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October 16, 2021, 05:52:07 am


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Event Editing / Pre-Battle Menu
May 24, 2021, 12:13:01 pm

This is mostly just a proof of concept for now, but it's a functional proof of concept. If anyone wants to take it and give it a try in their own mod, feel free!

Note that you will have to set up the Transition event in some way, and change the SET(x0055,x????) command in the Randoms - Victory to point at it; I recommend merging it with any other existing event that goes back to the world map when it ends. I haven't set it up to do that here myself.

I should mention up front that these event commands will make use of Variables 0x25, 0x2B, 0x3A, 0x3B, 0x3C, and 0x3D. It seems really unlikely that anyone will have used these variables for any sort of long term storage in their game, but hey.
Note: this requires the Event Instruction Upgrade v1.22 ASM hack to function.
Secondary note: Currently uses the command AlterParameterVar, which will change later to AlterParameter. The necessary support files have been included for this.

2/7 Edit: Fixed a typo that only rewarded JP to a small handful of non-base Jobs instead of all of them. Also added compatibility with the DK hack. Also set it to skip giving JP to Monsters.

This is a set of event commands that can be inserted into any victory event (or, really, any event you like) that will award JP to every unit in your Formation. If you place this towards the start of the victory event - before the point at which fielded units' Battle Stats are saved over their World Stats - it will only grant JP to the units that didn't participate in the fight. If you place this towards the end of the event - after the Battle Stats have been saved - it will grant JP to every unit.

Because this isn't a straight up ASM hack, it comes with the downside of needing to be manually entered into every event you want it in.

However, that also comes with an upside - you have the option to customize how much JP you get from each individual battle.

I've put comments all over the event in case anyone wants to use it to figure out what I've done and tweak it as desired, but the important part - how much JP is given - is the first command in the text. So it's fairly easy to find it and adjust the numbers, even if you only know the very basics of event editing.

2/7 - Fixed a typo that stopped most generic non-base jobs from getting bonus JP to them instead of the base job. Prevented monsters from incorrectly gaining JP via these commands (they couldn't use it, so this was mostly for consistency). Also included compatibility with the DK hack from TLW - this section is highlighted in the commands and can be removed, but isn't really necessary since the two jobs used by the hack are normally enemy only jobs otherwise.
2/10 - Monsters will now receive the JP amount as EXP instead. It won't actually level them up, but it's a tiny little bonus if they aren't already at 99 XP.
War of the Lions Hacking / WotL Outfitter Bug
October 06, 2020, 02:24:43 pm
This bug was discovered courtesy of Zeke on the Discord, and I figured I'd just document the path to fixing it here.

Apparently, it is possible to encounter a bug in which the Outfitter tells you "I'm afraid you can't hold any more of that item. Might I interest you in something else?" despite having plenty of space.

Zeke took video clips showing his depleted inventory and the bug in action.



Zeke used the slowdown fix patch, but it was still bugged in his vanilla ISO, and apparently this is a very rare issue even in vanilla:




Dakitty on Discord also mentioned that they'd had the same issue once, but had suspected it was the result of using the US slowdown fix on a PAL ISO. They'd had to scrap their entire save file in order to restart on a US ISO.

Zeke, however, WAS using a US ISO.

We ended up suggesting to him to go get the Lion Editor and see if any inventory slots were borked up in the save file. He didn't find anything. But I kept trying different Google searches and finally found something that shed some light on the issue, even if the trigger for the cause was unrelated:


I suggested that given this, there might be a bug with the Nothing slot in Zeke's game - but he might not see it now that the Lion Editor automatically compensates for this bug after having previously caused it itself. I told him to save the file and try again.

And it worked!

So if anyone in the future ever comes across this rare and apparently purely vanilla bug, try a quick fix with the Lion Editor to see if your problem is that you have too much of Nothing.
The Lion War / Rendezvous Ideas Thread
September 19, 2020, 11:53:47 pm
There are nine Rendezvous slots remaining right now, and Elric is definitely considering doing something up for them. We were talking about it here on the Discord when I figured, hey, why not put out a topic in case anyone has any good ideas that they want to mention?

Here's what we have so far.

  • Chocobo Race: Unlocks at the start of Ch. 2. Map 103, Windmill Shed.
  • Treasure Hunt: Unlocks at the start of Ch. 2. Map 78, Zigolis Swamp.
  • Teioh: After the Zaland/Mustadio battle. Map 80, Araguay Woods.
  • Lost Heirloom: After saving Besrodio. Map 40, Slums in Goug.
  • The Fete: At the start of Ch. 3. Map 13, Inside of Lionel Castle.
  • Desert Minefield: After Orbonne Monastery. Map 76, Zeklaus Desert.
  • Littering: After Yardow's Rafa/Malak battle. Map 27, Goland Coal City.
  • Shades of the Past: At the start of Ch. 4. Map 91, Thieves' Fort.
  • The Knights Templar: After the Bethla Sluice battle. Map 3, Hall of St. Murond Temple.
  • All-Star Melee: After the Murond battles. Map 22, Magic City Gariland.
  • The Guarded Temple: After the Murond battles. Map 70, Nelveska Temple.
  • Nightmares: After the Murond battles. Map 17, Underground City of Limberry Castle.
  • Brave Story: After the Murond battles. Map 61, Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor.
  • Ill Wind: After the Murond battles. Map 49, Fort Zeakden.

Currently, the treasure wheel works by saving the Current Map Number to another variable during the rendezvous event, and then checking that during the treasure wheel to determine which loot set the player should get. As a result, any new Rendezvous battles should not use maps already in use.

It'd be a bit preferable to get a one-battle Rendezvous to go with the After Sluice unlock (as the Knights Templar is a battle sequence) and to get a sequence to go with the Chapter 4 unlock, as the treasure wheel currently increases the odds of rare items & number of chests to open if the player did a battle sequence rather than just one battle.

The ideal might be to add one battle to every unlock point that only has one battle as is. There are five pre-Chapter 4 Rendezvous like this, and the two previously mentioned post-Ch.4 Rendezvous. That still leaves two more Rendezvous free, which can maybe be added into those two Chapter 4 points.

So if anyone's ever had any ideas for some possibly interesting one-off battles in FFT, now's the time to mention them! If Elric likes an idea well enough, you might see it featured in the next release of The Lion War!
The Lion War / The Treasure Wheel
September 06, 2020, 09:27:36 pm
Here's a couple videos showing what the Treasure Wheel will look like in the next version of TLW, after the Rendezvous missions are included as single player content, in case anyone's interested. (It is still in debug mode, though, which is why you can choose from a list of loot sets. That won't be an option in game.)

There's a lot about the WotL treasure wheel that left me unimpressed. In fact, why does it even exist? There's no apparent reason to have it, since each chest is just a totally random piece of loot - this would go much faster for the players if it just gave them a reward list with randomly generated War Trophies. On top of that, the mechanics for determining loot seem to be poorly understood by players, since the system is so hazy about how to get anything. And then the loot pools are so large, it's nearly impossible to actually get anything that you're seeking.

So I completely reworked the concept.

1: Loot is separated into four subsets: Weapons, Armor, Accessories, and Consumables. I wasn't going to include the last category - however, some talk on Discord about the difficulty of getting late-game katanas to be able to actually run Draw Out convinced me to do so, with Consumable chests being able to reward multiple katanas. This allows players to be able to target a specific kind of loot.

2: Rare items are rewarded based on a dual check system. Specially colored chests can be generated, and they are guaranteed to carry a rare item. But even if you don't get a special chest, you still have a secondary chance of just getting a rare from a common chest. For battles unlocked before Chapter 4, you have a 50% chance of getting a single Silver Chest and a 25% rare chance from any common chest. Those rares will reward the player with loot from a future chapter. For battles unlocked in Chapter 4, you have a 5% chance of getting a single Gold Chest, and a 5% rare chance from any common chest. However, you can pay gil to slowly increase the odds and continually reroll the Gold chance until the current chest is gilded, and you can do this with every single chest in the wheel if you so desire.

3: While the player will be able to open three chests by default, battle sequences such as Knights Templar or Brave Story will increase the number of chests that can be opened, as well as increase the odds of getting a Gold Chest at the start.

With all this, I intend to justify the existence of the Treasure Wheel instead of just tossing the player some randomly generated loot, as well as giving the player the ability to work around the RNG to a large degree, though without going so far as to basically make rare loot purchasable.

I've attached a .rar archive of all the fixed Deep Dungeon .GNS files. Open your ISO in CDMage, go to the MAP section, and import these files over the existing .GNS files. After that, all your Deep Dungeon maps will start fully lit, and stay that way. Unless you ChangeMap to them with event commands, anyway.

Also, Pride set up an XML to do this via OrgASM down below, which ought to be quicker and easier than importing each individual GNS file in CDMage.
War of the Lions Hacking / Valhalla Editor
April 12, 2020, 03:35:25 pm
So the only reason I heard about this editor is that it was mentioned on Reddit. There seems to be next to no discussion about it on Reddit, GameFAQs, or here, so as far as I know it was just spawned out of the ether by a ghost.

It seems to allow modders a whole lot more functionality, and while I've not experimented with it at all myself, I figured I should at least put a link up to it so that people can find it more easily. A PSP ASM tool is so rare and unique it's worth it, I think.

You can find it here. I've also uploaded it to this topic just in case that link ever goes down, since who knows what's going on with the author there.

If anyone has any more to add about this, feel free to mention it in this topic. I know @BleuVII has mentioned using it before, at least, and like I said - there is just no existing discussion about this tool that I can find so far.No message is associated with this attachment.

Note: You also need to download the Python deps file and merge it into the Valhalla folder in order to get it to run.
Originally this topic talked about using Ganesha to edit the lighting of the maps. However, the maps have a hard cap on the max amount of light allowed per state, with the highest light levels only being allowed on states inaccessible to the ATTACK.OUT editor. This post has now been altered to show how to make them work with full light, which is done via hex editing instead.

If you just want to download the files directly without editing them yourself, you can find them here.

All credit goes to Xifanie, of course! She's the one who showed me what to edit in the first place.

To get this to work, you've got to do some hex editing. To the best of my understanding, the Deep Dungeon maps use multiple different states to determine the lighting, and the fully lit map is set as the fifth state. Which you can't access with the ATTACK.OUT editor since only the DD maps work this way. So, instead, we just hex edit the .GNS files for each of the maps to set all four previous states to have the same texture lighting settings as the fifth.

Open up your ISO in CDMage. Open the MAP section. Scroll down to the .GNS files for each of the maps (you can tell which of them is which by looking at the numbers on FFH's Maps page). Export them. Open them up in a hex editor. I'm using HxD, personally, and I don't have a whole lot of experience with other hex editors so I'm not sure how they might look, but hopefully enough of the process is similar to be able to follow along. For the sake of this example I'm going to be cracking open MAP106.GNS.

It's currently set to show the rows 16 bytes wide, but it'll be a lot easier to see the parts we need if they're set to 20.

Now you can see the five separate states labeled in order here under column 02. They start at 00, not 01, as is common with hexadecimal work, so they go from 00 to 04. And 04 is where the useful data is. Looks like the only difference is with the bytes under column 08, so let's take the one from state 04 and copy it to 00-03.

That's that. Save it, reimport it with CDMage, and test it out in game.

Edit: It turns out that if a specific byte is set to a different value than in the other states, it'll spawn a glitched second level that crashes your game depending on the tile. And Map 112 has this problem. You'll also need to edit that byte so it matches the value that the other states have.

Tutorials and Learning / Ability Effect Chart
November 09, 2016, 09:34:23 pm
I put this together for my own purposes a ways back when I was planning out all the Jot5 abilities that would be featured in future chapters. There's an Effect Video Compilation that shows how every Effect in the game works, but it's tedious to go through all of them wondering "will this one show properly for AoE or not?"

I don't know if this'll end up being useful for anyone, but I figured no point in letting the chart go to waste, so I'll be putting it below for anyone interested.

Quote from: R999 on March 18, 2010, 03:48:11 am

10 effects per video. Multi-target effects will be shown on 2+ targets.

Use Cmd+F or Ctrl+F  to search


To be able to observe:

  • if the effects works on multiple targets, if so how does it look like (whether it is the repeated effect, broken into separate parts, or something else)

  • where the effect is centered on (whether it is the cursor location, average of enemy locations, first target location, self, or center of map)

  • determine if the effect has different phases (for example Cure4 has two phases (first phase is centered on caster, second phase occurs on each target)

  • the sound effects

  • the speed/pace of spell

  • whether the effect can display aftermath status (damage taken, stat change, etc) on single or multiple targets

Effects Set 1

1 001   Cure       
2 002   Cure 2       
3 003   Cure 3       
4 004   Cure 4       
5 005   Raise       
6 006   Raise 2       
7 007   Reraise       
8 008   Regen/Regenerator       
9 009   Protect       
10 00A   Protect 2

Effects Set 2

1 00B   Shell       
2 00C   Shell 2       
3 00D   Wall       
4 00E   Esuna   
5 00F   Holy       
6 010   Fire       
7 011   Fire 2       
8 012   Fire 3       
9 013   Fire 4

Effects Set 3

1 014   Bolt       
2 015   Bolt 2       
3 016   Bolt 3       
4 017   Bolt 4       
5 018   Ice       
6 019   Ice 2       
7 01A   Ice 3       
8 01B   Ice 4       
9 01C   Poison       
10 01D   Frog

Effects Set 4

1 01E   Death       
2 01F   Flare       
3 020   Haste       
4 021   Haste 2       
5 022   Slow       
6 023   Slow 2       
7 024   Stop       
X 025           
X 026           
8 027   Don't Move       
9 028   Float       
10 029   Reflect

Effects Set 5

1 02B   Summon Demon       
2 02C   Quick/Critical Quick       
3 02D   Demi       
4 02E   Demi 2       
5 02F   Meteor       
X 030           
6 031   Blind       
7 032   Aspel       
8 033   Drain       
9 034   Faith/Face Up       
10 035   Innocent

Effects Set 6

1 036   Zombie       
2 037   Silence       
3 038   Berserk/Brave Up       
4 039   Chicken       
5 03A   Confuse       
6 03B   Despair       
7 03C   Don't Act       
8 03D   Sleep       
9 03E   Break       
10 03F   Moogle

Effects Set 7

1 041   Shiva       
2 042   Ramuh       
3 043   Ifrit       
4 044   Titan       
5 045   Golem (freezes game at end of effect if not using golem formula)       
6 046   Carbuncle       
7 047   Bahamut       
8 048   Odin       
9 049   Leviathan       
10 04A   Salamander   

Effects Set 8

1 04C   Silf       
2 04D   Fairy       
3 04E   Lich
4 04F   Cyclops       
5 050   Zodiac       
6 051   Angel Song       
7 052   Life Song       
8 053   Cheer Song       
9 054   Battle Song       
10 055   Magic Song   

Effects Set 9

1 056   Nameless Song       
2 057   Last Song       
3 058   Witch Hunt       
4 059   Wiznaibus       
5 05A   Slow Dance       
6 05B   Polka Polka       
7 05C   Disillusion       
8 05D   Nameless Dance       
9 05E   Last Dance       
10 05F   Spin Fist

Effects Set 10

1 060   Repeating Fist       
2 061   Wave Fist       
3 062   Earth Slash       
4 063   Secret Fist       
5 101   064   Stigma Magic       
6 102   065   Chakra       
7 103   066   Revive       
8 104   067   Gil Taking/Gilgame Heart       
9 105   068   Steal Heart       
10 106   069   Steal Helmet

Effects Set 11

1 107   06A   Steal Armor       
2 108   06B   Steal Shield       
3 109   06C   Steal Weapon       
4 110   06D   Steal Accessory       
5 111   06E   Steal Experience       
6 112   06F   Invitation       
7 113   070   Persuade       
8 114   071   Praise       
9 115   072   Threaten       
10 116   073   Preach   

Effects Set 12

1 117   074   Solution       
2 118   075   Death Sentence       
3 119   076   Negotiate       
4 120   077   Insult       
5 121   078   Mimic Daravon       
6 122   079   Pitfall       
7 123   07A   Water ball       
8 124   07B   Hell Ivy       
9 125   07C   Carve Model       
10 126   07D   Local Quake

Effects Set 13

1 127   07E   Kamaitachi       
2 128   07F   Demon Fire       
3 129   080   Quicksand       
4 130   081   Sand Storm       
5 131   082   Blizzard       
6 132   083   Gusty Wind       
7 133   084   Lava Ball       
8 134   085   Asura       
9 135   086   Koutetsu       
10 136   087   Bizen Boat

Effects Set 14

1 137   088   Murasame       
2 138   089   Heaven's Cloud       
3 139   08A   Kiyomori       
4 140   08B   Muramasa       
5 141   08C   Kikuichimoji       
6 142   08D   Masamune       
7 143   08E   Chirijiraden       
X 144   08F           
8 155   09A   Dash/Wing Attack       
X 156   09B           
9 157   09C   Heal       
10 158   09D   Yell

Effects Set 15

1 159   09E   Cheer Up       
2 160   09F   Scream       
3 161   0A0   Ultima (lvl1)       
4 162   0A1   Wish       
X 163   0A2           
5 164   0A3   Stasis Sword       
6 165   0A4   Split Punch       
7 166   0A5   Crush Punch       
8 167   0A6   Lightning Stab       
9 168   0A7   Holy Explosion       
10 169   0A8   Shellbust Stab   

Effects Set 16

1 170   0A9   Blastar Punch       
2 171   0AA   Hellcry Punch       
3 172   0AB   Icewolf Bite       
4 173   0AC   Dark Sword       
5 174   0AD   Night Sword       
6 175   0AE   Dark Holy       
7 176   0AF   Deathspell 2       
8 177   0B0   Galaxy Stop       
9 178   0B1   Heaven Thunder       
10 179   0B2   Asura

Effects Set 17

1 180   0B3   Diamond Sword       
2 181   0B4   Hydragon Pit       
3 182   0B5   Space Storage       
4 183   0B6   Sky Demon       
5 184   0B7   Heaven Thunder Back       
6 185   0B8   Asura Back       
7 186   0B9   Diamond Sword Back       
8 187   0BA   Hydragon Pit Back       
9 188   0BB   Space Storage Back       
10 189   0BC   Sky Demon Back   

Effects Set 18

1 190   0BD   Sunken State       
2 191   0BE   Shadow Stitch       
3 192   0BF   Stop Bracelet       
4 193   0C0   Summon Angel       
5 194   0C1   Shock (byblos)       
6 195   0C2   Difference       
7 196   0C3   Seal       
8 197   0C4   Chicken Race       
9 198   0C5   Hold Tight       
10 199   0C6   Darkness

Effects Set 19

1 200   0C7   Lose Voice       
2 201   0C8   Loss       
3 202   0C9   Spell       
4 203   0CA   Nightmare       
5 204   0CB   Death Cold       
6 205   0CC   Magic Ruin       
7 206   0CD   Speed Ruin       
8 207   0CE   Power Ruin       
X 208   0CF           
9 209   0D0   Mind Ruin       
X 210   0D1           
10 211   0D2   Blood Suck

Effects Set 20

1 212   0D3   Allure       
2 213   0D4   Bio       
3 214   0D5   Bio       
4 215   0D6   Bio       
5 216   0D7   Bio 2       
6 217   0D8   Bio 2       
7 218   0D9   Bio 2       
8 219   0DA   Bio 2       
9 220   0DB   Bio 3       
10 221   0DC   Bio 3   

Effects Set 21

1 222   0DD   Bio 3       
2 223   0DE   Magic Barrier       
X 224   0DF           
3 226   0E1   Very Quick Bloody Strike (don't exist?)    
4 227   0E2   Very Quick Strike (damage output or status output will display twice)       
X 228   0E3           
5 229   0E4   Melt       
6 230   0E5   Tornado       
7 231   0E6   Quake       
8 232   0E7   Teleport 3: Send       
9 233   0E8   Teleport 3: Arrive       
10 234   0E9   Toad 2   

Effects Set 22

1 235   0EA   Gravi 2       
2 236   0EB   Flare 2       
3 237   0EC   Blind 2       
4 238   0ED   Small Bomb (blue)       
5 239   0EE   Small Bomb (black)       
6 240   0EF   Confuse 2       
7 241   0F0   Sleep 2       
8 242   0F1   Ultima (lvl2)       
9 243   0F2   All-Ultima       
10 244   0F3   Mute   

Effects Set 23

1 245   0F4   Despair 2       
2 246   0F5   Return 2       
3 247   0F6   Shock (M. Sword)       
4 248   0F7   Braver       
5 249   0F8   Blade Beam       
6 250   0F9   Cross Slash       
X 251   0FA           
7 256   0FF   Climhazzard       
8 257   100   Meteorain       
9 258   101   Finish Touch       
10 259   102   Cherry Blossom

Effects Set 24

1 260   103   Omnislash       
2 261   104   Potion/Auto-Potion/Distribute       
3 262   105   Antidote       
4 263   106   Eye Drop       
5 264   107   Hi-Potion/HP Restore       
6 265   108   Remedy       
7 266   109   Echo Grass       
8 267   10A   X-Potion       
9 268   10B   Soft       
10 269   10C   Phoenix Down   

Effects Set 25

1 270   10D   Ether/Absorb Used MP       
2 271   10E   Holy Water       
3 272   10F   Maiden Kiss       
4 273   110   Hi-Ether/MP Restore       
5 274   111   Elixir/Dragon Spirit       
X 275   112           
6 289   120   Blind       
7 290   121   Spell Absorb       
8 291   122   Life Drain       
9 292   123   Pray Faith       
10 293   124   Doubt Faith   

Effects Set 26

1 294   125   Zombie       
2 295   126   Silence Song       
3 296   127   Blind Rage       
X 297   128                   
4 307   132   White Talk skill       
5 308   133   Ice Bracelet       
6 309   134   Fire Bracelet       
7 310   135   Thunder Bracelet       
8 311   136   Dragon Tame       
9 312   137   Dragon Care       
10 313   138   Dragon Power Up   

Effects Set 27

1 314   139   Dragon Level Up       
2 315   13A   Holy Bracelet       
X 316   13B           
3 317   13C   Choco Attack       
4 318   13D   Choco Ball       
5 319   13E   Choco Meteor       
6 320   13F   Choco Esuna       
7 321   140   Choco Cure        
8 322   141   Tackle       
9 323   142   Goblin Punch       
10 324   143   Turn Punch

Effects Set 28

1 325   144   Eye Gouge       
2 326   145   Mutilate       
3 327   146   Bite       
4 328   147   Small Bomb (red)       
5 329   148   Self Destruct       
6 330   149   Flame Attack       
7 331   14A   Spark       
8 332   14B   Cat Scratch       
9 333   14C   Cat Kick       
10 334   14D   Blaster   

Effects Set 29

1 335   14E   Poison Nail       
2 336   14F   Blood Suck (Vampire)       
3 337   150   Tentacle       
4 338   151   Black Ink       
5 339   152   Odd Soundwave       
6 340   153   Mind Blast       
7 341   154   Level Blast       
8 342   155   Knife Hand/Damage Split       
9 343   156   Thunder Soul       
10 344   157   Aqua Soul

Effects Set 30

1 345   158   Ice Soul       
2 346   159   Wind Soul       
3 347   15A   Throw Spirit       
4 348   15B   Zombie Touch       
5 349   15C   Sleep Touch       
6 350   15D   Drain Touch       
7 351   15E   Grease Touch       
8 352   15F   Wing Attack       
9 353   160   Look of Devil       
10 354   161   Look of Fright   

Effects Set 31

1 355   162   Circle       
2 356   163   Death Sentence       
3 357   164   Scratch Up       
4 358   165   Beak
5 359   166   Shiny Love       
6 360   167   Feather Bomb       
7 361   168   Beaking       
8 362   169   Straight Dash       
9 363   16A   Nose Bracelet       
10 364   16B   Oink   

Effects Set 32

1 365   16C   Pooh-       
2 366   16D   Please Eat       
3 367   16E   Leaf Dance       
4 368   16F   Protect Spirit       
5 369   170   Calm Spirit       
6 370   171   Life Spirit       
7 371   172   Magic Spirit       
8 372   173   Shake Off       
9 373   174   Wave Around       
10 374   175   Mimic Titan   

Effects Set 33

1 375   176   Gather Power/Caution       
2 376   177   Blow Fire       
3 377   178   Tentacle       
4 378   179   Lick       
5 379   17A   Goo       
6 380   17B   Bad Bracelet       
7 381   17C   Moldball Virus       
8 382   17D   Stab Up       
9 383   17E   Sudden Cry       
10 384   17F   Hurricane   

Effects Set 34

1 385   180   Ulmaguest       
2 386   181   Giga Flare       
3 387   182   Dash       
4 388   183   Tail Swing       
5 389   184   Ice Bracelet       
6 390   185   Fire Bracelet       
7 391   186   Thunder Bracelet       
8 392   187   Triple Attack    (freezes game without special flags?)   
9 393   188   Triple Bracelet       
10 394   189   Triple Thunder   

Effects Set 35

1 395   18A   Triple Flame       
2 396   18B   Dark Whisper       
3 397   18C   Foxbird       
4 398   18D   Confusion Song       
5 399   18E   Energy       
6 400   18F   Parasite       
7 401   190   Dispel Magic       
8 402   191   Snake Carrier       
9 403   192   Poison Frog       
10 404   193   Midgar Swarm

Effects Set 36

1 405   194   Paralyze       
2 406   195   Sleep       
3 407   196   Petrify       
4 408   197   Lifebreak       
5 409   198   Nanoflare       
6 410   199   Grand Cross       
7 411   19A   Destroy       
8 412   19B   Compress       
9 413   19C   Dispose       
10 414   19D   Crush   

Story Related Effects
Story Effects Set 37

1 451   1C2   Dejeon: Send (orbonne, battle vs Rofel)    (only visible on level 1 panels)
2 452   1C3   Scorpio's Revive spell (Rafa revives Malak)    (target shows no reaction ie not in pain)   
3 453   1C4   Altima's Ultimate Transformation       
4 454   1C5   End of the World (Altima's Death)        (freezes on certain maps? special flags?)
5 455   1C6   Banish (Murond's entrance)        (turns screen to white at the end, and statys white)
6 456   1C7   Fire (unknown)        (freezes at the end)
7 457   1C8   Flood (Bethla Sluice)    (freezes on certain maps?)   
8 458   1C9   Fire Explosion (Fort Zeakden)       
9 459   1CA   Strong Fire Explosion (Fort Zeakden)    (camera flies up at the end, stays for a while)   
10 460   1CB   Mini Explosion (Fort Zeakden)

The effects are a shade of green if they work with AoE, and blue if they do not. "Multi" means multiple target (so AoE), "Rep." is for Repeating, as in whether the ability's full effect will repeat for every unit affected by it.
So I was poking around the Onion Knights and reading here about them, trying to think about some ways to make them more viable for use in the game.

I know the idea of giving them a standard skillset means that the skillset is inherently tied to whatever they've learned in Squire as opposed to their own skillset's abilities. I mean, it works, but it's messed up that way. And if you're changing Squire's skillset, or OK's requirements, there's no guarantee you'll have every ability going into OK.

But something I haven't seen pointed out on here is that, if you change their skillset's Action Menu command to Monster, then Onion Knights always have 3 guaranteed abilities - four, if you put four abilities in the set and walk next to a Beastmaster.

Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone that might be interested. 3 abilities at least makes the OK halfway decent, right? Depends on how powerful your chosen abilities are...

Something to note is that this setup not only prevents other classes from using the OK's action skills, but it doesn't prevent them from using any support or movement skills you learn in the OK (if you equip Accumulate JP or use that small amount of starter JP, since that's the only way to get any).
Spriting / Male Mystic Knight (probably final)
July 05, 2015, 04:10:32 pm
So Twin came up with a portrait back in April for this little spriting project of mine, and at the time I didn't immediately want to use it since I wanted to try to learn from the example first.

And then, uh, I never actually did that. And then I also forgot to include it here.

Despite using the portrait as my avatar for friggin' ever by now.

So I'm putting it in today, before I forget again! I did slightly edit his portrait, but only by, like, ten pixels.

This MK comes with a second green palette to match my avatar, because why not.

Took some suggestions from Twinees and added two more colors into the sprite to give it its full 16 per palette. Mostly focused on filling in more of the shirt with the new dark purple color - there are more sleeves instead of shadows.
Also fixed up a lot of the arm/cloak frames now that I'm using more color and less shadow in them.
Twinees was also able to provide me a much better turban design for the portrait, which I'm now using.

In fact, I sent several messages to Twinees over the last few days, giving me some vital feedback as I worked on the sprite. Twinees is boss.

I don't yet have any more than a single palette in for this version. It's late-o-clock here and I'll get to that another day. Feel free to suggest color schemes if you're interested though! (i.e. brown cloak, grey clothing, red trim)

Note that I am still editing the sprite as feedback comes in. Until I have a new version ready, I won't be changing the files on this post.

I noticed we didn't have one of these in the Sprites section, so I made one using Beowulf as a base.

Preview with all five palettes, and compared to Mystic Knight sprites from other games:

And now I've got one I put together from the Knight sprite instead:

I'm playing around with adding Ladd as a guest up until the waterfall battle, where he then chooses to stay with Ramza rather than betray the team with Gaffgarion. He's just got one line at the moment, but it's the last one, and doesn't close.

This is what it looks like unedited: Ramza says Ovelia won't be another Tietra, then talking ends.


Edited. Ladd, with the ID of Orran (he's getting a custom job/sprite for this, and I figured it would be best to make his Unit ID match his job)



As well, Message 29 is unused in the TEST.EVT.

//Message x28
{font:00}Damn it...{end}

//Message x29
{font:00}Gaffgarion, you bastard!{br}
You think I'll betray them?{br}
No way!{br}
{Ramza}! I'm with you!{end}

Anyone know what I'm missing when it comes to making a text box close?
Help! / Making new Weapon Strike based skills
October 30, 2011, 11:22:18 pm
I've been trying to make some weapon strike skills work... mostly simple stuff for a revamped Archer, things that will allow the archer to fire a poison shot, a sleep shot, a mana restoration shot (mostly because I found that one amusing), and a death shot.

Anyway, I managed to get them all functioning wonderfully, but when I use the skills with a melee weapon, they won't show the damage done or effects inflicted. The spells use the FFFF animation, formula 2D for the damage ones; ether formula for the mana shot, and they're basically copies of the Rend skills.

I know the effects of the Rend skills appear even when you do them with a melee weapon, so I'm wondering if there's anything I could possibly be missing as I work on this.
Help! / Weapon modification
October 27, 2011, 05:59:46 pm
I haven't made any major, sweeping changes yet, but I was planning on doing such things as changing all Flails into Axes, changing Axes to the 2D formula (which gives them the same effect as the Sword formula), changing the Books into Bags, changing some Knives into Ninja Blades...

Anyway, I've been testing this weapon swapping on Dragoons, and when I tried changing a polearm into a bag, it seems to work okay - except when attacking, the final outstretched animation changes it into a bow.

Is there something I don't know about weapon editing that's coming back to bite me on the ass? >_>

The attributes of the Spear match the attributes of the Croakadile Bag for palette, graphic, item type, second table, range, formula, weapon power,
Striking, Lunging, 2 Hands, and Throwable.

(I'll be playing with more editing after posting this, seeing if it glitches for other weapon types too.)


Hmm. Changing the options in Patcher failed even harder for the Flail -> Axe, Ninja Blade -> Knife (graphic), and Book -> Bag... this time instead of one animation being wonky and the others successful, none of them changed in the slightest. :/
First, I hope this is the right board for this :P

Secondly, can I just make a request, for anyone coming in hoping to modify the text of the PSP version, to have the 457 TacText file either included in the most recent Patcher Suite, or to have it or its Patcher Suite up separately?

It took me several days and required me to open my own topic before I was able to find out what the problem was (the TacText files currently on that tab seem to be totally incompatible with War of the Lions) and to find a copy of the download.

The download address for a 457 bundle right now is here: ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=7837.0;attach=8927
Quote from: pesmerga001 on October 03, 2011, 12:09:06 am
You are using fftactext 457 right? Thats the ONLY one i have gotten to work for the psp...
Also, have a clean ISO, I had the same stinking problem a while back.
I tried it with a clean iso, no prob, then i tried it again 5 min after patching it with tactext, then it failed so...my guess its a one time deal.

(Linked:) ffhacktics.com/smf/index.php?action=dlattach;topic=7837.0;attach=8927

Quote from: RandMuadDib on October 02, 2011, 04:13:29 pm
Delete all of the japanese characters you find, save your file as an fftext or whatever, CLOSE FFTACTEXT, and then reopen it, load the file, then try patching. If that doesn't work, try shortening some descriptions oe other entries in the .lzw file that tactext is complaining about.

I've been trying to edit an ISO that I pulled myself from my physical copy of Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

I can't edit the text in any way, shape, or form using TacText Editor. If I take my copy of an unchanged ISO, open it with TacText, change nothing, save that as Unchanged.fftext, open that, then try to patch the ISO it came from ... "DTE for BOOT.BIN 5 Failed. ISO was NOT changed!"

I'm currently copying the ISO over to my computer again, just to double-check that.

Edit: I've also gotten the "DTE for Open.LZW failed" message a couple times, too, while trying to patch the actual modified text.

Fixed, thanks to following the tips from these two. I haven't needed to delete Japanese characters yet though :)