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FFT+ / My hacking notes
October 27, 2015, 06:53:20 am
I present to you, for the lulz, some of the many papers I used to organize (without much success...) my work with FFT: Plus
Warning: The infos in these papers might be outdated.

FFT+ / FFT: Plus [Battle Logs]
October 27, 2015, 06:21:31 am
Use this topic to post your battle logs/videos/image.
If you want your YT channel here, just ask and it will be added to the list!
FFT+ / FFT: Plus [Bug Reports]
October 27, 2015, 06:10:56 am
While I truly hope my patch has no bugs, I know that such a thing is pretty much impossible.
Report here anything that doesn't work as intended/graphical glitch/typo and
it will get fixed in the next release.
FFT+ / FFT: Plus 1.02 [Official Download Topic]
October 27, 2015, 06:01:10 am

Click here to download!

What's FFT: Plus?
"A rebalancing patch that makes FFT a more challenging experience while keeping the game accessible
to newbies and veterans alike, and adds extra content to the game while leaving FFT's timeless story intact

As the description of the patch says, I did not make this hack myself.
It would have been impossible without the tools and help FFH gave to me.
I'll probably miss someone/something :P Forgive me if I do! (Send me a PM to remind me what I missed!)

I'd like to thank, in no specific order:
- Melonhead and Glain for creating the FFTPatcher suite
- Xifanie because without her FFH wouldn't exist and for some Hacks I used
- Pride Razele formerdeathcorps nates1984 FFMaster pokeytax Rfh Choto RavenOfRazgriz
   for the many Hacks and tools they created/coded over the years
- Elric for fixing the issue with Rad at the beginning of the game
- Jumza for his edits to when the Deep Dungeon unlocks
- Everyone who played the patch at least once
- Everyone who posted here to provide feedback or just to say "Well done!"

Without you guys, I wouldn't have been able to release FFT: Plus 1.02.
Now...why are you still here? Download the patch and play! Have fun :D

Recruitment / Small worldmap/attack.out edit for FFT+
October 19, 2015, 12:33:23 pm
Request: The event in Warjilis that unlocks the Deep Dungeon only triggers if you have the "Virgo" Zodiac stone (So, you must have defeated Altima to enter)
Spam / Roll to Doge
October 14, 2015, 02:15:35 pm
Tl;Dr rules:
- You control yourself, writing -one- action per post using this format: > [Command] .
- Any action has a chance of failure or success based on a dice roll. (I roll, not you)
- You can attack other players, or try to become stronger finding items/building stuff/whatever.
- The goal is elimination of the other players by making them Roll to dodge.
- Rolling 1 or 6 usually has tragicomical results.
- If you die, you can't do shit unless you roll a 6.

Quote from: Kokojo on September 09, 2014, 12:19:08 am
Roll to Dodge! is a unique text adventure, in that you don't control one character. You control yourself. Each person that submits an action will be acting of their own accord, on their own character. Characters may interact with the environment and each other any way they wish. Because of this, you may only submit one action per roll. I will take the latest action you submit, and if you accidentally make two actions at once, I will take only the second one. If I catch it before the time I update, however, I'll attempt to leave a warning.

What kind of actions you can perform? Well, first of all, try to avoid doing something too obscene. Outside of that, however, your actions and the consequences are only ruled by two things: Your imagination, and these:

That's right! When I update every day, I will be rolling a die. This is part of the reason behind why this game is called "Roll to Dodge!" Any action you make has a chance of failure or success based on the outcome of a 1d6 roll. Here's a breakdown of what happens:

1 - Epic Fail: The exact opposite happens
2 - Fail: You fail to complete the action
3 - Troubling Success: You complete the action, however not without trouble or damage.
4 - Success: You complete the action. That's it.
5 - Perfect Success: You complete the action well enough that you receive a boost from the outcome
6 - Overshoot: You complete the action so utterly thoroughly that something unintended happens.

Of course, the other part of the reason why this game is called "Roll to Dodge!" is because you also have to dodge things. Players may attack one another, and the Environment (as well as any denizens of which) may attack players of their own free will as well. If you are attacked, I will automatically roll for your character. Here is a breakdown of how the roll affects you:

1 - Fatal Wound: You die
2 - Serious Wound: If attacked again within the next two turns, if you roll a 3 or lower, you will die.
3 - Grazed Wound: Your suffer a penalty.
4 - Graze Clothing: You take no damage, Nothing happens
5 - Graze Score: Your evade and gain something.
6 - Counter: The attack will - If a player - be forced to roll to dodge, or if part of the environment, be destroied/defeated.

/shamelessly copy-pasted.

Additionnal rules :
- You control only your own character
- You can submit (almost) any action.
- The goal is elimination of the other players by making them Roll to dodge!
- Once you're dead, you can still ''attempt'' to play, but it will do nothing unless you roll a 6.
- You wake up in a grassy field, and >wake up should be your first action.
- You may get items or boons to help you, those will be kept. Seeking bonuses may very well give you some.
- Attacks are usually restricted to one person at a time, unless you get a certain boon/item. This is to make my life easier.

Btw, all commands should look like this

"> [Command]"

> Build a Mecha for fighthing:
1: You deconstruct your petting hand. (-1 to next roll)
2: You forget how to make things.
3: You make the mech, but it's not sturdy and falls on you. (-1 to next roll, you get a broken mech.)
4: You make a battle mech and he's pretty neat! (You get Battlemech : Can't roll a 2 while attacking.)
5: You make the mech and the magical killer fairy helped you, resulting in a killing machine! (You get SuperBattleMech : Can't roll a 1 or 2 while attacking.)
6: You make the Battlemech, however the AI is too developed and it sees you as a threat, and begins shooting at you!

(thus, the 6 would bring up those options :)
1: You don't do it. X has died.
2: You get seriously wounded, but escape alive. X is injured!
3: You get away from the missiles, but a bullet gets you. (-1 to next roll)
4: You evade everything like a pro.
5: Not only do you evade everything, but ninjas are so impressed with that they decide to teach you a few tricks. (+1 to next roll)
6: You effortlessly destroy the mech with your pinky finger.

Spam / >Pray with me...
October 10, 2015, 03:07:55 am
...so the almighty can be reborn once again.

The holy scripture say that in time of peril the savior wakes up from his deep slumber, to protect the righteous against the forces of evil that plague the world...

Pray with me, because the world needs that power once again...


I need you guys to play the patch and post about anything you feel it's worth mentioning (Bugs, balance issues, glitches, etc etc...)

P.s: Ramza has an unnamed skill in his skillset that pretty much kills any non ??? enemy.
Use it if you wish to advance faster in the story

- Rad "derps" during the first event in Orbonne
- "First aid" will work as Chakra in the next patch
- JP costs will be lowered all around
- Agrias is a Paladin, not a holy knight  :P
- Scholars' quote are derped
- Thief job can equip Ninja swords but the weapons' description don't mention it
- Defend support ability must die. Love the Knight job (And Completeboy)
- Fix the bonus Hp values of clothes to give more consistency
- Scholar' abilities have typos (Oh, the irony)
- Equip bows doesn't let you equip bows
- Problems with Holy cure and Dark/ra

- Patch cannot be properly edited after being applyed to a fresh Iso
- Lavian, Alicia and Rad join at the wrong level
- Boco' job and skillset have wrong names
- Time mage and Dancer have wrong growths
- Enemies use too many knives
- Choco feather has wrong AoE
- Choco ball has wrong description
- Queklain skill' Bio3 does not work properly (And his skillset can be improved)
- Velius skills have unedited names
- Squids cast Water but shout Bolt4 to overcome their fear of Lighting
- Birds try to emulate them shouting Ice4
- Sprite bugs in a Bariaus Hill random
- Squire generic job doesn't fear Cold
- Agrias is missing from a story battle
- Some jobs have wrong requirements written
- Minotaurus family and Molbor family have errors with sprites and skillsets
- Izlude hands out the boss ring after he's defeated (Wrong)
- Bafalmula sprite is bugged
- Special battle in Poeskas needs to be improved/fixed
- Human bosses in ch4 might need a little upgrade
FFT+ / [Old] -A bit- extreme ideas worth discussing
December 08, 2014, 02:53:36 am
You know, Vanilla Rafa and Malak are awful
The usual way to deal with the issue is just to buff the skillset (No charge time, more damage, more hits, etc etc...)

The idea I had is to give them a different skillset (While still keeping the "ignore faith" and "Reverse faith" flavour they have)

Rafa: She would gain the old "summon" skills (Now removed, the generic summoner has been changed into FFTA2 Scholar), with a changed formula (Dunno yet, just something that doesnt use Fa)

Malak: He would gain a "necromancer" (Please, keep reading) skillset. he would be the only one able to use the "Zombie" spell, and various buff-debuffs that hit undeads (Remember that Undeads are very strong. they never die...literally). He would also gain tier 1-3 dark elemental spells and 1 or 2 spells that hit with his old "low faith-more damage" formula

In this way they are very flavour (You know, the whole "assassins with rare magic" would make sense now), and strong

Reis might be a good Blue mage. you know, being a monster and all...

What do you think?
The Lounge / FF7 - PS4 Port
December 07, 2014, 12:45:05 pm
This is the kind of thing that either goes very well, or very bad...
FFT+ / [Old] Moving forward 1.02
December 02, 2014, 06:25:20 am
(Thanks Xifanie for the formatting guide)

Welcome aboard guys! This topic has 2 purposes: organize all my memos, and tease you about the future patch!

Yes, I know...the patch has been "on hold" for a very long period of time. There are many explanations, (Last but not least, my laziness) but worry not: FFT+ is a dream for me, and I dont want to let it go (You know FFH's motto...right?  ;))

Special Jobs


When I started tinkering the jobs, my hope was to make each one useful. There must be a sense of progression (What's the point of unlocking the Ninja, if the Squire is stronger?), but each job should have a niche, and never become a complete waste of space.

Throw Stone: Low damage, mid range attack
First aid: Low HP heal
Revive: High%, restores 1 HP to dead units
Heal: Removes Poison, Blind, Silence, Slow, Berserk

Job highlights
- Has an all-around useful skillset (Removes most common status, free HP Heal & revive)
- Can equip all Physical weapons (And Axes, weapon unique to them)
- Has "Monster Skill" as innate ability

Potion: Heal 30 HP
Hi-Potion: Heal 20% HP
X-Potion: Heal 33% HP
Ether: Restore 20 MP
Hi-Ether: Restore 50 MP
Elixir: Full HP/MP Restore
Antidote: Cancel Poison, Don't move, Don't act
Echo Grass: Cancel Silence, Sleep
Eye Drop: Cancel Blind, Confusion
Holy Water: Cancel Undead, Blood Suck, Oil
Maiden' kiss: Cancel Frog, Berserk
Soft: Cancel Stone, Stop
Phoenix Down: Cancel Dead

Job highlights
- Awesome support skillset, doesn't use Faith and has no charge time
- Can equip all Magical weapons
- Has "Throw item" as innate ability (Range of "items" becomes 3)

Break Shield: Weapon attack that breaks enemy' shield
Break Helmet: Weapon attack that breaks enemy' helmet
Break Armor: Weapon attack that breaks enemy' armor
Break Weapon: Weapon attack that breaks enemy' weapon
Aim: Low dmg, 100% attack. Requires sword
Guard!: Defend on self and nearby allies

Job highlights
- Tankiest job around
- Can Break stuff at a high %
- Only job that can use the "defend" status

Charge +1: The longer the charge, the higher the damage
Charge +2: The longer the charge, the higher the damage
Charge +3: The longer the charge, the higher the damage
Charge +5:  The longer the charge, the higher the damage
Charge +10: The longer the charge, the higher the damage

Job highlights
- Ranged Physical unit
- A great mix of speed, tankyness and range

Accumulate: +1 PA on self
Chakra: Heal HP/MP on self or nearby ally
Earth Slash: 5 range linear attack, Earth element
Spin Fist: AoE attack around self
Wave fist: 3 range wind attack
Stigma Magic: Cancel negative status not removed by Squire' Heal
Secret fist: Death sentence on a nearby enemy

Job highlights
- High damage output with no weapon
- Can Increase PA
- Come on, everyone loves the Hokuto reference

Fire 1/2/3: Damage
Ice 1/2/3: AoE
Bolt 1/2/3: Speed
Water: Tier 2 water damage
Wind: Tier 2 wind damage
Earth: Tier 2 earth damage
Flare: Instant single target damage, Tier 1.5 spell

Job highlights
- Master of elemental spells
- Each element has it's own perks
- Highest MA

Cure 1/2/3: Heal HP
Protect: Protect on ally
Shell: Shell on ally
Regen: Regen on ally
Esuna: Removes all negative status
Raise 1/2: Cancel dead (50/100% HP)
Reraise: Reraise on ally
Prayer: 33% HP heal on ally, instant

Job highlights
- Strongest support job
- Can resurrect at 100% HP, remove all negative status in a single turn

Haste: Add Haste
Slow: Add Slow
Stop: Add Stop
Don't move: Add don't move
Float: Add float
Reflect: Add Reflect
Freeze: Instant Slow - Don't move

Job highlights
- Haste and slow are VERY strong status
- Fastest magic job
- Some little-yet-useful utility spell

Study: Restores MP on self
Shadow Tome: Dark Damage on all units
Holy Tome: Holy Damage on all units
Earth Dragon Tome: Earth Damage on all units
Water Tiger Tome: Water Damage on all units
Wind Lion Tome: Wind Damage on all units
Mad scientist: Random buff on an ally

Job highlights
- Can hit all units at once
- Highest MP of all jobs

Steal Weapon: You can guess it
Steal Armor: You can guess it
Steal Shield: You can guess it
Steal Helmet: You can guess it
Steal accessory: You can guess it
Smoke Bomb: Range 3 inflict blind
Slice Throat: Melee attack + Silence

Job highlights
- Fastest job
- Move find item innate (Only job that can find items)
- Only way to get some end-game gear is to steal it

Praise: +5 Br
Threaten: -20 Br
Preach: +5 Fa
Solution: -20 Fa
Insult: Add Berserk
Mimic Daravon: Sleep AoE
Steal Heart: Add Charm

Job highlights
- Only job that can increase/reduce Brave/Faith (Even if only for a battle)
- Instant, strong Status
- Only job that can use Guns

Bio: Tier 1.5 non-elemental dmg can add Poison
Mana Shypon: Drains MP
Pray Faith: Add Faith
Doubt Faith: Add Innocent
Petrify: Add Stone
Confusion: Add Confusion
Paralyze: Add Don't act
Frog: Add Frog
Dispel: Remove all positive Status
Condemn: Random Debuff, instant

Job highlights
- Beefiest mage
- Can use many crippling status spells
- Can drain MP

Same, but every skill has an element now

Job highlights
- Good Mixed damage
- Both range and melee
- AoE, no cost, instant damage

Jump 1-5: Same as Vanilla

Job highlights
- Fast & Tanky
- Good, 100% hit dmg


Job highlights
- 2 Hands Innate
- Great damage output, both Physical and Magical

Throw Shuriken: Ranged attack, use item
Throw Ball: Ranged attack, use item

Job highlights
- 2 Swords innate
- The quintessence of a glass cannon
- Range of spells based on Movement (Potentially highest in the game)

Restore: Restore all HP
Dark Holy: Strong single target damage dark element
Holy: Strong single target damage holy element
Dispel 2: Remove all status
Soul Drain: Drains HP
Death: Kills a unit
Wall: Protect & Shell

Job highlights
- Ultimate single target damage
- Good all-around magical skillset

- Angel Song: AoE MP Restore
- Life Song: AoE HP Restore
- Nameless Song: Random Buff
- Last Song: AoE Quick
- Witch Hunt: AoE MP Dmg
- Wiznabus: AoE HP Dmg
- Nameless dance: Random Debuff
- Polka Polka: -1PA AoE
- Disillusion: -1MA AoE

Job highlights
- AoE, versatile skillset
- Can lower enemy' stats
- Smart target


Special jobs are way stronger than normal, and come with unique abilities (And way more powerful R/S/M abilities than a Squire)


Job highlights
- Versatility at his finest

Same as Squire

Job highlights
- Can equip EVERYTHING
- Good all-around stats

Leg Aim: Inflicts Don't move, weapon range
Arm Aim: Inflicts Don't act, weapon range
Magic Break: -2 MA, Weapon Range
Power Break: -2 PA, Weapon Range

Job highlights
- MA/PA reducing skills are very powerful
- Range and mobility

Stasis sword: Same except that is evadable and costs mp
Split Punch: Same except that is evadable and costs mp
Crush Punch: Same except that is evadable and costs mp
Cure 1.5 (Name?): Same as cure, but a little stronger
Raise 1.5 (Name?): Same as Raise, but a little stronger

Job highlights
- Swordskills...
- ...& white magic in a single pack!

- Moogle - Ifrit - Shiva - Ramuh - Titan - Silf - Leviathan - Bahamut
Moogle heals, all the others do elemental (Except Bahamut) damage. They ignore Faith

Job highlights
- STRONG AoE damage
- Ignores enemy' faith

Zombie: Inflicts Zombie
Seal Undead: Inflicts stone (Undead only)
Requiem: MBarrier (Undead only)
Dark/ra/ga: Tier 1/2/3 spell dark elemental
Deep Night: Sleep on everyone
Corruption: Tier 2 instant spell that hits with his old "untruth" formula

Job highlights
- Only one that can use the undead status
- Undeads never cristalize/treasure, they are strong as fuck

Lighting Stab: Same, but evadable and costs mp
Night Sword: Same, but evadable and costs mp
Dark sword: Same, but evadable

Job highlights
- A dark knight on crack
- Only one that can use "Lighting Stab", arguably the strongest SwordSkill

Same as before + Holy explosion (Range 3)
All skills are evadable and cost mp

Job highlights
- Damage + Break
- Holy explosion to hit pesky monsters

Break - Confuse - Sleep - Despair - Shock: Same as before, range 3
Soul Sphere: AoE MP Damage
Disrupt: Cancel Defend/Charging/Performing

Job highlights
- Armored mage
- Instant status

I'd like to edit his skills so she can use them on every monster instead of dragons only. dunno if it's possible...

Job highlights

Same, but locks on target and charge faster. no Cherry blossom

Job highlights
- Strong damage
- FF7 is awesome


It's hard to make everyone happy:
- Pro/veterans of the game will ask for more/stronger enemies with smart set-ups and 10 levels above you. and still roflstomp each battle like there is no tomorrow.
- Newbs will say that every battle is too hard because they can only use 5 units against 6 enemies, or because they can't control guests.
- Some people will argue that Fake Difficulty is real, while someone else will say that it isn't.
And so on...

So, what's the philosophy behind the patch?
What I aim for, is "fair" difficulty
It's hard to describe what I think it's fair difficulty, so I'll make some examples
- Fighting enemies that will always act before you no matter what and unleash powerful attacks before you can even move (Like Brightmoon Tor in FFTA2) it's not fair. (But don't mistake "Unfair" for "Impossible". they are different things)
- Fighting enemies that have a similar "power level" than you, that you must defeat using strategy...well, that's what I call "Fair". It's a strategy game, after all!

- Having to reset a battle because the 10% to miss a move-find-item decided to screw you over is a bad design choice/fake difficulty
- Having to choose between an easy Elmdor Battle without stealing, or a long-drawn out battle because you want to steal his stuff is ok. You decide, not the RNG

- A boss with an "Instant 999 damage on all the party" attack is not fair
- The same boss with an attack that deals 999 damage around himself, after a long charge, however, is completely fine (You need to think to win: the attack is strong, but there are ways around it)

So, what did I do to make the patch' difficulty level "Fair"?
- Enemies are always at the same level you are (Few exceptions here and there, mostly bosses)
- Enemies unlock stronger abilities depending on the chapter you are playing (Don't hope to fight monks with weapon guard in Ch 4)
- Enemies use the same equipment you can get in stores (Some enemies have better gear, so you can make your thieves happy <3)

Looking at the list, you might think "Man, you are making this mod WAY TOO HARD!"
But...think about it.
You have 2 "secret weapons" on your side:
1) You have a brain, the game doesnt. You can learn from your mistakes and adapt your strategy
2) You can grind to unlock new jobs/abilities, the enemies can't

In this way, you are free to play the game in any way you see fit:
- Want a challenge? Never grind & don't fight random battles. You'll have to carefully manage your resources to win...Fire Emblem style!
- You dont like difficulty? Play a lot of random battles, unlock new jobs (Ninjas in Dorter? Why not! no one is going to punish you) and roflstomp the game

Still think the game is too easy? Well, don't worry. Trust me, there are enemies way stronger than Altima in Ivalice...


- Each spot on the map will feature 3 monster families
- Monsters are now faster, stronger, and put up quite a fight before going down
- Monsters of the same family have the same stats, but have different abilities (No monster is outclassed, they are just different)
- Think of them as a strong, highly specialized unit. Use them wisely, and they will serve you well. Underestimate them, and you will bite the dust.
- Since "Invite" is gone, you need to "train" them (Archer support ability)


- Move find item will always give you the same item (Low Br to get better items? retarded)
- Most endgame stuff must be stolen from ch4 enemies (Thieves!)
- To trigger a random battle, you must click on the spot (People avoided them anyway with quicksave)
- Best compat does 25% instead of 50% extra dmg, good/bad 12.5%
- Specials can do propositions
- You can change name of human units
- Cursor starts on "Continue" instead of new game
- Equip Crossbow lets you equip Bow+Crossbow
- Equip Sword lets you equip Swords+K.Swords
- Equip Axe lets you equip Axes & flails
- Undeads always come back 100% of the times
- Support above Short charge gives you 25% more precision
- Short charge works on charge
- Arrow Guard blocks Bows, Guns & Thrown Items
- Axes do PA*WP damage
- Party Roster hack
- You can enter the Fur Shop without "Poach"
- Stolen & Broken Equipment can be bought back at the fur Shop V2.
- Player gains less money from winning fights
- Hi Potion heals 20% of HP and X-Potion 33%
- Attack Up/Defense Up/M.Attack Up/M.Defense Up 20% instead of 33%
- Removed randomization from level ups
- Jp Glitch Fix
- Oil Glitch Fix
- P.Down does 25% dmg to undeads
- Charging/performin units do not take extra damage
- Gear scales based on story progression instead of level
- Fist damage becomes PA/2*PA
- MP Switch damage overflows to Hp
- Removed Permanent Br & Faith alterations
- Untruth bug correction
- Martial arts boost is 25% instead of 50%
- Inherent RSM limitation hack
- Elemental weakness reduced to 3/2
- Death Sentence ignores Cancel: Dead
- Job 46: Undead Oracle is mountable
- Remove item duplication (Removes the "Best Fit" feature)
- Blind overrides concentrate
- Haste is 25% speed boost
- Slow is 25% speed loss


So, you have defeated Altima, and you think "It was fun while it lasted"
Too bad for you it isn't over...far from it!
- First of all, after defeating Altima you return to the world map with Virgo/Leo in your possession. Cool stuff, right? You are free to keep playing without having to start over! (And even watch the ending if you wish)
- Each spot on the map has a special battle, unlocked in late Ch4...if you still haven't, it's the right time to try them! They are very hard compared to normal random battles, and you gain an Elixir if you survive (That's the only way to farm Elixirs)
- There is a place on the map where you can challenge the winners of the first FFH tournament...guess where?
- Last, but not least, after defeating Altima you unlock the Deep Dungeon. Fear it.
Remember all the words spent about "fair" difficulty? In the deep dungeon, they are bullcrap. Ready to step into hell?
The Lounge / dndtools shut down
November 20, 2014, 05:26:12 pm

The site was VERY helpful (having to browse 10+ manuals to find a feat is boring as hell): is there any way to "recover" it?
I'm getting some RP (League of Legends currency) for free, thanks to a site that rewards you for completing surveys and playing free games. (Going to get Mecha Malphite soon <3)
I can 100% assure you it's not a scam (I also made a youtube video to prove that they really pay)
You just -pay- the currency with your time, instead of money
Are you guys interested?

P.s: I'm using the site to get Riot Points, but there are many Free to Play games supported
The Lounge / The creepypastas are back!
September 10, 2014, 03:43:42 am
Spam / What are you guys NOT playing currently...
August 30, 2014, 05:39:03 am
...but you should?
QuoteJumping on the bandwagon
So, can a 100% working blue mage be implemented in FFT?
I mean, a job that learns spells from the enemies, can cast them without making weird movements (Like pulling daggers out of nowhere), etc etc...?
The Lounge / (Tyranitar) Giveaway Pokémon
June 21, 2014, 09:22:17 pm
June 12, 2014, 04:02:06 am

Don't you agree? if you don't, post your own "shutupandtakemymoney" game
Spam / Welcome back FFH' forum!
June 10, 2014, 01:14:00 pm
I missed you  :)
The Lounge / Someone sent me this scary story
April 03, 2014, 06:13:21 pm
Grammar check, anyone? much <3 if you do :-)


Its late, you know you should have left the party a bit earlier but you needed one last drink. You didnt drive because your friend's house isnt far too from your apartment and you came alone thus you leave alone. The party was a blast and had a big intoxicated smile on your face as you hugged everyone and exited to the street.

The street was unusually dark due to the street lamps being out and this area never had a high volume of traffic anyway, so its just you, alone.

You walk at an even pace, adjusting yourself to the brisk night air and hoping to not look to drunk to a roving police officer with a quota to meet. Your street is narrow with thick foliage and either side, its often referred to as horror highway on the account of it looking so stereotypically horror movie-Esq. The thought was unsettling at the moment so you pushed it out of your mind by the thinking of the cute person who you finally got the courage to approach to ask for their number.

You feel a slight chill but you have on your favorite sweater so you feel ok. The alcohol is warming your blood as well. Your beloved Ipod was lost last week so the night air and autumn leaves rustling are the sound track of your walk . Just as you being to sing your favorite song in your head you think you hear something...a slight pitter, like foot steps. Looking behind you, you see nothing but the blackness of the night and tree droppings. Turning around, you feel silly; you're drunk you say...but you hear it again. Pitter pat crunch, pitter pat crunch; foot steps in the leaves. You turn again, no one is there but you arent quite sure this time. Time to pick up the pace.

What could it be? Another party go-er? No, they would have called out to you. A deer? Possible, very possible. The more possibles right now the better to calm your nerves. It seems that this walk is strangely long, the street stretches far in front of you as your feet move in slow motion. Now you wish you drove tonight.

It only took a minute for the sound to come back again; pitter pat crunch, pitter pat crunch, it was closer than the previous two times. You stop this time and swing all the way around, the sounds stop but you see something, very vaguely in the darkness and almost invisible. A nondescript figure is behind you and for a quick second you wonder how long its been behind you and how you'd missed it before. It didnt move and neither could you for a second, but you quickly got your wits bout you, turned and began to jog; you have to make it home. The sounds began and your worst fear was realized...it was chasing you. Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! You found yourself unleashing speed and strength you hadnt called upon in years and ran for your life. Is it a robber or killer? No time to think, just run.

Finally, you make it to your door and you jump up the stairs to your apartment, tripping on the top one. Keys already in hand you hurriedly unlock your front door. The crunching had stopped but you didnt care as you slammed and relocked your door and collapsed on the couch. It probably was a neighborhood kid messing with you or a stray animal you surmised; adrenaline wearing down now. You sigh with relief and begin to check the rest of the rooms and windows in your apartment. Check. Check. Check. All clear. You're alone

Heading up to bed you ponder what had happened; were you drunk and imagining things? You plan to call your friends but its too late and you are too tired, it can wait. You slip off your clothes an get into bed with only a slight bit of fear left , snuggling deep into that comfy bed of yours, slowly being over taken by sleep...
Im so very glad that you didn't find me, you wouldn't understand...they never understand and it makes me....it makes me have to do something drastic. The deep morass of solitude is unforgiving and harsh to ones like me...the ones deemed 'mentally unfit'. They don't understand my needs, they don't understand...they don't, they don't, they don't! But you do...Even if you dont know you do. I love watching you sleep, I love you...you are mine.

Rest easy, you are alone...with me.

FFT+ / [Old] [April fools joke status: Denied]
April 01, 2014, 03:42:49 am
...but I can't work on this patch anymore

I officially quit
(FFT+ won't be deleted, so you are free to download/play the latest version, and even edit it if you wish)

There are many reasons for this decision, some big and some small, and I can't list them all
But, to be blunt, the main reason is that I feel FFH is not the place it used to be, and I'm not motivated anymore.
Hacking and testing takes a lot of time, and the more you grow up, the less free time you get

I'll try to stick around, but the fact that I can't load the chat doesn't help

Bye bye
The Lounge / Creepypastas are back! (Maybe)
December 25, 2013, 03:51:30 am
Here's one for you
The Lounge / Merry Christmas FFH!
December 24, 2013, 05:40:48 pm
Spam / Guess who's back, bitches
October 18, 2013, 04:48:25 am
Spam / Can someone confirm this?
July 28, 2013, 01:14:13 pm
Spam / Do you even lift?
July 10, 2013, 03:37:27 pm
Do you?
The Lounge / Fire emblem: Awakening
April 30, 2013, 05:53:59 am

Do you have the game? Are you enjoying it?

So far I've completed it 2 times (Hard, Lunatic) and I'm at Ch 13 Lunatic+ (Which will be my 100% save file)

I bet you worked on making Dante very..."Dantesque", right?