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Spriting / MOVED: PrntScr your BMPs!
February 11, 2013, 05:17:28 pm
The Lounge / Mitchi's Flash animations
September 20, 2012, 11:37:31 pm
Tomorrow's my birthday, so this is something I'd like to show as a gift to me for my hard work.
I've been trying to learn Flash during the past few months, and here are some projects I've finished. These are my first few short works, so please go easy on me. Also, sorry for the poor video quality. Just view it in the typical youtube small screen size.

Should I think of making a game next?
Anyways, I hope you like them. Video Comments and Likes are very much appreciated! ;)
Bugs and Suggestions / Custom Sprites suggestion
September 03, 2012, 05:55:07 am
My submitted Lazuli sprite doesn't have any "Any Origin" type. It was supposed to be Original Character. Without the Origin type, sprites like that have no chance of being selected in the database, iff. the origin type drop-down menu is specified.

What I suggest: Create a "No origin \ Various" option, or add an origin to all submitted sprites that doesn't have one yet. The problem with the latter one is that future submissions should have consistency in their origin type, so having a "Various" option for all sprites that don't have an origin would be a better choice, I think. What do you think?

Sprites that need one:

  • Esperella - Original Character

  • Asura Male - Generic Job

  • Fayt - Original Character

  • Soldier - Final Fantasy VII

  • Ken - Street Fighter

  • Female Alchemist - Generic Job

  • Enchanter Female - Generic Job

  • Enchanter Male - Generic Job

  • Guardian Male - Generic Job

  • Guardian Female - Generic Job

  • Meliadoul Unveiled - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Nojgaard - Original Character

  • Dragon-Man - Original Character

  • Generic Female Ninja - Generic Job

  • Wolf - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Generic Female Dancer - Generic Job

  • Female Demagogue - Generic Job

  • Female Mystic Knight - Generic Job

  • Young Kletian - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Lady Frimelda - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

  • Oswyn Farindon - Original Character

  • Babus - Final Fantasy

  • Generic Female Thief - Generic Job

  • Mime Unmasked - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Skeleton - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • High White Mage - Generic Job

  • Cloud - Final Fantasy VII

  • 10 year old girl - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Karsten - Original Character

  • Voldemort - Original Character

  • Pieke Okata - Original Character

  • Minister Gelwan - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Female Priest with Cat Ears - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Ignis - Jingai Makyo

  • Young Izlude - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Miluda - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Dark Knight - Generic Job

  • Female Cadet - Generic Job

  • Banon - Original Character

  • Teta - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Oberon - Original Character

  • Zozma - Original Character

  • Gevaerd - Original Character

  • Teioh - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Zodiac - Original Character

  • 20 year old woman - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Ajora - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Kanbabrif - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Warrior Male Spikey - Generic Job

  • Lucavi Follower - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Sentinel - Generic Job

  • Red Mage - Generic Job

  • Marshal - Original Character

  • Ramza Ch2&Ch3 Defender - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Elidibs - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Wolf Knight - Generic Job

  • Miang 2 - Original Character

  • Bolmna - Original Character

  • Blansch - Original Character

  • Crusader - Generic Job

  • Agrias - Final Fantasy Tactics

  • Berserker - Original Character

  • Balbanes Beoulve - Final Fantasy Tactics

Also, I'm not sure if you guys are experiencing this too, but there is something wrong with how the sprite's text information's alignment is shown.

Take a look at this image:
Spriting / Mandalia Plains
February 12, 2010, 04:33:47 am

tried to mimic mandalia plains..
I couldn't create the small stones..
Spriting / Agrias X Lede
October 28, 2009, 09:19:47 pm
Holy Knight Lede.

This was originally a request for FFT remix. :)
I just made a headswap with the sprite and portrait.
I was surprised that this turned out easier to finish...

Also, can someone test this sprite? Thank ya~

base body = agrias
base hair = lede = voted hotter than celia in the assassins topic.
palette = lede's
October 25, 2009, 11:57:51 pm

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10.) Finally, may all your dreams come true!

Hope for  :P
Effects would be edited in time.

Sprite is not yet official. I based it from vanya's warrior sprite

Here's what I have for you so far..
I have finished the quotes, desc, and formulas for the
abilities. I hope I could post them soon. :P

any comments?
I'm exploring 'hacking FFT' now. :)

Here's a quick preview for the custom title screen: (wip)
Spriting / Mitchi's sprite/art thread
October 09, 2009, 09:09:37 pm
scholar cap layer~
Help! / ..Video hacking?
October 02, 2009, 04:50:25 am

The file extensions for the videos of FFT are .XA and .STR, and can be played via psxplay and other utilities. Is there a possibility that we can convert these files into .avi or .wav then edit them?

I've been searching for video converters for a while and saw a .XA to .AVI converter. Haven't tried that out yet.

Anyway, I was testing if I can play the files in my comp using the unpacked ISO\BIN image file, and I can't play them using those utilities (psxvideo, psxplay, xaplay, strplay). It seems that they only read videos from CDs.

Well, Has someone tried and know how to hack FFT videos?
I chatted with Sir LD last week in IRC, and he said it might be better if Rad would have sprite changes throughout chapters, too. Sir LD said that rad should be like a red mage, but without a hat and cape.

Vanya provided the first Rad sprite (which we know).
Here's my attempt at a different Rad sprite.

Anyone can help making Rad concepts. :)
Let's get workin'.
After watching the part1 of the reunion vid, I had this going through my mind..

The backgrounds when going in a shop or bar interests me.
I did some edits with it, and had fun. :)

Here's what I have made so far; I wanted to add RAD!,
and changed Ramza's armor to fit Mercenaries.

But, I need some help! Where should we put our lad, Rad?
First off, my edits:
Since Inquisitors love MP,
Should we make them look PURPLE or violet??

I think.. YES!

And for me, inquisitors shouldn't equip heavy armors or shields. :)
I tested the 5th Male Reliquian palette:
(I did this also for fun)

Oh look at the new Gafgarion! hehe. LOL.
My.. my.. I'll have to test my luck on those gamblers..


Hey Gambler, look at me! Am I handsome?


Haaaaaa!! Here's what you get for lying!!!


Ughh.. let's play dead!


The sprite works flawlessly so far. :)
Good job.
Help! / Sprite Testing Problem
August 16, 2009, 11:04:07 pm
I tested a particular sprite.

I imported a particular sprite palette to some original sprites.
What I mean is,

I imported the 'male gambler sprite' to Gafgarion, Rad, Male Black Mage
and to Lavian's addresses.

the thing is, I tested the sprites in-game; The gambler sprite works visually okay on Gaf and Rad's addresses.

But, there's a graphical glitch with the arms on the Male Black Mage and Lavian's addresses.

Is this a bug? How can I fix it?
Thanks in advance. :)
PSX FFT Hacking / ripping FFT sound effects from ISO?
August 11, 2009, 11:14:14 am
How can I get\rip the SFX (sound effects) from the FFT ISO\BIN file?

Or, is there a link where I can download them?
Mercenaries Spriting Forum / Blue Mage Job Thread
August 05, 2009, 12:02:27 am
Is the blue mage sprite available for viewing at the moment?