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I dug through my old files for the Master Guide and wasn't able to find it, so I think I lost it when my hard drive died ages ago. That being said, I'm not really happy with the current version of GG and will likely be reworking it in the future. I don't want to promise an ETA or anything since work has gotten so unexpectedly busy for me of late, but I'd like to go through and make a more stable version with less bugs.
Hey Gonzool, I'm still working on it, yes. Lately I've been working on FFXII modding, which has taken up what little free time I have. However, I'm basically done with my FFXII project (minus some future updates) and I'm working on re-examining this mod and continuing work on it. My FFXII project was serious, so I'm looking forward to getting back to working on the fun, non-serious jobs in this mod. :P
The Lounge / Re: How My Dawgz Doin?
March 27, 2019, 09:29:24 pm
Been busy with life and work and my FFXII modding stuff. Trying to save up for a house while still being able to afford to travel and such, so that's a bit of a challenge. Finally getting back to FFT/FFTA stuff between everything else.

Game-wise, I've been enjoying a lot of stuff on the Switch, which is funny since I wasn't initially expecting to like it as much as I have been. Definitely a great system if you can check it out.
Howdy! Yes, they're still ongoing. Thanks to the hard work of Leonarth and the others, I think FFTA/FFTA2 GG 2.0 will be a far cleaner endeavor than the originals were. I'm currently finishing up my FFXII mod in the next few days and then I'll be able to continue with my other projects. For the most part I have everything laid out for 2.0, it's just a matter of implementing and testing. Apologies for the silence and the delay, FFXII modding has really taken up a large part of my time the last several months but it's been good experience for me for future projects such as this, so I guess it all works out in the end. Thanks for your continued support! :)
Hey there! It's unfortunately just an error with the tool I used to edit the game. It should hopefully be fixed when I rework everything. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Ultima's animation is indeed used, so no worries about that! Magick Frenzy and Doublecast do still exist in somewhat varying forms as well. :)
Necromancer exists in this mod already. :)

They're playable in the current version and are partially based off of Necromancers from Tactics Ogre. Feel free to give 'em a try!
Thanks! It's kinda slow-going right now, but I've been setting up the foundation for 2.0 so I can just get the ground running and really get things knocked out.

I can tell you that perma-death and FFT's KO countdown timer will be appearing in 2.0, so I'm rebalancing things around that. I'm super excited for all of the cool things that have come out in the past few years!
Hey there! No problem. I'm going to host it on Mega.nz- hopefully that one won't expire as quickly. Link below.

Hey everyone! Version 1.5 is out and features some rather large changes.

Changelog can be found here:

Download can be found here:
Well, I know what I'm going to be including in GG 2.0. Great work on this!
It's been a while since a proper update, hasn't it? Over the past few weeks I've been chipping away at this, reading this forum's posts all the way back from the beginning, making tweaks and changes that hopefully everyone will enjoy. 2.6 is very much going to be an experimental update. I'm making a lot of changes that deviate from the norm, mostly to see how they play out. I expect that sometime within the year, I'll be updating all versions of KO to 3.0 and with any luck, those will be the last updates ever needed for KO, so 2.6 will be a good starting point to see how these larger changes take, while still staying true to the feel of Vanilla. As such, your feedback is more important now than ever.

Thanks to everyone who has given feedback over the years to help make this mod as great as possible!

The update is both on the first page of the thread and attached here. Enjoy!

-The odds of a unit having a Rend [Equipment] skill has been reduced by 20%.

-Job growths have been altered ever so slightly.
   -Squires get a buff to HP, PA, and EVD.
   -Knights get a buff to HP and a nerf to Move.
   -Archers get a buff to HP and Speed, but a nerf to Move.
   -Monks get a buff to HP and Jump, but a nerf to Move.
   -Thieves get a buff to HP, Speed, and PA, and a nerf to MA.
   -Geomancers get a buff to MA.
   -Dragoons get a buff to Speed.
   -Samurai get a buff to HP and MA.
   -Ninja get a buff to HP and PA.
   -Dancers get a buff to Speed, PA, and EVD, but a nerf to MA.

   -Chemists get a buff to HP, MP, MA, and EVD.
   -White Mages get a buff to HP and MA.
   -Black Mages get a buff to MP.
   -Time Mages get a buff to MP and Speed.
   -Summoners get a buff to HP and Speed.
   -Orators get a buff to HP, Speed, a nerf to MP, and lose Innate: Tame (to prevent a bug where enemy Orators could Invite the party's monster units.)
   -Mystics get a buff to HP, Speed, PA, and EVD.
   -Arithmeticians get a buff to HP and MP.
   -Bards get a buff to HP, PA, MA, Speed, and EVD.
   -Mimes get a buff to EVD.
   -Dark Knights get a buff to HP, MA and EVD, but a nerf to PA.
   -Onion Knights get a buff to MP, Speed, PA, MA- note that they also no longer "evolve", in order to prevent glitches. Their skillset has also been reduced to five skills- Tailwind, Chant, Steel, Shout, and Ultima. This is an experiment to see if this allows them to have something of a skillset, and it makes them something of the other half of Squire, giving them some of Ramza's abilities.

   -Delita gets a buff to HP and PA.
   -Mustadio gets a buff to HP, Speed, and Move.
   -Agrias gets a buff to PA.
   -Rapha gets a buff to HP and MA.
   -Marach gets a buff to Speed, PA, Jump and EVD.
   -Orlandeau gets a nerf to MP, PA, Speed, and Move.
   -Meliadoul gets a buff to HP and MP.
   -Beowulf gets a buff to MA and a nerf to MP and PA.
   -Reis (Dragon) gets a buff to HP.
   -Reis (Human) gets a buff to EVD and loses Innate: Tame (see above for reason).
   -Worker 8 gets a buff to HP, but a nerf to Move and EVD and loses Soulbind for Counter and Ignore Terrain for Defense Boost.
   -Cloud gets a buff to PA.
   -Byblos gets a buff to HP, Speed, PA, but loses EXP Boost for Arcane Defense.
   -Luso gets a buff to Speed, PA, and MA, and loses Innate: Tame (see above for reason) as well as Beastmaster and Beast Tongue.

-Huntcraft has been completely changed to make Luso more of a Blue Mage, akin to a potential job of his in FFTA2. The following abilities can be learned Blue Mage style on Luso:
   -Choco Esuna (Chocobos)
   -Goblin Punch (Goblins)
   -Self-Destruct (Bombs)
   -Blaster (Coeurls)
   -Dischord (Mindflayers)
   -Chop (Skeletons)
   -Drain Touch (Ghosts)
   -Doom (Ahrimans)
   -Glitterlust (Cockatrices)
   -Bequeath Bacon (Pigs)
   -Guardian Nymph (Treants)
   -Feral Spin (Minotaurs)
   -Bad Breath (Malboros)
   -Twister (Behemoths)
   -Ice Breath (Dragons)
   -Dark Whisper (Tiamats)

-Hesitation and Repose are now effectively switched- Hesitation is now AoE, whereas Repose is single-target. Hesitation now costs 18 MP and is 5 CT whereas Repose costs 12 and is 3 CT. Both now cost 300 JP.

-Human units are now immune to Invite and it now only works on Monsters. In other words, if you want human units, you'll have to recruit them from the Soldier's Office.

-Praise now restores 30% of an ally's HP.

-Intimidate now removes Protect, Shell, and Haste from an enemy.

-Beast Tongue is no longer needed for any Speechcraft ability and has been removed.

-Rousing Melody's Accuracy is down to base 20%.

-Battle Chant/Magickal Refrain's Accuracy is down to base 30%.

-Slow Dance's Accuracy is down to base 20%.

-Polka/Heathen Frolick's Accuracy is down to base 30%.

-Nameless Song can no longer bestow Reraise.

-Forbidden Dance can no longer inflict Confuse.

-The AI now correctly sees Bad Breath as adding statuses as opposed to removing them.

-Tail Sweep now correctly inflicts Immobilize.

-Adrenaline Rush has been removed from the player's use. On Balthier, Adrenaline Rush was replaced with Critical: Quick.

-Balthier's Plunder abilities should now (hopefully) work as ranged abilities as intended.

-Safeguard's JP cost has been reduced from 100 to 50.

-(Hopefully) fixed a bug where under certain circumstances units could use Rend skills on themselves.

-Fixed a bug where a duplicate Ramza could potentially join the party after a certain battle in Midlight's Deep.

-Tietra now uses Summons in Midlight's Deep rather than Arithmeticks.

-The bug involving Lezales not appearing in the Lezales' Revenge fight in Midlight's Deep should be fixed now- please let me know if it's still not working!

-A bug involving Dark Behemoth using Ramza's sprite in the Dark Halidom has been fixed.

-Move +3 has been properly removed from Cloud's skillset.

-Jump +3 has been properly removed from the Dark Knight's skillset.

-Move +1 has been moved from Knights to Thieves.

-Thieves have lost Jump +2.

-Archers have lost Jump +1 and gained Jump +3.

-Jump +3's JP cost has been reduced from 300 to 200.

-Flame/Ice/Thunder Rod no longer boost their respective elements (in order to balance them for when they're available), but in exchange, they now cast Fira/Blizzara/Thundara potentially on hit, rather than the tier 1 spells. They're now available at different times in shops as well to compensate. Black Robe will be your go-to for elemental boosting.

-Various other small bug fixes and balance changes have been made, namely to certain fights in Midlight's Deep to try and fix a few bugs therein.

Because it's been so long, I'm sure a few things have fallen through the cracks in the changelog, but the below are the biggest changes made. As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

@Stilgar: I haven't forgotten your request. I'll see what I can whip up when I have some more spare time. :)

EDIT: It looks like Dark Knight still has Move +3/Jump+3. I'm guessing this is a case of hardcoding. I'll look more into this for the next update- my apologies!
Mimik, it's not being dropped. As noted above, I've been working on FFXII and FFTA2 at the moment and I'm actively working on reworking this mod to be less buggy, using tools that have come out since the original release.
SFF has been updated and a link to the updated version is available in the first post. The update features myriad bug and balance fixes as well as a version that rebalances each of the 12 jobs for TZA's dual job system.


Full changelog here: https://pastebin.com/Fyiebf5b
Probably not. I'm really only revamping jobs that weren't particularly interesting, and Blue Mage is already pretty interesting.
Great question! The formula would have to deal damage equal to the user's HP, so it wouldn't be able to be divided up. To ensure things don't get too crazy though, I think it's going to end up being 1 Range, 1 AoE (since the caster would have to be caught in the AoE for the Reduce to 1 HP Effect to hit themselves), so positioning would have to be very precise and it would likely consume MP. The other thought is to make their HP on the lower side, making it a good secondary skillset for higher HP jobs. I would vastly prefer it to be a large, 2 AoE skill (like Ultima), but I think that'd just be too broken. It'll all come down to testing and, honestly, if it's a little overpowered at first, I'm not completely averse to that as long as everything is fun, but this is the current plan.
I would need to test it, but yeah, it's basically reverse Cover. The unit would be bestowing Cover on an ally instead of itself.
Of course! I enjoy doing it. As a reward for the patience you guys have shown, I decided to throw in an additional new job for the next update. Not only will you guys be getting the Slayer and Judicer, but you'll also be getting...

Introducing, the Vampyr!


Yes! There'll not only be Moogle Belmonts, but there'll be vampires for those Moogle Belmonts to slay! I'm working out the specifics, but the Vampyr will be replacing the (very boring) Hunter job, for both Humes and Gria.

Vampyrs focus on a few simple things- staying the heck out of an enemy's range of attack and storing up blood/HP for their Demonic Megido attack. Demonic Megido is slated to damage enemies equal to the user's current HP. However, upon unleashing that attack, the user's HP will be drained all the way back down to 1. Meaning that you won't be able to spam it unless you're healed up, but if you use it at full HP, you're able to do a lot of damage, very quickly.

This is where the Vampyr's other gimmick comes in. The Vampyr can either use Soul Steal to drain HP from a distant enemy or they can Feed on a non-human enemy, dealing increased damage and therefore absorbing more HP. To that end, you'll want to keep enemy monsters around to Feed off of, allowing them to quickly regenerate their HP for Demonic Megido. To keep themselves alive, they can use Daze to Charm an opposite-gendered enemy, or Lifepawn to force allies to Cover. Will you be able to master this horrible night?

Their current proposed skillset:

Skillset: Vitiate

Launch a ball of demonic flame at the enemy and teleport both the foe and the user away.
Infatuates an opposite target with one's eyes.

Drain the blood of the living, dealing increased damage to monsters and absorbs their HP.

Drains a foe's HP and MP.

Unleash an explosion fueled by one's soul, dealing damage equal to the user's HP, but reducing HP to 1.

Damage an enemy from afar with perfect accuracy..

Hypnotize an ally, coercing them to take damage for the user in its stead.

The user enters a state of demonic rest, bestowing REGEN and HASTE, but DISABLING them.
Great news! The Slayer and Judicer jobs are nearly done. Judicer just needs animations. I think I'll release an update without formation changes (since it's been a while), and then work on formations for the next update thereafter. Thanks for all of your patience, everyone!
The Lion War / Re: FFT - The Lion War
August 14, 2018, 07:37:24 pm
I'm super excited for this. Great work as always, Elric and team!