them a 25% break armor. The main reason being is that the crossbow is able to pierce through the armor of the knight, so I think it could be very fitting to give it such an effect.

I want to break one of the current items to create a new Harp but I don't want a bugged animation. I'll be playing around with some of the items to see which ones accept it. If something like cloth or bag does, then I might destroy the entire item set and make them all harps. Ramia Harp is now Guardian Harp and does 0 damage but always adds Shell to the target. Bloody Strings is now Protection Harp and adds Protect to the Target. Fairy Harp always gives Reraise.

Spears lose their title of being one of the most destructive weapons and are now more of a defensive weapon, boosting high evade, lower WP, and, possibly, a few minor status immunities.

5 'Base' Classes of Armor
HP (Adamant), MP (Mystic), PA (Bangaa), MA (Magus), Speed (Assassin)

--HP (Adamant) Armors--

Adamant Shield: 25 P. Evade / 15 M. Evade
Adamant Headgear: 135 HP
Adamant Helmet: 165 HP
Adamant Vest: 150 HP
Adamant Armor: 180 HP
Adamant Robe: 130 HP / 30 MP

--MP (Mystic) Armors--

Mystic Shield: 15 P. Evade / 20 M. Evade MA +1
Mystic Circlet: 105 HP / 65 MP
Mystic Helmet: 135 HP / 35 MP
Mystic Shirt: 120 HP / 55 HP
Mystic Mail: 150 HP / 30 MP
Mystic Cloak: 100 HP / 75 MP +1 MA

--PA (Bangaa) Armors--

Bangaa Shield: 20 P. Evade / 5 M. Evade PA +1
Bangaa Headband: 95 HP PA +1
Bangaa Helmet: 125 HP PA +1
Bangaa Cuirass: 110 HP PA +1
Bangaa Plate: 140 HP PA +1
Bangaa Cloak: 95 HP / 35 MP PA +1

--MA (Magus) Armors--

Magus Shield: 10 P. Evade / 25 MA Evade MA +1
Magus Mitre: 95 HP / 30 MP MA +1
Magus Helmet: 100 HP / 10 MP MA +1
Magus Garb: 110 HP / 25 MP MA +1
Magus Mail: 140 HP MA +1
Magus Robe: 95 HP / 40 MP MA +2

--Speed (Assassin) Armors--

Assassin Shield 10 P. Evade / 10 M. Evade Initial Haste
Assassin Hood 70 HP +1 Speed
Assassin Helmet 85 HP +1 Speed
Assassin Outfit 75 HP +1 Speed
Assassin Armor 90 HP +1 Speed
Assassin Cloak 65 HP +1 Speed / 30 MP

For the items not mentioned, its because I haven't decided on what exactly is going to be done with them which is a lot of them. Another thing I've been thinking about is creating a new type of headgear known as hoods. 'Hoods' would replace them ribbons and create a new mage type headgear. It would basically follow: Helmets --> HP Boost; Hats --> Stats Boost/Immunities? ; Hoods --> MP Boost. It would basically be the inverse of Helmets, great MP Boost but much less HP boost. I would then break up the job classes where each one could equip the specialized equipment (Armor and Mage set up) and clothing set up. The problem would be breaking up the Helmets and the Hats to create the new group. I could take 3 of each but it would seem funny, to me at least, to have 3 of the hoods found in the castles, and 3 hoods found in the towns or trade citys. Its a shame that the shops are difficult to edit. I might be able to do it through a hex edit, however. Again another thing to test. Having them in two different locations is more of me being a perfectionist rather then having a real issue though :|

I've basically finished with all of chapter 1 events, trying to create a different feel to each battle. Also, Assassination missions are removed so... Don't think Wiggy and Miluda battles are over just cause you see them down. I haven't started to work on chapter 2 as of yet as I want to nail down all of the classes and items before I get to far into working on the ENTD

And the last thing is the events. As of now, I'm just rolling with the normal events of the story but... I'm thinking of altering some of them and adding new villains and such. Other thing I could attempt is to create a new story. And the final thing I could do is make this into an arcade version of the game. Basically I would attempt to make a wide array of items all viable (maybe 8 of each item?), have all jobs unlocked at the start, and the player goes on a trail against the mass formation of enemies. Saves would be added periodically (every 5-10 levels?)

This is very much a work in progress but if people want to play it anytime soon, I could create a beta with main battles of Chapter 1 completed after I work through some of the move set kinks and do a bit of debugging.

6/13 : Posted opening progress of the patch.

6/16 : Finally decided on the Spell Blade as the final 13th job. Gun Mage also lost Water/Earth/Wind Shots and gained Protect/Shell/Poison/Sleep/Blind shots, giving it more of a red mage feel and doesn't cross over into the illusionist job which is the only job that is able to attack with the six elements. With these slight changes, I'm going back and editing some of the ENDT. Addle is replacing Silence as the status effect. Addle prevents any action other then attack, while because of this, its inferior to Don't Act. But to even the playing field Don't Act only last two turns and Addle will last at least 4 turns. I'm also creating another patcher file atm because my current one is out of order that its difficult to find what i need whenever i'm looking at it.

6/18: Rechanging a lot of the ENDT basically because I'm changing the story, I've decided. I was playing around with the some stuff and decided to do it. Not anything fancy with the event edits or even a good story but something to justify the changes I'm making... Ramza is now a new job known as "Nature Seer" giving him four abilities and will be able to get 4 other abilities later into the game. See Special Classes for more information on his job.

6/23: Okay I probably should have a bigger update from five days but I don't honestly. I've edited the pole item to become a new type of sword known as the 'spell swords.' These will be the new weapons for the gun mage, which will be now be 'unnamed' til i think of something cool for them. I was thinking of something like witch blade but that starts to clash with several other class names. So Blade Dancer might become Sword Dancer, and Spell Blade might become Mystic Knight. The main reason being is that I've been wanting to use some of the abilities to proc. dmg_weapon but guns abuse this. I could use zodiac's hack to fix this but i don't want to restrain any abilities to items. Seems to take away creativity imo. The new spell swords will have a range of 4-5 and won't be a very strong weapon to prevent two sword range weapon abuse. I've also been testing some stuff with events but... I've been having some difficulties. Also... I've been trying my hand at some sprites, which I know aren't very good but it does give some uniqueness.

These are the soul seekers. I completely stole the idea of the blindfolds from another user doing a blue mage with them but I don't remember who. The female is mostly done (have to fix some spots on the blindfold) but the male needs some work with it. I need to make it wrap around the head. But these two over the course of two days. I hope it doesn't make them feel too much like the old summoners.

6/24: Okay some changes to some of the equip x. Equip Crossbow is not Equip Bow, which is both Crossbow and Long Bow. Equip Gun is now Equip Robe, doing just as it sounds. Equip Sword is now Equip Melee Set which is sword, ninja sword, dagger, flail, and spear. Equip Spear is now Equip Magus Set which is Rods, Staves, and Books. Equip Katana is now Equip Mystic Sword, which is the 'Pole' replacement. These new equipments are now given out through the jobs that are appropriate. I finally figured out how to edit the formation sprites (or at least I think I do) but that took longer to figure out then it should have been :| I also edited the Wizard sprite for the Black Wizard to be... well black.

6/27: Well after some experimenting, the souls are now becoming a normal weapon. Its not the prettiest animation, but it will get the job done until I get around to creating a better sprite for it.

7/11: After a bit of a break, I'm working more on this. Decided its high time to get to work on the equipment portion of the game, and I'm starting w/ the heavy armors. Looking through some of the ff wiki for ideas, they're gonna be a bit structured. Towards the end of the game there will be about 4 different types of heavy armor for the player to use, each with different strengths. This also leaves me w/ three open slots for the Armor section so what will likely happen here is that the extra armor will become a 'boss armor'
Help! / Editting Attack.OUT
March 11, 2010, 05:49:53 pm
According to this thread changing the battle condition is possible. But its not working for me... Obviously I'm doing something wrong but cannot figure it out.

line 153e0 contains the battle conditions for the algus battle which is 80 00 00 00 04 00 07 00 06 00 07 00 00 00 19 00.
When I change the line to 80 00 00 00 04 00 07 00 16 00 19 00 as the thread says, the game crashes when I try to load the battle. Ive tried a few other things but those changes just make the battle not end.

I'm new to this stuff so I get confused easily, so I'm probably just missing something obvious...