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September 23, 2021, 05:14:19 am


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Hi I'm Dokurider

Started by Dokurider, March 29, 2012, 05:26:52 am


Following trends is fun. I can see why people do them.

So first off, What is a Doku and exactly what how does one ride one? The immortal question asked since I first registered on Gamefaqs with that very name. Simply put, Dokurider is a mondegreen, or a corruption of the YuGiOh card "Dokurorider"

I'm not a YuGiOh fan, but I loved this one YuGiOh video game called War of the Roses. I was introduced to the card there, misread the name as Dokurider and the rest is history. So yeah, my name is just a pleasurable sound to my ears. It holds no meaning. Doku is supposed to mean Poison in Japanese, but I've also heard it meant Alone.

I've been apart of the FFH community for a long time. Ever since it was primarily all happening on the FFT Gamefaqs board. I actually couldn't get the patch to work for the longest time. But once they switched from that stupid .lua bullshit into the.ppf files we now all know and love, I was hooked.

I admittedly don't do much around here. Back when we hosted 1.3, I used to do a lot of theory crafting, debating over what should be balanced or not. It may not have been the most productive and I may not have been exactly the best at it, but it was sure a helluva lot of fun. When 1.3 was gone, I lost direction and drifted off and I never quite came back like I did.

I've also became rather frustrated with the limitations that FFT's software imposes, so I started chasing butterflies and dreaming about that pie in sky instead. I understand why it goes at the pace it goes at, and I have respect for those that hack the game, but I often feel that all the effort put into hacking FFT could have been just put into rebuilding the game from scratch, DMCA's from Sqeenix be damned.

And that's what Tethical is. And I was to help work on it. But then I got a very time consuming job and I didn't even have the time anymore to even look on FFH anymore for a while. It didn't help things being rather amateur with Python anyways. I always felt rather ashamed about that. So, sorry about that Kivutar.

I learned so much about the process of making video games and making them balanced. Just seeing the process of modding a game gave me a real appreciation about the art of game making, what goes into making them, and a love of game mechanics. I could read Game Mechanic Guides all day long.

I'm not much into graphics at all. In fact, I don't give a shit about them. If I made a game, I would delegate the responsibilities of graphics and all that fluffy shit to anyone else but me. I would pick the graphics guy at random if I had to. They just aren't important to me. I only care enough so that what I need to get across to the player.

So what am I doing presently? I mainly roleplay these days. It was something I was recently introduced to, thanks to FDC. I took to RPing rather well. In fact, I'm a natural at it. One of the reasons I'm RPing is to improve my skills. My writing skills in plotting out stories and coming up with twists on things currently being put to the test.

I'd also like seeing how and what people think of my ideas. I've been thinking on my ideas for stories since I was a child. My current character and his back story was a product of at least two years of work on my part. It's significant to me in that it's the fastest I've ever developed a story (until recently), so that's an improvement.

It's also really brought out aspects of myself I didn't even know where there. I had never in my life had been so pushy and domineering until I started RPing. And when things weren't going my way, man, I really showed a different side of myself. Again, I have never been aggressive with anyone like that in my entire life. I never took charge of anything. I never took the initiative. It was really weird.

Other than RPing, I've been secretly making a game. I've been keeping it a secret because I didn't want anyone to get disappointed if it didn't turn out. It doesn't help that I work on it rather infrequently anyways or that it's impact on FFH would be minimal at best. It's basically a miniature FFT. No graphics. Just ASCII. I'll be the first to admit it's strictly amateur. When I'm done with it, it'll be my little playground where I can field whatever I can think of. No job or ability will be out of the question. No more worrying about space or trying to figure out what Squeenix was thinking when they were coding.

Right now, I'm working out how I'm going to code maps. Specifically, how to fit terrain and all this other variables I want in a way that will allow for future modifications. The last thing I want is have to rewrite entire swaths of code. I want to get it right the first time, but I'm beginning to think that not only is a rewrite in the future is going to happen, it's going to be a irrevocable part of my process. As they say, "It can't be helped."

So yeah, I guess that's all I want to say. What my name means, how long I've been around, and what I'm doing. I probably took this introduction a little too seriously and wrote too much for anyone to want to read, but I hate not getting my points across. I take it as a person failure if I don't.


Welcome to FFH, where all your dreams come true!~
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Welcome to FFH, where all your dreams come true!
and dokurider.. thanks for RPing with us :)
Please do share your ideas and suggestion for my project:

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I'm interested in your game, your pet project.

FFT uses 2D sprites on a 3D background.  Are you doing the same?  Since you said it's small, I assume you use 2D sprites (ASCII, in this case) on a 2D background - which basically means you're almost making a roguelike.

If you want complete freedom, you'll need a 3D characters on a 3D background, but - as you said - you don't care about graphics, so that might be nothing but a pain in the ass for you.

In any case, I recommend you google roguelikes, and try out the original rogue sometime.  It's pure game mechanics, with only shitty ASCII graphics, so I think you'll like it.  Plus, it's open source, so you can learn from it, and fork it to make your own, or convert it into more of a tactical RPG.

I recommend you go to school for computer science, or at least computer information science (webmastering and networking and shit), if you aren't already.


Quote from: Dokurider on March 29, 2012, 05:26:52 amSimply put, Dokurider is a mondegreen, or a corruption of the YuGiOh card "Dokurorider"

I knew it!
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