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November 24, 2020, 12:56:02 am


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FFTA/FFTA2 Hacking / Re: Command List editor
May 10, 2018, 05:59:28 pm
Wow! Great job! Keep up the good work!
Moose, great work! I'm glad people are taking up Lennart's notes. Keep up the great job! :)
Don't have the chance to test it just yet, but this is great! One of the things that's taken so long for me is editing all text by hex, so this is a great tool.

@Zeke: Looks like it can edit item names and descriptions.

Thank you for your hard work on this!

EDIT: Looks like it works, but it cuts off the first letter on the second line, as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/TyyBcax

How do I go about fixing that? Thanks again!
What a great idea! Thanks for making this!
Elric, which version of Shishi? 492?

EDIT: So it is. Very nice!
I don't have an official update yet, but things are looking good. March in general is a busy month for me since it's the end of the first quarter and I work in the financial industry. I've been pecking away at changes while at work, so it's coming along!

@Grassmudhorses, I apologize, I thought I had replied to your post, but apparently I didn't. I'm so sorry! The answer is "no", but only because I'm not finished making all the bigger revisions I want to make. Once I have though, I'd actually really be interested in having people help test. I don't have as much free time as I used to, so the extra help would be greatly appreciated, and I value the community's input into this. :)
Non-FFT Modding / Final Fantasy XII Modding
February 20, 2018, 05:49:30 pm
Hey team! Wanted to quickly note that there are mods and a modding scene developing already for the PC release of Final Fantasy XII.

Here's the Nexus Modding page where some people have already released a few fun hacks (namely a License Board Editor, the ability to bring your party into towns, and the ability to play as Reks all game long!)

Enemy levels scale and random battles with human units will have gear that gets better as you level, but enemies in story fights have set gear so even when their levels scale, it'll still be a fair fight and they'll be (mostly) using what's available at the shops at that point.
Hey team! Wanted to give everyone a quick update on this. I've been going through each skill and rebalancing/playing around with them as necessary and I'm finishing up on the new jobs. Nothing fancy to show and it's been kinda slow going because it's been a busy month, but things are coming along nicely! Looking forward to potentially wrapping up the next update soon (probably in March sometime- February is historically a pretty busy/chaotic month for me).
I feel like the Enemy Unit Editor would be more immediately beneficial in the meantime, unless Xif/FFH would be willing to host the database, in which case that would be the better option (since it would have everything in the Enemy Unit Editor plus more).

On a sidenote, we really appreciate you doing this. I know it's tedious work, but you're filling in one of the biggest gaps in A2 modding at the moment, so kudos to you on that!
@Moose: Thanks for the feedback! I've fixed the issues in the guide.

Thief: The Loot abilities were thematically sensible, but were ultimately useless. Loot was already easy enough to come by, and things like Vaan and Hunting still exist for rarer loot. So while the Loot abilities are gone, there's still ways to get rare loot as you progress through the game. I'm not too worried about Steal Armor- it's a great way to debilitate the foe and score some gear.

Samurai: Nosada is intended to be a callback to FFT's Kiyomori ability. The point is to use it before getting close to the enemy, at the start of the battle when your units are still all together to get a cheap, easy buff on most of them.

Ninja: Specifically, Fuuma does damage equal to half of one's weapon damage to a target from 4 tiles away with perfect accuracy, bypassing Reactions and taking facing into effect. Essentially, it's for a Ninja to deal some physical damage to a ranged target (or to finish off an evasive target) until it gets close enough. Or for a Ninja who's fresh out of MP or doesn't want to use a magickal skill.

Warrior: Rend Speed inflicts Slow, whereas Mangle inflicts Speed Down. These are two different statuses, with Slow wearing off over time but Speed Down not. Mangle makes it possible for a Bangaa to reduce an enemy's Speed dramatically, combining Rend Speed and Mangle.

Dragoons: Wyrmkiller will probably end up being more useful when I can edit formations. The ultimate goal is to make dragons super tanky and powerful (like dragons tend to be in the FF series), and as such, having a higher HP threshold, will hit HP Critical earlier. Then Wyrmkiller will be able to just cut right through that wounded dragon and bring it down before it can heal.

Templar: Normally, I would agree, but there are two things to note: Silence is AoE, and Judgment is short range and only AoE if you're using a Spear. Judgment also deals damage, which is a great addition. Rasp deals MP damage in a large area, giving the Templar a ranged option, whereas Inquisition is great for taking out surrounding mages and reducing their Magick so they're even further neutered. It really just depends on what situation you're in at the moment.

En Garde: It's a shared skill, so there wasn't too much I could do with it. It's a Werewolf ability as well, so changing it would've changed their ability as well.
Today I finished making a very basic guide for the next release, with the guide going over each job, their Move/Jump, what they can use, and a detailed description of their skills. What do you guys think? The .pdf is attached. Looking forward to a new release very soon! All I have to do is go through and finish up a few non-monster skills, make the Judicer, go over monster skills, and then playtest.

Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
January 06, 2018, 06:59:19 pm
I'm honestly not sure if it'd work or not. You're really not supposed to multi-patch, because it can cause issues.
Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
January 06, 2018, 05:20:41 pm
To address your concern, KO was specifically designed to feel as close to Vanilla as possible. Most of the changes have been number changes and formation changes, but overall it should still feel like the FFT you know and love- that was the goal from the very beginning. It's certainly not perfect, but we've worked hard to ensure that each update is better than the last while taking a look at feedback.

Difficulty against monsters at the beginning is a little more challenging than Vanilla, but you can either opt to skip the random encounters altogether until you have more abilities, or you can just be careful, use buffs and debuffs, and defeat enemies that way. This is something that's on my to-do list that I'm working on for the next update, is to make early monsters a little easier to get used to, but battles are definitely doable right now.

KO PSP can be played on a PSP, but I wouldn't recommend buying a PSP for it. PPSSPP is a great emulator that runs it nearly flawlessly. KO PSP is a somewhat different beast though, since I had to make some unique changes to that version that doesn't apply to the PSX version.

All in all, my suggestion? Try both. KO is great if you're looking for a more balanced experience, whereas LFT is a wonderful patch that rebalances things by buffing everything to be on equal pacing (sometimes being a little too buffed though). I enjoy playing through LFT every once and a while, and it's certainly fun as well. :)
Help! / Re: Which Near-Vanilla Rebalance to Use?
January 06, 2018, 02:38:35 pm
Hey there! Welcome to FFH! I'm the author of KO, and yeah, I suck at changelogs, haha. I'd be happy to answer any KO related questions you have, and I'm somewhat familiar with LFT, so if you have any questions about that one as well I'd be happy to help! :)
Conveniently enough, it'd be replacing the Animist (I was going to do a Summoner-ish job with it originally, but decided I had enough magic jobs), which also solves the problem of people having issues with monsters early on. Now they have a job that can easily tackle tough monster fights early on!

EDIT: The Black Magick changes make Seers really interesting now... they'll get Fira (which is small AoE, Add: Oil), Blizzara (single target, Add: Rooted), and Thundara (large AoE, randomly hits either allies or enemies), for an interesting mix of skills to add to their already varied spell list.
Flood is just kind of a fill-in skill for now until I'm sold on something else. If it does get put in, it'll likely be temporary.

On an unrelated note, the changes are about halfway done! Yay progress. I also had a really weird idea that I came up with as I went to sleep last night. It struck me and I just had to pull out my phone and put it into notes. It's super random, but it'd pay homage to Celdia's Complete Patch and a favorite series of mine- Castlevania.

The concept? Kupo Belmont! ...well, the job wouldn't be called that. The job would be a much needed Moogle warrior job (since Moogle Hero is a little more akin to a mage than a true warrior). Behold... the Slayer! I haven't inserted the job yet, since I was hoping to get feedback on it, but it would basically be a Moogle warrior job akin to Soldier, Warrior, etc., but with a focus on killing monsters and undead. Against humans, their skills would be downright boring, but the gimmick is that each ability would have an additional effect against monsters, and yet another additional effect against undead, making them perfect for slaying nearby monsters (whereas Hunters are better from afar, and Necromancers are better from afar and deal strictly with Undead and other effects). It needs to be tested, but in theory it should work. (In theory being the operative phrase, at least.) :P

Each skill is based off of a traditional subweapon from the Castlevania series, each having a different effect with varying use based on the situation. Most of the skills consume MP equal to the rough Heart cost in the series, and they focus on melee-mid range attacks.

-Cost: 1 MP
-Throws knives in front of oneself, dealing physical damage in a cone in front of the user.
    Monsters:   Damage is doubled.
    Undead:     Damage is doubled and as a chance to inflict Blind.

-Cost: 4 MP
-Hurls an axe in an arc, dealing physical damage to a distant target.
    Monsters:   Attack will never miss.
    Undead:     Attack will never miss and has a chance to inflict Defense Down.

Holy Water:
-Cost: 3 MP
-Lobs a flask of blessed water, dealing Fire physical damage in a small line in front of the user.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Poison.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Poison and removes KO'd Undead.

-Cost: 20 MP
-Activates a magicked stopwatch, slowing time for units surrounding the user.
    Monsters:   Inflicts Stop as well as Slow.
    Undead:     Inflicts Stop, Slow, and Speed Down.

Cost: 5 MP
-Speaks words of prayer, dealing Holy physical damage to adjacent units.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Silence.
    Undead:     Warps enemies away and inflicts Rooted, and has a chance to inflict Silence.

Cost: 2 MP
-Lobs an explosive chunk of rock, dealing minor physical damage to units in a small area.
    Monsters:   Has a chance to inflict Attack Down.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Evasion Down and Attack Down.

Cost: 3 MP
-Throws purifying salt on the ground in front of the user, dealing physical damage to a single adjacent target.
    Monsters:   Removes all buffs.
    Undead:     Inflicts Magick Down and removes all buffs.

Cost: 100 MP
-Unleashes divine power around the user, dealing heavy Holy physical damage to adjacent units.
    Monsters:   Has a very small chance to inflict Death.
    Undead:     Has a chance to inflict Petrify and a very small chance to inflict Death.

EDIT: Not sure what I'd do about descriptions, but I might just make them as descriptive as possible and have people figure them out themselves or read this. Also, no Belmont is complete without a Whip, so I may end up replacing either Vibhuti or Crystal for an auto-Mastered Whip skill that deals weapon damage to two tiles in a line in front of the user. Since it would deal weapon damage, you can use Whip any time with any weapon. I also want to make a Pot Roast skill using Cuisine's animation, but I'm undecided yet.
I've put together all of the tools I use for FFTA2 GG and made a mini modding suite folder for you to use. I use Goldfinger, and load the included FFTA2 Text Table to make text edits. The spreadsheets have the offset references, so you can just go directly to what you want to edit and make your changes. Hope this helps!



I think I've figured out what to do with the Viking's four unique abilities. Given that Thunder magicks would be far more random, I wanted to give them some physical attacks that also play to their role as thieves, making them pirate-y Red Mage/Thieves in their own unique way.

Flood: Deals a minor amount of Water damage to all enemies while standing in a water tile.
Relinquish: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target and inflicts Magick Down, while bestowing Magick Up on the user.
Plunder: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target's HP and MP, and restores the user's MP by half of the damage dealt.
Despoil: Deals physical damage to an adjacent target and inflicts Resistance Down, while bestowing Resistance Up on the user.
Thanks for the feedback, Baron! To address your points...

-Faeries using Meteorite to confuse you is yeah, a giant rock slams into your head, that's bound to cause some confusion, haha. Plus it plays into their role of being annoying pranksters.

-Adamantoises having Resonate is something that'll eventually change. I get why it's there thematically, but I also don't like it. I feel like there's more interesting things that can be given to it, but I haven't really given much thought to it.

-Alraunes actually had that many skills from the beginning! You just didn't see the Tomato abilities a lot, because they became rarer (and were far easier to kill) late-game.

-If Vaan is a human self-buffer, Cockatrices are the monster version. Cockatrices, thematically, are all about teamwork and self-buffing to tear your party apart if allowed to have enough time to do so. Wake-Up Call allows them to play well with each other even when they're not buffing.

-I wanted Floating Eyes to be more about speed and range, as opposed to statuses and trickery. They're basically how Bats were in FFXII, so I wanted to represent that in the changes as well.

-Dullahans are Headless, yes. The biggest difference between Werewolves, Dullahans, and Behemoths is that Werewolves are more about setting up and buffing themselves, whereas Dullahans are all about crippling the target, and Behemoths are just like, nope, and focus on outright killing the target. It's hard making them all feel unique (though stat changes will help, and Werewolves can use some Light Armor), but they were pretty similar to begin with.

-Gravija exists because other jobs besides Demon Wall uses it (namely the final boss), but yeah, in the Demon Wall fight it doesn't really matter.

-As far as Neukhia is concerned, I'm not sure if it'll work! If not, it'll do Regen instead.

-Anything inflicting Death would have a far less accurate chance than a normal debuff, so don't worry about that feeling too cheap.

-Espers were inspired by fighting game assists, of all things. You summon them and they have a potentially tide-turning effect, but only if used correctly. I designed them so that they'd each have a niche use depending on your situation, so you may want to try them out! As for reviving units, I want to play around with that a bit. I feel like it has to somehow be possible, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. That'll be something I play with when I can edit formations.

-As far as Quicken is concerned, the AI will spam Quicken like no tomorrow because it's such a good effect. It's why I'm super careful when distributing it.

-Once upon a time, I was going to give Alchemist a skillset like what the Gourmand has now, but I liked the idea of a Gourmand that could cook things more overall. If I were to revamp Alchemist, I'd have them themed around the classical elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Air while focusing on debuffs. Sages would have a variety of magicks, with higher end spells such as Gigaflare and Ultima.

Personally, I try to make every job feel unique and have a unique role in battle. Because FFT has a varied battle system where mixing and matching is important, I try to make skillsets viable as both primary and secondary skillsets.